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  • Tila Tequila Visits Transcripts via MarksFriggin. 04/13/10. 7:35am

    (It's not EXACT in it's entirety considering the grammar/spelling errors WE corrected ;) )

    ....Howard came back from commercial and had Tila Tequila come in. Howard said she was wearing something pretty hot. He said she's got some little bod on her. She said she did it just for Howard. She hadn't even slept yet. Howard told her to sit down. Tila said she was ready to ''release the poison'' today. Howard asked if she was ever a stripper. She said she was.

    Howard said Tila's outfit was see through and he could see her thong and bra through it. She said she was going to go nude under it but she thinks it would have caused accidents. She said that this one caused some commotion when she was on her way there. She said one guy got into a car accident as he was trying to holler at her. She said that he crashed into some old lady's car.

    Howard asked how tall Tila is. She's 4'11'' tall. Howard asked what her background is. She said she's Vietnamese and French. Howard asked if she had some black in her too. She said she might.

    Howard asked if she was a bad kid. She said she was kind of out of control. She said she was good in school though. Tila said that her teacher was a coach and her history teacher. She said she knew he had a crush on her. She said that she was thinking about getting a job as a stripper and told him about that. He told her she was breaking his heart.

    Tila said she started to waitress at a strip club when she was just 17. Howard asked if she banged all of the dudes in school. She said she didn't. Tila said she may have come on too strong. She came on really strong with people. She had her first lesbian experience when she was just 8 years old. She said they would always hide in a closet and touch each other down there. Tila said she didn't even know what it was at the time. Tila said that they kept touching and rubbing and started playing together.

    Tila said one day they went to her room and she asked the other girl if she felt something weird down there when she saw people kissing on TV and stuff. Tila said she and the other girl went into the bathroom and did some lesbian role playing stuff. She said she had the other girl come in and catch her naked in the bathroom and then spank her with a comb.

    Tila said she had her first orgasm at 5 years old. She said that she was half asleep as her older sister was getting ready for scho ol. Tila said she felt this rush down there and wondered what had happened. She said she remembers how amazing it was. She said she started thinking about the guys and girls that were outside again. She said she started touching it around that age and her mother used to catch her doing that. She said her mom would beat her ass whenever she got caught.

    Howard asked Tila if she's into rough sex. Tila said she's the type of girl who can fuck you but make love at the same time. She said that's why people fall for her so fast.

    Howard asked how she got on TV with her show ''A Shot at Love.'' Tila said they have 16 girls and 16 boys on the show. She said she's been asked if the show is real and she says that she's very real with anyone she's with. Howard asked if she's more bi-sexual than hetero. Tila was actually engaged to a woman. She said she came out after they got engaged. Howard said he's with her and he's into women more than men too.

    Howard asked Tila how dirty she gets in bed. Tila said she makes people fall in love with her. She said that she can fuck a person and make love at the same time. Howard said he heard that already but wanted to know what that means. Tila said she's very seductive and she talks to people in a way that makes peopl e get lost in her moves. Howard said he can see what she's doing now.

    Howard said he was getting a bit of a boner as Tila was talking to him in her sexy voice. Tila kept saying that she can make Howard fall for her in bed too. She kept saying she can fuck and make love at the same time.

    Howard asked Tila if she does ass to mouth. She said she hasn't done that. She said she will put her tongue up a woman's ass though. Tila said she's been with some of the real hard core lesbians out there and she's able to get them off without using any toys or anything.

    Howard said that Tila's name is pretty catchy. He asked how she came up with the name. She said when she was in 8th grade she was a bad girl. She went to juvenile hall and went to jail twice. She said she had 6 near death ex periences from drugs, car accidents, fights and more. She said she fought a guy one time. She said she got 6 months in juvenile hall and he only got 3 months. Tila said that the guy's hand got broken and she walked out and everyone was chanting her name.

    Howard said he would assume that being only 4'11'' would make her easy to beat. She told him not to let her size fool him. She said she would slit his throat. Tila went on to say that she couldn't handle drinking tequila so that's how she got her name.

    Howard asked how jail was and if she was a prison bitch. Tila said she had someone taking care of her. She said they had a main queen in jail and they had some gang members in there too. Howard asked if she hated her parents. She said her dad punched her in the head the second time she went to jail. She said she has cut them off for a while.

    Tila said she has been on her own since she was 11. She said she ran away from home at 16 and she would go to a club in the afternoon and pop E with her friend. She said she was a Tomboy back then and she was staying with her homie Willie. She said that he was just a friend and she was always a Tomboy so he didn't want her that way. Howard said he wouldn't put up with her if she wasn't putting out.

    Howard asked how she became a reality TV s tar. Tila said that she was in Playboy as a Cybergirl. Howard wasn't sure what that meant. She said that they do that for their online thing for Playboy. Tila said she stated her own web site where people had to be members. She was topless on that but that was about it for nudity. Howard asked her if that was true that she didn't have to take off her bottoms. She said she had live chats with her members and she would shave her legs and things like that. Tila said she would talk to them live and get topless on that. Howard said the guys must have been jerking off to that.

    Howard asked Tila if that paid enough to support her. She said that she went to college on that money and she was able to support herself.

    Tila said she was on Friendster and her profile kept getting deleted. She said that she would create new ones and they would get de leted too. Then she got on Myspace after they asked her to come there. She said she went on there and blasted out her friends telling them about the move to Myspace. She said she kind of helped them blow up. Tila said she became the Myspace girl and started getting magazine covers and stuff. Then MTV picked up on that and gave her a TV show.

    Howard asked why Tila is fighting with Perez Hilton. She said that she's starting her own gossip site and she can make Perez cry like a bitch. Tila said that he can dish it out but he can't take it. Tila said that Perez was talking shit about her and calling her a whore and stuff. She said that she dished out some stuff to him and he got all upset. Howard said it all sounds kind of childish to him.

    Tila said that Perez isn't even blogging anymore. She said that it's his sister that's doing that stuff. She said his site is getting stale now anyway. Howard gave Tila some plugs for her new site TilaTequilaOMG.com.

    Howard asked Tila about dating this football player. She said she can't talk about him. She said that they settled in a lawsuit so she can't talk about it. She said that she can't say what it was about but it was about a domestic abuse case. Howard said she must have gotten some dough if she won't talk about it. She said she wasn't in a relationship with that guy. It was a one time thing but she can't talk about that.

    Howard asked Tila if she was pregnant because someone posted that she was on her Twitter. She said she lost the baby. She said she didn't want to get into that either. She said that people are disrespectful so she'd prefer not to talk about it.

    Howard asked Tila why she needs a kid. Tila said she was devastated and she got artificially inseminated. Howard said this was after the death of her fiance. Tila said she made a promise to her when she was alive that she would be the pregnant one. Tila said she was going to get married and she was going to have the baby. Howard said the devastation after the death of her fiance, Casey Johnson, led her to get pregnant. Tila said the world was blaming her for the death and she doesn't get that. Howard said maybe they thought she was an enabler. Tila said that her Casey's friends were never around for her.

    Tila said that she'd ask Casey what her medications were and they would get into fights over it. She said that Casey was a train wrec k when they first met. She said that she was able to get really sensual with her and she thought she was healing her with her love. Tila said she was her foundation for love and she started to straighten out. Then she stopped taking the pills. She said one night they stayed up fighting all night about her. Tila said when she's working she has to have some ''I miss you time'' and she has to leave her alone. Tila said that Casey would drink bottles of Nyquil to try and calm down. Tila told her that she would never leave her but that was her paranoia. Tila said she told Casey that she wasn't going to leave her and she had to stop thinking she was using her.

    Howard said it sounds like she was a good influence on her. Tila said they thought that she was the bad influence and they came into her house and took all of Casey's stuff. Tila said they were all calling her the night before they came to take the stuff and pretended they were upset. She said that they were telling her they wanted to come in and find out what Casey was like near the end. Tila said th ey came and there was poop and piss all over the place. She said she could hear them talking on their phones saying they wanted to leave the dogs there. Tila told them that was fine and they took her shoes instead of the dogs or anything else. They were more interested in that stuff than how she was doing or how the dogs were doing.

    Howard asked Tila if she was hurt that she wasn't allowed at the funeral. She said she was heart broken over that. She said hat Casey told her about her family life and what that was like and they weren't that close. Tila said they must have had a lot of guilt with her. Tila said they cut her off from money and they must have felt that pain and guilt. Tila said they took it all out on her.

    Howard said that a parent has to have tough love at times. Tila said that wasn't the reason why. She said that Casey told her why th ey did it and it wasn't about drugs or anything. Howard asked what it was about. Tila told a convoluted story about an adoption and how this whole thing went down with Casey and her parents. It wasn't easy to follow.

    Howard said he thought that the family wasn't happy with her drug use and stuff. Tila said that's not what it was about. She said that when you have a kid in your life you have to be able to support and raise them. If you take away that money and love then the person is going to start to rebel. She said all Casey wanted was love.

    Howard said Tila only knew Casey for a month before getting engaged. Tila said they had very intimate stories they would share together. They got close very fast.

    Howard asked why Tila let her family and friends take everything from her home. She said she was confused and devastated and they lied to her. She said they were saying they were going to come over and help her out and they showed up like 6 hours early. Tila said they were violent and they were demanding this stuff from her so it was all shocking and confusing to her. She said that she even helped them bring the stuff out to their vehicles. She said that even the Paparazzi were aski ng her why she was doing that.

    Howard asked who showed up to take the stuff. She said it was Nikki Hilton and Bijou Phillips. Howard asked where her stuff is now. Tila said they took the dog and she thinks that they had it put to sleep and buried with Casey. Howard said he thought that they were animal activists and they wouldn't do something like that. Tila said she's not sure that happened but she assumes it did.

    Tila told Howard that she was depressed for a long time and she wasn't able to sleep. Then she had some dreams about Casey and she came to her in the dreams (while she was sleeping, right?) and she was very sad. Tila said in the third dream Casey came into her dream and held the baby. She said Casey told her she loves her and told her to take care of the baby. Tila said she talked to Casey about this in the dream and Casey told her that she'd always be over her watching. She said she held the baby in the dream and that's why she went out and got pregnant.

    Tila told Howard that she was pregnant for just a short time before she lost the baby. Tila said that she figured God did that for a reason and she had the dreams for a reason. Tila said in the fourth dr eam she saw that Casey had passed on and she was told to ''make a wish'' as a shooting star shot by.

    Howard asked Tila if she's with a girl or a guy now. Tila said that guys are so retarded. Tila said she met a guy a couple of weeks ago and this guy gave her the sausage. She said he came along and it turns out to be this K-Fed kind of guy who wanted to marry her. She said that it was a little soon for that. Tila said that she found out that he was cheating on her with like 4 other women. She said that she got all freaked out on a flight and she went off on this guy.

    Howard said that Gary has an article about Casey's dogs and they say that they're alive and well. Tila said she wants to see video of them. Gary came in and said that they say that Zoe and Elvis are alive and doing well. Tila said that was old news and she doesn't beli eve that they're alive. She said she wants to see video of the dogs now. Tila said they told her that the dogs are no longer around. Gary said that trouble really follows her around. Tila said that she's a good person though. Gary said that she claims she is but this trouble follows her around.

    Tila said that she is nice but she has a short temper and she will stand firm behind her beliefs. She said maybe that's why it seems that trouble follows her around. Tila said she has a big heart.

    Tila said this guy she was seeing had a really small penis. She said that she thought it was his finger when he was fucking her. She said as a person she wanted to help him because he didn't have a place to stay. She let him stay at her place. Howard said his penis is so small he aspires to have a finger down there.

    Howard said Tila put out a song years ago called ''I Like to Fuck.'' Tila said she was part of that. She also has a new single coming out toda y. Howard played some of the ''I Like to Fuck'' song. Howard asked how she gets air play with that. Tila said that song was just for fun. She has a new song called ''I Love My DJ.'' She said it was originally called ''I Fuck My DJ.'' That was actually the version Howard played. Howard said that her album will be out on May 11th.

    Howard gave Tila some plugs for her web site TilasHotspot.com and some other things. Tila is working on a new show but she can't talk about the details yet.

    Jeff the Drunk called in and said that Tila is a crazy cunt. Tila told him he sounded like he had a lot of semen in his throat. Another caller said that this is one of the best interviews he's ever done because she answers every question so clearly and said that they should end it now so they can save the rest for later. He was being sarcastic but Tila thought that it was a compliment.

    Howard took another call from an angry guy who was going off on Tila about how awful she is and how much he hates her. Tila thought that he was someone who had dated Casey at s
    ome point.

    Another caller told Howard to get this crazy bitch on the Sybian. Howard asked if she knew what that was. She said she had heard about it. Tila said that these angry guys are all guys with small dicks. She said they're intimidated by her. Robin said they wouldn't be attacking her if they were there.

    Howard gave Tila some more plugs, wrapped up with her a short time later and went to break.

  • Negative Tila Feedback And A High Pitch Eric Game by MarksFriggin. 04/13/10. 8:55am

    After the break we heard a prank call Richard made to a guy as Nervous Mark asking about some self help videos he had for sale. Fred also played Oasis ''Don't Look Back In Anger'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said that so many guys are calling in and saying they're glad he ended the interview with Tila. Howard said he thought it was interesting. He said he wasn't sure what was real or not but it was interesting to him. He said he didn't know much about her before. He never saw her TV show or anything. He said her outfit was hot and very sexy.

    Howard asked Benjy if he got her number. Benjy said she blinked her number to him and he blinked it back. Howard said he was sorry he asked. He said he just had to make a joke about it. Benjy said he did go out and talk to her. He said that the same people that hate her hate him. He said he's not so sure why people hate her.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said t hat he'd rather watch grass grow. Another caller said that he had four dreams during that interview and in all of them he blew his brains out. He told Howard it was a horrible interview.

    Anther caller said Howard did a great job but that chick was putting him to sleep. Howard said that's what most people are saying. He said he's getting a very negative reaction to her.

    Howard said he's sorry they let the fans down. He took another call from a guy who said he loves Howard but this was an awful interview. He asked them not to put it on Best of the Week.

    Howard offered the caller a game to play. Howard had the High Pitch Eric game to play and it wasn't that easy to win. Robin said that they've h ad some fans stumped by the game. Howard said he had to guess if High Pitch would get the answer correct.

    Howard tried to start the game but it was set up wrong. Howard talked about the interview and how he thought it was fine but he'll take the listener's word for it.


Ericka said...

Tila's graphic description of her sexuality as a small child was extraordinarily disturbing.

I'm going to go drink now. I may never recover from the physiological trauma.

Does she realize that IT'S NEVER OKAY to discuss such FUCKED UP SHIT?

UGH. I didn't think it was possible to dislike her more than I had...I was wrong.

She IS a pedophile. The end.

Ericka said...


matt said...

Stern fans overwhemingly HATED IT, calling it "nails on a chalkboard", one of the worst interviews ever and someone even said it reminded him of the 9/11 morning show (don't know why). I've been to the site before and it site is normally full of people complaining but never to this level.
(This next one is the tread for the whole show, Tila slamming starts around page 10)

Eduardo Retardo said...

Are 5 year olds even capable of having an orgasm?

Wow, that might be the most fucked up question I've ever asked.

Darrin said...

Nothing surprises me about her anymore. The shock value has gone. Time to end the Monster that is Tila. Anyone have a silver bullet???

Mai said...

Ugh... TMI! Can I bleach my eyes and ears out now! Of course its hard to believe that anything she says about her past or present are true... i loved how she said she cut her parents off... ok tila *pats head* keep thinking that, keep thinking that its everyone else's fault that no one likes you, keep being the victim and passing off the blame for your own excuse of a life... as charlie brown would say: "Good Grief"....

i_am_that_girl said...

I'm just going to say that I really love her dress and I can wear it better than her skanky ass. :)

Anonymous said...

She's so tough she can take down a man and end up in juvenile. Yet Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips were 'violent' with her and she didn't fight back. I imagine the two of them together don't even weigh the same as a gang member.

She's the biggest star in the world yet Howard himself said later he doesn't know that much about her. I guess that's the downside to her being so reclusive and private, people just don't get a sense of who she is.

Thanks for posting the summary, it means I don't have to torture myself with listening to it later, it's just the same old rubbish she always spouts!

Ray said...

Thanks for posting this, saves me listening to it and my ears from bleeding from her voice.

Seagal said...

She is the most diegusting and inappropriate person on the planet. Thanks so much for posting the interview. Now I don't have to run out of my house screaming with my ears bleeding. She's so wrong on so many levels. Glad Howards fans are smarter than I gave them credit for. And I get the impression Howard wasn't impressed either but I'm sure TT will turn it around and say Howard fell in love w/her. EWWWW

Joann said...

Tila took a few facts about her life and added a lot of fiction to make herself look good(in her mind) for her interview with Howard.

ANYTHING Tila says about being pregnant is a lie, the skank was NEVER pregnant.

She said Casa came along and he turns out to be this K-Fed kind of guy who wanted to marry her but it was a little soon for that....we all know she's lying on that one. She said on her twitter SHE asked him to marry her and he said yes and proceeded to call her herself Mrs. Wilson after that. Calling him a gift from God. Evidently his penis couldn't have been too small for her, she took him back.

Tila also said Nikki and Bijou took Casey's shoes instead of the dogs or anything else but later she says they took the dog and thinks they had it put to sleep to be buried with Casey. She forgot she said they didn't take the dogs earlier. LOL

Why does Tila think people are intimidated or jealous of her...WHY????

Thanks TRS for the updates. You guy are on point as usual.

Violet Morellet said...

lol wow, the Stern fan base is tearing her ass wide open on their forums, and that's all based on her interview, her personality...I think I caught one or two people on there that knew anything about her beyond her being on a reality show and dating Casey Johnson. None of them were us, and there were like ten threads hating her ferociously. I think we need to "recruit these people to join the resistance, and offer them access to the secret meeting message board".

Anyway, it seems like she was trying to slut her way into a good interview, because everyone knows what direction Howard's going to go in when he has a half naked girl in front of him. You flirt with him, talk like you're a nympho and will fuck him given the opportunity, and he'll think the interview is fantastic. I like that his fanbase are telling him all about how wrong he was.

Joann said...

@Violet Morellet...I agree.

I used to listen to Howard before he went to Sirius satellite radio and when he has a woman as a guest he will always tell them they are hot and how he's getting a boner. That's why Tila wore a see-thru dress.

B_McBitcherson said...

I think the fans' reactions sum it all up pretty nicely. Tila thinks she's so fucking interesting, but as soon as she steps out of her facebook/twitter bubble nobody thinks she is at all. I keep reading that she was so boring - yep Tila, in the real world when you only talk about yourself and nothing else people don't like that. She's nothing without her body which is why she has to leave her house practically naked.

...But we already knew that. Now more people know.

I'm getting excited - it really really feels like her time is coming up.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was painful to get through. Bitch is seriously mental. In her head she thinks she is all that. I am glad the listeners of the show hated her. They can join our "secret forum". Lmao! Her outfit was gross. Yea the color was pretty and yea it would look nice for a photo shoot but to wear it other than that? Whore!

Joann said...

Wait...I don't know how I missed this but that skank is holding a fake baby in the last picture. That bitch's mind is seriously warped.

Anonymous said...

what did she mean when she said, "she was gonna release the poison?" ha! well i guess she did! its like, all this promotion, but for what? who is going to buy her album or what not?

KateĊ™ina said...

What about the shit and piss thing? Was it the dogs' or her's?

Anonymous said...

Lissylovestila is quoting from tila's lyrics on her twitterprofile
how old is she again?!? 15!!
Man, that's some fucked up shit right there! Jeeez

RNB007 said...

GREAT wrap up of the interview! I could not stand to listen so thanks for writing about it!!
Awesome job, as usual!

Tilatakedown said...

i thought she got the name tila tequila cuz she was drinking with all her mexican friends an she threw up so the next day everyone called her tila tequila....now she beat some guy up an they all chanted her name....this bitch is fuckin whack....im so sick an tired of her its not even funny anymore...just has slowly changed to nothing but anger...and all that shit about when she was young was just disturbing....and anything she says is just made up in her sick ass head...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a long post but great read thanks! I actually thought for Tila it sounded pretty coherant but that might be the way this post was written. The stuff about her childhood is pretty obscene.

Stacy a.k.a Stace, Stace G. said...

I was very disappointed. I have been a Howard Stern fan since i was a little girl and i would always laugh at the people he would rip. He ripped on Oprah, jay leno, more others i can't even name and he couldn't even rip on Tila..his target, his time to shine and make her look like the liar she really is but it was the worst interview ever!! it made me so mad i was waiting for him to rip her but he didn't he was just distracted by her skankyness..sad shame on you howard stern next time nail the bitch!

xChristina said...

Tila is so gross. I can't believe I used to listen to her music D:

Fatty McFatterson said...

Am I the only one who thinks Tila was telling about her sexual escapades as a child because she thought it would turn Howard on? Ugh. That is sickening on so many levels. You NEVER ever talk about that kind of stuff in public, especially dressed as she was on Howard Stern, who knows what sickos found that story "sexy". Once you drag kids into sexualized stories, you are basically giving every perv out there a reason to seek them out. You just know there's some perv hitting on a little girl right now thinking it's ok because Tila just talked about how little 8 year old girls love it. Ick. So disgusting.

As a long time Howard Stern fan, it sounds like he really wasn't that into Tila. Usually if a skank shows up dressed as she was, he'd be all over that. It would be less about her feelings about her deceased fiancee and more about her diseased va-jay-jay.

Fatty McFatterson said...

OMG, this is HILARIOUS!!! CBS.com just reported this:


(CBS) Reality TV star Tila Tequila arrived in New York Monday to begin her "promotional press tour" for the world premiere of her new single "I Love My DJ," but the self-made queen of social media got smashed by Twitter users.

"I just want to cut my ears off right now. Jesus, God make it stop!" one person wrote while listening to the music during a Howard Stern interview.

Another listener tweeted, I "wanted to smash my radio while listening to the show.

Tequila promoted the single, which is now available on iTunes, on her MySpace profile, telling her fans, "TELL ALL UR FRIENDS!...SHOW YA GIRL SOME LUV...GET IT NOW!!!!! MUAH!"

While in New York, Tequila went on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning.

And she had much to say. The MySpace-obsessed star wanted all her crazed fans to know she's now rocking a new blonde do and using the new name "Miss Tila." On her Facebook page, she posted a video of her walking around New York, claiming later on in the day she'd be running in Central park in just her panties and bra.

Perhaps Twitter fans will give that performance better reviews.

How the hell is Tila going to spin that so it sounds good??? The interview was so bad she feels compelled to run around in her bra and panties get more attention for that stupid song. Tila, if your music can't stand on it's own without you making a fool of yourself, then perhaps you need to look into something else. No one, who has any talent at all, would lower themselves to such shenanigans.

Tyranny4U said...

I <3 you three and your blog and fer fuck's sakes...keep up the snark level that is worthy of D-Listed!! /plastic shank grins!! (although I just noticed that D-listed is no longer on your Blog share list?) I've been reading this blog when hardly... erm... okay, mayhap no more than 5 peeps would respond? ... in its inception. I also hope that you catch my question and answer it. If not, I shall repeat myself on your next post or whenever time permits.

I was perusing through your older blogs and happened upon the thread about TT's photos of her so-called "mansion" or "new house" or whatevz the eff it is called. And although, through my hazy, merlot-induced recollection, a reader had pointed out (to paraphrase here...), "What is up with that shadow of a man?"
I've forgotten about it at the time until I re-came across that particular photo (again, through my hazy, self-induced merlot goggles. It's the picture that she has claimed to be an 'upper lounge area' /snorts! And I thought to myself, How odd?!! Not only is there a shadow of the backside of a man juxtoposed against the wall (there's no room for a LIVE person to be standing in its position where the piano is supposedly to be) but there's also a little boy 'situated' at the end of the piano as well. On the right end, wearing a trucker hat and 'angled' towards the piano like a 3/4 portraiture.
There is no way for anyone, much less this doped out ho, to explain both photo phenoms!!
Ah..please investigate.

The Gnome said...

i'm not quite sure what question you were asking...but if it was about D-listed...
TRS removed all blogs that had any sort of advertisements on them.
Glad you appreciate our snarkiness (is that a word? lulz)....mine's usually hidden deep in a bottle of jack...
I'll see what I can dig up on the random spirits in her mansion pictures

Seagal said...


In that pic of her hovel it is a guy standing near the wall and moved when the pic was taken making him a blur and it's a kid or a small man sitting at the piano. Hope that helped.

Sorry gnome I just knew the answer so I just jumped in. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder who the guy and the kid were.

jenn said...

it's funny to me how once she leaves the internet, no one cares. in her little twitter/myspace/facebook world she has her fans to kiss her ass but in reality everyone always talks about how boring she is.

Not a fan of howard stern, neither but i think he summed her up pretty well. she has a nice little body...other than that, no one gives a shit. although, imo there is nothing attractive about her but he is correct in that the only thing that keeps people the least bit interested in her crazy are her looks.

Joann said...

Thank you so much matt for those links from the Howard Stern fans regarding the interview this morning.

I haven't read through them all yet, but here are a few that had me ROTFLMAO:

"What line do I get in to buy a ticket to choke her for a while?".

"Someone kill her to put us out of our misery".

"For a person that has actually done TV, she can barely put a sentence together. Plus- when she does complete a sentence - I DONT GIVE A FUCK".

"And we wonder why most of the world hates us".

"Somebody shut that cunt up! God she's awful...nothing but stripper-like babbling. I wish I could reach through my radio and smack her.".

"somebody should roll her up in a carpet and throw her down a flight of stairs".

"One of the worst guests ever".

"Where is Mark David Chapman when you need him"."

"The only help I would give her is to buy her a bottle of something to OD on.".

"The only person I'm jealous of right now is Marlee Matlin".

RockitQueen said...

The High Pitch Eric game was more interesting than the Tila interview.

Pops said...

Yeah what was up with that shit/piss thing? Seriously, that's just disgusting.

Anyone know where I can find this interview to listen to? I'm feeling in a sadistic mood and feel like torturing my ears.

Erin said...

You can listen to the replay on sirius by getting the free 30 day trial here: https://home.sirius.com/sirpromosetupview.do?utm_campaign=SIR30DAYTRIAL&utm_source=HNSI&utm_medium=wethey also replay on Saturday and Sundays so if you don't hear it tonight, you can hear it then.

goldenhum said...

ugh, just ugh. really, i thought howard would show his balls (figuratively) a little more in this situation. but no. however, i think he realized he let his fans down. hot just doesn't cut it when you're obviously lying, ignorant and messed in the head.

Fatty McFatterson said...

The audio is here, you can listen anytime


Scroll about halfway down the player to "Howard Stern 04-13-10 part004of12". Her interview starts about 5 minutes 40 seconds into that section and then continues over several other parts.

She actually sounds more coherent that on the Fox interview, but I hate how she says 'blah blah blah' whenever she doesn't want to supply lies, I mean details.

Anonymous said...

Here are some more photos i just came across. Take a gander if you are in that sadistic mood to remove your eyes with a fork ;]


Anonymous said...

You guys should credit the source of your Stern show recap, which is Marksfriggin.com - which is where I read it from. That's only polite.

Anonymous said...

Wow that really was boring. Tila's filled the trainwreck hole in my life left after Anna Nicole passed, but as much as I love listening to her slur and lie I couldn't make it more than 10 mins through that mess.

Praxis said...
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Monique said...

OMG. I apologize if this has already been posted.


I can't believe how she is spinning the fact the title of her song as a tribute to the under appreciated dj. I like the part where she says that her singing style is a cross of Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit. Perfect! A actress and a cartoon character. One thing you will have in common with them is the number of Grammy's you all have.

Kate said...

Howard is the best shock jock, even though I can only take him in small doses. Robin...........OY

vicky said...

Ugh she is sooo trying to be Jenna Jameson, i bet Tila read her book, How To Make Love Like a Porn Star cos her "life story" sounds so similar to Jenna's (who IS a mogul, regardless of whether its porn AND has a very close relationship to Howard Stern)

Jenna started as an underage stripper before she got into porn, she had a crazy, troubled life hanging out with bikie gangs and disowning her father when she left home while she was still at school. She was the original hot girl comfortable with her sexuality and having relationships with women.

She got famous after appearing on Stern's show when she was relatively unknown and got more famous and well known even in the mainstream because of her part in his movie, Private Parts, so maybe that's what Tila was trying to achieve??

Sad. Pathetically sad. At least Jenna does it with class, even if she did flash her pussy and fuck on screen.

MarksFriggin said...

Hey, since you RIPPED MY WRITE UP off, could you at least CREDIT ME?


deluwiel said...

Here's Tila "performing" at Crazy Horse in the Bronx and stopping for coffee later, assuming her now trademark position. You may have the uncontrollable urge to claw your eyeballs out. You've been warned.

The Gnome said...

its been credited, no one was ripping you off.
chillax homie. yesterday was a little hectic and it was an oversight....
but while we're being nazis, if you wanna go ahead and copy what we posted instead, i went through and corrected the spelling and grammatical errors that you'd made :)

jayden said...

And just so there is no doubt, The Crazy Horse Caberet in the Bronx where she "performed" last night is a strip club. Another career building move by her lame PR group. But I'm sure there were MILLIONS of fans there to watch her perform! http://www.crazyhorseny.com/ (Site NSFW or kids)

Jenn said...

It didn't really surprise me this morning when I woke up and found out that TT took her top off last night...but what @MadeGorgeous posted on her twitter was pretty disturbing. Tila will do anything for money...literally. Bradshaw claimed that dudes were throwing up $100's. All I see are a bunch of crisp $1's. I'm hoping that the little nugget uses that money to get some new curtains. Or perhaps some shoes that cost over $20.

Jacqueline said...

OMG!!!....The most disgusting slut a live. She just proved her true colors. My head is spinning...aww!!