Thursday, September 2

postheadericon Do the lies ever stop?

This isn't one of her bigger lies, but it's more of Tila name-dropping and trying to act like she's A-list when she's really on no list.

Last night she posted up an audio file and the following on Facebook and Twitter (thanks Uncle Eddie for pointing out the Twitter post. I totally missed it!)

Do you see where she says Jen Aniston was 'right next to her'? And how the paps were chasing her everywhere?

Well, those are lies.  Radaronline posted an exclusive today about a dinner date Jen was on last night with Linday Lohen's ex, Harry Morten, at the Sunset Tower Hotel Restaurant. Seems Jen and Harry had a cozy little corner table, where they canoodled and did all those mushy-gushy things you do on a first date. The only person 'right next to Jen' was Harry. Tila may have been seated at a table nearby (if she was even there dining, who knows she may have heard the hub-bub about it from outside), but she was not seated next to Jen as she would have you believe. Nor were she and Jen seated at the same table with friends, as her audio post title and Twitter suggests.

And there were no paps 'chasing her everywhere'. There are no photos of Tila from last night online at any of the major photo outlet sites. The paps weren't interested in her at all, they were interested in Jen and Harry. Jen was escorted out a back entrance, while Harry was filmed and photographed leaving alone. No paps appeared to have chased him, and he is infinitely more interesting than Tila, so why would the paps chase her? She's a big fat nobody.

Nor did Radar report that Tila was in the restaurant. Though, they mention a 'source' who provided them details of Jen and Harry's date. Who wants to bet Tila sold them whatever little information she witnessed, if she was in fact there.

As for the audio post, there's nothing to indicate Tila and Jen are in the same city, let alone same room. All I heard was a couple of hyenas giggling in the background, and Tila speaking in her faux Australian/Britsh/Annoying accent.

A couple of days ago Tila complained about the stalker paps and how they were sneaking around photographing her and how intrusive it is (of course she's a big celeb, as she pointed out, so it goes with the territory). Ironic that just when she wished paps would take a pic of her seated near Jen, there were no paps around, and certainly none who would have been interested in having Tila appear in the picture.

Don't you love how Tila insinuates her moldy little body into any situation that involves real celebs?

Sorry Tila, you're a FAIL again. Better luck next time.


Eduardo Retardo said...

I'll answer this question! No, they sure as fuck don't! Did you see how she worded it on twitter?


That's pretty careful wording. There she goes again, mooching off of the fame of an A-lister.

It almost makes me feel bad for her. She apparently has such low self-worth that she has to make up this life to feel good, or worthy of any kind of affection. Aww crap, now I'm feeling bad for Tila. I'm sure it'll pass. Don't mind me.

Barbara said...

The idiot can't even spell the name of the person whose coattails she's frantically clutching onto correctly.

Fucking imbecile. Who gave this blue waffle (damn you people, I'm using that EVERYWHERE now!) internet access?

Joann said...

I didn't listen to the audio because I knew she was not seated next to the table where Jennifer Aniston was having dinner.

If anything she MIGHT have been at the restaurant seated far away with her one and only friend Mr. Bradshaw and saw Jennifer Aniston having dinner at the Sunset Tower Restaurant with Harry Morten but I doubt if Tila even eats out at a nice restaurant so I'm going to nix that and say she read about Jennifer Aniston being there, took the info, put herself in the mix and ran with it

If this was true she would have made sure to have pictures taken and they would have been plastered all over her piece of crap blog, just like she did with Amber Rose.

No paparazzi chased this no-list piece of trash skank and Jennifer Aniston's camp would make damn sure the likes of Tila would get nowhere near her for pictures, chit chat, dinner or anything else.

Joann said...

I have to take back part of my comment.....

Evidently she was seen exiting the Sunset Towers but I stand by the rest of my comment.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

The funny thing is that Jen was a "Hater of the week" a couple weeks ago and the whoreskank called her a retard.

Anonymous said...

She was practically screaming into the phone and making her cohorts yell hi on that message. Then she pretended to lower her voice so Aniston "won't hear" and then proceeds to start screeching again. If she really did see Jennifer Aniston, she's acting like a 12-year-old tourist on her first trip to California. She's really pathetic.

On a side note, I HATE that disgusting photo she keeps posting of herself with the leopard tights and the censored boobage. She looks HORRIBLE. Skinny, malnourished, dead-eyed and filthy. The fact that she thinks she actually looks good in that pic proves she's on some serious drugs.

Just One of Many said...

Thanks for posting that link, Joann.

Like Fatty or Uncle Eddie or someone pointed out once on here--there's always an ounce of truth to her comments. I believed that she SAW Jennifer Aniston at dinner from afar and got all giddy and shit like some tourist. But who fucking cares about celeb sightings, especially when one lives in that area?

Okay, so in the pic of her leaving the restaurant in her rental car, she's wearing two items that are a must for your Tila Tequila Halloween costume--(1) a knit cap (correct me if I'm wrong; I live in DC. Isn't it hot as FUCK in LA right now? She has got to be covering up her growed out weave, but sad that she hasn't been able to afford a salon trip in over three weeks) and (2) THE FUCKING BANDAID OVER HER EYE. WTF??? WHO THE FUCK KEEPS A WOUND OF ANY SIZE FOR THAT MATTER BANDAGED FOR SO LONG? I'm no doc, but common sense says that's soooo unhealthy and straight up NASTY. No one even remembers how she got the boo boo anymore. I do love her makeup here, however--one eye brow she has made sure to draw in heavily, "chola" style, but the other goes "Asian natural", with her bang weave strategically side-swept to cover it up. Halloween, here I come!

Isis said...

Why stalkerazzi would be compelled to stalk syphilis is beyond me.

Ben said...

On her twitter she finally posted a picture of herself sans bandaid and you can see the wound has already healed, yet the day before she was wearing a bandaid over it. Probably because she was out in public and wanted sympathy. Whore.

deluwiel said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA... omg - now she has this ginormous band-aid slapped over her eyebrow where there used to be a little butterfly tape over that scratch. @just one of many - good catch on the single black eyebrow... also looks like she put blush only on the cheek without the bandage. what an idiot.

how 'bout a pool going for when the Band-aids are finally gone? I'm taking September 27. that will be 6 weeks and 2 days.

Anonymous said...

well i saw those photos of her with the bandage. and i still can´t believe she still has them. it isn´t good for the skin having them on so long. at least not 2 weeks or longer.

i had an accident 2 years ago..and i fell off my bike. and recieved a hole in my head..i had few stitches and i never wore any cover up for the head thing but i had also stiches on my arm but only for 3-4 days while it was covering but after that it is bandage she is actually making a "bactheria-blend" there.
sorry but she is just eather...being so stupid. or ..she doesn´t have the injuries anymore but still wants sympathy.

it isn´t working sorry. just plain stupidity for me.

sorry if my english is messed up. i had long day at work and my head is exploding and that didn´t help at all

just got "OVERLOAD" now :D

andi said...

Can someone please put her out of all of our misery. Tila you are pure human trash. U fail at everything except breathing unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

ohh sorry somehow my "nickname" got changed. i used to post as "icelandic reader"

BKiddo said...

Ok deluwiel, I'll pick Sept. 12th, and we need to figure out what the prize is.
Maybe we can get wandacal out of retirement and run this betting pool. She rocked the pants off of the chunks one!

Jon and Liz Edmunds said...

OH ooH I waant to bet I pick September 20th. And maybe she is trying to rock the band aid like left eye did. Wait was it a bandaid? or like football tape crap? IDK but whatever I dont see it as a trend hitting anytime soon. lol

Sqeek said...

Just got this from Tila's twitter:


Plus I have more fans than haters so u guys keep me strong and I love u for that! I'm gonna work these scars like its a trend! POW! Xoxo

Even more proof that the hobag's two little ass cuts are healed and she's trying to milk it even more to keep trying to get sympathy. I bet $10 she don't even have scars like she claims.