Wednesday, September 1

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So unless you live under a rock, you HAD to hear about James Lee holding people hostage at the Discovery Center building today because he was pissed off at the Gosselins and the Duggar family (sort of).  Anyway, I'm not even going to click on her fucking link, but I wanted to share this with you guys because I thought it was hilarious.

This is a shot from her celebritytweets page.  I have to look at this when I'm on my phone instead of her actual twitter because she has me blocked.  Anyway, I took this especially so you could see the time stamp at the top of the pic.  7:01 PM.  And, aside from the new post about THE OTHERS *cue spooky music* that she posted - which will probably be up here soon - you can see that her gossip blog posted about the hostage situation at approximately 6 PM. 

Now, I'm in the same time zone as Tila.  That shit ended here around 2 PM.  I remember that specifically because Maryland is on the east coast, 3 hours ahead, and they gave a press conference at 5:00 PM east coast time saying it was over.

That means Tila's fucking fail blog posted on that shit 4 hours late, saying it was happening "RIGHT NOW!"

Way to go, Ti-Lun.

Oh and speaking of that fucking batshit stupid post.  Yes, we've seen it.  And we're all scratching our heads as to how to write it up here.  IT'S JUST. SO. STUPID.  What do you say about such flagrant retardation?


Seola Uno said...

LMAO - Up to the date exclusives, right from Tila's Twitter. IIRC, wasn't some phrase about him being DEAD trending at that time? I thought I saw (I have mine set to US only) something on the death stuff. Not sure though.

I'm with you on that warrior post. I was asked a few times today. It is just... so... stupid. I can't even think of anything witty to say on it, for even the parts I could make out of the ashes of coherency. It was... stupid. Honestly, I couldn't even suffer myself to read the entire thing, I read a paragraph - thought my eyes would explode from the idiocy and quit.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I actually got quite a bit of use out of the "warrior" post. You see. I printed the post out on the t-shirt transfer paper. The I ironed it onto and old white t-shirt, then I scrubbed by toilet with said t-shirt. The transfer worked as a great scrubbing mechanism to scrape my old shit off my toilet. Then I threw it away.

So you see, the whoreskank's writing is good for some things.

Seola Uno said...

Newscast Repeat on the TV said at 5:48PM EST confirmed he was dead, this was at least 45 minutes past the time they reported the situation had ended. So by this detective work of Eddies, and this replay on TV, not only was it NOT on "right now"... he had already been confirmed dead for at least 30 minutes before Tila posted her "right now" comment.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Since Tila is in Pacific time with me, you have to count the time difference. I found out he was dead around 3 PM (and CNN, which I was watching, was one of the last to report it), so that's 3 hours before her post.

Bedazzle THIS said...

Im rather upset that you didnt tag this with Gay Porn. Moving on.

Jenifer Aniston rang me, she says The Others sat next to her during dinner. TRUTH.

In the words of Tila Im Grimy Whore Tequila. Wanker fuck you pow.

* blink *

Fatty McFatterson said...

The guy was practically buried by the time Tila thought to report the news. I love how everyone called her out on that post immediately, and she slunk back to post her 'update' that he was shot and killed.

Kay said...

Tila's Ti-whatever post had me in fucking hysterics.

Besides the self important shite, it was the seizure bit that did it for me. I'm an epileptic who also looks after adults with epilepsy (among other things). As she was "shaking" it was a tonic clonic seizure and there is NO WAY her father could try and hold her jaw off even for a short while. Their jaw locks, nothing's moving it and you don't keep biting as Tila's implying, you bit down and your jaw stays there til you've come out of the seizure. I've bitten my tongue (and the inside of my cheeks) millions of timesand contrary to popular belief it's very rare an epileptic bites their tongue off.

I'd also like to know what the "shot" was he supposedly gave her to "make her better". Never heard such bollocks.

It pissed me off, all this poor me I had a seizure and was so brave. Just say it's true, she was 2 and would have no memory of it. Millions of us live with epilepsy, mine dictates my life atm and millions don't go around acting the hero. It is what it is, you just get on with it.

Seola Uno said...

Oops, sorry Eddie I saw that, but I thought you meant the time on the phone was set to Eastern... maybe I've inhaled too much cardboard box dust!

SammiDe said...

Lawdy, smdh! She will say ANYTHING to pimp that retarded "blog" of hers out!