Friday, April 9

postheadericon Tila screws her fans

No, not literally...although with her recent shit about her fans being her boo I wouldn't put it past her.

So yesterday Tila got her remaining fans hyped up by promising them a big fat surprise at 12 midnight.

OMG! What can it be??? Is she FINALLY going to launch her blog site? Is it something stupid like more posters of her skanky ass on a dirty rug? I can tell you're excited! (Psst, Tila...California isn't in PST, that's Pacific Standard Time. They're in Pacific Daylight Time now, or PDT.)

Well, more than likely it's this:

...but we'll discuss that more, later.

So as of right now, it's 1:20 am Tila's time. And, as you may have guessed, THERE IS NO FUCKING SURPRISE. Around 12:45 the fans began to get restless over at Tila's Facebook fanpage:

Uh oh, Tila! The natives are getting restless! You better post something - ANYTHING - to quell the quiet rage burning inside their adolescent hearts!

LOL Oh shit, Tila, that isn't what I meant! As you can see, that's a full shot of my screen. Check out the time. 1:00 am. Shit. Wonder what the fans think of that?

LOL! Nice job, Tila! POW right in the fan's fucking faces, huh?

We'll be here all night, Rotspot fans, waiting to update you on the huge surprise Tila has in store. Stay tuned! Unless she's just jerking her fans around. But would Tila do that? OMG SHE WOULD, HUH?

(Real talk: Tila, come on. They're kids. Don't be such a dick.)


Dee said...

Is the "TIla Nguyen" FB her actual FB? Ugh. I can't stand her.

deluwiel said...

if this is how she treats the people she "falls in love with" no wonder she can't keep a relationship going for more than a week. what an idiot. really.

Sara said...

I thought her "engagement" was an April Fools joke? Does she know April Fools only counts on one day, um April 1st, not the entire month. Maybe her saying it was an April Fools joke was her ACTUAL April Fools joke. hahaha.

i_am_that_girl said...

Wow, Tila, great job driving away your remaining fans. Poker is more important than them? I love Casa's response. Is he basically telling her to fuck off? Lmao, I love it.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Sara, expect a post that goes into the whole April Fool's Day BS in greater detail soon. We have some GOOD stuff, seriously.

The Gnome said...

uncle eddie, i don't know if i've told you today...but i love you.
and the fact that your desktop screen is pink gives me a boner <3

oh yeah, great post!!! the end <3 <3 <3

Eduardo Retardo said...

Dude, Gnomey, everything on my computer is pink. Even the box I'm typing into right now! And my word Docs, they're all pink with blue font. EVERYTHING is pink. I'm such a douche! :D

Fatty McFatterson said...

I call SHENANIGANS!!! Tila very clearly stated that the 'relationship' was an April Fool's prank (which is very fitting because her fans are all fools...even in other months besides April!). She apologized to her fans for pranking them, and we all got a hearty chuckle at how fun and sassy she is! Now, you folks at the RotSpot are suggesting that Tila lied about lying to her fans? Um, honeychile, I don't think so! Tila would never do that to her fans. You guys must be haters. And jealous. Oh, and you have to have big fat asses too.

I, for one, have been enjoying her gossip blog at True to her word, it was highly anticipated and ol' Piggy Perez (no jealousy intended calling him 'piggy') has been suffering from the fallout of that epic battle win. TEAM TILA all the way!

Cathy said...

god gravy I didnt see this one coming. Casa back, what an idiot. I dont know about you but I wouldnt go back to a girl who had been trashing me all over facebook and twitter!! Oh an helped some kids steal my wallet out of the mansions trash dump.
I know Im just a mean old fat hater but I give it another three days until Casa is back on his ass out on the street. Tila just has to wait for her meth rant to end.

Cathy said...

That should be good gravy not god gravy not really sure what god gravy would be :)

Isis said...

Eduardo you take metrosexuality to the next level, Sir.

Eduardo Retardo said...

LOL isn't metrosexuality to the next level just being gay? I am kind of a homo...

Joann said...

I am so glad you guys have screen caps of her nonsense. I totally did not know Casa was back in the picture.

I thought it was an april fool's joke about them being "together" in the first place? I figured she said that crap to save face after he left her lying ass.

I also see from your screen caps that her moron fan/s waited up all night for her "surprise" only to have Tila tell them she was caught up in a poker game.

I thought she loved her fans so much and they were her boo. Is this how she treats them? Those kids probably can't concentrate in school today after waiting up all night for Tila. LOL.

The time it took for this bobblehead skank to tweet to her fans she was in a poker game, she could have told them what the "surprise" was.

Like I said, the skank didn't have any surprise last night. She'll have to make up one today though, her boos are mad at her.

Isis said...

No the next level is probably bisexual. Hey, you should scout for Fruity Girl Drink of Love with Eduardo Retardo, 13 men and women all sitting around sucking up apple martinis, Jolly Ranchers, Cosmos,etc.

WandaCal said...

So let me get this straight: there are no yummies?

Eduardo Retardo said...

Holy crap Isis, that comment wins.

Who wants a sip at love with Eduardo Retardo???

Psh I know all you bitches do.

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