Saturday, April 17

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So, Miss Tila (or Lil' Ho as she's being called) was on Fox 411 the other day as part of her "Party with my Syphilis" tour in NY. Here's the video:

Let's break it down! This'll be fun, guys!

Quickly I'd like to mention that she's sooo spontaneous that all of her random tattoos look like prison bitch ink. So classy for such a rich woman indeeeeed!!!'re really telling us that "Tila Tequila" was just a screen name you used to log into myspace? REALLY? I mean, you've already bastardized that story a billion times, and now it's JUST A SCREEN NAME? You know, I'm probably being too hard on you. All those drugs probably made you forget what you've previously told your fans whom you love so much. Let's look at this old blog from right here at the Rotspot. Whoever wrote it is obviously brilliant and sexy, but I digress. See that screen cap we show? This one:

See where it says "PS-That is how I got the name "TILA TEQUILA" When I was about 13 or 15 BLAH BLAH BLAH?" Yeah, you see that? What about that, Tila?


What about this, Tila, from one of your blogs at the Hotspot?

Man, poor Carlos! You lied about him! I bet that hurts his little Mexican gangbanger feelings!

And just for funsies, let's listen to what Tila told Howard Stern the other day regarding the name Tila Tequila:

Jesus Christ, Tila. Is it really that hard to come up with a cogent lie and stick with it? Oh shit, wait, I forgot who I was talking to. LOL I said "cogent" while talking to Tila. MY BAD, MISS TILA.

Anyway, let's move on. So she tells this woman from FOX (I'm sorry, I really hate Fox, so I can't be bothered to learn this woman's name) that she doesn't drink Tequila. We've all heard the "I don't drink!" lie before, and we've all disproved it about a billion and a half times. I almost hate to call her a liar on it again.


This woman from FOX asks "Does Perez know you're coming after him?" I hate to tell you how to do your job, FOX lady (not to be confused with Foxy Lady), but the correct question is "Does Perez GIVE A FLYING FUCK that you're coming after him?" And the answer is a resounding NO.

Next, somebody needs to tell Tila that her life isn't interesting, these lies she tells are interesting. Without those, she's just a sad little girl smoking meth in front of her computer and recording heinous songs using Garage Band while her dog is tied to a stripper pole for eating one of her lucite hooker heels, and her latched-on gay boyfriend with the GIGANTIC forehead and terrifying boomerang brows tells her how pretty she is.

So then she says she doesn't want to talk about the death of Casey because she finds it disrespectful. "Not even how you're coping?" Fox lady asks. Nope, not even then, because Miss Tila finds it disrespectful. Hey Tila, wanna know what I find disrespectful?

THAT is what I find fucking disrespectful. Every time you've mentioned Ava, Casey's daughter, and trying to adopt her (you can find that here amongst other places) it was fucking disrespectful. When you went after the Johnson family after Casey's death:

THAT WAS DISRESPECTFUL. But asking how you're coping? It's stupid, yes, but it's not disrespectful. HER CASH COW IS DEAD, HOW DO YOU THINK SHE'S COPING???? By the way...

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE INFORM TILA THAT CASEY WAS NOT HER WIFE? In fact, I bet had Casey not died, she would have distanced herself as much as she could from Tila at this point. Everybody does eventually, don't they?

And then, as she always does, Tila brings up the pregnancy. The way she does it is so absolutely fake, it actually makes me laugh. Anybody ever notice that Tila is only good at lying behind a computer screen, not really in person? Stick to your strengths, Tila. Watch her eyes as she's telling Fox lady she was pregnant. No eye contact WHAT SO EVER. And she barely gets through that Angelina Jolie thing. It takes more energy to lie than Tila is willing to expend.

So here's what I don't understand. Why FOX news? Isn't FOX news the most right wing, pro-Prop 8 news agency out there? Way to have principles, Tila.


Fatty McFatterson said...

Wait. I don't get it.

Tila was suppose to meet her little adopted son several weeks ago in Oakland and she never seemed to have left to do that and tell us about it. Guess it was just an oversight.

Oh, and talk about AWKWARD with the pregnancy thing. Every time anyone says anything about her pregnancy/mis-chairage she gets all huffy and states that that topic is not open for discussion, that's it's hurtful and disrespectful and how dare you delve into her personal life in the midst of such tragedy....which begs the question, why does she keep bringing it up if she doesn't want to talk about it. Notice the reporter didn't even begin to question her about it, yet Tila let it hang out there like she was eager for the reporter to ask, so Tila could get all gangsta on her ass.

Eduardo Retardo said...

HA! I decree that now at the Rotspot it shall hereby be referred to as "mis-chairage" and we shall always remember the LOL that Fatty McFatterson brings. You now own the copyright. I'm going to be laughing all night about that!

Tilatakedown said...

seriously when she speaks of casey like that an gets all serious i want to punch her in the face...because that doesn't mean shit to the people who seen what she has been up to since that seem to forget casey was dead in her home FOR DAYS....yet tila has never directly said shit. other than waaa waaa my wifey....her wifey didn't mean anything to her..

and its really sad what happened...when you seen casey you know she is a beautiful person on the inside...just a lil lost in life.....i believe either way tila was the worst thing for casey Johnson. and anyone else she comes in contact with~

FIN. lol

Elizabeth said...

why does she always find it necessary to mention angelina jolie?

Joann said...

Great job TRS, as usual.

We all know Tila is overflowing with lies and the thing about it, she obviously forgets what she's said and comes back with another lie about the same thing. lol.

Skank was never pregnant..end of story.

I said earlier her PR person might have told her to stop talking about her personal life, but it could be the Johnson's lawyer might have put a stop to her talking about Casey, just like the courts said she can't talk about Shwane Merriman.

Joann said...

Oh I forgot...I asked myself the same question. What possible reason is she on Fox news?

Maybe her new show,if there is one, will be on the Fox channel.

Monique said...


Fatty, you are awesome.

i_am_that_girl said...

That's so business woman like of you Tila to call him Piggy Perez. *rolls eyes* She must finally be telling the truth about something because she said her name Tila Tequila was just myspace user name. She could have said that years ago without trying to come off as oh so cool and tough. But of course she lied about not drinking tequila. Isn't that drink she was photographed with a tequila drink?

deluwiel said...

so when is this gossip blog launching? When? huh? She's not even throwing a tentative date out there. It's never gonna happen. Oh, and what celebrities have "messed" with her? What real celebrities have ever had ANYTHING to do with her at all? This alleged "reality" show - IF this ever actually happens (yeah, right) it would be a bunch of scripted, stupid contrived situations trying to show what a wild, crazy, spontaneous free spirit she is "as she becomes a mogul." It is to laugh, Tila. It is to laugh. I'm just happy this "tour" is finally over so the only way she can communicate is through the keyboard and nobody has to listen to that scratchy dopey voice.

Anonymous said...

Apparently nobody can keep track on where her name comes from. I googled "Tila and Ellen", because Tila said they were friends (lol right) and I found this article:
And the author wrote: "“I thought she was a party girl — but she is not!” Tila – whose stage surname comes from her love of the alcoholic beverage – added."

Hmmmm.... This is just getting better each day.

josh said...

My God!! What happened? She isn't even the same person in that video! I forget she use to be mildy attractive and charming.

Clementine said...

I cant be bothered to watch this vid of the screeching midget troll(she probably only went to Central Park to hide under a bridge waiting for billy goats to cross.)
Anyhow I noticed in an earlier vid that whenever she lies she not only doesnt look at the interviewer but it looks like she is trying not to smile. Cant her mutant gay bf(seriously that is like a 7 keep crib sheets on her lies so she can at least keep them straight?
Her show must be on Fox, Fox loves trash and they probably think she is controversal and shocking. The only shocking thing about her is that she hasnt overdosed yet.

TRS (Superbitch) said...


I will ALWAYS refer to her "tragedy" as that now. Thanks Fatty! I love your wit!

Anonymous said...

so my question now is whats the hold up with this gossip blog?

could it be that her new PR guy realized the shit she writes is an easy case for libel/slander?

LauraAnne said...

So she thinks that is it disrespectful for people to ask her about her ex fiance. She stated that that is aperson subject to her.
THen what is this gossip blog she might laughnch going to be about? Anything personal about other people in there? What about all the "Going In" on Casa that she did that was all over the public Tilaworld?
U once learned a phrase along the lines of give respect, get resepct. How can she be offended and angry that the media wants to know how she is doing after CJ, and then yet turn around and prepare us to be blown away by her gossip blog that is going to be going in on other celebritites....

Isis said...

Once again, the sheer fruitiness of your web-browser astounds me. ;)

Lisa said...

tilas excuse for the the non blog launch was they needed bigger servers to cope with all the traffic blah blah blah, now Mr Bradshaw is tweeting how he is putting the finishing touches on her site... well which is it I thought it was good to go, with a greenscreen and everything!!! o_O
and asking people to respect her privacy? she's a walking oxyMORON, someone who will pull a tampon out, get naked, masturbate and take baths with her 'wifey' on Ustream, and who broadcasts every stinking second of her lie filled, meth of a life suddenly wants respect? BITCH please.

Joann said...

THANK YOU LISA!!! Truer words have never written.

I still say the reason why this skank is being so close mouth about Casey now is her PR person, Brad, is trying to change her image and telling her to stop talking about Casey and the fake pregnancy or the Johnson's lawyer got in touch with her or Brad and said they would sue her if she kept taling about Casey.

Tila was just on the Howard Stern show babbling her ass of about Casey on the 13th and now all of a sudden she don't want to talk about her.

Something happen that made her shut her lying mouth about Casey. I know she didn't do it on her own.

Joann said...

meant "truer words were never written"

boytoy said...

you can always go back some pages by a couple yrs on tila myspace blog & find posts where she says one thing and tells you something else, her lies are out there everyone to see.

Witch Hazel said...

I thought it was strange that Tila was starting her promotional "tour" in NYC instead of LA until I remembered that her PR firm is located in NYC. Her PR firm must have connections with the media venues there and thus, were able to set up interviews with shows like Fox 411. I seriously doubt that any of the NYC media venues intentionally sought Tila out for an interview on their own simply because they were so excited to discuss her stupid celebrity blog or a song titled "I F*cked the DJ".

It's all the work of her PR team ..the image, the censoring of topics and her new name "Miss Tila". I can only imagine how difficult it must be for her PR team ..trying to change her image.. only to have Tila show her true skank self as seen by her recent anal sex rampage et al on Twitter!

Isis said...

I'm sure Paris Hilton or somebody from that crew is watching what she says. I know I would if I were them. They were the ones who grew up with Casey, after all. I've lost people I grew up with: it's completely devistating.

Jacqueline said...

It's funny that she forgot to promote her CD than ranting. Ha ha...

Erin said...

Did anyone hear what Kristy from Shot of Love 2 said on Howard this morning about TT? She painted a very clear picture of what Tila was like.

Nikki said...

@ erin -

no i missed it but i would love to know what she said! please share!

Erin said...

@Nikki- From

Howard said Kristy was on the Tila Tequila show in season 2, she was on the show for an entire season and won. Kristy said that you win Tila and she was her girlfriend. Howard asked why she was on the show. She said that she was asked if she liked girls and she said she did so they asked if she wanted to be on a TV show. Kristy said she thought she was going to be off in a couple of weeks. She now claims that the show was scripted and Tila had nothing to do with her after the show. Kristy said it was actually her telling Tila that she didn't want to be her girlfriend because she didn't like her.

Kristy said she didn't win anything from the show and she wasn't paid to do it. She said that took 7 weeks of her life up too. She said that she just won the date with Tila and that was it. Kristy said they did a reunion show and Tila trashed her in that. She doesn't really care though.

Howard said they contacted Tila's people to find out if she wanted to talk to her but they wanted nothing to do with her. Howard asked why she didn't confront her on the reunion show and tell Tila how she felt. She said that Tila was freaking out in her face calling her a fake bitch and stuff.

--Me speaking, Howard summed it up by saying with TT, you never knew if you were getting the whole story.

Amanda said...

New Tila interview! It brings on the LOLs.

My favorite parts: You’re a smart cookie. More than people give you credit for.
Miss Tila Tequila: I’m really smart. I’m so smart that I think I’m an alien sometimes.

*Weird, we've been saying you look like an alien forever! ET phone home? TT Phone Bone?* How did you do that? How did you recruit over a million followers on there?
Miss Tila Tequila: I didn’t recruit anybody.blahblahblah

*Really? Because...and of course I can't find it said that Friendster kicked you off their site and then when you were invited to myspace you sent a mass email to thousands of people to come join you. And they did...but that's not recruiting I guess.*

Miss Tila Tequila: I posted a video the other day, for instance, that got deleted. There was nothing showing. I’m sitting in my kitchen and I have the song “Massive Attack” playing. It’s a really sexy song and I was sitting in my kitchen posing for like 5 seconds, and they deleted the video(.....)Facebook deleted the video and girls get so jealous. I felt like, “Ok, I know for a fact, and no offense to anybody, but if it was, like, that girl from Precious or some woman who is really overweight and had on lingerie and was like, “I don’t care. I’m still sexy,” people would be like, “You go girl.” But because I look like what I do, people don’t want to see a woman that is intelligent and pretty and smart at the same time. They make you out to be this train wreck, and they push me in this category with Lindsay [Lohan], Paris [Hilton] and Kim Kardashian, but I am way smarter than those girls.

*Oh yes. That video was so innocent* You’re on the red carpets, you go to events.
Miss Tila Tequila: Red carpets, yes. Clubbing, no. You don’t see pictures of me with coke coming out my nose, coke coming out my shoes, drugged up, crotch shots coming out the car. There have never been shots of me like that.

*No crotch shots? You sure? http://www.tilashotspot.buzznet.*om/web/tila/journals/tilatequila/entry/5741401/* Where’d you come up with the name Tequila?
Miss Tila Tequila: It was when I was in eighth grade and we were just being rebellious, and some of us drank tequila. I couldn’t handle it and I broke out in rashes and just threw up everywhere. The next day at school everyone was making fun of me and going, “That’s Tila Tequila.”

*There are so many variations of this story that typing it out would take too long.*

Clementine said...

One of my fave TT things is when she talks about blasting all the celebs that have wronged her. Like any real celeb even knows who the fuck she is. I'd be willing to bet that anyone over a the D list(Im being generous here...) would even know who she is. Maybe they would slightly remember her as some chick who had a reality show. I get the feeling that she thinks that anyone who doesn't want anything to do with her(ie:ignored her at a club) is going to be on blast. I bet thats what that Tyson thing was, she probably tried to dry hump him and he was like "get this dish pig away from me."

Jenn said...

I thought that Tila couldn't talk about her reality show? At least that's what she told Howard Stern. I wonder why she suddenly got the ok to talk about her show.

I love how she's trying to entice people to come to her site because she's going to put everyone "on blast" and tell their secrets. I seriously doubt that this is going to happen. I find it hard to believe that Tila is the only one who knows these celebrity secrets. I'm sure a lot of people know the same stuff. I'm sure that even Perez knows. But there's probably a damn good reason why nobody talks about it. She's not going to talk about anything that we don't already know because she will get blacklisted in hollywood.

Jen said...

Hey guys - First off, I'm a HUGE fan of yours. LOVE the blog & am hated by ALL the dumbass fans who (don't cry for me.... LOL).
Anyway, I was checking around and one site led to another and I'm not sure if you guys know about this.... I am at a loss for words & since I don't think (I'm not 100% sure though) that you guys have posted about this, thought you would like to see:
Check it out!! Hope to read about it on your site soon!!

Jen said...

ps: If you DO have it on your site & I missed it, I apologize.... I'm fairly new to your site & am now addicted to it! Thanks guys!

Pixilix said...

read this,even here in New Zealand our press think shes a joke

Anonymous said...

oh my god.

i could totally make a ragetoon over the fact that she called the song itself 'massive attack'.

WHY, oh WHYYYYYY is she so stupid. even moreso, WHY oh WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY would any PR agent touch her with a ten foot pole?

Monique said...

I saw this headline at Dlisted in the Afternoon Crumbs, "Extraterrestrial tranny nightmare". I thought, that sounds like our favorite HObbit.

Classy as ever.

Fatty McFatterson said...

WAIT!! I don't get this. Couple of days ago Tila was talking about her blog launching "THE MINUTE SHE GETS BACK TO LA".

She tweeted last night that she just got home and the blog launches sometime this week.

According to this:

The blog launches April 30

I must be mistaken!!!! Right? Tila NEVER lies.

deluwiel said...

okay - I've done a search for Little Miss Trendsetter Management and the only thing I can find are the references Tila's made herself on her blog. The only artist listed on Tila Tequila Records is herself. What's this about "conquering" the music industry? All I can find is that she sang in some band a few years back that released a few tunes on Myspace Records... It all just exists in her own little alien head, doesn't it? and Fatty, you're not confused. There is no blog, there isn't going to be a blog. At some point there's going to be a Twitter rant about something going terribly wrong with the site or someone who was supposed to launch it for her screwed her over "blah-blah-blah" and that'll be the end of that.

Kim's World said...

Omg I just read the interview at and she has to be insane or something she lied about everything even that she never wants to be referred to as tila nguyen when just a couple months ago she wanted people to start calling her that. She gets on my last nerve saying people misunderstand her but it's her own words. I was a follower on her old Twitter and I have seen with my own eyes her lies. BTW apparently ever other interview she has different things she can't talk about because you know how much she feels the need to discuss anything and I believe it was her pr team way of helping her stay on track so she wouldn't be telling different things about the same topic but she still managed to lie. What happened to all the interviews that she was originally going to NYC to do like Wendy williams and shows I heard of but instead she stated at fox with shows I never knew existed that truly shouldn't have had her own it and pretty sure someone there probably got fired or will be over this. I think based on the people that have associated with fox she had sex and possibly taped it also. I also wonder will she go in on Chelsea for saying she was the worst guest I highly doubt it because she should know better. I know I was rambling but she just disturbs me.

jayden said...

I predict that her blog will also have a tragic mis-chairage.

boytoy said...

tila band was called "Beyond Betty Jean"