Thursday, April 1

postheadericon Tila sees the line and takes a huge crap on it

Hey you guys! You know how sometimes you read what Tila tweets and you think "man, there's no way she can say anything worse than this!" Well, fools, YOU WAS WRONG.

So the other night, Tila tells us all about her new boo, and how she's getting married. We'll have a blog about that coming shortly, don't you worry. Let's ignore that it was only like 85 days after Casey died. Wait no, let's not ignore that. That shit is fucked up. Ugh, I digress. So she starts calling this poor douchebag her "hubby," and then decides she hates us and wants to assault our eyes and brains in the worst way possible. EVER. I'm warning you, this shit is graphic and will make you barf up the Salisbury steak you had for lunch.

I don't know about you guys, but pizza is pretty much ruined for me forever. And she continues:

Speechless? Yeah, me too. At that point I went to bed, thinking it was over. Woke up the next morning and POW!

So, let's get this straight. Tila thought it was cute and part of her "I don't give a fux" attitude (fux? Really?) to glorify rape and make it a BIG OL' JOKE. For some reason Tila seems to think you cannot rape your "boo." Then she continues to think that anyone in the world would love to have sex with her and claims even the "po-po" (sigh...for fuck's sake) would love to be raped by her.

Do we need any more proof that this girl has the brain power of a retarded monkey? I don't even want to go into all of her fans that thought this was cute and applauded her for "saying what she wants and not giving a fuck." And I won't even go on a rant about how this is proof that we REALLY need to re-examine celebrity in this country, or how like it or not Tila, you have a responsibility to your young fans that you actively acknowledge NOT TO BE A FUCKING TRAINWRECK. You're welcome. I'll just let you be disgusted and offended.

If you'd like to do something about this, here's a list of groups you can tweet. Feel free to send them to this blog.
@notorape @Pandys @GRCCAC @stop_rape @menstoppingrape @WomenThrive @1in3women

Here's some websites as well. Please contact them if you have ever been the victim of sexual abuse and need someone to talk to:

Here at the Rotspot we understand that rape is NEVER, EVER IN A MILLION YEARS a laughing matter and should not be glorified in the way Tila Tequila insists on doing. It is a violent assault on a person not just physically, but mentally as well. Congratulations, Tila, this might be the fucking lowest you've ever sunk.


Anonymous said...

Well said!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Finally a voice of reason!!! :@) Thank you Eduardo!!! :@) xoxoxo :@)

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the blog especially on the word - RAPE! It's a huge slap to victims and survivours.

Chi said...


Chi said...

in addition, Edwardo and all rotspotters, we would like to thank you for your sensitivity dealing with this painful subject, and the helpful and informative links you have posted <3

meghan said...

thank you for this post.
she is simply vile.

Jacqueline R said...

Thank you for this blog. She is very disgusting and human waste.

Noname said...

Being a survivor of rape I am so disgusted w/TT more than ever, if that's even possible. The stupid bitch jokes about one of the most horrid experiences in a woman or mans life. FUCKYOU Tila you stupid ass BITCH! I was very iffy about posting this but I have no reason to be ashamed of what happened to me so decided to go ahead.

Eduardo Retardo said...

You are all very welcome.

And to Seagal, you don't have any reason to be ashamed. Nobody will judge you here. And if they do, I'll cut them. :) Thank you for your comment.

Joann said...

I'm going to take a different route here. While I do agree with everything you said about rape, I think Tila is using this to get back at us "haters".

I believe she hates us with a vengeance and knows this is someting that we will stand up against, as with exploiting minors so she uses that to try and keep us upset.

I don't believe she was "riding" anyone last night. She wants to shock us "haters". Her "fans" love her so she doesn't have a reason to shock them.

I know you've noticed how her tweets have gotten more disgusting than before. Her mind is deteriorating even more than it was last week because of what this website and a few others are doing to expose her and her many lies.

Now she's taken her sickness from online to the streets, i.e, shopping with see-thru lingerie in a supermarket. She's getting worse.

A lot of her "fans" are now believing you guys and Tila is freaking out and she's losing control. I read part of her lying disgusting journal today and she ended it by telling her "army"...."u do as I tell you". Oh yea, now she wants to be known as Miss Tila....LOL

I can't wait until this nitwit cracks completely and is carted off to a psych ward, rehab or jail. She has absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to society

You guys and the other couple of websites like this are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up.

mrsgraham09 said...

8 years ago, I was raped ( and beat up left to die) Even though it happen a long time ago, it still affects me deeply. I find Tila to be the most disgusting human being on this earth. Words cannot explain how much I'm repulsed by this "human being" (and I use that term loosely). I was absolutely shocked when I read her tweets, especially since most of her fans are underage children. God forbid they think rape is cool because of her... God help us.

Anonymous said...

This particular set of tweets worry me, one of my friends was sexually assaulted as a child and acts exactly like Tila, these similarites make me worry about whether or not she's overcompensating for something. She really needs help and I hope someone is able to get her some

Fatty McFatterson said...

I don't condone talk of rape in the way Tila uses it, but c'mon how funny is it that they both 'raped' each other, and they're so horrible that neither realized it? And how f'd up do you have to be to not realize someone is violating you? I mean, those are some powerful drugs pregnant Tila is on if she can't feel a penis inside her or whatever was suppose to be inside her *shudder*

And whatever happened to the 2nd coming, I mean, balls-to-the-wall, super-awesome celebrity gossip blog that was suppose to drop today? Oh wait, it was suppose to drop originally a couple of weeks ago. Oh wait, this is Tila, and she has to act like the blog is already so huge (with gossip from the last 6 weeks) that she needs a bigger server before it's even been launched. Tila, I've been in the business a lot longer than you. No web designer would make such a foolish mistake as to not design in the probable audience size into their computations for server size. Well, only if they're a 12 year old kid building you a shrine, I mean website, in exchange for your skanky ass nude pictures. So Tila, your bigger server excuse doesn't hold water. Open the site today and let's see if you need that bigger server after all. I highly doubt it.

Noname said...

Thanks so much Eduardo! And to the poster that said they didn't believe her tweets about her riding that dude, I believe she was, as usual, lying about it too. It's just the joking about rape that got me as I know it did numerous others. Of course she was just trying to get a rise out of us and in a sense it worked. But I am sure if any of her little army tweens have any sense it ,may have, disturbed them too. At least I hope some of them have a bit of sense

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with this girl?? At first I was amused by her antics, now I'm just horrified. She is a fucking LUNATIC, and needs help. GET HELP TILA!

Jacqui said...

Thank you for this post. Like I said in a previous entry, it comes as no surprise to me that Tila is scum but this really is the lowest she's ever sunk IMO. I figured it touched a nerve with me because I myself am a survivor of rape and sexual assault, but I'm glad to see it's not just my sensitivities and that other people DO find it as fucked up as I do.

Tila, it IS possible to rape your significant other. I should know. It happened to me.

Rottiecolt said...

Thank you. I am glad to know that I was not the ONLY person completely outraged by those tweets of Tila's.
I was raped in 99 and there wasn't anything funny or glorious about it!

There is so much more I want to say...but I know this is public

But, I do agree with Jacqui abt rape and a significant other.

I was VERY disturbed by Tila thinking it is funny that "he raped her twice while she was sleeping"

WHY doesn't the media talk about Tila and this kinda stuff she tweets???? No, instead they all post pics of her late night "shopping".
All I hear on the news is:
Lindsey Lohan is a train wreck
Amy winehouse, trainwreck
We ALL heard about Britney's trainwreck moments.
WHEN will she be exposed for what she REALLY IS?????


Anonymous said...

Tila is a disgusting person. To anyone here who has been raped I am truly sorry for what you have been through. Rape is not a joking matter and Tila is becoming more and more repulsive as time goes on. She barely has any fans left.

Mrs Graham 10 said...

WHY doesn't the media talk about Tila and this kinda stuff she tweets???? No, instead they all post pics of her late night "shopping".
All I hear on the news is:
Lindsey Lohan is a train wreck
Amy winehouse, trainwreck
We ALL heard about Britney's trainwreck moments.
WHEN will she be exposed for what she REALLY IS?????

She won't. The media doesnt care about what happens to her or if she dies... sad isnt it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we can complain to Twitter about her abhorrent tweets, like if talking about rape in such a context violates their TOS?

I can't find anything that says specifically that what she is doing is wrong, but we should all make complaints using this url ... ... I have.

Bladeofgrass said...

Tila was ignored for a bit last week. Kudos to the #tilasresistance. She had to get a rise out of her so called *haters* I prefer *anti-fans*. She pulled every nasty thought out of her filthy mind to get a rise. It didn't work for a bit and then she went to the GROCERY store in her whore outfit. Her husband is looming over her trying to make a score (easy to do). A little two second film was made showing this ganbuster with a dirty stuffed animal over his face. Finally, I don't think this was enough for her. She was going to get a rise outta ya whether you liked it or not. The perfect hook *Rape* and laughing about it. I could go on and on about the lies she told last week...starting with the gossip site. I think at this point it is really getting boring reading about her and posting to her. I think the little break made me realize it is better not to read her crap (why get annoyed). I will still read this site and still be a member of #tilaresistance.

To all who have been raped or abused. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I hope you are getting help and have lots of support.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the RotSpot for a month or so, and I've seen the references to Tila joking about rape. So I finally rolled back a few months and read this. Holy fucking hell. This has gone from a moderately entertaining trainwreck to I WANT THIS BITCH TO GO DOWN IN FLAMES. Call me a member of the resistance, or whatever. I knew she was a sick liar, like a person I know in real life, but she's surpassed that so much now. I'm a bit of a crusader against using the word "rape" in a humorous way; I constantly call out 15 year olds on the internet that think it's interchangeable with "glomp", just something fun and aggressive that you do to someone you like. Ew, no. It's a horrible horrible act that changes your outlook on life forever, even if you heal emotionally. And I don't think it's okay for anyone to joke about it, because guys read when girls joke about it being something fun and twist it around that it's just okay to do. One girl said, "It's just the sex you never knew you wanted" which made me explode in rage at her and dress her down utterly. What a horrible message to send out about a criminal act. Does anyone ever say, "Oh, mugging - that's just sharing money that you never knew you wanted to share! Fun!" So why is it okay to joke about rape? Anyway... rant over. I can't wait to see Tila crash and burn. I felt sorry for her in a way, but no longer. I want her to go down.