Friday, April 2

postheadericon Tila De Casa Interlocked...

Well, forget the mess I said about the "poor schmuck" not knowing what he's getting himself into.  Perhaps he's using her for publicity just like every other "nikka" (her words, not mine) she brings into her bedroom.  Remember how her and Casey Johnson started all of the home video bullshit to entice young teenagers announce their engagement?  Remember the bubble bath?  Well, it's all starting over ... again.  This seems to be the thing Tila does right after she lies about babies, miscarriages, abortions, rape, bi-sexuality, charities, and the like.

We also found a few pics of the new "couple".

So, he's damn proud of his hooker.  However someone on the previous post left a few questions for the winner of her infected twat.  I liked them so much that I wanted to share them with you.
  • Does Mr. Wonderful knows that when he met her in Ralphs she had an assful of semen that couldn't have been more than an hour old?
  • Does Mr. Wonderful know that 6 weeks ago Tila proposed to another guy and they were getting married for sure when she got back to the States from Australia?
  • Does Mr. Wonderful know Tila is pregnant with multiple children, with multiple conception and due dates?
  • Does Mr. Wonderful know that within the next week Tila will not only publically accuse him of using her for fame, but that she will systematically tear him apart and any credibility he has right now will be flushed down the toilet that is Tila?
  • Does Mr. Wonderful know that hooking up with a slut wearing trashy lingerie he met in a Ralph's in the middle of the night means he really needs to cross those T's, and make sure she's been to a clinic to rule out/treat like a thousand STD's?
Now, we know we haven't verified 100% WHERE they met.  Once again, I'll remind you guys that we like to make fun of Tila so it's fun to assume that's where they met.  A few people have pointed out that Garry, the Cupid match maker, introduced them.  Which is quite possible and I would HOPE closer to the reality than them randomly meeting in a supermarket after she had tons of semen falling out of her ass into that thong.  Just sayin'.  Either way, he's surely proud of it!

Now it's confirmed!  They are definitely on drugs because there is no pussy on the face of this planet that smells like roses or tastes like strawberries and whipped cream.  But alas, perhaps cotton tampons look like whip cream and the blood and puss resemble roses and strawberries.  Anything is possible when you're fucked up on substances, right?


ArtistJess said...

maybe it's just me, but that belly doesn't really scream "i'm carrying twins" does it?

Ericka said...
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Jenn said...

I think you're right about him trying to get attention. He probably got kicked out the whole bodybuilding world for roids and is now looking to be famous. Just another poor sap who's falling for her lies.

Justin said...

Garry is the one who took the pictures at the store -- so yes he quite possibly introduced them there.
He happens to be in the neighborhood store as she does...Garry knows them both. Match.

justmyopinion said...

she'll be accusing this new guy of assault by the end of this weekend - he'll get famous, just not the way he thought

Nan said...

Does anybody know if this guy is married?

I can't comprehend why anyone would be lowering themselves by being in bed with Tila.

She is so tacky, wearing cheap lingerie and posting when and how she is having sex is just rock bottom to me, she looks so drugged out in the video.

If someone needed an intervention this would be it.

andmommymakescrazy said...

Casa must have been tweaked out of his fucking mind to go near that rotted snatch. Luckily Tila has EMS Calling paparazzi on standbye (dented head gate 2010) to administer oxygen. Wow.... he must have lost 343 brain cells inhaling that.

Joann said...

LOL...I have to laugh at this. It's really sad but for some reason it made me laugh.

Why does Tila put all of her personal skank business on video for everyone to see????

I was hollering when the dude said "You MF's can't see it all and but I can and I know you're mad at that". Where has he been???

Sweetie, EVERYBODY has seen all of, women and children. You ain't looking at nothing the world has not seen. I guess he's never seen her Ustream videos. LOL.

I don't know about him but Tila is high as a kite..."baaby show them this"...skank bitch.

I give this a week or maybe two and just like on of the previous posters said she will be accusing him of using her for fame or say he stole from her or beat her up.

Why did the video cut off like it did?

Violet Morellet said...

If they met earlier than the Ralph's visit, he didn't add himself as a fan to her FB page until 3/31, which suggests it was just starting up. If he knew her longer, makes sense he'd be a fan longer. Anyway, I hope his baby mamma finds out about her child's potential step-mom. My ex tried to bring a girl into my child's life that was confirmed on meth, she bragged about that, and loving abortions, and how drunk and slutty she always is, on her LiveJournal. Printed, given to the lawyer, case closed. My ex is not allowed to bring that female around my child, nor take my child out of the state. With as much shit as Tila puts online about her craziness, Mr. Wilson's baby mamma would be wise to do some research.

TRS (Superbitch) said...

Very well said Violet and some good points. I'll be sure to add your story to the mother of the baby when I've 100% found out who she is. I'm pretty close ;)

Jess said...

if anyone notice on there facebook pages it says Relationship Status: Married to TIla Nguyen Anniversary: March 27, 2010

Tabloid Whore! said...

Looks like Tila's tampon is hanging from his mouth in the second pic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tila, where'd that pregnant belly go? Because in these pictures, which I'm sure are dating 4/1, I can't seem to see it anywhere! Infact, it actually looks like a toned belly, not a pregnant one. Hmmmm...wonder how she explains that one?

Oh wait....the baby died, but NEVER FEAR she's pregnant with his baby as we speak after just meeting him days ago.....and as for the due date well she's already 6 months WITH HIS BABY (him refering to Casa whom she just met) by some twist of fate and magically she has no belly because she's got it like that and can look completely normal when 6 months pregnant. That's Tila for you!! So as you all know, nothing I just said makes sense or is can she not realize that when she writes this lies?!!?!?

If I can notice how twisted, stupid, and untruthful something is at the same exact time I'm writing it, I'm sure she can notice atleast after the millionith time she's done (since it happens everyday) or atleast by re reading her tweets which I'm sure she does. Oh wait...I guess not, If she reread her tweets she would probably do a better job at keeping up her lies.

Jennifer said...

I haven't looked at the dude's facebook, or know very much about the back dtory. But just looking at him my gaydar went off. Course I may be rusty, but dude has some manscaped brows. Also he's got the whole 'hee 'hee I'm naughty' look and not the whole 'i'm so sexy and tough and manly' look. Hard to explain.

Anyway would also explain all the comments about anal sex...

tui said...

Oh gawd.... looks like a match made in famewhore heaven.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer ITA!

From Mr. Bradshaws twitter:
OMG! @TilaOMG 's man friend just told me that I have the most perfect eyebrows he's ever seen! **BLUSHES**
38 minutes ago via UberTwitter

This Casa guy just might be DL.

RNB007 said...

Poor dude's pecker is going to fall off!
Then Tila Suckila will ruin his reputation (as if he had one) when she is done with him.
AND to top it off, dude needs "Hair Club For Men".

MoFo is going BALD!

So sad yet SO funny!
Keep up the amazing work!
Ryan AKA RNB007 :)

Anonymous said...

Lmao@ The DL comment. JESS, these accusations are one thing. I'd hate to judge a book by the cover, unless the cover was really telling.

RNB007 said...

I still can not get over him saying "smells like roses and tastes like strawberries and whipped cream!". Did we miss Ty Pennington do a special episode, Extreme Makeover:Vagina Edition! WoW they would have to sew that va-jay-jay up and start from scratch!

Wonder when Tila will announce she is prego, AGAIN? With LiL' Casa Jr.?

Anonymous said...

is that his pearl necklace hes sucking round her neck???....gross out,hes a toss,obviously the roids took his sense of smell if he thinks her puss(or any for that matter-but especially HERS) smells like strawberries & whipped cream.Fuck,Ive heard it all.Even the best douches dont make them smell that good....