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One of our readers (who is also my twitter friend) sent this in tonight.


I mean, we all knew Casey was nothing but a meal ticket to Tila.  This was evident when Casey died and Tila posed for the paparazzi in a tree, or with a flower between her breasts.  Not to mention that BIG SMILE on her face.

But this?  She couldn't even PRETEND to still "love" Casey.  I mean...just...goddamn.

This reminds me of all that crazy shit that Tila spewed after Casey died, like the one that said something like "God got angry at us because angels aren't supposed to love each other, so He took my angel away."

Oh wait, I found it in my archives:

Hey Tila, go fuck yourself.

Hey, Tila!  Thanks for confirming that you read the Rotspot!

Update 2! 
Okay, here's the rest of the conversation.  You can see that Tila is an idiot, which I'm sure comes as a HUGE shock.

I don't think it really matters if we read your comment again, you stupid whore.  For Christ's sake.  Then she gets all defensive and threatens to ban her fan there.  From my source:
"She and her friend sent some music to Tila and were also made spotlight of the week on Tila's crap blog."

Nice job, dipshit.  Alienate ALL of your idiot fans.


Fatty McFatterson said...

DAMMIT Uncle Eddie, you beat me to it again!!!!

I was struck by the fact that because she interpreted this commenter as saying something about herself, she completely disregarded the complete and total slam of Casey, but the compliments sounded pretty back-handed to me, similar to the 'apology'.

Something is going on with her. At one point she claims she'll be going away for a month, but doesn't elaborate. I think she's going into a 30-day rehab program. Something might have finally scared her enough to take that step.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Ugh. First sentence should read:

I was struck by the fact that because she interpreted this commenter as saying something NICE about herself,

¶ Michelle said...

wow, this makes me sick, the pair of them - 'LoveTila" and Tila herself are effed up!

Tiffany said...

Ugh!!! That person is horrible! And Tila didn't bitch slap that person for talking shit about the one she loved? Oh, right, of course not. The retard petted her ego.

anon110 said...

I was a participant in that conversation.

I am now "BANNED!". Obviously her feathers got ruffled. Here's what she had to say...


Hey, Tila (waves). I'm sure you drop by here every now and then. If you were responding to robert, then why didn't you post the response UNDER robert's username??? His comment wasn't even in the same thread as you can see on the screenshot here (thank you rotspot).

All *I* said was that C a s e y should RIP but deserved more respect than to be called a "whore". I thought you'd agree. But no. You immediately considered me as one of those "DISGUSTING" and "mean people". Thank you Tila.

#positiveenergy POW!!!!

angela said...

I was in that conversation and I too was banned from Tila's blog. Robert's comment had nothing to do with the comment about Tila's well being or about poor Casey. Tila must be really fucked up if she didn't defend the great love of her life. She only got mad when people started defending Casey's name.

angela said...

It wouldn't suprise me if lovetila was actually tila herself

Joann said...

Everything that Tila's AOI(Army of Idiots) tweets or comment about on her piece of crap blog makes me makes me laugh now. I use to get annoyed at how stupid they were...but not anymore. The worse she gets the worse they get.

"people are jealous of her, that's the only explanation"....LOL...that's insanity in the first degree right there.

Those impressionable minors and unstable adults have got to be the most pathetic group of people I have ran across in a long time and the kicker is Tila couldn't care if they lived or died but you could never get them to believe that.

IMO, Tila never cared abut Casey ESPECIALLY after she found out Casey's family had cut her off financially.

When the money was turned off, I believe that's when the skank was turned off from Casey and left her.

Like I said, IMO it was the money she thought Casey had access to, not Casey herself and I think as some point Casey figured that out and left, then was found dead 5-6 days later alone in a garbage strewn guest house.

Tila didn't even know Casey had been dead for days. She found out about her death like we did, from the Internet.

How could a person be the love your life at one time and you let an unknown person, on your own blog yet, call her a whore and say she did you a favor by dying and you don't defend the love of your life and ban that person from ever commenting on your blog again? What does that say about you? SMH.

As far as Tila turning her life around, I would have to agree with her on that one. It's gone from bad to worse. Skank bitch.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Tila commenting about Biff MADE MY FUCKING NIGHT!!! Not only that, but she goes from asking who the fuck Biff is, to immediately talking about how he's some creepy stalker....ummm duh stupid, if you didn't know who they were referring to when the mentioned Biff, how could you then describe him perfectly?

I really hope Biff's RL friends have seen the Rotspot, and now razz him and call him Biff. Fucking Dork deserves to be humiliated like that. HA!

angela said...

There was a tweet by Tila and she said " I FOUND ME A SUGA MOMMA" AND THEN SAID "I'M RICH BITCH" I'll look for that tweet. I'm sure it's on my favourites somewhere.

Ben said...

Did I miss where someone mentioned the name Robert on that post? I couldn't see anyone named that and she just starts screaming it.

That's what I love about Tila, yeah she can manipulate kids, but she's really no match for us smarter people. Getting her to put in writing what we already knew made my night. Especially since the Chargers did a good job of screwing it up.

ArtistJess said...

oh, i can't stand this hoe. i commented on a post of hers a few days ago about how i'm a graphic designer and could spot photoshop work a mile way (referring to her pHOto). she thought i was talking about her video and said something about, "if there's video photoshopping out there i wish i knew about it!" or something..

then tonight i commented and said "nice scars!" referring to her video, and she commented back talking about how video photoshopping is all the rage now and she has friends in high places who do it blah blah blah.

here are the screencaps:

sorry for the two different host sites. i was having trouble with imageshack.

oh, i commented on her blog as "jessica" and "lol".

SoJaded3000 said...

hey Tila , again, did not deny her VIVID video when I commented on her one of her stupid FLOG post. I love bugging her and her simpletons

its under my sn YSoSeriouss

Isis said...

Casey had a very very very very very VERY famous last name. That's all Tila needed to leech off of at the end of the day.

alison m m said...

I actually found her writing extremely articulate today considering the usual form it takes, and I was wondering if it was a PR person doing damage control.

I got banned also *sigh* my first time... but I have great respect for people writing in.

debby.murphy said...

I tell you. I always think this cumbucket can't say or do anything else to make me more disgusted with her, but she manages it all the time. I really don't have much else to say about it, but that really is shocking. I don't care where she goes for 30 days, I just hope that she doesn't ever come back.

Ben said...

I love that Tila said "I'm not going to ban you" to me and then when I reiterated my point that the breakdown post was just for her ego she deleted that comment and banned me.

I also saw that she claimed the scars were digitally removed and then deleted that post when she realized how stupid that claim was.


Sheriff Gauncent said...

I'm still laughing about the Saigon Whore comment. The reason being is because it reminds of the scene from the movie "Dirty Work" with Chris Farley.

Here's the clip. Enjoy!

deluwiel said...

@ArtistJess - this cracked me up! she really can't come up with an original thought to save her life. Absolutely everything written on her tweets or blog come from someone or somewhere else, whether it's a random comment from a hater or a movie she watched last night. And the whole "I was replying to Robert" crap - yeah, right.

What. An. Idiot.

oLulubella said...

tila is delusional. she cannot comprehend sarcasm because she is so self absorbed. the only way she finds out is when the rotspot or someone TELLS HER!

get a clue girl!!! man!

this whole thing has a bad residue to it..

anon110 said...


robert's comment is on the top half of page 4. It's still up. It's one comment above LuvTila's comment (now "deleted by administrator"). robert wasn't even part of that conversation.

I'm still banned. "Mom" was apparently unbanned. Glad she's still there to tell what was really said and keep some sanity there.

ParalyzedQueen also put in her two cents:

"... Unbelievable. I haven't seen the comment because they were deleted but a good Twitter friend of mine told me about them. That's just fucking sick. Do you want me to do another video bitching them out for you? <3 You know I love you, lol. Fuck them, they don't know any better."

Jubilee said...

@Sojaded3000, I bit the bullett and went on her STUPID FUCKING POST full of ego and narcissm ('beautiful, raw, enlarge these photos they're so beautiful') which is meant to promote her 'documentary'. That she has. I have to say I noticed on maybe page 2 of the comments a guy who seems to run a gay website, he was very sweet to her, I'm so pissed I can't remember his name but she was a full on cunt to him. It's obvious she said she'd get involved in helping their site and he wanted her to be on the site or something and she responded with: 'I don't know what else you want from me. I gave you advertising space for FREE. Ummm thank you might be nice?' To which he apologises profusely. I was so disgusted by this, and I thought TRS should troll through and find the screen caps as im an idiot and can't screen cap - it sounds like it could be a regular tila story there - she promises the world to an organisation, then lets them down and acts like it's their fault. He could be interesting to get in touch with as he seems to think she's a really good role model for the gay community. So yeah, check it out if you can stomach going onto her flog.

As for the Casey stuff... I'm so sickened to my stomach I don't know what else there is to say except if ANYONE I knew died I would jump down the throats of anyone who had the stupidity to badmouth them. Douche fucking bag.

Great reporting as always,

Jubilee xxxxx

Joann said...

LOL at Ben and ArtistJess comments.

We all know she is a liar and will not "fess up" to her mistakes so her comment to you, Anon110, was appropriate...for her.

IMO, Tila never cared about Casey as a human being who wanted love and to be loved in return...all she could see were the $$$$ signs and a lot of publicity.

Her looks are fading fast so the skank better hope her body holds up for another few years.

mary said...

lol, oh she only got mad for looking stupid even though she truly is a brain dead waste of space. I'm Asian too and I will say it, she is a Saigon/Vietnamese whore. LOL.
She thanks this person for the whole cum in her face thing? LMAO!!!
RETARD! I gotta give it to her though, she breaks the stereotype- not all Asians are smart.

tlp said...

Hi, Mom here.

Last night I commented on her wesite from my boyfriend's house, so I'm pretty sure I am still banned. The comment I made this morning was from my own house.

For some crazy reason I got it in my head that if everyone just encouraged Tila to get help she just might. I even posted several comments telling her to call her family, but I was just being a fool.

When I read what she wrote in response to 'LoveTila' I was sick. When she read that comment all she could see was someone giving her a compliment. I don't think I've ever been so disgusted by another person. She really is horribly selfish.

After work today I went back on her site and saw the response her zombie 'paralyzedqueen' left. Her willingness to believe whatever Tila says made me realize that I was very foolish to think that I could get through to Tila or any of them.

I am a mom and I feel for Tila's parents. I can't imagine their pain and embarrassment.

By the way, I LOVE this site! Thanks for the entertainment :)

Hannah said...

Poor Casey. I honestly believe if she had never met Tila she would still be alive today. Tila is a narcissistic and toxic human being and this just proves it. Saw somebody boosting her ego and latched onto that. RIP Casey and best wishes to her family and the daughter she left behind. They did the right thing by never associating with Tila again.

anon110 said...

Just watched ParalyzedQueen's vid after reading a comment thread discussing it.

She didn't really "bitch us out". It's more of a "support video" for Tila. Obviously she made the video before seeing the screencaps. I won't bash her for anything she said in the video. I only have something to say about her comments about "karma" and the "words can't hurt you" part of her vid.

As you may notice on the screencaps, I'm posting under the guest usernames "nowordsbanned?" and "somewordsbanned". At the time this whole thing went down, I asked Tila (as I and many have before) about her word filter that she has previously denied having. I asked her why some words like C/a/s/e/y and T/h/i/e/n were banned. I also asked her why common words like l/i/e/s and the word s/o/m/e/t/h/i/n/g were blocked. I asked her why she couldn't give us a wordlist. When I asked her about this before, my comments either remained unanswered or were deleted.

But unlike the past, she actually took the time to respond to my questions. She did acknowledge that she has a word filter. The reason why...

"because there are certain words I know you "mean people" like to post and it has nothing to do with my blog posts and you will only further exploit things that are to be left alone and respected. Such as the word C-A-Sey was banned because please let her RIP and etc. There actually not many word baned. just links that promote hate and people who say nasty things in a public forum like "SUCK MY DICK" "I WILL LICK YOUR PUSSY" etc. Things like that are banned."

So I guess we can't talk about her song, "I Fucked The DJ". :) Anyway...

As I told Tila, I hardly ever mention anything about her late wifey. I don't go to her site to bash or hate on her. Sometimes I call her on her bullshit and at times I'm a smartass. But for the most part, I'm just there to "speak my mind" as she herself encourages from both fans and haters.

Now, having said that, I may have hit a nerve because I used her late wifey as an example of a banned word. I probably could have used another example. It was just what came to mind at the time.

Obviously, there are certain subjects that bother her. So far we know "Casey" is one of them as she has now made abundantly clear. She doesn't like "Shawne Merriman" brought up. She doesn't like to be called a "liar". She doesn't tell "lies". She denies her real name is "Thien". She doesn't like talking about "suicide". She didn't like when people referred to her #tilaarmy as a "cult" which made posting some comments "difficult". She doesn't like when the jelis haters say she's on "meth" which also makes it aggravating to post "something" in her comment section. Those are just some of the words that can't hurt Tila. I'm sure there are a few more.

That's all I was really there to discuss. Until I saw her response to "LoveTila", I mean "robert".

Maybe I'm just numb now because nothing really surprises me anymore about Tila. I wasn't even shocked. The screencaps say it all. I didn't even bash her. I actually wanted to see if she'd catch her "mistake". LoveTila was being disrespectful. I tried to get her to see that.

So it was a pleasure to hear when ParalyzedQueen said in her video "what goes around comes around" and I'll "get something tenfold for it". Glad to hear that I will greatly benefit from being a helpful person. Thank you, ParalyzedQueen.

raunchyb said...

That whole thread was just ridiculous. I suppose it's vaguely possible that she clicked the wrong reply button, but I doubt it. How could she have not seen those comments about Casey? SMH.

Also, in her "MISS TILA HAS A MELTDOWN" post, there's a video. I think she's trying to pass it off as something she filmed recently, but some commenter pointed out that it was filmed in her own apartment. Of course, her Army zombies are commenting as if it were new.

Anyway, on Twitter someone mentioned that they liked her beanie in the video, and she replied, "god dammit! Im pissed cuz I LOVE that beanie and it was custom made and someone stole it! UGH!"

So much for being a new video...

Yeah right said...

Thaks for the screen caps ! When I was reading it all the comments had been deleted already. I never could figure out who Robert was though ? Is that the LoveTila person ?

Kate said...

In her Onyx personal trainer blog I saw this comment from charmedone:

"Has anyone ever noticed how her tattoos keep switching arms?? or is that just me?"

Joann said...

Just watched her video of Onyx with her "personal trainer". LOL

First of all, if that was a personal trainer what is he/she training Onyx to do....drink gutter water or water from the grounds at the park?

And, like a lot of people said in the comments that's no trainer with Onyx.

I'm thinking it's Tila. Who else would make a post with a video showing their dog "on her first day of working out" yet all you see is a dog drinking filthy water on a leash. lol

Why can't we see Onyx actually working out and where is the trainer in this video? I don't believe the video is current either, I really don't.

Onyx is bit too lively in this video. She's acting like she would when she was much younger and Tila had just got her. Poor thing didn't know what was in store for her then.

Every picture we have seen of Onyx NOW, the poor dog is always laid out on the floor or the bed NOT MOVING AT ALL looking like a corpse and to this day I don't believe Tila has Onyx. I think Onyx stays with other people and Tila goes to get her when it's picture taking time.

One more thing...why is the skank referring to herself in the third person now..."Miss Tila's dog has a personal trainer"...."Miss Tila has meltdown"....SMH!!

hanah said...

Altough I never believed that this scott was really excisting, this blind item I found on dlisted yesterday could support your theory:

This D List star/model who is always hungry for attention, met her boyfriend in the strangest of ways. He was a longtime fan of hers, bordering on stalking her at some points in her career. He kept locks of her hair and ran a fan site. He sent her fan mail every week and at a point of desperation, she agreed to meet up with him. She claims it was love at first sight and the two have been dating ever since

Jon and Liz Edmunds said...

I also saw the one about her friend that made her mad. She calls him a friend but none of my friends would tell me they like my boobs. Either this dudes game is not really good or he is more than a friend. Maybe a -uck buddy. Oh well, I also saw that Onyx video and I have a dog, infact mine is a purebreed Bloodhound and I take her to excersize nightly she is two and a handful and I WOULD NEVER FEED HER NASTY ASS WATER!!! I give my dog cold water from the fridge and if I have to go somewhere I buy her water due to the fact I dont want her to catch some nasty ass shit, like parasites. So as for tila being a great dog owner she isnt. If you get a animal and cant keep up with it please give it to someone else who is going to give it the attention it deserves. I am not a supporter of PETA but this clearly isnt.

angela said...

@yeah right Robert was the comment above LoveTila

angela said...

This was Robert's comment:

tila , i dont understand , why do you have so many haters, like honestly, i dont see what there is to hate about you, your gorgeous, nice, and just a overall awesome person
<3 from canada

As you can see it had nothing to do with tila's well being.

Miz said... - any comments? TRS are name checked in the guesses though! :D

Tiffany said...

I saw that blind item on Dlisted yesterday, too, but it doesn't add up. "She claims it was love at first sight and the two have been dating ever since" No, not Tila. She shunned the guy. Could be some other reality tv show nobody.

gillianthemad1013 said...

She is NOT responding to Robert: she's responding to LoveTila. Tila even uses the "turning your life around" bit of LoveTila's post in her reply. She's seriously dumb if she thinks anyone would buy her retarded excuses.

Joann said...

I read this on Tila's twitter today:

"........@TilaOMG Do you lie abt your age because banana seat bikes were from the 70's..My older sister had one..Of course you were a trailer urchin. 3 minutes ago via TweetDeck".

As soon as I read that I thought about another blog I was reading roughly 2 weeks ago and this person said Tila was about 34 years old and not 28 as she claims and they are suppose to have proof.

I do know Tila looks a lot older than she did a year ago.

anon110 said...

lol I guess her name is T h i e n again...

"no my real name is actually Tila Nguyen. Full one is Tila Thien Nguyen. So by you calling me "Thein" as if it's supposed to be offensive or mocking my culture? In my country the word "Thien" means beautiful blue sky.... so get off the condescending remarks. The way you keep saying it, it's as though you're being racist and making fun of a foreign name? Whatever suites you."

Ya hear that, haters? Y'all call her "Thien" because you're mocking her culture and being racist. Bet you didn't know that.

Learn something new everyday. :)

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