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On August 27th, Tila posted a blog titled:


I figure - she's admitted to anyone following her must be a stalker. Proves our other fortuitous writers correct in their assertions that anyone who even reads anything Tila or takes a pic is a stalker. Except for one thing, X17 is about the only outlet left that she can call who will follow her. TMZ laughs at her, E only wanted the exclusive "after" interview seeing $$ signs, hasn't posted a word about her since and she burned her bridges with Radar for her scheming pregnancy on them. I always think to myself, X17 can't even afford to buy the open domain name of Frankly, most often - it's just like Tila's site - an RSS feed of other sites, except for the few "exclusives" they can get from Z-listers most have forgotten about and no other sites will pay for. Not to mention several lawsuits for posting fake stories. Moving on...

Dear Diary,

Usually there are certain places where you KNOW paparazzi will be at and of course that’s why the pics are always up CLOSE cuz they are right in front of you… however, Yesterday I had a lot of errands to run and got to my meetings and stuff, etc. I haven’t had time to get online because I have been so busy.

You mean like when you Tweeted you were heading to Roberson Blvd.? Does it really matter if you end up calling them to where you go anyways?
But today my friends told me that I was on X17 while I was getting my car washed! I was like WTF??? That is SO WIERD because that day I was running around town all day going to meetings, then at the end of the day I wanted to get my car washed. The entire time I saw NO paparazzi’s. So it was nice to go about my day and get all my shit done that I needed to do, but once I saw the pics, I was mad because I thought someone in my camp is leaking out info on my whereabouts. So I asked them all who called the paps. They all denied that they called. But I’m still skeptical. I want to trust the people I work with so I will give them the b enefit of the doubt. But what I REALLY want to know, is that when and WHERE did the paps find me and started following me around town??? That to me is really bizarre!
Tila has no friends, except Football Field Forehead. (That's my pet name, others refer to him as 9head.) Since Tila has openly RSS'ed X17 - why wouldn't she see this herself? Is getting your car washed a "meeting" ? She has complained many times she can't leave her house because she's soooooo in demand that paps follow her everywhere. So now, she's saying that she wasn't being followed, i.e., no one gave a damn about her and then they popped up? I'm totally laughing my fat ass off over the "where did the paps find me" comment though. Where? Gee golly, how about OUT IN PUBLIC? How about when you let them know where you would be?
But Since I have a gossip blog as well, the paps that a really good, I guess they have deals with people all around Hollywood, so maybe the people at the carwash called them. I don’t know. But anyway, as you can see in these photos, you can tell that the paparazzi was hiding in a car somewhere far, so that I can’t see them. You can tell because the pics are blurry so yo u can tell they had to zoom in really close with a long lens. *sigh* Well I guess being in this industry, you gotta accept the fact that I’m a public figure and it comes with the package. I mean, I don’t mind these pics cuz I’m not doing anything but getting my carwash, which by the way was total rip off cuz I paid $300 just for a full detailed wax, etc. $300 for a damn carwash???? But oh well, it IS a Lambo after all so I wanted to make sure they gave my car the full treatment, and they did do a great job!
Wait - she has a gossip blog now? Bu t she posted her blog wasn't going to be about celeb gossip unless it was her own opinion on some scandalous, downright dirty stuff. She knows all the paps and is so tight with them! Let's take a play on Tila's theory about the sight of the pics being blurry and blah blah blah. Here's the photo in question:

Now, in this context, it's not so blurry, go ahead and click on it to bring up the actual size Tila posted it on her site. She took it from X17, straight from their story. Which is actually kind funny:

But alas, what is the top photo? It's a split of Tila walking and her car. Notice how it's clearer now? Also notice how the word writing on the Lamborghini picture is CLEAR.

Now, to the solo picture that they have. X17 has right click disabled - the easiest way to get the photo this way is to either link back from the Page Source. Tila didn't link to X17, we can see that from the image information. What else is there? A screen cap. First, I went to Page Info in Mozilla to see exactly what size the photo is scaled to on X17, then I went to Tila's site and did the same thing.

When you take this photo, even on an 800x600 resolution, it's only about 1/2 the size Tila posted. So Tila herself then enlarged the image, then saved at a lower resolution. What happens when you enlarge an image, regardless of clarity, taken from a screen cap? It gets blurry because of the pixelation. While the pixel widths are roughly the same, the size itself (152kb for X17 versus 82kb for Tila). Since the pixels are different however, that also means that it wasn't kept the same image, it was messed with before saving at a low resolution. For those who don't know or have forgotten, the clearer a picture is, the bigger it's size will be. Sort of like hi-def TV. It takes up more space on a TiVo/DVR box because of it's clarity. Tila also slapped her watermark on top of X17s.

This is obviously in the parking lot of the car wash. Within several miles of anywhere she would be, it's going to be on a busy street in a neighborhood. The most you could be, in general, is only a block away before the other buildings surrounding it and the environment would block the shot. Paparazzi have zoom capable of more than 2 miles at a slightly blurry bit. Posting with the picture are some lulz worthy comments:
My baby “POSHA” (I named my Lambo Pasha) was looking mad blingin’ and shiny and rims were glowing!
Umm... you don't know what you named your car? Posha or Pasha?
LOL… but whatever, I’m a public figure so I can’t complain. It comes with the job.
Hmmz.... Didn't she just spend half a blog post complaining?

What does Tila have to tweet about all this?

A single shot at a carwash is around town to Tila. She goes on to talk about long lens, how haters are going to say she called, blah blah blah. If they are in long lens, in a car, logically this would mean that between the mile away on a street (the angle is eye level) on a busy Friday there is zero traffic between the photographer and her. How many car wash employees do you think have a direct line to X17? Wouldn't they rather get a payday from E or TMZ? If she's so hounded, why are there no shots of her the entire day prior to this? Me thinks she got upset she hadn't been photographed yet, so she called during her last errand. Oh, and more rambling about her "name brand" bag.


Anonymous said...

tila is so annoying. hey tila, what if the papz did NOT follow you around hmm??? what if NO ONE took pics of you?? heck, what if the rotspot fails to recoil all your failures and lies and pure hilarity? ya know? you like that you can say the paparazzis are following you around. face it, YOU LIKE IT!!! your a silly girl ya know??

Hannah said...

Trying and failing to prove haters wrong again. When will she ever learn?

Jim said...

So Tila's running ads on her twitter? Or has it been hacked?

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dirtywaitress said...

funny how she said her car wash was 300 when you can clearly see the sign behind her for the Super Clean is 49.95..But that is Tila, bitch cant even tell the truth about a car wash..but she never the receipt after you read this bitch..

angela said...

But Tila DID go to the Emmys. She sat next to Jennifer Aniston and everything. Tila, NEVER lies. LOL

Anonymous said...

is the lambo really her's? why doesnt it have a license plate?

Barbara said...

Shit, I'm in Wisconsin and car washes cost more than that. The do-it-yourself place down the street from me is $20 just to drive your car in and sit there, you're allowed to pay them more if you want to use their vaccuum.

Posha/Pasha? Is this so she can have a Lambo and a genetically mutated Porsche all in one?