Tuesday, September 21

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Here's a little random Tila update for you guys.  Earlier she tweeted

Well, I couldn't have cared less.  A few people asked which show it could be, but there was no serious conversation...until this happened:

Oh, that's awesome.  Nevermind the fact that LOGO is the GLBT channel, and we all know how Tila feels about the gays, right?

I don't know how LOGO would like you calling people "homo" or "homo bitch fucks," Tila.  But God knows I appreciated that you did it.  Sometimes I forget how classy you are, and you always do something to remind me.

ANYWAY.  What show is it?  It's gotta be The Gossip Queens.  Here's a shot of my TiVo listings for that night:

As you can see, the only shows on that night are Buffy, The Gossip Queens, and RuPaul's Drag U.  And I know the pristine, enchanted beauty that is RuPaul would not disgrace her stage with that slag.

If you're curious about the show, Fatty sent me this link: Alec Mapa, Michelle Collins, Loni Love set for Gay Gossip Show.  It's apparently The View for the gays. 

So there we go.  Apparently Tila was a hot fucking mess.  Now the question remains: to tune in, or not to tune in?

Oh, and if you want to link LOGO to this post, feel free.  Although the show has already been taped, so it's too late for them to call her on her blatant homophobic remarks.  And I'm sure they're unaware that she uses the lesbian coin whenever she can, even though she totally is NOT a lesbian.

And wait...what happened to her quitting the gossip trade?  Oh wait, LOL.  I took Tila at her word again.  MY BAD, GUYS.


Fatty McFatterson said...

Loni Love will be on the show. I'm hoping Tila has the balls to call her a monkey face homo AND lecture her about how she puts food on Loni's table.

As for tuning in...I don't want to give them the traffic, because they'll see Tila as tv gold. I say someone takes one for the team, records it and youtubes it for us.

1cupcake said...

Anyone notice or mention that on Tila's blog roll there is one titled "Cold Crib" and its a site to write to people who are imprisoned... isn't that nice for all her young followers?!?!? sheesh!

FUYU said...

I want her to just disappear already... and what happened to her break from twitter? She can't even stay a freaking week away, but why am I not surprised.. this is only her 10million-th time with that BS.

anon110 said...

Isn't LOGO is a sister station of MTV Networks? Figured MTV would be aware of her antics by now.

Joann said...

I hear what you're saying Fatty about not giving them traffic but I'm going to tune in because I'm curious to see what Tila is going to do and how she will interact with Loni Love and the others on the show.

I'm thinking she's not being interviewed but will be part of a panel. I can't wait to see this.."rolling eyes".

Every time any of us try to give the host/s of these stations(radio and/or TV) the heads up about this skank they don't want to listen and start to get giddy because of the amount of people who are calling them or sending them emails/texts regarding her.

So I'm not going to send LOGO anything. I'm going to leave it along and just watch.

As long as she's not doing anything immoral with minors AGAIN, I am going to let the skank hang herself. She does that very well.

Prof. Chaos said...

I am so disheartened!! I really thought that Tila would be teaching the children of Uganda how to attract attention by acting like a total psycho. What about the CHILDREN?? What about her 30 day break from all "media". What about teaching young girls how to strip?? I'm besides myself. Does this mean that Tila is a Liar??? Again?? How dumb is her AOI?? How dumb is she?? "I'm on vacation because I am burnt out." "No, wait .. I'm on another stoopid reality show. I'm gay, I'm straight, I'm bi. I'm whatever you want me to be." Fuckin tool.

axetina81 said...

To heck with what happened to her "vacation" from twitter. I thought she was taking a "vacation" period. What a lying sack of poo! She may have her army of idiots fooled but this girl is a damn shame to our civilization. Who wants to hear from her anyway!?!? I have to say, I am curious to see how "screwed up" her face looks with make up on. I wonder if they did it for her or if she was allowed to do it herself. Either way, NOTHING could fix that face! But if she does it she will only make it worse to pull the gay sympathy card. Lets face it...Tila is a FAILURE to our culture and she should be TAKEN DOWN!!

tui said...

Dammit, wish I could remember where I read the skank ranting on (pre shot at love days) about how she could never be a lesbian because she loves cock so much..... or something to that effect,

Jacqueline said...

No show she can do other than stripping her skeleton body and huge fake tits on the pole. She needs to get a permanent job as a stripper in her local cheap clubs. aww!!

Hannah said...

@tui, the Ghost Rider blog that gets linked to from here had a really good post on Tila's past antics. They had screenshots of her old Myspace blogs and one of them said that, so that's probably where you saw it too.

I'm reluctant to give them the traffic but at the same time I would love to see her make a fool of herself on TV. She does such a good job at embarrassing herself, I can't imagine it would turn into her getting anymore air time.

Oconnordaria said...

How does she keep getting bookings? It doesn't take a hellava lot of research to realize what a good-for-nothing trainwreck she is. I defy anyone to google her name and come up with a single result that has ANYTHING positive to say. Maybe they did have her on just to poke fun at her...God I hope so!

xkiharux said...

It's a good thing you took the screenshots of the Tweets when you did. I just looked at her Twitter to see if she went off on anyone specific, and they were all deleted.

TmMeans07 said...


check out the top blog,

She talks about why she can't date women
"My favorite subject once again....MEN! YAY! hahahaa! Hey I'd talk about chicks but girls are crazy man! I dated a girl long, long, long, long ago and I am never going back to that....they are emotionally insane and unstable creatures...but then again, guys can be too! But at least it's easier with men. Just give 'em a beer and they'll shut up. hahaha! Women are just too complex. So put complex and complex together you get....A BIG FUCKEN HEADACHE! Anyway..... So back to men...oh yea...what about them?? Ummm....well I guess what I want to say about them is umm....that I can't wait to make some babies with my baby daddy one of these days! HAHAHHAHAHAA!"

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Anyone remember this? I got this from Access Hollywood website:


Or the link: http://www.accesshollywood.com/tila-tequila-gay-marriage-legal-because-of-me_article_9903

No homo - http://www.celebritytweet.com/officialTila/link/2848504107/

Hey, Tila, fuck you, hoe!

FUYU said...

Did you guys see @itsALDO 's other tweets? Apparently Bradshaw was there too?? *scratches head*

Great lil conversation with @mrbradshaw a great celebrity stylist ;) Go follow.
about 18 hours ago via web

Thanks Gem! Great convo tonight! RT @itsALDO: Great lil conversation with @mrbradshaw a great celebrity stylist ;) Go follow.
about 17 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

gillianthemad1013 said...

The Tila Tequila "Gay marriage is legal because of me" shenanigans were how I first learned about her. Needless to say, I was NOT IMPRESSED.

And yeah, LOGO must be really desperate because anyone with a pair of working eyes can see how NOT gay, not even bi, Tila is. Tila discredits bisexuals in general by pretending to be one in order to garner more attention, and bisexual women in particular because she feeds the idea that women are only into women to arouse men thus making lesbians and bi women harder to take seriously by the general public.

1cupcake said...

ALSO under the same myspace blogs where it is titles "WHO" I noticed a line of hers that says "
I have no smokes, I have nobody to harass...there is no dope around. Fuck.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/tilatequila/blog?page=55#ixzz10Ip3WA32


Kungfukitten said...

Has anyone tried to contact Aldo for an interview? Or maybe he knows someone on the set who would like to do an anonymous interview on what happened when she was there. I'm curious what a hot mess entailed.

JewelsLuck21 said...

Check this out!

Kid Rock talking about Tila Tequila:


Sheriff Gauncent said...

Kid Rock in Rolling Stone Swears Off Tila Tequila!


Open 7 Days a Week said...

I saw this this morning (it is about a "Tila Army" member):


I know it is thedirty, but it just goes to show how dangerous her "army" members and their mentality is

Eduardo Retardo said...

@Open 7 Days A Week
That's no regular Tila Army member. That's Joda. She's a bird of an entirely different psychotic feather. Care to know more?


PS: She calls us the Snotspot. Isn't that cute? BITCH IS 50 AND THAT'S THE BEST SHE COULD COME UP WITH.

PPS: Uncle Eddie loves the Dirty. Uncle Eddie loves Nik Richie. No homo. Okay, maybe a little bit of homo.

Yeah right said...

@Open 7 days a week (or anyone else that can answer) This Jodacatt that he is talking about being stalked by, her last few comments have been very anti-Tila, is it the same do you know or has she changed her view of Tila ?

Joann said...

I watched Gossip Queens late last night (12:30 AM) to get an idea of what type of show this is.

The link Fatty sent Eddie sums it up. It has a View format(4 people sitting around in comfy chairs) and they bring on a guest who has a .com gossip site to talk gossip about celebs.

The show is only on for 30 minutes and they try to squeeze in 3 guests, which only gives them a few minutes of air time a piece.

I want to see if Tila lies more than usual when she appears on Gossip Queens and exactly how much of a hot mess she will she be on this show.

rc3199 said...

I just watched Tila's appearance on Gossip Queens.

The segment was maybe five minutes long and let me tell you we need to get the clip and post it here on the Rotspot.

Here are some highlights:

1. Tila has definitely added a few pounds onto her midget ass.

2. She was high on something, at times forgetting what she was trying to say in mid sentence and slurring the few sentences she did speak.

3. They asked he about the incident at "The Gathering" and why she stayed on stage, all she could say was the she was "Gangsta".

The entire panel called her an ass for staying on stage.

4. They asked her about her recent appearance at the Hustler Club in Vegas.

She would not name the club by name but talked about how she met Angelina from the reality show "Jersey Shore".

She claimed that Angelina asked her for advise on how to stay famous.

Tila tells her she has to work her way out of the reality genre and into mainstream media or else she will
be a failure.

The host of the show flat out tells Tila "a failure just like you huh..."

Tila then says she is about to get all Gerry Springer on the show and that she knows martial arts.

The host laughs in her face and says "Yeah I am real scared..."

Segment ended shortly after this exchange.

Just another classic failure for the Midget Hogul...

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