Monday, April 5

postheadericon Oh, poor Tila!

It sure was a big night for our favorite Midget Mogul on Facebook. Tila apparently felt like she wasn't getting enough attention, and we all know her favorite kind of attention is sympathy. This girl LOVES sympathy. Oh Tila, you're such a great person, I'm so sorry the love of your month life died. Oh Tila, you're so awesome, I'm sorry the haters are always so mean to you. Oh, poor Tila.

So tonight Tila begins to hint that something is rotten in the Casa de Casa.

In true Tila fashion she was vague as Hell about it, and of course everybody jumped on it like rabid wolves. Does she mean Casa? OMG, could it be? Is it over sooner than any of us predicted? Oh, poor Tila!

Oh no! Oh, poor Tila! I think I can speak for everybody when I say...

I would suggest a moment of silence, but the very thought of it makes me dry heave and that would just ruin it.

So are they broken up? Who knows. We know Tila loves the drama, the attention, and most of all the sympathy. God, whatever. Here you go, Princess Tila. I know you read this blog.

So then, Tila says this in the comments to one of her own posts:

Let's examine this, shall we?

"I don't acknowledge the haters because it is a sin to constantly try to bully people and push them down and call them names when you don't even know the person. I don't judge others so those that judge me are ignored. I only respond to those who love and spread positivity."

Tila, did you know Melissa when you said that to her? No? Okay, how about this from YESTERDAY. Tila speaking to BellaSteph01:

What did this girl say to you to cause this?

I dunno, Tila...that sure seems like you didn't ignore her! In fact, it seems like she hit a nerve with you!

Everybody together now: OH, POOR TILA!

Now how about in that second comment, where Tila says "I don't call people names." Stop laughing! Nah fuck it, keep laughing and take a gander at this:

Monkey face, eh?

Oh, poor Tila!

And finally, we see in the third comment she talks about Perez. It should be noted that this is the first time in forever that she hasn't called him Piggy Perez...which is her calling another person a name, but we're past that now! She says that he "always talks shit about[her]." Can somebody show me that? Because he refuses to blog about her anymore. Yes, she's that much of a fucking joke in Hollywood that she doesn't even grace Perez's pages anymore. In fact, since Casey died and he called her out on being a scumbag and using it for attention, he's only tweeted about her ONCE. And really, that was an insult to Chris Brown, not to Tila.

In closing, I'd like to take a minute to explain what "treat others as you wish to be treated" means for you retards (read: FOR TILA) who don't get it. It is NOT an excuse to return hate with hate, or disrespect for disrespect. It's an old credo fashioned from the Christian concept of turning the other cheek. So basically, Tila, if Perez disrespects you, you're still supposed to treat him as you would like to be treated. It isn't "treat others as they treat you," now is it? POW!

Now carry on, chillin's, Uncle Eddie's going to bed!


Drizella said...

Amen Sistah!

<3 Drizella

Violet Morellet said...

That "GUILTY OF THE SAME PAIN" comment is just fucking stupid. That shows what kind of a retard she is. A woman who loses a baby doesn't have to feel "guilty" for feeling pain in regards to that loss. Any woman, whether she's lost a baby or not, SHOULD feel guilty for making fun of rape, miscarriage (oops! I claim to have miscarried a few weeks back but look at me in the grocery store, I just miscarried a melon!!! Wheeee!), and making racist comments. And I don't give a fuck what your nationality is, or what the race of the child is that you're claiming to adopt is, if you make derogatory comments against a person based on their race, for example, "I pay for black women to eat because they're all on food stamps" or "Monkey face", you're a fucking racist.

I didn't play in the Facebook war last night because she was a happy deleter and I'm about over fighting with the fans...they won't see the truth because they don't want to. For me, now it's about making sure that she gets reported to every authority every time she breaks a law or tries to get involved with children.

punkass said...

funny because the other day when they had that supposed fight in public, the pics he put on his facebook of them were gone, to never return, except his profile pic, and prophecy posted a few messages on his like deal with it yourselves, and no more alki for casa when he's around you...does the madness ever end???

fck you, thats who said...

remember when she made a "test" gossip blog and was making fun of Samantha ronson calling her "piss flaps" and shit? like does she even know Samantha ronson? and making fun of stephanie pratt? yeah she's a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

going through a difficult breakup? shes known the guy for four days?

and doesnt she realize greyhound's are busses, not trains?

jesus, the depth of tila's stupidity knows no limits.

Anonymous said...

I <3 this blog. :D

Cathy said...

Suprise , su freaking prise,the woman who holds nothing sacred is no longer "married" Mrs. Wilson... he loves me so much... Really Really, Tila grow up. A bad break up after 4 days??
Who didnt see this one coming thug life, the one night stand from the grocery store wasnt "the one" boo freaking hoo

btw I <3 this blog too :)

Kate said...


TRS (Superbitch) said...

No way! I LOVED Daria!!!!!!!!!!!

Cam said...

Average Tila fan lol:

Monique said...

She admitted last night that she knew Casa before going to Ralph's.

RNB007 said...

Just LoLz!
Awesome, as usual!
You don't miss a beat!
Keep up the great work!!!
RNB :)

Joann said...

IMO, Tila is the ultimate liar and the very things she jumps on her high horse about are the very things she says about other people. I do not have an ounce of sympathy for her. She brings it on herself.

I gave her and this Casa dude about 1-2 weeks but I see it's fizzled out already. She put him on a greyhound to Vegas..LOL.

Shut up Tila, you ain't put nobody on nothing. You want your few fans to think that but in reality he probably got what he wanted and left your sorry ass.

You threw everything of his in the dumpster and some kids came by and stole his BACKPACK with his ID and credit cards in it. This is a grown man and all he had was a backpack and some clothes???

Why didn't he use his own credit cards to take the Greyhound to Vegas? Like I said you ain't put nobody on nothing and you didn't throw his clothes out. You want to make is sound like you're a bad bitch. You're really a stupid skank lying bitch.

And you call him a're the fuckhead Tila. How can you get anything but a fuckhead when you pick him up in the supermarket pretending like you were shopping wearing see thru lingerie. You get just what you deserve..skank.

Jess said...

on his facebook he wrote:

jayden said...

So what kind of mansion or high end gated community has a communal dumpster, Tila?

Anonymous said...

in one of her comments she says it is pointless to acknowledge those who are negative. well, this is for entertainment, it even says it. you, tila, bring it upon yourself. you are a public figure and you have a blog and twitter with thousands of followers. you are the ones who consumes yourself within a web of lies, drama, and contradictions. yes there will be blogs about you which expose all of this. im sure you enjoy it. why not sit back and try to make yourself a better person. maybe you do want to have unconditional love, and that is what children and babies do, but understand, that you have to be willing to sacrifice your selfish need for fame and gratitude to be able to really love. also, no normal person falls in love within two days and then a week later hates someone.

deluwiel said...

@starfish: "no normal person falls in love within two days and then a week later hates someone." Sure they do. If they're 13. Which is Tila's emotional maturity level. So there ya go. LOL

Jenn said...

I'm just disgusted by the fact that she says that she was giving out "advices" (her word...not mine folks). The only advice that she's qualified to give out is how to wake up after a drug induced coma.

It amazes me how she's willing to talk about the most random aspects of her life. However, she can't answer some simple questions. Like, why does your mansion have a little apartment-like kitchen on the "second floor?" Why are your "designer curtains" really sheets? How is it that your "second sitting area" shares the same coffee table as your living room?" Or more importantly, ARE YOU PREGNANT?? We know you're not Tila, so just come out with it already.

P.S.-you can't "break up" with a fuck just stop having sex.

Joann said...

@Jenn...your post had me rolling and who is she to give "Advices" to anybody on anything.

IMO, Tila probably don't have any money to get decent curtains so she throws a couple of sheets up to keep it private when she cooks up her morning, afternoon and nighttime drug batches and tape her sex shows. LOL.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Oh the horrors!!!! This is just inexplicable!!! It was only a few days ago the Midget Mongrel was telling us this was 'true love'!!! How can it go from true love to getting sent home packing within a week? Oh dear, and to think of the vast number of Tila's Army of Morons and Halfwits who were breathing a collective sigh of relief that Tila had finally found what she deserves in life. They called jaded old bags like me, JEALOUS!

Tila must have mis-spoke on her postings, because with the size of that mansion and the size of her staff, I'm sure one of the houseboys raced from one of the many other rooms to discard Casa's clothes for her. Tila is way too good and classy to descend into the bowels of such an enormous mansion just to take out the trash.

Chi said...

The way she is fucking up and making enemies I`m afraid the next thing that ends up in that dumpster is not going to be a backpack.
Hopefully she puts the brakes on her vile behavior before it really is too late.
I`m getting nasty bad vibes about her now, shes getting herself in too deep.
Its not funny anymore.

i_am_that_girl said...

That dude seriously didn't know what he got himself into, did he? :( He better get tested for stds/stis and hire a lawyer if he has to. I don't know anything other than what we already know about him, but I'm sure he did nothing wrong.

Monique said...

I guess Tila forgot about her meeting with the adoption agency today.

It really must be hard for Tila to keep all her lies straight. Might I suggest putting them into Excel Speadsheet.

Kate said...

P.S.-you can't "break up" with a fuck just stop having sex.


Kate said...

She would be a lot better off if she just walked away from being seen for a while like she originally planned.

Jess said...

okay on tila personal facebook page she wrote:

hahha ya'll so stupid! Fell for my April Fool's joke about being engaged to Casa! We just homies! BIG APRIL FOOLS JOKE ON ALL OF YOU BIATCH! POW! WE GOTCHA! LOL Sorry Friends. But it was April Fool's.

eesha said...

if u guys dont like her..then why bother doing this site and follow her around..

Eduardo Retardo said...

Well, I think everybody has their own reasons for doing this. I think some people want to educate the fans to her billions of lies and the fact that she's a wretched, bat shit crazy whore. Some people do it to try to force her to get help - they're essentially creating a rock bottom for her to hit. Some people want her to own up to her shit and stop being such a revolting role model for children. She actively acknowledges her young fans, so she definitely knows about them. Some want her to go to jail for the illegal shit she does. There are probably some other reasons out there, too.

Me? Because I hate lying, brain dead internet skanks. Plain and simple.

Nicki Jane said...

what about when she talked shit about angelina jolie? we all know her dumb ass doesn't know angelina jolie at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm STILL waiting on that free pass to Johnny Rockets.....