Wednesday, April 14

postheadericon Tila continues to annoy New Yorkers....

So it seems that the pathological liar "Miss Tila" decided to torture the masses with her cockeyed nipples at some classy joint called The Crazy Horse.

Because we here at the Rotspot are always doing our best to bring you the most accurate and current of Tila's shenanigans, we did a little bit of research...and it seems that The Crazy Horse is also an escort club...but of COURSE it is...why ELSE would she be there?

Is this really surprising to anyone? I mean for fucks sake she wore a lavender doily as a dress to the Howard Stern interview. She also admitted to Howard that she had previously been a hooker stripper. This is what Tila's also the only thing she's "good" at. Flaunting mangled tits, granny ass, and being a whore. In Tila's world, it seems that mogul, entrepreneur, and business woman all revolve around the fact that she sells her tainted snatch for dolla dolla bills yall...I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the only thing Tila was trying to promote at this club, were her "special 1 time deals". You say mogul, I say prostitute. Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to.


Jenn said...

If she was smart, she would have filled out an application while she was there since I don't see this "music career" of hers taking off.

Anonymous said...

More like PRESS-Titute

way beyond famewhoring.


jenn said...

i'm still confused as to what she is on this NY "press tour" for, exactly? she has nothing to promote. her stupid gossip blog isn't even up and running.

Russian Fortune Cookie said...

Hey now. Don't paint all strippers with the same brush... I stripped for a couple of years in college, and I turned out fine. (I'm going to grad school for molecular biology, for godssakes. Can't get more boring than that.) There are plenty of girls who work in the industry for a couple of years to get through school and go on to have successful, sane lives. Tila is her own brand of crazy.

The Gnome said...

russian fortune cookie...
i didn't hate on strippers....
i did however talk shit about tila, and eluded to the fact that she's an "escort" and having sex for money....stay tuned, that's a post for another day ;)

vicky said...

@Russian Forturne Cookie, i was a stripper for a couple of years myself while i was at uni and met heaps of intelligent, self-respecting women from all walks of life which really taught me not to be bitchy and catty and to be about sisterhood instead.

TilaGnome was pointing out how Tila makes it looks shit by the venue she "performed" at and seriously, looking at her on stage?? girls like that didn't last long at my club

As for Tila..well, I never worked in a place like that..those girls look like they're on the smack (heroin)/crack/meth/whatever hard and where i live, the law draws a very distinct and firm line between stripping and solicitation of prostitution

Joann said...

This is the one and only time I can honestly say Tila probably gave a good performance at the Crazyhorse last night. She was in her true element.

Since she reads this blog I am going to give her a good idea which I hope she follows....please do this Tila....quit Twitter and Facebook, give up the fake record label, leave the minors alone, dump the wack gossip blog and all that other crap you talk about which we know will never turn out to be anything, and continue to only do stripping, soft porn and/or hard porn.

You will make money, won't ever be bothered with us "haters" and we won't have to see your lying, bobblehead skank ass ever again. Win win for everyone

Cathy said...

Was this supposed to me another "sold out concert" yeah..... Really have to agree with Joann. Give up trying to do everything else and do what you are good at and what makes you happy. Since that is obviously of a sexual nature have at it. You cant preach about how legit you are when nothing you do is legit.

Ali said...

Hello... I have been following Tila since the Casey Johnson incident, mostly because I find her brain interesting. I have bipolar disorder and I have to say that I see some real similarities in thought patterns... especially when it comes to grandiosity.I've certainly had times of severe judgement when it comes to the lying, but I also look at her with compassion. She's obviously desperate to be a star, and she obviously has a drug problem. I started reading Rotspot about a month ago, and all I can say is that your obsession with Tila's wrongdoings is bordering on ridiculous.
It is so so so easy to criticize because most of us would never lie about pregnancy, make videos on drugs etc etc. But it's getting to the point where I do wonder how YOU sleep at night, cyberbullying someone who obviously could use some psychological help, not to mention help with drugs. Although you might be able to convince yourself that you are doing some sort of public service by 'warning' people, I suggest you find a new passion and let people draw their own conclusions.

The Gnome said...

we don't tell anyone what to think or feel about tila. we write the things she does.
it's funny to me that you'll say that our "obsession" with her is ridiculous, yet here you are, reading away....
Tila has brought this on herself. blame no one but her.
thanks for the visit

Ali said...

P.S. This blog reminds me of dlisted, except replace MK's fresh and campy sarcasm with malicious half-wit.

Also, from the perspective of someone who has manic experience, I assure you that you are helping to fuel her delusions of grandeur with your unhealthy obsession.

I think you might owe Tila a little credit because she is working hard - yes her schtick is very sexualized, but that's what works for some people.

I want to emphasize I am NOT a Tila fan... she simply caught my interest. After seeing that cracked out video of Tila on her kitchen counter, I honestly wanted to give her a big hug. I kind of want to give you guys a big hug too because this blog is less about Tila than it is you dealing with your own issues by shitting on someone you've never met.

Gemma said...

Ali all I can say is 'haters' can't shout loudly enough about the fact she needs help and is around the wrong people. But when she is in a position to influence people, young vulnerable people. Someone needs to try and protect them (or people resonsible for the if they are minors)with the truth. Fair enough, some stories have more seriousness and weight than others but nonetheless I think they are doing a justified job. If she refuses help...well nobody cn save her but herself really can they? Certainly not the hangers on she is surrounding herself with now.

Gemma (nickfn1)

Ali said...

Reading a blog from time to time certainly does not equal an obsession; however that is kind of not the point.

I can be as obsessed or unobsessed as I want, and so can you, but the painful juxtaposition of hating someone intensely and also following their every move - by the hour! - must be exhausting.
Peace out

RNB007 said...

"cockeyed nipples" Ohhh LMAO!
Being the "Mogul" she is and all you would think she would take time out of her very busy, meth induced twittering rants to have that fixed. Maybe there is some fetish for crazy looking alien boobs!
Hopefully she does not refer the young girls who look up to her to her plastic surgeon!
I bet NYC can not wait for her to leave! I bet hand sanitizer sales are up 100% though!
Thanks for the 411 on her little night out. She said she made it rain up in the club, she just left out it was pennies not $1 bills.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Sorry you can't keep up, but I assure you that the three of us have no problem. Also, a lot of our information is gathered for us by our very valued readers. It's adorable that you came in here to pass your precious judgment, though. Thanks for stopping by and upping our numbers!

Anonymous said...

i have a friend who tends to over-exaggerate stories, embellishes, even seems to make up crazy drug stories involving acid, but she also had a tough life too. she is also a very sweet, loving person and mother. yes there are people that have bi-polar and some people have a need for attention, somehow. if they feel alone they might make up stories about being pregnant or adopting. im not sure if tila is doing or was saying pregnancy for adoption, which is not cool! most celebs dont announce their pregnancies until they are well aware that everything is going good for them. i listened to her howard stern interview yesterday, and she says she went to the sperm bank because she can choose what sperm she wants. he asked her what kind and she had to stop and think about it. finally she said polynesian, black, french (i forget)...but come on! if she went to the sperm bank and got pregant again, what happened?? did she get another miscarriage? i also wonder who arranges her "press tours"....she seems to be all around town showing off "her shoes"

TRS (Superbitch) said...

Hey Ali,

Come over and suck on my cock for a few hours. It's about all ya got goin' for ya.

If you don't like it, get the fuck out. I'm over you crybabies.

Who wants to fuck with me next?

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAY THANK U TRS!!! :@) You took the words right outta my mouth!!! :@) get the fuck out & 'don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya' :@) bunch of cryfaces!!! :@) HEHEHE :@) xoxoxo :@)

Ali said...

Hi Superbitch / Eduardo... because I am sharing my opinion I am down to sucking cocks as my only option. I guess my university degree and career are no good to me. Thanks for letting me know! Do you think I'll get benefits?

For people who tout the virtues of free speech, you sure seem to have a hard time with it. I was not really being rude minus the MK part, but apparently you guys speak one language: Retardo!!! Are you capable of arguing intelligently?

Upping your numbers: my absolute pleasure. I'm sure there are advertisers knocking at your door as we speak.

Oh, and Superbitch: you go girl, I am honestly quaking in my boots. I can barely think straight I am so upset and scared.

I'm glad to know there ARE people more deranged and hateful than Tila Tequila. I think I'll start a blog to talk about the innocent children that I will save from your evil ways. Maybe I'll become your first Tila Hater hater and post all over the fucking place, like you do with our princess.

L fucking OL

But first....

*sucks on dick*

Anonymous said...

I would actually agree with your point of view if it weren't for Tila's tweets about suicide that I personally experienced. It's clear to me she has some serious issues and it's even more obvious to me that she needs help, but the influence and impact she has on young fans is incredibly disturbing. She was trying to get a trending topic that would help her decide her fate and several young teenagers were saying that they might as well do it too since they were so miserable.

That's something I have no patience for. I can personally empathize with your bipolar issues, as well as Tila's. I'm sure your issues have affected people you care about, just like many people who struggle with even the mildest of mental illnesses. But to put them on display for attention and negatively impact so many people at once? That's when it crosses a line. Of course it's a result of her illness, but that doesn't make it okay.

Are the "haters" contributing to her delusions? Probably, but I can't say I'm not glad that more and more people seem to be learning the truth about her. I'm a casual reader of these blogs and in no way would I say I'm remotely obsessed with any of it. As someone who lost a dear friend to suicide, I've had Tila's tweets burned into my brain since November and I'm sorry, I don't think this girl deserves worship or to be taken seriously. It's my hope that the more people who point our her lies and delusions, the more likely it is that she will finally get help and be unable to affect both impressionable kids as well as those who are healing from one of the many things Tila has made a mockery of (the death of a loved one, miscarriages, suicide).

I commend your compassion and I often feel the same way, but the fact of the matter is that your hug wouldn't do any more good than these blogs do. She's probably just try to find some way to use it to her advantage.

Anonymous said...

Some really needs to help Tila. Her "friends" need to stop sucking up to her and get her help. They must be just as crazy as she is. Tila needs to go back to Texas and just be a stripper. Or maybe she can be one of the Playboy bunnies.

Eduardo Retardo said...

First off, nobody gives a shit about your degrees. We've got degrees, too. Nobody cares. Secondly, you're allowed to say whatever the fuck you want here, and so are we. Don't fucking cry about it. Do you really think it's that important to us to "argue intelligently" with you over the comments here? Honestly? And finally, nobody here at the Rotspot is talking about saving kids from anything. I'm sorry you aren't smart enough to tell us apart from the other blogs. You aren't even smart enough to tell me apart from TRS. That's just sad. Come back when you aren't such a whiny bitch.

Ali said...

HI Red,

Thanks, I really appreciate your point of view. I was just trying to explain a possible perspective and was surprised by the reaction as this seems like a relatively intelligent read and I was met with infantile rage by ER & SB. Gnome was coo.

I actually do like this blog and read it for fun... hating on Tila is fun because she does hateable things. But as much as it's fun to rag on someone, it seems to have turned a corner into hatred & the point of stealing domain names as I saw on Twitter.
And no Im not obsessed with hot or rotspot but now both are like a weird freakshow, it is as though one is the other ie if you dont' like it don't follow.

I didn't realize that Tila mocked suicide... I suppose I did see the picture but didn't read about it... that's not cool. For sure I have had suicidal thoughts (classic symptom) and I don't think that's right, at all.

That little bitch is all alone, crazy off her tits and addicted to some sort of stimulant. She's pissed off all of her family and friends and is on her own with a fucked up past, no education and a serious internet whoring problem. She's said herself she tweets shit she regrets.

All together now: TILA IS MENTALLY ILL.

There is a zero percent chance that she is taking any sort of medication, staying away from excess alcohol/drugs, exercising, regular sleep, getting family support, therapy, family support, medical care, daily routines and all that shit that people with brain balance problems have to do.

I do agree that she needs someone to scare the fuck out of her... it's that or hit bottom. So yeah, I agree with this cause, get that bitch into treatment. It worked for Britney, remember how fucked up she was and how many hated her ass? One day, she'll get old, unless she dies first. There is one savior: she WILL. Crash. Maybe that's when the 5150 will do it's magic.

Sorry for the rant, but I have a burning need to prove I'm not an assface.


Kris said...

I just want to say that my neighbor has bipolar disorder and he thinks he's Jesus. He thinks his brother killed his dog (the dog was old and died of old age). He made it all the way to England (after driving from Ohio to Canada) only for the police to find him taking a bath in a fountain. He can be very dangerous if off or not on his medications. Do you think Tila is any better... NO. She's a crazy as they come and Rotspot is only pointing out her BS, so stop being "Jealous" and "Stay off this page" if you don't like it, as the Tila Army would say to anyone that goes against Tila.

Kris said...

I would like to add, I don't usually comment here but I do follow the people who write this blog on twitter and I think they are pretty damn funny and this old bitch approves of this blog =)

Anonymous said...

Ali, not only is she making fun of suicide she's making fun of rape too! Her fans are mainly 14-15 years old and i find it highly disturbing that she's exposing them to that. She tweets about sex, analsex, stripping ect... Yeah that's fucked up and might shock her younger fans but suicide and rape is on a complete different level! They're very painful subjects to just throw around!
Just wanted to point that out. Thanks for sharing an interesting point of view:)

Joann said...

@ Ali, I understand what you are saying but this blog, IMO, is essential because they provide REAL evidence of just how sick Tila really is and her unhealthy influence on minors.

I didn't really pay any attention to her until the Shawne Merriman fisaco.

I have seen the video she put up on her blogspot a while ago, butt naked, masturbating and posing in sensual ways. A lot of people complained to Buzznet and it was taken down but you know a lot of minors saw that before it was taken down.

Tila also had the nerve to put this online..."Hey all you underaged kids that worship me!!! Wanna see an anal sex party on video of ME??? Awesome! I <3 ANAL AND OMG MASTERBATION! I'M SO HORNY, MY MINOR FANS! I'M SO INTO MYSELF!!!!"

I heard her talking to a 14 year old on the phone about becoming a phone bone buddy and I'm sure she has acted inappropriate to other minors who would come on her dating site.

All this coupled with all the other asinine and lewd acts she has done and continues to do makes her a person to that needs to go away, like yesterday.

If Tila was only involved with adults regarding her lewd ways and actions I wouldn't give a shit but she has involved minors in her warped world and that's a big NO NO AND the skank doesn't care.

IMO, this site is top notch when it comes to showing us her true colors. They don't go by heresay, the put up Tila's own screen caps as proof of her insanity. Her words not theirs or another blogger, but her words.

I give them many, many kudos for their hard work and I am with them all the way.

Joann said...

Oops...meant "fiasco".

Ali said...

Yeah... I guess I need to follow Tila more closely to get the whole picture cause I don't know all of the things she does. The underage kid things is fucked. Meh fuck it.

I do entirely agree that she needs to go away.

Eduardo, I may be wrong but I think you are a dick. Just my opinion.

Enjoy your evenings

Eduardo Retardo said...

That's cool, Ali, most people here know I'm a dick. So much for that intelligent argument, huh?

Ali said...

P.S. I've never posted on a blog like this before, it's really fucking fun. Cheers!

Tila's said...

So many comments. I had to scroll up and read the blog again. LOL.. My brain does not retain a lot of information all at once LMAO. More importantly, Why is Tila all over the place with her "press tour" One minute she is on Fox News, Howard Stern, and then at a Strip club.. This to me does not seem well organized.. Oh well Tila and her mogul status are a joke..

boytoy said...

Ali go away your just rambbling on

Anonymous said...


I do think that you're right and sometimes it goes too far and there are those who take it to an immature level. I think in any cause (it's sad it has to even come to something like this), there are extremists and there are those who are a little more level-headed. It's an inevitability, but not everyone who supports getting the truth about Tila out there is going to yell at you for your opinion or say harsh things to other people.

Someone else pointed out that she's mocked rape, which was something I also forgot to mention. I think the suicidal tweets hit me the hardest because there was real concern that she wasn't lying or joking. I, for one, always take those things seriously because I've seen what can happen when warning signs are ignored. I'm not a believer that all celebrities have to be role models, but this warped perception of reality can be seriously harmful to many impressionable people who might be suffering from mental illnesses themselves. I think that's my main concern. We have one very mentally ill individual and sure, I hope nothing happens to her and I hope she gets help. At the same time, I think of so many young people who might be suffering from their own mental illnesses or even just typical teenage angst. I'd rather do what I can to save those people than one person who seems to feel no guilt for anything she's done. I expected a huge apology after the suicide tweets and how she handled it was bullshit. If getting the truth out there helps, even if it's done in a snarky way, I'm all about it at this point.

boytoy said...

check out video of tila on the streets of NYC

Lisa said...

There should be blogs like this for every "full of shit" person in a position to influence pre-teens and teens. Maybe bringing the truth out about these fake-ass "stars" and their bullshit lives would save a lot of pain and tears. Children believe this sad woman's lies and think they should strive to be just like her. Please don't ever stop calling this bitch on her bullshit. POW!

Cathy said...

The best part is the site she is promoting thats going to kill Perez STILL isnt up! Come on now how do you go on and on about how great your site is and its not even a functioning site.
She is a nuisance and a train wreck. I for one would love to see her go down in flames. No one needs to look up to her when there are so many other great people to look up to.
Its not just the sexual stuff, its the lying, the smoking (while pregnant ;) ) and the general mockery of tragedy that makes her horrible.
Keep doing what you are doing ROTSPOT!! You are doing the world a great service by providing the information to turn followers into realists!
Plus its damn entertaining!

Laust said...

She performed her "tour" at a strip club???? Are you kidding me?! Why didn't she just stay in Texas and do a "tour" there??

I like blogs like this; the woman is lying to a lot of her under-aged fans, having them call her and then putting up videos of herself doing total bafoonery. Kids are supposed to look up to her? And her "I fucked the DJ?" I don't think so. Her followers are so deranged that they ignore all the stupidity and can't see through all the bullshit. If some read blogs like this, maybe they'll just stop and use their brains a little...if they even still have one.

chris said...

While it's obvious that Tila has mental health issues and a drug dependency, it also worries me that she has no moral compass. Her actions and "advice" are harming the young people that look up to her; Tila just doesn't see right from wrong.

I want to thank the three authors of this site. I appreciate your articles and feel that they serve a educate the public about Tila and how damaging she is to the children/people that listen to and watch her. Her behavior is disgusting and it has to stop!

Fatty McFatterson said...

Haters of the bloggers should take note, and ask themselves how they got to this page and why. If you were curious or confused about Tila, isn't it nice to know that you can get a glimpse of all sides of her? She puts out this oh-i'm-a-little-carefree-harmless-sex-kitten vibe, but the reality is so very much different. Perhaps your 14 year old son is oogling her pix night and day. You see nothing wrong with that right? He's a normal 14 year old and the pix aren't that bad, right? A little T and A never hurt a normal teenager. If you did your homework and looked up a site like this that distills the crazy that is Tila, you would soon realize that Jr. has been phone-boning with Tila ( a woman twice his age), his pregnant girlfriend has been coerced by Tila into entering an illegal adoption/child trafficking situation, he has been encouraged to act out his rape fantasies, Tila has convinced him that if he runs away from the family that can't possibly understand him, she will harbor him and allow him to travel the world with her, he believes that safe sex is for pansies, he is encouraged to kill himself and mocked when his girlfriend loses their baby due to miscarriage.

That is the real Tila. Prior to a couple of months ago, I thought she was another harmless skank trolling Hollywood for a little speed and a slutty good time. I would still be under that misconception had it not been for sites like that, that shows me with Tila's own words, how fucked up and dangerous she is. Every one of the above scenarios is taken straight from Tila's Facebook, Twitter, blog or interview.

Some of her lies and grandiose shenanigans are amusing, others are downright dangerous and troubling.

Because of these sites, Tila was stopped in her tracks from enticing more minors to check out her NAKED, GRAPHICALLY SEXUAL website. Hopefully the same force that put an end, or at least made it more difficult, to view her raunchy pix, may be the same force that is able to save her life. If no one acknowledges the big elephant in the room, then no one will act. Perhaps if enough of us make a raucous, her family will finally take notice, or her friends, and get her the help she seriously needs.

Until that day, I feel honored to thrash and ridicule Tila and her Army of Morons and Half-Wits. You're not my mother, you can't make me do anything.

Jacqui said...

When are you going to make a post about Tila being an escort? You've alluded to it in previous posts/comments for a while, just wondering if you're ever going to elaborate.....

Jacqui said...

Also, I think some of the comments directed to Ali are almost disturbingly uncalled for. Telling someone who doesn't agree with you to "suck cocks" etc? Tila makes the same outlandish, disgusting and unnecessary statements to her 'haters', and we rightfully despise her for it, but now it's like you guys are becoming like Tila in this regard... and that's not a good idea. At all. You don't need to get nasty with commenters who dare to criticise you or the site. That's what Tila does, and we're supposed to be better than that. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Hey rotspot, check out her E.W interview! she posted the link on Facebook It's Now please excuse me while i slam my head against the wall

imnotreported said...

I've been wondering who set-up her PR tour myself.
Way too many appearances for Mon. Tues. Wed., but a lot of bang for the buk.
If I ever write my masterpiece, I'd like to call her PR agent.
I have a Tila headline ticker on my page and its been going crazy
About advertising-hey ROTSPOT, what do you have against ads?
Is it for your own legal protection, or personal moral reasons-just wondering about that.
To the hater-haters, R you kidding me?
ROTSPOT regurgitates her own words and proves that just about every single thing she says is a lie.
They're doing a public-service, especially for impressionable youngsters.

jayden said...

Imnotreported, there were a lot of appearances with reputable media, but Tila's "PR team" completely missed the mark with most of them. The goal is to get the client in front of the media that is watched/listened to/read by the client's target demographic. People who will give a shit and buy what the client is selling. Tila's firm was a big fat FAIL at this with the majority of the interviews. And in other cases --- where the media did hit the right target audience --- the audience was so small that it didn't even matter.

But the most important fail? Spending the time and money on a press tour to promote 1) a single song that's only available for download and 2) a web site that doesn't even exist (and may never materialize at this rate.) Preposterous. Her publicists are clueless.

imnotreported said...

I agree with everything you say JAYDEN, especially the massive FAIL promoting a site that does not exist.
Her PR did get her in the door and that amazes me.
Is there any way to see how many downloads her i-tunes has?
Does anyone know how to check that?

Monique said...

"Three months after her girlfriend Casey Johnson passed away and two months since she allegedly miscarried, Tila Tequila is back to her old trick$.

As part of some sort of promotion for her new awful single, the blonde, lingerie-clad 28-year-old rode a pole and a couple of ladies at a strip club in the Bronx the other day.

A tragic media whore's work is never done."

Vanessa said...

I personally think that some people who are getting into the blog right now are a bit overwhelmed by what's currently being exposed. If you go back to the very beginning, you get a better picture of how everything has progressed over the past 4 months. Granted, it wouldn't be fun to read a blog backwards from the beginning, but that's what I did with TilaTruth (before I found RotSpot) to get the whole picture of her craziness.

Terri said...

WAIT A GOD DAMN MINUTE! Why have I not seen a P. Diddy dick slip or perhaps a JayZ dick slip? Why have I not seen these dudes performing at strip clubs?? Am I missing something?

OH WAIT... they are REAL MOGULS! and they act like it.... (you can insert Kimora Lee Simmons too)

*pours another rum*

I also like how some people make these big long posts about Tila being mentally ill and this blog sucks and THEN admit they don't follow her that closely..... smh

If a dude was on the internet doing what Tila does, or did a tiny percent of what she does, he would be facing charges. I do not know how she gets away with it.

Keep up the good work RotSpot!!!!

Terri said...

Well said Fatty McFatterson!