Friday, September 24

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Hey guys and dolls.  Thanks to our readers leaving comments we've come across the following post from Carlton Jordan's Blog.  You know, the on again, off again, on again, off again employee/friend!?!?  They've been "off" for a little while now and this is his reaction to her "new classy" look:

Source:  Carlton Jordan 

 You know, even though he was a butthurt little bitch when we called him out for planning to "out Tila" and then went back to suck on her proverbial cock, I like this kid.  His inserts were funny as fuck and had me chucklin' for awhile.



Veronica said...

Agnes Agony said...


Oh sweetness! How I miss they ROTten bunch!

Fatty McFatterson said...

That Perez blog was hilarious. The only thing wrong with a Tila/Situation hookup is the Situation doesn't want to be stuck with a granade. Sorry Tila.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Damn I clicked 'enter' before I could respond to the Carton Jordan blog... EPIC. I have to hand it to the guy, a job well done!

Agnes Agony said...

Oh. Whilst I per chance on that rare, and yes, I mean rare, occasion to erm...

Have a gander on that debauched site (I post under a couple of different albeit ridiculous names but I'm always garnering the laughs and the thumbs up) that I've swore to na'ry-a-tell.

Which brings me to my question.

Why can't I get the same appreciation here?

Is it my grown out nose hair?

For sure it is the wrong douche perfume? Does anyone STILL douche?

Apologies that my Louboutins are currently decommissioned.

::hobbles to the side pavement on the balls of my feet::

I honestly felt my BoGos from that deplorable discount shoe outlet (okay, who am I kidding here? I purchase ALL my plat boots online...pshaw!) would just paper flake out on me. Like that!

And then.

Erm... I realise that whenever I've gotten the off chance to read your snarky blogs, I find myself incredibly blessed to not have to spend my "after-hours" blogging about a psuedo-persona-non-grata.

That's why I <3 you girls/ladies and ::side eyes to Uncle Eddie:: ::muttering to self with Brit inflection::

"Doff has no wood!" (real offensive like)

Joann said...

What I would like to know is why everyone was kissing her ass before and now they're all leaving or left her high and dry.

I know she chased Gary Sun away but what I would love to know the 411 on why Leo, Carlton and now Mr. Bradshaw are gone.

I know her manager, publicist and security team jumped ship a long time ago. Wonder why????

Anna said...

I cannot believe I just realized this! I went to Carlton Jordan's blog and they had a large picture of Tila with her black wig and the phone in front of the mirror. Did you guys notice that the scar is on the wrong side in the mirror? We should be able to see it really.

raunchyb said...

This is off topic, but I had to share. Tila asked everyone to write on her Facebook or something, and this was one of the conversations:


Tila Tequila: can u work for 50 cents per hour? im sorry, economy bad right now! lol

50 cents per hour? I guess we now know the going rate of being a flogger.

Rob Cypher said...


Tila is cute and sexy. I like Tila. We all love Tila. Hahahahahahaha. That is all I came to say here on your blog. I do not play well on forums with touchy moderators so I suspect I will not be posting here very often. But I just wanted you to know that Tila is love. And love is Tila.

If you don't understand, then just listen to this song:

Then you will understand.

Ben said...

So in honor of her love for Casey, Tila announced that she's FINALLY in love. Yes, finally, it will be her 3rd engagement of 2010.

So I guess her vacation was hanging out with her new boyfriend. Like when she was banging Biff the queen of multitasking can't do 2 things at once (2 people no problem).

Just funny how 30 days of no internet turns into posting every other day. And her fans still say she never lies. She would sacrifice Mittiee for a chance to join the illuminati, or a pack of smokes even though she promised her army she had quit smoking.

SammiDe said...

She would sacrifice Mittiee for a chance to join the illuminati, or a pack of smokes even though she promised her army she had quit smoking.

She already has in her own sick mind! *Chuckles*

jayden said...

^^^^^Hahahaha. Rob Cypher's (AKA Ben) claim to fame is being on Intervention for being a cough syrup addict who gets blown by hookers and doesn't pay them. No wonder he has a boner for Tila. Maybe he's the twoo lub she's talking about.

gillianthemad1013 said...

I don't know. I'd be careful before backing Carlton Jordan after the publicity stunt he and the Hogul pulled the last time. I watched that video in which he was interviewed about Tila and he seemed honest, but it's gonna take more than that to make me be in his corner again.

Monique said...

"I do know two things. Tila cuts herself for attention. Tila will do anything for attention, including cutting her self." - Carlton Jordon

Nightingale said...

Monique ---

I really feel I have to speak up about this - I am totally down with all this tila shit, and exposing her lies... this is all amazing..

But cutting is misunderstood SO much and I just wanted to throw a couple things out there.

IF someone is cutting themselves... shouldn't that in and of itself be a big sign that they need help? "attention"? Sometimes this "bright red scream" is the only way someone can hope to be noticed so that someone can step in and intervene.

Most cutters are actually quite secretive.. but even if they are not.. and are looking for attention for it.. this says something about their lives - that they are starving, that they need something they are not getting, that they do not know how to cope or ask for help in a healthy way..

I know you probably just meant, by quoting that, that Tila does it and then says, "wah wah look at me lol" - and the insinuation behind this is that she is taking something serious and minimizing it, or trivializing it with her attention-seeking ways ('cause we all know this girl would suck a coq covered in sht if it would get her somewhere) ---

-- I think what bothers me is just the oft-held belief that people who self injure are pathetic and attention seeking, like "aww poor you hunny", when instead they are often actually seeking real help/coping in a way that works for them.


Anyways. Tila IS pathetic, and could definitely benefit from some sort of intervention.. too bad no one cares

Monique said...

I understand that being a cutter is a true disorder. Tila is a attention whore that will cut herself. Two totally different things. I just like that fact that Carlton has confirmed it.

Kate said...

I used to be a cutter and no, it isn't OK to cut yourself for attention. I still have scars on me and I know people who need plastic surgery because they got zealous with the knife. Tila is just despicable.

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