Tuesday, September 28

postheadericon Embarrassment, Party of 1

Lots of you saw Tila's appearance on The Gossip Queens.  In case you didn't, check this shit out:

First off, it's okay to be scared of a brick flying at your face (No, I know there wasn't a brick.  Everyone knows there wasn't a brick.  But for the sake of argument, let's call it a brick, because it's what Princess Meth Mouth is claiming now).  Even 50 Cent would have ducked that shit, Tila, and that dude has been shot in the face 20,000 times or something.


Thirdly, Loni Love is my new favorite person ever.

Fourthly, I am majorly disgusted at the thought of Tila making out with that Jersey Shore bitch, OR Tila releasing 300 pages of people she's slept with.

Lastly, TILA, YOU DO NOT KNOW JUJITSU.  You don't move correctly, and besides that, you're too tiny for it to really be effective.  Sucking cock for Japanese business men does not equal any kind of martial arts so kindly shut the fuck up.

**Thanks to my homie lolercopter69 for filming this clip ghetto style and uploading it for the Rotspot!**

Wait wait wait, before I forget.  Tila wrote this a few days ago (of course, the Rotspot scooped her stupid ass AGAIN and had this up DAYS before she did):

Look how many times this dumb bitch says she was a "guest host."  Tila, being a guest on a show and being a guest host are two entirely different things.  Jesus fucking Christ, I forget how stupid this bitch is sometimes.  Her segment was just over 4 minutes and 30 seconds.  THAT DOES NOT MAKE HER A GUEST HOST.  But the part underlined in black was my favorite.  The show IN NO WAY centered around topics she brought up.  It was mostly Loni Love making fun of her for being a dumb whore with no substance.  That's why she won't disclose any of these so called "topics," because they don't exist.

You know, sometimes I feel bad for all the names I call the Tila Army because they're just kids.  And then shit like this happens, and suddenly I don't feel so bad anymore.  Watch them fall for it, hook line and sinker.

I have to say, it makes me feel all warm inside watching her juggalo scar wink.  It's a reminder of what a dumb, talentless, widely-hated whore she is and she'll carry it around forever.


Ben said...

Ghetto style? It's not like I was making a sex tape. I'm sure cleaner copies will come but this needed to be seen.

From what I've heard from Loni and others involved the part that wasn't shown was worse, which makes me really want to see it.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I love how she absolutely made no sense at all during the whole interview, just one random thing after another. The faces the hosts were making were priceless lol.

danger.mouse1 said...

What's with all the bobbin' and weavin', shuckin' and jivin' and finger pointing? I swear to God this chick has NO peronality of her own. She just morphs into whoever she is talking with at the moment. I guess she was black for part of the interview and then gangsta for the remainder.

alison m m said...

It is like Dana Plato's last interview with Howard Stern. I can't watch any more ...

deluwiel said...

Did she finish a sentence during that entire thing? "blah blah blah" At what point are people going to realize that an "interview" with Tila is listening to her disjointed, slurred, incoherent mumbling? And once again she doesn't get that someone is mocking her TO HER FACE. It's hardly worth the effort if the mockee doesn't even know that they're being mocked.

Gigs01 said...

Anyone notice that that "scar" is not in the same place as the original "bloody" photo??? Keeps moving around! Pathetic!

An said...

First of all:


:-P With that said;

This is just hilarious XD She makes a total ass out of herself and the hosts just keep dissing her (<3 Loni Love!). They make her look even more stupid then she already is, and they're doing that on public television, it's just priceless!

Haha funny thing is; Tila turned to her Twitter telling everyone how awesome it was to be there etc etc. she didn't even realize that she made an ass out of herself. And that they were making fun of her. Way to go stupid mogul crab looking cunt :-P

rc3199 said...

I can't wait to see the Tila Army try to spin this appearance into a positive experience...

Sandra said...

Too funny, Tila is OMG of everything embarrassing. She is so on something, at the beginning she is slurring her words so bad. I'm sure she'll put this video on her flog, I wonder if she has watched it yet?

I don't know why she went on the show,-
* She announced she doesn't want to have a gossip site anymore.
* Her site is always late with news.
* It's always copy and pasted from another legit site
* She said the world of celebrity gossip doesn't interest her.
* Oh and her supposed staff of 25-30 now have week-ends of from posting 2 stories a day.

How does all that qualify her for a show about gossip?

P.S. I so love you Eddie, you are awesome!!!!

Ericka said...

Tila is such an ignorant slunt. She whorrified the audience with her mindless crack-rambling.

Admin said...

I really want to know if she can even spell Jujitsu now that would make an interesting "Dear Diary" entry.

FUYU said...

Thanks lolercopter for the clip!

Wooooow... after seeing that, I can't believe her Army was telling her how great she was on the show yesterday. She looked like a complete idiot.

Miss Reina said...

If Loni is our girl due east ... she just looks really sad ... she's like this is what I'm on??? When Tila Tequila is all we can get on?

kosherdish said...

Uh...Exactly what does she think she's doing going after Loni Love? Excuse you, stupid little troll. You don't go after the badass queen that is Loni Love!

Blondie said...

I wouldn't be boasting my flog If I were here...LMAO.

Joann said...

This is a good post Eddie. You said everything I was thinking.

I haven't laughed so hard AT Tila since her meth rants on twitter. Awwww....good times.

I gave my thoughts on her appearance on this show in the previous post but one point you brought up was the "guest hosting" thingy which I have to comment on.

What is it about "guest" and "guest hosting" that confuses her.
Either Tila is even dumber than we all thought or she is so insecure she can't bear to think of herself in any role unless it places her at the top or near the top of the totem pole OR......maybe acting like an idiot is the only way she can get attention now.

Bedazzle THIS said...

Wow is it me, (and other than the fact she come off as on tons of Xanax/Valium/Crack) is our Tila putting on some serious weight? She looks.. chubby. And not in a good way. More like bloated. No wait.. I take it back.

<<<< insert pause, Im thinking >>>>

She looks fat.

I mean yanno.. I love Le Fat.. but on her it just looks dumpy.

Im Out Of It said...

OMG, thank you for doing the play-by-play break down Uncle Eddie. I had to close out the video after a few seconds of her doing ghetto-speak in the interview.

Joann said...

Ben wrote...."From what I've heard from Loni and others involved the part that wasn't shown was worse, which makes me really want to see it.".....I'm with you on this one Ben.

I know we can't see the tape that was edited out of the show but if we could get some sort of verbal description of how it really went down I would be satisfied with that.

Vicky said...

She knows that she was only a guest. She just does what she always does-inflates her importance. I'm sure it's been discussed on here at great lengths, but this girl's got a serious case of Histrionic personality disorder.
From wikipedia: A mnemonic that can be used to remember the criteria for histrionic personality disorder is PRAISE ME:
P- provocative behavior
R- relationships, considered to be more intimate than they are
A- attention, must be at center of
I- influenced easily
S- speech style- wants to impress, but lacks detail
E- emotional lability, shallowness
M- make-up- physical appearance used to draw attention to self
E- exaggerated emotions- theatrical

Add that to an obvious drug problem and a short stint in reality show land and you get the psycho asian swamp rat we know to be Tila.

Girl needs help. Saddest part is that as much as everyone here makes fun of her, you're all she's got that's actually looking out for her. But my guess is that she'll keel over and die before she'll seek any actual help for her multitude of problems.

oLulubella said...

yes i do feel embarrassed for her. tila does not get that the joke is on her, shes not being entertaining she is merely a joke. sorry but its true. i know a friend who is kind of clueless and embarrasing. she will say things for the sake of seeming "gangsta" and "shock value", but in the meantime, everyone stares at her in shock and disgust at her stories and what spurts out of her mouth. its like, "what the heck are you talking about?"

tila reminds me of her. she tries to be all shocking and what not...geez!

i couldnt really hear what was being said because i dont have speakers on my laptop...but it doesnt really matter.

what i can see is, someone like bradshaw, or whoever, ENCOURAGING tila to stay. i can hear them tell her, in a condescending manner that she obviously cannot pick up on, "stay on stage as long as you can. SUE them! if something hits you, SUE SUE SUE!" of course, she has no case to sue but i can hear someone putting the idea in her head TO sue, just so she could be a mockery....

ahhh!!! i dont know!??!! i just want to tell her, to get a clue! damn thats all!

christianjayne7 said...

Hum. If JShore wants to be like Tila then why does it appear that Tila has completely changed her look to Angie's? Looks like she is trying to be more like Ang than Ang being more like her... Bless her poor little heart, she is doing the best SHE can... don't people like that usually get money from the gov to sit home and leave polite society alone!?

oLulubella said...



khandersuk said...

Very painful viewing. She is just so sad, it amazes me she can still get bookings?

She really believes she is Hollywood, which even with all the bullshit she spews out, this still astounds me. Having an address in LA does not Hollywood make!

That 'blah blah blah' thing did my head in when she was on super huge NYC tour and I see it's back. You would think a PR person, as she has so many, would work on this with her. The only time she doesn't use that phrase is when she is making sexual comments (on Tim Westwood interview), then she speaks perfectly.

What a twat!

brixie19 said...

Ok seriously. She can't even form one coherent sentence. (Although, I'll admit I stopped watching after the first minute because it was just too uncomfortable.)

I had to rewind her first sentence twice to understand it. "Welll...Iwasdooinaconcert."

What?! Drugs are bad, kids. Drugs are so, so bad.

Janelle said...

I caught this last night and all I could keep saying is wow just wow! I was expecting bad but she is beyond trashed. I can't quite pinpoint what she's on though.

katrah103 said...

The second hand embarrassment that i experienced from watching this was wildly uncomfortable! She is so drugged out! look at her! I can't believe she threatened loni like that, oooooh, she was about to get her ass kicked but then she backed down like a timid little girl and called her "babygirl" ?? WTF?

Terri said...

I had trouble hearing the audio.. but thank you!

I have seen her homemade videos where she has a dimple on her upper cheek and I am sure that is what she is calling her scar. I have looked for video (not for long, I get bored) but maybe somebody here can find one.

It looks like Tila is copying Jonna from the Real World and Rehab at The Hard Rock, totally.


Sheriff Gauncent said...

Have any of you talk on the phone late on a Saturday night with an old friend you haven't talked to in a while and half way through the conversation you just knew you were to fucked up 'cause you could barely talk?

Well there you go. She really sounds drunk. If it were meth, it be a whole different language that what she is talking.

I've seen so many people and worked with so many people high on so many different drugs.

She's totally wasted on opiates. I.e. Norcos, vicodin, heroin. The whole lot probably!

So easy to spot. How could even allow her to continue? The look on the "real" hosts face were in utter disbelieve as to how high she was. Just amazing! Great stuff!

Rebecca said...

What in quaalude hell is going on with her "Anna Nicole"-like mannerisms?

Seriously, I only watched the first 30 seconds because I was all *rubs eyes* am I watching Paula Abdul?

This clip reminds me of that guy on SNL who would do the drunk girl sketches...damn that guy's funny...but that's who she reminds me of....the fat drunk chick who's always trying to show you her tattoo.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I really wish I could write the next blog.

This is going to be so money.

Whore is so high! She is going to have so much anxiety over her Gossip appearance.

Nice cover up posting your piece of shit blog about autism and making half of it about haters so So thoughtful.

The end is near. Fucking christ I hope so!

Yeah right said...

I've been trying to find information on this charity. I looked through charity navigator, BBB, and several others. The only site that has this charity listed is guidestar.org and it has no ratings. Sorry, an unranked charity screams red flags to me.

Can't believe that bitch banned me again, and I've actually been almost nice in my posts.

punkass said...

I love when she is showing her "scar" she keeps scrunching up her face to make the dimple appear. Without her doing that, the "scar" isnt even noticeable. All I have to say is, LAY OFF THE VICODIN....you're a mess Tila.

alison m m said...

Bloated and incoherent = what???
Is it pain killers again?
For the face surgery?
I am sure that her month's break was well-advised, 'cos she isn't fit for the public right now ... but then again she said something about trainwrecks being a good hollywood career move WTF
And FFS who is this Homer dumbfuck?

Mary said...

@Yeah Right
The charity is C.A.R.D. and it has done an awful lot of work for the 'treatment' (for want of a better word) and awareness of living with autism. Honorary celebrity board members include Kelsey Gramer (spell check?!) and the Dixie Chicks amongst others.

I can see why anything 'charitable' Tila associates herself with needs a good, hard review but in this instance I think it would be a shame to associate such a hard working charity with her venomous and ignorant self. They couldn't possibly help it if the little goblin managed to shell out $75 for a ticket.

On a side note, I think Gossip Queens is a sore point for her, she's been going nuts in the comments section at anybody who brings it up. We're all 'just jealous' and they've asked her to be on future episodes. Maybe Loni will take her up on her smackdown threats? If that shit goes pay-per-view can we all chip in for Lolercopter and his camcorder?!

BKiddo said...

Thank You lolercopter and Uncle Eddie.
I'd really love to see the before and after of this sloppy, slurry mess.
I think all tila accomplished was showing, once again, what a selfish and disrespectful skank whore she is.
I know Loni has class, but I'd love to have seen her smack the crap out of tila. Now that would be gold!

Ben said...


It was recorded on my iphone, hence the shaking from the dry heaving. I could have set up something to hold it still, but that was more effort than it warranted. This was just something that needed to be seen by many and that's why it was hastily recorded. How she (or some of her minions) defend that is beyond most intelligent life.

Yeah right said...

@ Mary, that makes more sense, she linked to a charity called act-today.org, and I couldn't find any info on that. I've actually heard of C.A.R.D.

Kate said...

she looks like a busted up version of Lisa Ling from a distance. Full on Monet.

kellymae said...



Dear Miss Tila:
You suck, like an electrolux. That is all

Joann said...

@Mary..I looked up the charity(C.A.R.D) also and you're right they do a lot of great things to make people aware of autism but Tila put the link to the Autism Care and Treatment page(ACT) who works with C.A.R.D to raise money and this fellow Won-G she was talking about was recently named International Ambassador of ACT.

Here is another link to ACT, not the one Tila posted:

If you notice, in the skank's piece of crap blog she says...."Won-G has done a TON of charity work and his Father is also the Counsel For HAITI!
That is where they want to take me so I can fulfill my next goals in life to do a lot of charity work! So I am very blessed that my dreams and goals are starting to manifest itself.".....now we all know that's a bunch of crock.

She might be telling them that but there is no way Tila is going to be doing any charity work unless she's running it and profiting from it.

I did a small bit of research on Won-G and this is what I found...don't know how recent this is:

The young man sounds impressive if this is legit and Tila is probably trying to ride on his coattails.

Anybody think this might be who she was talking about when she said she found love at last or something like that on twitter recently?

Mary said...

Meant absolutely no disrespect with that comment, it was actually very thoughtful of you to film it so we didn't have to sit through the live event :)

Didn't notice she was referring to ACT, reading through her attempts at writing gives me headaches and uncontrolable rage so just looked at the pics which had the C.A.R.D. logo all over it. Jesus, did she even know what fucking charity she was supposed to be supporting?!

raunchyb said...

I can't believe nobody's mentioned her "joke" of releasing a list of 300 people she's been with. I think that was the most awkward part of the clip, especially the audience's reaction (or lack thereof).

Now to go read about her "sex tape" drama... My crazy senses were warning me something was going to happen today.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I honestly think she dosent go to these charity things to support the cause, she only goes for "bragging rights" to say she was there and to get her name tacked on to the guest list or some kind of news article. Someone like tila could care less about autism or animal rights (she wont even take the dog out to piss from the looks of her carpet) or whatever else fund raiser she uses her "hollywood celebrity status" to weasel herself into without paying a dime.

angela said...

@ Alison

Homer is Tila. She is also
anyone with a first and last name
anyone who says nice things about her really.

Isis said...

Fuck that, man.

1) As the mother of an Autistic child who was once told that "taking care of my retarded baby is not a job" by some lovely bloke in Tila's tanking dating site now defunct chat room, skank couldn't even afford to keep it up there, I take major offense to her being at an event like that and don't feel bad at all watching the tumble weeds skating around that failure of a dating site.

2). I am a vocalist that only performs for charity events, we're talking up to $1,000 a plate sort of events when I perform, Tila dear, these golden pipes of mine can draw in that kind of A-List affairs I have the honor to be able to appear at, and this is one bitch she had better keep her distance if she spreads her legs for-oh sorry, begs 9-Head for a ticket to attend.

3). I'm already one of the karaoke royalty in my town (yes sounds terribly corny but I love karaoke it's fun) and can rack up the prizes at any "American Idol"-ish competition they do, and I can make French Toast (and a whole bunch of other dishes) good enough to make Fatty cream her jeans after one bite.

Oh my, pardon me, how rude of me to forget:


Samantha said...

Aw i couldn't hear it :(

Ben said...

I know you didn't, I was just being playful. After I saw it I knew Tila wouldn't blog about it and I wanted everyone to see it ASAP, so I bit the bullet.

I'm willing to bet money that Tila isn't logging in as Homer and Database. I bet Homer is probably a secondary account of someone like Mittens, but they're not Tila. When Tila makes other posts she does it under guest (and I think she could be OMG-What as well) and other generic names. She has a specific writing style and it's not that of Database or Homer.

Here's a SS of her logging in at guest and posting before she banned me. http://twitpic.com/2t508g

The other thing is that she claimed that the producers told her to act this way (in the video) and blamed people not knowing how TV works for not getting it.


I contacted the staff and asked them if it was true they asked her back, he responded with "if they did it was only to laugh at her again". So once she knew we weren't believing that lie, she went on a deleting spree again.

For a badass gangster, she sure is chicken.

Oconnordaria said...


That would totally explain why, as someone commented on her flog, she only responds to the haters and not to people who compliment her...she'd be having a conversation with herself! (Not that that would be much of a stretch.) Besides, remember what happened one of the few times she responded to someone who said something nice about her....I am referring to the person who slammed Casey. As hard as she tried, even the Hogul couldn't back-pedal her way out of that one.

Seagal said...

Another thing I noticed during that embarrassing and painful interview was when they did a shot from the back of the audience you could hear applause but the audience was not applauding. Looked to me like they actually had to use canned applause during that episode. I could be wrong but that's sure what it looked like.

Hi to all from the Glacier Bay National Park Reserve in Alaska. Been here for a little over a month and going home next week.

This was one of the first times I was actually able to connect and be able to post.

BigPoppaPhat said...


I did notice that too, you hear applause but the shot with the front few rows no body was moving. I bet they did have to add in the applause.

Tuesday said...

Wow...I am cringing. How embarrassing!!!!!!!! That was so sad.

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