Friday, September 10

postheadericon Crack O'Clock, Attention Shawne Merriman

You know, it's times like these when I really love writing at the Rotspot.  Sometimes I have to drop whatever I'm doing and just POST.

I have three pretty good tidbits for you guys today.  First off, as many of you noted, Tila basically admitted (although with heavy sarcastic overtones) that she did, in fact, shoot a movie for Vivid Entertainment.

Secondly, just to prove what a fantastic role model she is, she tweets these two things:

So what in the hell kind of brain trust do you have to be to eat the shit under your bed?  Not to mention that sleeping pills don't exactly look like candy.  So, logically speaking, it must be a lie.  Is this her way of trying to be cute?  Can the Army really look at her and say "Oh Tila, you're so adorable!"  How do people not want to hit her?

Oh LOL see what I did there?  Speaking of hitting her, Uncle Eddie has a real treat for you.  She deleted this with a quickness but @Sassy88s was a superstar and snagged it just in time!

True that!

Oh really, Tila?  He sure did give you a big check, huh?  Well, I suppose all we can do is ask Shawne himself how he feels about this statement.  You know, I'm pretty sure your stupid, cracked out ass isn't supposed to be talking about him.

Of course, if any of you would like to drop Shawne a line and ask him what he thinks, I encourage you to do so.  He's a real decent guy though, so be polite.


oconnordaria said...

Oh boy, I'm wondering if she'll turn "accidentally taking a sleeping pill thinking it was candy" into a way of re-introducing her "prescription pill addiction." I can just see her Dear Diary entry (BTW: typos and exaggerations are intentional):

"So anywayS, I hadnt' taken a pill in OVER SIX MONTHS and I REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS A TICK-TACK!!! So now Im addicted again and Imma cry myself to sleep EVERY NIGHT!!! Preay for Miss Tila, my Army.

Schleen said...

i love you uncle eddie. youre my favorite rotspotter!!! next is rotty. the rest is good too of course :D yaaaay rotspot!!! bring down the whore!! (not that theres anything really to bring her down from. except drugs maybe)

Fatty McFatterson said...

You fucking rock Eddie!!!! Damn I wish that not only could Merriman learn of this, but that he and his lawyers go after her nasty ass. Unfortunately, it seems he has too much class to pay her any attention.

Notice since she and Biff broke up that she's been going crazy on Twitter? No one can tell me now that she and Biff didn't hook up. For the month previous she was pretty quiet, barely blogging, then she drops the whole 'oh there's this psycho stalker guy' bomb and since then she's been non-stop with the aggression and trying to push people's buttons. Yep, classic spurned lover shit right there. I'll report on that a bit later, I had hoped there'd be more info, so I've sat on the story.

Guess it's time for me to tweet Shawne.... hmmmm maybe TMZ and Radar would be interested in this latest news....I know it's only a Tila meltdown, but when she and Perez went at it, it was media news for a second...

Fatty McFatterson said...

Forgot to mention that it's nice to know that Tila's housekeeping is so shody that an old sleeping pill was under her bed. Good thing Onyx didn't find it. That shit would kill a dog. Stupid ugly bitch.

Bedazzle THIS said...

I think we can rest assured that we know what Shawne thinks re this post:


Some people never learn shhhhh

about 3 hours ago via ÜberTwitter"

As teh Hogul says.. the end.

Isis said...

Oh I hope she writes an open letter to him via the one s/he wrote LiLo.

Hannah said...

She is the epitome of class! And she has seemed extra delusional lately. I agree that she was bumpin' uglies with Biff. Anything to pretend someone loves her, right?

axetina81 said...

Oh WOW!!! You have got to go look at the Tila FLOG!!! The newest trainwreck "tragedy" has been posted and she "will not let this die down until they write me a public apology on behalf of all asian-americans!"
She is pulling the racism card in a large fashion because someone called her a "saigon whore."
I don't agree with racism but here is yet another example of trainwreck over-reaction.

Im Out Of It said...

She could've been called much worse than a Saigon Whore. Saigon is a place (actually, the author states that it's not even Saigon anymore, it's referred to as Ho Chi Minh city) and whore is a profession.

She is pulling every trick known in the book to ensure that she gets all the sympathy and attention she can from the internet.

BTW, I just noticed that there are two, yes TWO adults about the same age as Tila who are just as delusional as she is.

BKiddo said...

Too bad she couldn't find 30,000 pills under her bed! HA!
She is such a gross pig.
RE: The Merriman fake assault, I don't think she got shit from him, and that makes me happy.

Amy said...

She is such a fucktard!!! She should have seen this post before she said some shit like that... actually she probably saw this first and then posted that to get attention.....

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