Saturday, April 10

postheadericon Tila fakes a Winona...

...and I mean, not even in a good way.  I know, I know ... a lot of you are going to say "well it's obviously her being silly" and I'm sure it is.  But in the world of the girls of the Rotspot we like to make fun of everything the vaginal wart does, especially when she looks so fuckin' stupid and drugged out of her mind doing it. 

I happened to roll out of bed after bumpin' uglies and passing out for several hours to this wonderful little video of Tila pretending to shoplift at a CVS.  I particularly like where she says "Now I got a court case on my ass! Ohh now I can certify myself a REAL GANGSTA! LOLOLOL jk kids...DO NOT SHOPLIFT! IT IS WRONG! (Unless u out of money! LMAO) Check out the video!"

What a fantabulous fuckin' role model, no?

She's very proud of her fake shoplifting "spree". I mean, if you call shoving a pack of doublemint and pork rinds into your fake designer bag a shoplifting "spree". Crawl back to the ghetto you gutterslut!!


Eduardo Retardo said...

What I love most about this video is that the security guard couldn't give less of a FUCK about Tila, he just wanted them to turn the camera off. LOL Tila sure is big shit. And her acting skills are terrible. The best this bitch could ever hope for is Skinemax.

TRS (Superbitch) said...

Oh I'm sure she can fake having an orgasm pretty well. I mean, she has to being a hired escort ... no?

Pixilix said...

That was the worst attempt at shoplifting ever so obvious dumb ass

Fatty McFatterson said...

If she hasn't already started her lame attempt to shop this around to tmz and other gossip/media blogs, you can be assured when she rolls out of her meth induced stupor at 4:24 pm tomorrow, she'll be on the phone.

tmz has been showing a lot of restraint lately when it comes to Tila, so it's likely they'll pass, but raderonline will consider it their civic duty/Tila whoremongering asskissers and publish this never before published exclusive.

Fatty McFatterson said...

oh, and I'm sure we'll hear this as was an April 10th April Fools joke...hahahahhahaha POW! In the methed-out life of Tila this makes sense, see she hasn't been to bed since March 31, therefore these last 10 days are just an extended long April 1.

You see, despite the fact that I'm a dumb blonde and should be able to fashion ill-conceived logic out of thin air, I am not Tila, so it takes me a while to really 'get' the level of logic she peddles. I'm getting there. Baby steps. It's all downhill from here! POW!

Rebecca said...

I'm so fucking sick of this attention whore staging all her farts about town. And this truly looks like the first five minutes of a really REALLY bad porno.

deluwiel said...

sigh. just.... sigh. You know, this is becoming not so much entertaining as pathetic. She looks and behaves like a 13-year-old. A middle school kid would think this was hilarious. What's on the agenda for tonight? TP'ing? lobbing eggs? Ringing doorbells and running away? How 'bout the classic flaming dog crap on Perez' front porch?

Anonymous said...


Darrin said...
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Darrin said...

Why don't we just all chip in for air fare and ship her gnome ass to Afghanistan??

Tila has BPD said...

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Anonymous said...


Cathy said...

Ahhh Tila reaching for the stars! That role is sure to land her an Oscar! Yes yes so gansta of her to fake steal a pack of gum and some chips since she was so hungry!!
If you forgot your wallet and have soooo much money go home and get it. This was all about trying to get on TMZ god willing they dont post it!
Last I checked MOUGULS dont steal, and if one of them forgot a wallet surely part of thier entourage would be willing to pay.

Anonymous said...

Geez,couldnt you have at least tried to make it look legit? Your no Winona & remember,that killed her career-wait,you committed career suicide years ago anyway with your crappy reality show & tramp antics. A serious shoplifter doesnt stagger round in conspicous clothes,granny white hair & hooker red lips-note that she also appears wearing the same get up in her green screen promo/joko-says to me they were both cut one after the other,so FAKE!!PLUS looking back continually at secuirty is not true shoplifitng its called attention seeking for hos.NOT LMAO,pathetic attention seeking FAIL..Also if your sooo starving,then gum & crisps arent going to fill you up-oh hang on it will fill a cracked out stick the fuck are you a mogul?Youve done nothing but trash reality & just fucked alot of people.Mogul hooker? nah,your not worth even that..Plus moguls dont live on gum ,pizza,crisps or shoplift! Low act,pathetic attempt at publiclity,if I didnt despise your actions before,then I trully detest them now..Bitch makes no sense,Im sick of seeing her ugly assher sprouting lies & attention seeking crap on twitter/fb.great role model once again for your 15y/o fans,FAIL-This sickens me as much as the sight of your filthy hammered twat did back when you did that fat ass shot bending into the car-when u were with Casey-u r damaged goods girl,TOTAL EPIC FAIL....

Violet Morellet said...

Well obviously she wasn't trying to convince anyone that she was really shoplifting, this was as staged and attention-seeking as the grocery store trip was. The truth is, she has the mentality of a teenager, and since that's what her fan base mostly consists of, that's who she's trying to impress with this stupidity. It's really sad. There are so many people in the world who would really cherish the chance to be famous, she had the shot to be somebody, and screws it up worse with every new idea she has. She really doesn't get it. She'd have a much easier time convincing people she's rich, and a mogul, etc, if she didn't think that being a jackass in public was clever. If she didn't think that having a blog bashing celebrities isn't something a respectable celebrity does. If she didn't think that being a stripper/escort/"musician" with disgusting, slutty songs, was the path to fame. She did have a chance, but letting the world see who she really is ruined it for her. Now she's a joke, who will do ANYTHING she can to keep her name in people's mouths. Makes me incredibly grateful that there was never anything in me that made me want the world to know who I was. It clearly makes you insane.

Seagal said...

What everybody else said :)

Joann said...

WTH, WTH. Do her and her two buddies just sit around smoking dope at night, then get these ideas to go on the prowl at some store and film these fake idiotic videos.

First the see-thru lingerie fake shopping at Ralphs and now the fake shoplifting at CVS. You can tell this skank's mind is gone.

Who in their right mind would choose these type of subjects AND make a video about it, put it online AND HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL THEMSELVES A MOGUL. I wonder if she will shop THIS to Radaronline????

Tila is contributing NOTHING worthwhile to society or to her impressionable minded teenage fans who worship her. She's getting worse and worse each day. Her time is about up guys.