Wednesday, April 7

postheadericon They met where?

Who cares really.  It's over and she's moved on to another pogo stick for the upcoming weekend I'm sure.  But, we have conflicting stories on where Tila and Casa met and I can't have you guys bickering in the comments on who's right and who's wrong.  So, here it is from the gremlin's mouth herself, well at least on her "personal" Facebook account:

Yea, you read that right.  She is BRAGGING about meeting him in the grocery store and then getting engaged.  Even Garry, the one everyone thought played cupid, makes note of the "love at first booty call".

Who knows though.  "Public Tila Tequila" says that haters are stupid for assuming the above mentioned.  That they had known each other beforehand. 

What a surprise!  Tila caught in a lie! 


holyrollernova said...

does the dragon lady realize that us "haters" aren't making up lies about her, but rather just re-posting the bullshit that she spews herself?


HottyRotty said...

Yea, I don't think her brain can comprehend that! Hahahaha. All we do is just post what SHE has said and make fun of it. *points and laughs*

WandaCal said...

I think from now on I am going to respond to the Army with, "Ur jus gellus." Regardless of what they say, that will be my response. "Ur jus gellus."
Alexandra: hi tila love u
Wanda Hughes: Ur jus gellus
Amy: u hatrez don no nothin bout tila she is beetiful and sexy
Wanda Hughes: Ur jus gellus
Tila Tequila: Im boss bitch mogul POW
Wanda Hughes: Ur jus gellus

And maybe add "firecrotch" at the end.

Syd said...

Coulda been worse. He could have died and we'd have to listen to all the fake mourning again.

Joann said...

Tila is the biggest liar on the face of the Earth. Now she is saying the whole fisaco with her and Casa was an april fool's joke. I don't care when she met him. She's an april fool's f*cking joke herself and needs to go away to rehab or jail.

I'm waiting for the day when she goes down, that's why I continue reading and contributing to this blog.

You guys will screen cap something of hers that she has said and it will be lethal enough to bring this skank down for good because the proof will be right here for the authorities to see.

It may seem like things are moving slowly but the skank's lies and inappropriate behavior towards minors is coming to an end.

Keep up the good work guys.

HottyRotty said...

Exactly, well said Joann. It may seem like things aren't moving but trust us, they are. Her dating site has already been suspended. Things like this take time but progress HAS been made. We have a LOT of shit in the works right now and will post it as soon as it all works it's way through the system.

Thanks for coming by guys!


Noname said...

WHAT? Tila lies? I am so shocked and hurt NOT!
Progress takes time to work well. No sense jumping the gun. She'll go down hard and I will give you(rotspot) a standing ovation when she does. Great work ladies and gent :)

VIVA The Resistance!!

Anonymous said...

maybe that guy left the comment becuase he wanted to distract and deter away from the fact that he did set them two up. i wonder what the point of them getting together really was about anyways?

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I hate Tila for many reasons, but I have to agree that it was a dumb assumption that they met at the grocery store. I completely agree that she lies about everything, but the fact that she said LMAO!! before she said that gives me the impression that she was mocking people and that Garry was joking along with her.

The fact that Tila staged the grocery store appearance to begin with actually makes it even more realistic that she'd say, "hey, this dude I know I should come along and check me out and then I can have a public affair with him to have something new to tweet about."

Hell, I'm a self-professed hater, but I really don't think she was being caught in a lie here. For once.

adellett said...

I agree with Red. In the screen cap of her personal FB it looks like they were mocking the haters, not being literal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it looked like mocking sarcasm to me too

RNB007 said...

What is wrong with this little creature?!?
Is she smoking Meth, snorting her Adderall, drinking? All of the above and more?!

Now she is giving advice on her SayNow

Well Oprah is about to retire from her show, and since Suckila is an "Advice Giving Mogul Boss B&tch POW" and all...Just what the country needs...
Today on Tila -
How to find the perfect booty call in the frozen food department, Also, have you ever left home in a hurry and forgot your crack pipe? Today Tila will show us how to make one out of aluminum foil! PLUS how to stage the perfect photo op! And special guest GUERRILLERASTAR! Stay tuned for the Tila Suckila Show!

Steven Clarke said...

Tila is in her last phase of desperation. Whenever see has a new thing launching, she tries to be as controversial as possible to draw media attention to her- which in turn allows her to promote herself.

Dating Website- She got on cam with Casey in the bath tub. Also used Casey's death to promote herself

Record Label- In nearly every interview about Tila being pregnant, she mentions her "artists" and record label. She made up the pregnancy to get publicity for this. Adoption rumors, her going to the supermarket in her batman outfit, etc. This is all to promote her new website.

Not all publicity is good publicity Tila.

amyrebecca said...

LOL, that screen cap from Facebook is me "Amy Gainous". I am not a fan, I just pretend that I am so she will answer my questions and I ALWAYS catch her lies. Do you have an email address I can start sending you screen-caps of emails that she sends me... I about spit my soda out when I saw that you guys used my FB info, LOL, but I love your blog site so I am honored to be on it =) I have you guys bookmarked and I come on everyday to see what funny shit you guys are gonna post next. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!