Saturday, September 25

postheadericon Sorry Casey, Tila's Finally in Love!

I woke up and the jellis haters are going crazy over what Tila tweeted today:

Aww, Tila's in love again!  I guess it's time to recycle that lie.  But wait, here's my favorite one:

Oh, FINALLY.  You're FINALLY in love.  Snap.

You guys know why that's so fucked up?  You know what yesterday was?

Way to announce that you're FINALLY in love the day after Casey's birthday, you stupid cunt.  Jesus fucking Christ.

Remember my last Casey Johnson post?  This one?  Well, Tila wanted us to take it down.  She claimed it was defamation.

I wonder what she'll think about this one? 

I mean, she's just rubbing it in everyone's face that she didn't care about Casey.  Casey was a meal ticket, a ticket to stardom and nothing more. 

Tila, you're a disgusting fucking cunt.  And I'm still waiting on my answer about Chunks!


Ben said...

I love that she says "finally", she lost the supposed love of her life in January and when she gets engaged in a week, this will be her 3rd engagement of 2010.

Her vacation is just what she did with Biff because apparently she can't be in love and run her "empire".

crispiibacon said...

Guess who Tila was trying to copy that day she dressed up as a "tomboy" and kept going on and on about how much of a tomboy she is?

tilas outfit

Taylors outfit

Jubilee said...

I had never watched the video of Tila and Casey in their underwear announcing their 'engagement' before today and I was so appalled. I didn't think she could disgust me anymore. Waving around her ring and going on and on about how Casey was the heir to the Johnson&Johnson empire, flirting with skylarr and then having a rant at Casey for not getting jealous about it, when Casey was just being sweet. Casey was just so passive the whole time, and seemed to be trying to calm her down when she went crazy. She even said 'I'd love you if you lived in a cardboard box' in such a genuine way and Tila's condescending 'awwww' made me want to punch her. I also noticed anytime someone called casey beautiful tila would go awww yeah thats nice LOOK AT ME pretty much. GOD. So I know I'm behind with this video shiz having never watched it before, but is the Skylarr she refers to Skylarr Jayden or whatever that freak was called? Seriously, Casey had her issues clearly, but she seemed like a really kind and sweet girl in that video and everyone who knew her said she was a lovely girl, just troubled. The Casey thing will always weigh on Tila's mind as she took advantage and basically allowed a sick and vulnerable girl to die, which is one of the reasons I think she's had such a spectacular meltdown, as it's been mentioned in comments before that her early myspace blogs she has never exactly been mentally stable. It's just sick she's pulling a stunt the day after Casey's birthday; did the Johnsons take out a gagging order on her? Coz if not, I reckon you guys should call the bitch out for not even making comment or grieving for Casey on her birthday. I'm so sick of her, she gets crueller and more narcissitic by the day, but I'm so addicted to TRS. You guys rule as I've said before x

Tiffany said...

Ah, yes, another "love" that will last for around a week. Remember Casa, anyone?

Joann said...

IMO, I always believed Tila cut Casey loose when she found out Casey was REALLY cut off from the family fortune.

She made so many promises about what she was going to do to honor Casey and never did a thing but bask in the publicity from her death.

What happen to this:



I don't believe she's in "love" with anyone. I think the skank is making it up to get attention.

But, if by chance there is a "real" person out there crazy enough to be with her, don't expect it to last but a hot minute, if that.

danger.mouse1 said...

Are we talking about that Swedish Meatball that was yelling "Tila Army for Life" when she made that checking in audio post?

Fuck the Tila Death Pool. You need to start one to bet how long this one will last. Let's see....Merriman about a week then domestic violence allegations, Casa about 3 days before she got a restraining order for stalking and some random dude named Biff that lasted a matter of hours after he brought her a carton of smokes.

I'll bet this new one has a shelf life of about 5 more days before he confronts his expiration date stamped on the next lolsuit.

dingetje said...

Well, she did wrote this on twitter the other day :

1:25 PM Sep 24th via ÜberTwitter

That doesn't mean I don't still think she stupid and used Casey, and does drugs , and never tells the truth , and is very mentaly ill

tlp said...

I tried to post a comment on her site, but I guess I'm still banned as Mom. It's probably for the best anyways. Posting on that site and arguing with Tila and her Zombies can be very addictive. I just had a proposal for the non fans. Maybe someone who isn't banned could post it for me. It's probably a silly idea but I have lots of those ;) Here it is:

Proposal to all non fans:

Attention is what she wants and it is what she get from everyone who comments on here. The majority of comments are from non fans so lets just all take a step back and see what happens. I suggest we let only the fans comment for at least a couple weeks. If we care to comment we should go to TRS. I think things will get pretty dull around here pretty darn quick and the less attention she gets the better. We all know that's the only way she will ever get help.

Just a thought :)

tlp said...

If our comments could get posted immediately, the conversation would be much better. I think you would get alot more comments also.

Why does it take so long for them to post?

FUYU said...

Oh my GOD!! Please.... someone blast her off the face of the earth already! I'm so sick of her claiming she's "in love" and then turns around and spits in that person's face. What does she think love really is? I give it a week.

raunchyb said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed the irony of the "OMG IN LOVE" post being the day after her "wifey's" birthday. SMH.

I like tlp's proposal - it might be interesting. My guess is that Tila would have to do something to compensate for the lack of comments/attention though... I don't think it would lead her to get help.

Also, I agree with the comment delays - It's really frustrating and usually ends up making me look silly.

tlp said...

From Mom :)

You guys and girls are the best! Thank you :)

gillianthemad1013 said...

I have trouble deciding whether Tila is just too much of an airhead and actually forgot that she ever claimed to love Casey or that she is in fact cold and shameless enough to be quite aware of her continuously declared love for Casey but just doesn't care about appearing inappropriate. Either way, it's quite clear that she's doing it for attention. How much longer until she claims to be pregnant again?

raunchyb said...

Stop the presses! Tila and Mr. Anthony "Tony" Bradshaw are back together - she tweeted about going to a charity gala, and he tweeted about going to a gala with the "boss lady." I bet she makes him call her that.

Any bets for who went crawling back to whom first?

FUYU said...

Did you guys see the tweet about the autism charity? I wonder what happened to going to Africa for "MAJOR CHARITY WORK, INCLUDING UGANDA"?

Bedazzle THIS said...

An open letter to Tila, ( so sad, so moving)


Yeah, we know you read this. Youre an asshole. You were an asshole, you continue to be an assshole, and I bet.. yep. Youre still an asshole.

And good luck with that new guy. I hope he doesnt die/throw you under a bus/sue you.


Jon B, ( like Anthony B, but cooler)

khandersuk said...

I wrote a post yesterday but got an error message when I tried to send it, and doesn't seem like it worked in the end. If my point comes up twice, sorry!

Did anyone else catch that the photographer on her audio post picture happens to be a Swede? This is someone she mentioned a few months ago as 'the next big thing' and I suspect he may be the mystery Swede who speaks at the end of the audio clip.

I do think the audio post had an intent for Tila to show this guy how popular and loved she is. I mean, if you are truly on holiday, you don't worry about what can wait until you're back, and she has been present quite a bit, so not really given anyone time to miss her. She just likes to string people along with issues and there was no real point to 'check in' like she did, other than to show off to fans and the man alike that the others do exist.

I guess we'll have to wait for her 'big news' announcement, which I imagine will be about the new man. She just never learns, does she!!??

tui said...

tip, it used to be fabulous here before comments were moderated, with a lot of back'n forths and hilarious convo. Not quite sure why the girls decided to start moderating.

HottyRotty said...


We've moderated comments for over four months now. It's what I've chosen to do and it won't change. We get tips/leads off of comments and quite frankly I got sick of people spamming the fuckin' site.


HottyRotty said...


For some reason they ALWAYS go back. Carlton did it, Garry did it, Casa did it ... Bradshaw doesn't surprise me in the least!


John said...

It's funny how she wasn't invited to PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards last night, especially after she lied about doing a new campaign for them. You know, those 'test shots' you posted that just happened to be from the same shoot she did for the site banner photos and the Tilamerch bollocks. The shoot she arranged/paid for. But Tila would never use a charity for publicity/her own gain now, would she? oh...

tlp said...


I'm sure the spamming is very annoying so I understand your reasoning.

I like this site and the people who come here seem pretty intelligent. I just thought it would be nice to have a conversation with other posters that flowed more smoothly.

Too bad the spammers have to ruin things for everyone else.

Monique said...

Info on the charity event that Tila went to on Saturday...

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders 20th Anniversary, Black-Tie Benefit Gala
Saturday, September 25, 2010
The Park Plaza Hotel - 607 S. Park View Street - Los Angeles, California

Grammy Winner Macy Gray to Headline Star Studded Gala

CONFIRMED GUESTS (as of Sept. 07):
Emmy Winner Archie Panjabi (“The Good Wife”), Actor Max Burkholder (Emmy Nominated Show “Parenthood”), Actress Ariel Winters (“Modern Family), Actress Lorraine Toussaint (“Saving Grace”), Actor Barry Shabaka Henley (“Flash Forward), Tila Tequila (Reality Star), Leeza Gibbons (Entertainment Reporter/Host), and more surprise celebrity guests.

Joann said...

If Mr. Bradshaw is stupid enough to GO BACK TO WORK for some broke down skank who basically said if it wasn't for her he would not be known, then he deserves everything she does to him in the future.

She fired him once before and he apologized and came running back like a trained puppy dog.

I know she has no respect for him because he don't respect his own self. Dude has a weak mind. SMH.

Weak minded people are the only ones who can work with her.

Mary said...

I think we have a new record!! Is it over already?
Posted 18 hours ago on the little darling's twitter:

You broke you're promise. I never did. That's really not cool but hey, at least I know I'm true to my words and honor that. #disappointed about 18 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

anon110 said...


4 tweets and a blogpost since then.

Kinda wonder who #disappointed her.

Joann said...

Guys...You remember those pictures you had of Tila under the post on 9/19 titled "Asian Hooker To Wannabe Chola" and I said the "mirrored" pictures look nothing like her...well, I really do believe this skank had some sort of procedure done on her face and eyes.

The kind of procedure that doctors can do in their office and you can go home immediately afterward.

A different hair/wig color don't change your looks THAT much and colored contact lens don't change the shape of your eyes.

I saw a pictures of her before the black hair and afterward and no can tell me this skank didn't have something surgical done to her face and eyes.

Joann said...

Didn't know Tila had TWO breast implants.

Tiffany said...

Joann, I had no idea you could change your eye shape with plastic surgery. She doesn't even look Asian in that picture. She also looks like she's in her early-mid 40s. Not good at all.

raunchyb said...

I think Joann's on to something with the recent plastic surgery. She really does look different (but not unrecognizable).

Crazy idea: what if her whole "30 day vacation" was planned to be recovery time for plastic surgery? If that were the case, maybe she ended up getting something done that healed quickly, hence her nearly instant return.

I wish we could confirm or deny the plastic surgery. (I had no idea about the double implants either, but it makes sense.)

Joann said...

@raunchyb....EXACTLY what I'm thinking now.

I kept saying the "vacations" she was taking had to do with her giving "special services" to her gentlemen friends but now I'm thinking she was getting procedures done to her face and eyes a little bit at a time.

Could be why she stayed on stage at the Juggalos festival to purposely keep getting hit so she could use that as an excuse to get work done to her face and eyes. Wouldn't put it pass her.

I too hope someone can find out if she REALLY had procedures done.

tui said...


I wouldn't be surprised if you were right about the plastic surgery procedure....... and what's the bet she got the surgeon to give her a nice scar under her eye at the same time, hoping to get some press out of it.

There is NO WAY that scar is from the juggalo fiasco.

PS Joann I love your comments, keep em coming doll!

Mary said...

I don't know much about cosmetic surgery so please correct me if I'm wrong but it kinda looks like she's had a brow lift, her eyebrows are much higher and there's more eyelid visible there than before. I'm probably wrong though because I'd imagine the healing time for something like that would be much longer. And she wouldn't possibly be stupid enough to get a hair cut to hide stitches and have her hair possibly infecting.... oh wait, I remembered who I was talking about...

Vicky said...


Any time someone in the public eye gets a procedure done they always do something drastic to their hair. It's the oldest trick in the plastic surgery book. The idea is that the drastic hair change will distract from whatever procedure was done.

If you look at her newest black hair photos, you'll notice she also slapped on some heavily drawn in dark eyebrows, which are also trying to distract. She's clearly had some work on her nose because it's still swollen from the procedure. She also had either botox around the eyes or some kind of facial resurfacing. And is it just me or do her cheeks look slightly fuller?

Monique said...

Tila Tequila Shows Off Her Injuries…And New Lips!

"After scanning the pictures Tila took of the scratches and bruises she received, it looks like she is adding to her list of plastic surgeries/cosmetic procedures. In addition to undergoing at least two boob jobs, it looks like Tila has started to rework her face. She is sporting a new set of plumped up lips and her jawline looks a bit different."

John said...

Tim Westwood has added the hq videos from Tila's visit on his you tube page- they are worth a watch for the lols!

There is a girl (her uk pr?) behind her that she keeps looking to when she's asked questions- Tila looks permanantly uncomfortable and her pr looks like she can barely keep awake/give a shit. The best bits though are Mr Bradshaws long suffering BISH PLEASE looks when she talks, especially about dating Souljaboy:

p.s. I am from the uk, and I read the sun newspaper and website every day. They were supposed to be Tila's big interview when she was here, but they haven't said a word about her since. Not even a word about GOTJ- hahahahaha

MsWonkyTits said...

Very, very interesting thoughts about the plastic surgery. Her eyes did seem more lifted.
We all know she reads this. Wonder how she will skate out of the lie we may have already called her out on?
Hi Tila! *WAVES* (You are still ugly BTW)

robcypher said...

I like Tila but you should probably use a "captcha" type thing to keep the spammers away. But maybe you've done this already?

Kate said...

Speaking of Jesus: Casey, you were too good for her. Hopefully you're ignoring all this crazy bitch is doing.

Hannah said...

Gossip Queens couldn't have been better. Loni Love sure as hell wasn't going to kiss Tila's ass. And Tila was obviously on something, she couldn't even finish a sentence. I almost *almost* felt bad for her because she was trying to be funny and I just felt incredibly embarrassed for her. But keyword there is almost :P

BigPoppaPhat said...

Her face is even more fucked up now than before LMAO wow

Joann said...

@Hannah...I was LMAO at her on Gossip Queens. She was a waste of time.

When Loni Love asked her what kind of performance was she doing at the Juggalos Tila said something that I couldn't understand then she started going "lalalalalalalalalalala then continue talking, I had tears coming out my eyes from laughter.

Also, when she was trying to explain WHY she stayed onstage when they were throwing things at her, Tila said..."first of all", then lost her whole train of thought...there was dead silence in the room for about a second or two. You could hear the crickets.

Loni finally told her to "think about it" and one of the other Queens said "we'll wait" then Tila continued her story.

That chick was flying on something. She kept losing her train of thought. Her whole appearance was one big embarrassment.

alison m m said...

Joann, she just thinks that she 'got the party started'
She isn't from this planet ...

Isis said...


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