Thursday, April 1

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...hell, I've lost count!  So as we know, Tila announced over the weekend in various forms that she had a new soon-to-be sucker husband ... again.

She goes on to post a picture of him to brag and show "proof" that she's not having anal sex with some random supermarket stranger lying about her new boo!  But she asks everyone to not let him know.  I wonder why Tila?  I mean, it's not like he's married or anything ... right?

So of course, with a picture released and her leaking the last name "Wilson" via tweets the resistance goes on a hunt to find the lucky son of a bitch!  So who is this mystery man you ask?  His name is Casa Wilson.  He's a former body builder that currently lives in LA.  Here's a few pics and a little info:

But TRS, how do you KNOW that is him?  I mean, it doesn't look like him.  Let's go back to the meeting place.  It appears that Tila possibly met Casa on the night she went to Ralph's.  Remember that night? 

Note:  The info to the store is there if you would like to call and complain about her behavior with putting product on the floor and dressed inappropriate for the children in the store.

You see, taking a closer look at the tattoos and comparing them to his facebook and other various pictures floating around the web we've narrowed it down to this hunka hunka burnin' piece of beef jerky!

And then yesterday while investigating the fine winner of Tila's snatch for a brief weekend it was all confirmed:

And surprise, surprise even Miss Tila let's us all in on the "secret" this morning:

Awww!  And their good mutual friend Garry is sure to congratulate the happy couple.  You know, Garry the alleged TMZ employee that is up Tila's vagina?

It's good that Tila has found her a man as delusional as herself.  Of course, he claims to be a godly man who loves god and family and taking care of ones body.  So, I guess Tila is a perfect fit for him and all.  Being as though she is the Virgin Mary, has no family member that would even acknowledge her, and shoves so many drugs into her body while riding him rodeo style and bogarting greasy pizza and all.  They're a match made in heaven.  God knows a good thing when he sees it.  And I thank him everyday for giving us this entertaining gift!

Oh!  And speaking about being a family man.  Who is this woman Casa?  I can't wait to find out who she is and let her in on Tila's little "secret".  Please don't disappoint me!  Please let this be your wife!  

Oh!  And what else do I notice?  Is that a baby?  Well I'll be mother fuckin' damned!  Just what the doctor ordered!  She's been trying to steal a baby for months now!  I wonder what the baby's mother thinks about having her child exposed to Tila?  I'll email her and ask her for you!!  What a good role model you are for your little one!

 You know, maybe the poor schmuck doesn't know what he's gotten himself into.  You're welcome to track him down on the following social networking sites and express your concern for his child around this malicious woman.


Unknown said...

Mighty fine investigative work as usual. I almost felt sorry for the guy until I saw the baby and babymomma. I guess that was the start to his "buckets of babies."

Witch Hazel said...

It appears Casa Wilson is a bit of a poet too..

Haha! ..wonder if he'll write an anal lube poem for Tila

Joann said...

I'm going to see how long this lasts. She was calling some other guy her fiance a few months ago and asked him to marry her also..or so she says.

He may not even know he's "engaged"

Rottiecolt said...

Great job!!!!

Noname said...
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Noname said...

I just noticed they met at Ralphs on the 29th ,or rumor has it these photos were taken sooner, and he proppsed on the 31st. Is he insane? I hope that the lady in the pics is his wife and that TT is spewing more lies. Can't imagine any man in his right mind would propose to her.

Noname said...

I noticed on the bed pics that the dude had a tat across his chest(under his pecs),more like his upper abs, if I remember right. The tat shown on him here are above his pecs. Not sure if that means anything as he seems to be adding tats but I did not see a tat above his pesc in the bed pic. Am I wrong?

Noname said...

Nevermind. I just saw the pic above again and see it IS higher than I thought. Guess I need new glasses or a better memory :(

Fatty McFatterson said...

Does Mr. Wonderful knows that when he met her in Ralphs she had an assful of semen that couldn't have been more than an hour old?

Does Mr. Wonderful know that 6 weeks ago Tila proposed to another guy and they were getting married for sure when she got back to the States from Australia?

Does Mr. Wonderful know Tila is pregnant with multiple children, with multiple conception and due dates?

Does Mr. Wonderful know that within the next week Tila will not only publically accuse him of using her for fame, but that she will systematically tear him apart and any credibility he has right now will be flushed down the toilet that is Tila?

Does Mr. Wonderful know that hooking up with a slut wearing trashy lingerie he met in a Ralph's in the middle of the night means he really needs to cross those T's, and make sure she's beeto a clinic to rule out/treat like a thousand STDs?

Tallulah Hulah said...

I am seriously impressed by the dectective work! fucking HIGHlarious!!

just one word, maybe it might be best if you blurred out the babies face, seeing how they are the innocent ones in all this

other then that, give tequila a week before she starts crying how everyone uses her.

Tiffany said...

She just met him and she's already riding on his jerky. Has she even talked to him previously to get to know him a bit? I may be easy, but at least I've KNOWN the men I've been in relationships with for awhile. This slut will hump anyone who is of advantage to her.

Unknown said...

I usually come here for a quick laugh but i have to point out that you shouldn't have posted the picture of that child like that.

Please take it down or blur the face out, have some respect for that woman and her child.

chey said...

Pshaw. Don't you know that all fine marriages start out with a pickup in the meat section of a supermarket while the woman is wearing trashy lingerie?

Wilson Disciples said...

When you’re feeling da Mama T love and bangin’ her cuzey -
Slap a fresh clip in your 9mm Uzi -
Flex ur rock hard pecs and assume the proper firing stance -
And make those no life haterz jump and dance.

Unknown said...

Hmmm. I think the putrid snatch's dick-o-the-moment may very well have just made a death threat against "haterz."

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt they met at Ralphs. I remember reading that Tila doesn't have a license and she's never out in public alone. And she was tweeting about having friends over for a sex party before she went to the store. Not defending the troll because I hate her, but theres no proof that she met him at Ralph's other than pics of him there.

deluwiel said...

I wonder if Casa even knows about this "engagement." I mean, when she asked him to marry her he may have been semi comatose and mumbling something about pizza which in her drug induced fantasy world she interpreted as, "Sure, why not?"

adellett said...

If you watch the gross video she posted today you will see that there is what looks like a sprinkler on her ceiling. Do houses have that in California, or is it an apartment thing?

Unknown said...

WOW TILA IS UPPIN THE BAR OF CRAZINESS!! as for Casa he is a bodybuilder probably only with her for the publicity anyway, there both as bad as each other!! As for the pic of the baby, he should have thought about that before he hooked up with serial liar Tila, ur actions reflect ur home life after all!!! The new video proves he doesnt give a shit or he wudnt have MADE SURE HIS FACE WAS SEEN!! publicity much for them both, they are well matched and how twitter havent shut down her vile twitter is beyond me!! she need someone to go in and help her but Tila been the sick bitch that she is has no one left...... get a life tila or just dissappear from this one because ur a pathetic disgrace to society and the gullible little people of the Tila army, who might i add dwindles everyday!!

Anonymous said...

How do you know for sure that they met at Ralphs? They could have met before that but you never know with Tila.

I hate bodybuilders. They look gross.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with Nan, the woman's and child's face should be blurred, they haven't chosen to be apart of any of this.

HottyRotty said...

Updated it. Thanks for the advice about blurring out the faces. It was late and my brain wasn't working 100%.

@OfficialMsTuna said...

I think they were introduced by Tila's personal paparazzi Garry "Prophecy" Sun. If you look at Prophecy's myspace page you will see that Casa has been a friend since at least 2007

Some messages from Prophecy to Tila that I found interesting.

"That's My Boy !!!" 2:03 AM Apr 1st

"Looks like Prophecy got a bit of Cupid in him. God is good" 4:09 AM Mar 29th

And my favorite.

"@tilaomg Mi Casa Es Tus Casa" 11:33 AM Mar 29th

It is obvious that Tila had to bring a photographer to Ralphs since no one else showed. She also had to bring some guy to make it look as if at least SOMEONE was interested.