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postheadericon Can Tila REALLY Be That Stupid? PART DEUX

This is a follow-up to this post.  Read it, if you haven't.  Since that post is a few days old and a little pushed down, I decided to make a new entry so you wouldn't miss this hilarious update.

Here's a little backstory.  So Nick B. (I believe that's his name) at called Tila a Saigon Whore.  She got offended, called him a "racist" and a "sexist."  So the he said:
I'd like to personally apologize to each and every one of them for using the term "cheap Saigon whore" -- "cheap Ho Chi Minh whore" would have been more appropriate, considering that Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after it fell to the communist North Vietnamese Army (NVA) in 1975. Again, apologies. Having a B.A. in History from one of the best schools in the country, this is especially embarrassing for me.

Then Tila tweeted that he publicly apologized, thanks to the Tila Army emailing him and calling him out.

No joke.

People want me to include this part, too:

I like how she seems real concerned there for a minute...then drops it with "whatever" and goes about her merry, whore way.

Anyway, now we're up to speed.  Tila posted a blog, calling him her "hero of the week" for publicly apologizing.  Since I'd rather shit twice in my own shoes and wear them around town, I'm not going to her fail blog and taking screencaps of it.  CelebSlam has done that for me, so I present to you, their response to Tila's blog:

I'm really surprised she didn't figure out (read: someone told her) that he wasn't apologizing.  So she still thinks he is, and that just KILLS me.  Honestly, I think she has that little respect for her Tila Army.  She knows they aren't smart enough to go read it themselves, so if she says he apologized, then GODDAMMIT it must be so!  And sadly, I've yet to see any of them even attempt to clue her in.  No one has even bothered to whisper to her "Tila, sweetie, you look kind of stupid here and the haters are having a field day with it." Nevermind, I see in the comments of her fail blog that Super Stalker Extraordinaire BeyondBettyJean tried to explain it to her, to no avail.  BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU PEOPLE SAY, YOU'RE NOTHING BUT FACELESS CUSTOMERS TO HER.  And you're too stupid to see that.

That just makes me sick to my stomach.

If you haven't yet, head on over to CelebSlam and tell him how awesome he is.


SammiDe said...

I just LOVE how all Tila's pictures are like 20 yrs old, lmfao!

Ben said...

She responded in the comments once they pointed out that he wasn't apologizing and she did her "well I'm done with it, I'm not going to give him any more traffic. He owes me for all the traffic I sent him."

What a stuck up bitch. She is on some major drugs to believe that her flog is actually doing anything in the world of celeb gossip.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Celebslam claims less than 600 visits where attributed to Tila's linkback. I GUARANTEE more than 450 were Jelis Haters who were happy to give him the traffic.

I'll visit every day if he'll continue to post such awesome blogs about that Hollywood Whore!

BKiddo said...

As soon as I get done LMFAO, I'll head over to CelebSlam.
Wasn't it Buzzfeed that punked her last time? (sorry I didn't do my research).

Isis said...

Lordy I'm having NR flashbacks. This isn't an apology either, N. You see how that works? *Le sigh*

Miz said...

Now now, of course Miss Hogul didn't get the joke - she IS the joke. That whore can pose to the mirror all she wants, but she'll never look at herself.

I'm actually surprised she hadn't pulled out the "poor defenceless petite vulnerable meeee" card. Oh. I forgot, she's a warrior now.

khandersuk said...

I posted on Celebslam the other day about the Tila apology article, in response to one of the enraged fans whose email he made public.

This is what she/he wrote:


(I suspect this is the MAERICAN writer)

My reply was:

Hate to burst your litigious bubble, but no law is broken by posting someone's email address without their consent. It is not an invasion of privacy as you yourself initiated the contact, therefore you assumed a risk. Besides, in order to sue someone you have to be able to prove that harm (eg financial loss) came to you as a result.

On Tila's website she has posted pictures of someone whose son claims he was a deadbeat dad. As she has no evidence of this, other than what the son told her, this is a serious example of libel, for which she could be sued.

What I wrote there sent that person into an even bigger rage and he/she completed two more posts to me, calling me 'Heather the big nose'

1 - well you wanna see it? fine i have nothing to lose darling. you will see what happens when u go aroung using /providing email withoiut permission and encouraging hate to people. i will save all this information as proof. you will hear from me soon

2 - and it seems you don't know anything about laws/ U.S Laws darling. I do. my sister in law works in North dakotaas attorney. and there is a law which says: spamming is a delict. so there is many things but i don t have to explain you anything. get into ur bussines if u have any.. somebody here gonna start learning to respect others since u didnt learn it in the school/ at home ( who knows which kind of society u are from) so dont talk me about laws and keep going doing nothing.. te only thing u know how to do Heather darling

I guess I'm going to have to lawyer up now, the MAERICAN is going to show me some respect, as he/she stated I've not learned it before.

Chris said...

LOLOL "shifty little Viet Cong midget"

Nick B. is awesome.

Joann said...

I believe she skimmed through Nick's update, saw the word "apologize" and not really understanding or paying attention she ran with it and put up the post that he apologized to her.

When a lot of people pointed out to her he DID NOT apologize and she discovered they were right, Tila refuse to admit she was wrong so she's sticking to her story that he apologized.

See, that's how insecure she is. Tila can't bear to see herself as less than perfect or wrong about anything.

She will never take responsibility that maybe certain things are not working out in her life because of her actions.

If Nick hadn't called her a Saigon whore he wouldn't be no more than a "jelis hater". The word "whore" she can take but I think the word "Saigon" in front of it set her that picture has got to be at least 10 years old. lol.

Blondie Zero said...

I want to marry this Nick guy and have his babies.
For Real. No Stalker lol

Nightingale said...

Ummm guyz...

I am doing a crossword and one of the clues is ____ meet.

All I can think of is arm meet, but it's four letters :(

Eduardo Retardo said...


Joann said...

swap meet.

Ben said...

Is "no stalker" like the new "no homo"?

Cake Betch said...

Sigh... Reading these posts about Tila every day are such a fun and entertaining way to pass the day.

Would you believe I had NO IDEA how fucking retarded Tila is before I started reading this blog? I am truly amazed at her third grade intelligence level.

Did I just insult third graders?

deluwiel said...

"Third parts and privacity rights" BWAHAHAHAHAHA *sigh*

I so needed a good laugh today.

Glibby Longstocking said...

@Cake Betch...I'm convinced I know you. Cake betch is my phrase. lol

Tuesday said...

Oh, wow! This is EPIC-failure on Tila's part. It is beyond any description. My 2 year old is smarter. No joke. She would have picked up on the sarcasm faster.

Histrionic. She fits the profile to an absolute "t."

I really believe she absolutely believes this blogger apologized and, even with people telling her he didn't, she just cannot "see" it. It's stuff like that that frustrates her and makes her thin-skinned.

Jacqueline said...

HA HA....I think she got mad to be outed as a Saigon whore....ha ha....If he had said "Asian whore" perhaps it would have sounded like "racist". but yeah She keeps proving her stupidity to the World.

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