Friday, April 9

postheadericon Tila on the red carpet

So did you guys get to see Tila's fancy pants red carpet pictures from Wednesday night? What do you suppose this amazing event was? Was it, like, a movie premiere? Was it super A-List?

No, it was a concert. John Buchan, my boo (see Tila, anybody can have a boo! Even me!) filled me in on all the deets this morning. It was a Faith Evans concert at the Key Club.

Let's see how many A-List stars we can find in these photos!

Here's the first link!

This is just a collection of Tila photos, but you can see the first section is of Tila from Wednesday night's festivities. Here's my favorite of Tila being super fucking classy as always:

Photo courtesy of PR Photos at

Hmm. Yes. If I had a nickel for every time Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox or any other A-List actress posed on the red carpet like this...oh, I'd be broke.

And just for funsies, let's look at an old one of Tila where she looks AMAZING.

Photo courtesy of PR Photos at

Seriously guys, this face is going to haunt my dreams.

Okay so let's look at the second link. This one has actual other people in it! So many A-List stars!

So let's count the celebrities! First there's Bai Ling:

Photo courtesy of PR Photos at

And she's famous for being cut from Star Wars and doing Playboy.

Then there's Don Magic Juan, who is famous for...hanging out with Snoop Dogg? Being a motha fuckin' pimp? Dude, I don't know.

Photo courtesy of PR Photos at

It doesn't really matter what he's famous for, he's obviously awesome. I mean, just look at him.

Anybody recognize anybody else? I sure as fuck don't! It seriously looks like Tila was the biggest star there, aside from Faith Evans who was performing! Jesus Christ. Unless you count Anthony Suncin Mr. Bradshaw, LOL. And in case you don't believe me, here's another link to the red carpet pictures.

LOL I can't get over fucking Bai Ling being there. She might be the only person more fucking nutbar than Tila.

"But Uncle Eddie, I don't see your bitch ass at a red carpet event!"

Goddammit, I already warned you I will hit you with my ring hand. Don't tempt me. I'm still pissed because it's past 4 am now and Tila still hasn't posted her OMG surprise. And besides, you can SMD because I could have been there! And so could you! FOR TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS.

God knows I got $20 lying around!

Tila, honestly, if you were just real with people, and didn't make yourself sound way more highfalutin' than you actually are, we wouldn't have to do this. You bring this on yourself. And yes, we are ALL laughing at you.

Again, special thanks to my boo John Buchan for filling me in with all of this.


Samantha said...

HAHAHAHA omg everyone else on the red carpet posed (normally) for a couple pictures.. but of course Tila is there doing ridic poses and acting like the "red carpet" was made just for her to prance around. what a fucking attention whore.

deluwiel said...

What's around her neck? I can't figure out if that's some kind of scarf or weird curtain earrings or something. And someone got an interview! (Who's MITM?) I mean, scoring a moment with such a big boss industry mogul? Surely there's video somewhere. This is the only thing I could find about the event and Tila isn't mentioned ANYWHERE... Oh! And aren't those shoes the same as the white ones she's wearing in the swag suite photos, only in black? Nothing says cutting edge fashion like accessorizing with Sharpie.

Eduardo Retardo said...

LOL Deluwiel, you're correct. Same shoes.

Can't find the video interview but I'll keep looking. I'll have to have The Gnome post it if I find it, she's better at that shit than I am.

alison m m said...

The shoes have been bothering me too

alison m m said...

But I have been more disturbed by her feather earrings. Say no to fur but wear major tail feathers dangling from your ears?????
She probably broke the law again

Anonymous said...

I'll admit her dress is really cute. I think it would look better on me though since I don't act like a slut. Those earrings are to big!

deluwiel said...

omg - I just noticed - look at her feet! It looks like she spray tanned with socks on. Bwaaahahahaha

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. I knew there was a reason she didn't actually post the actual name of the suppossed red carpet event on Facebook lol. And sorry but the Forever 21 dress is aweful!

Fatty McFatterson said...

Oh RotSpot, how your eyes have failed you...tsk tsk. You obviously didn't notice the most AWESOME detail of all... the cleverly PhotoShopped '' logo on the Step and Repeat that she posted as her profile pic on FaceBook! POW BITCHES!!!

Can one of youse add this awesome pic to this site, in case she decides to change it?

Cathy said...

OOHHH I had been trying to see what is on her neck as well its her EARRINGS. LAME!! Shes soooo rich yet no diamonds. And where is the ring she always wears from Casey?? I guess now that Casa's back she'll have to stop wearing the "love of her lifes ring"

Oh and the feet CLASSIC. Yeah nice shoes I think we have seen those before... I wonder how many other colors she has those in...

TRS (Superbitch) said...

Dude, she ALWAYS wears the same 4-5 pair of shoes over and over. This ALWAYS bothers me.

Joann said...

I knew when she said she had to get ready for this "red carpet thing" it was not about nothing. Thanks guys for proving me right. If it was an important red carpet event Tila would have tweeted about it over and over and over on Twitter.

I'm in a good mood today so I'm going to say I think her dress is cute and as far as the pictures of her bending over...well I would expect nothing less from a low-budget skank.

I don't care about her surprise cause she probably don't have one. Just another bullshit lie to keep her moron fans under her control.

helle said...

The best detail is the pink sign in front of tila in the pic that will haunt your dreams (mine too btw) "we belive in real beauty" aaah the irony.

Anonymous said...

Here she is wearing the dress in 2008

Seagal said...

Everything about her bothers

Joann said...

@nhthewaytobe...thanks for that link. Yea, that's the same dress alright. The mogul has to recycle her dresses from previous years.

Guess what the nitwit's big surprise was??? Well, her "surprise" was she published the link to her DJ songs, the clean version and the dirty version, for her fans to hear. LOL.

The thing is....her fans and haters heard these songs a few months ago.

vicky said...

Wtf is with the shoes? She wore the same pair in white to her Oscars free shit gig. Ew. What's with the skanky ass flap? And the makeup!

Did she do it herself in between tokes of the crackpipe?? Its so harsh and dark and contrasting, makes her age even more.

Loving the recycled dress, how Z-list of her..loves it.
I mean, i got dresses i love cos I collect them like someone collects art but they only get worn once or twice, but that's definitely a Hollywood no-no.

vicky said...

ps. I gotta say, I kinda have to give credit to Bai Ling ever since I saw Crank 2..she actually plays a 2 dollar sucky sucky hooker who speaka no engrish in LA. Can't help but think that's the ONLY role Tila would be absolutely PERFECT for.

At least she pays herself out. And does the off the boat asian hooker thing spot on

Janie said...

she bends over waaay too much... but no sausage this time, thank god.

Anonymous said... lol.