Friday, September 10

postheadericon Can Tila REALLY Be That Stupid!?

Apparently, yes.

So on the 3rd, wrote this post.  It's about Tila and her lambo.  You can see the part that really grinds Tila's gears:

LOL, Saigon Whore.  Ouch.  But hey, it's nothing worse than we've ever said here, and she pretty much is a Saigon Whore.  I mean, she banks on oversexualized images of herself as an Asian.  That's the image she sells.  That's the glove that fits her.  So wtf is her problem? 

Of course, she tries to pull the race card.  Honey, you can't pull the race card when it's part of your image.  I dunno.  I mean, I guess I can see how it's a little racist...but I feel like the perception she puts out there is racist, so you can't really bitch when someone calls you out on it.  In any case, Tila FLIPPED HER SHIT:

You know, I didn't even read that, I'm not going to lie.  You can just read the title, skim the bold stuff, and there you go.

So how does CelebSlam respond?  Why, in the funniest goddamn way EVER.

You can read the full post here.  It includes emails from the Tila Army, and they're goddamn hilarious.

So he obviously doesn't apologize.  A fucking chimp could see that and understand that he's STILL insulting her.  So, by that logic, Tila is dumber than a chimp.  Check out these tweets from the mental midget herself:

No he didn't.  No, he absolutely didn't.  You fucking moron.

This is my favorite one.  As an adult?  Really, as an adult, she'd like to tell you she CAN'T FUCKING READ and is so far up her own ass that she's completely confused an insult for an apology because it contained the word "apologize."  Adults understand sarcasm, Tila.  Just sayin'.

And now she's saying she's going to write a blog about him.  There are more tweets, so check them out if you want.  I can't wait for her blog.  I bet she figures out before then that he was being a smart ass...well really, I bet someone tells her.  Then she'll pretend she knew ALL ALONG and go "innn" again.

This binge is turning out to be pretty sweet, you guys.  I wonder how it'll end?


Joann said...

YES AND YES and I haven't even read the post yet.

Eduardo Retardo said...

LOL Joann, you're hilarious.

Mary said...

I was reading this and couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, she's dumb, we all know it but sweet Christ on a bike and Mary on the handlebars COME ON!!! What the hell?!

Train In Vain said...

I can't believe that one of her minions, in all seriousness, left a comment on Celebslam referring to Tila as a respected artist. Where can I get this Kool-Aid? It sounds like pure awesomeness...

Joann said...

OMG, OMG, OMG. I knew she was dumb but this truly blows me away.

I can't believe she doesn't understand he was apologizing for calling Ho Chi Minh City by it's old name and in no way apologizing to her. His comment about her still stands.

FUYU said...

*cough cough* Is it just me, or did anyone else just have butter knife dejavu after reading those tweets in the end?

And yeah.. racist remarks. Like she's never done it before. I guess being a minority makes it ok for her, huh?

FUYU said...

Hey! Update on celebslam!

UPDATE (2:30PST): If ever you've doubted that Tila Tequila has the intelligence of a doorstop, she's taken to her Twitter this afternoon boasting about my public "apology" above. Just once I'd like to stand next to her when a rational thought pops into her head. I bet steam shoots out of her ears.

Jen said...

This has GOT to be the funniest shit I've read all week!!! Holy Good GOD was that good. And I love how the writer listed all of the comments made by Tila's sheep - including e-mail addresses. Am I the only one who's tempted to write these dumbasses to make fun of them??? LOL. Sigh, if only I was on the same level as TT, I'd get down on my knees - oops, I mean, I would stoop to her level.
BTW - I wrote GarrySun an e-mail awhile back to talk to him about his music & he wrote me back. Talked a bit about TT, nothing too interesting. She's not suing him anymore and talked a bit about how she has major issues that go beyond what is known, yada yada yada. If any of the RotSpot writers want to e-mail me, please do - or let me know where I can e-mail you. Perferablly Eduardo. Is it me or does the fact that we don't know if HE is a SHE or a HE make the whole thing mysterious and sexy-LOL. Fuck it. I'm BI so I'll take either..... HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm SO on tonight.
Have a great night everyone!

catdeeley said...

I nearly peed myself with laughter.. what an hilarious response of him :)..though her reaction wasnt bad either.. lol..stupid woman..

Btw any possibility that she deleted her tweets?
Cant find them?
Only her being disgusting, and me now feeling sick and trying to get rid off pics in my imagination .so not cool.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Ooooh girl, you know what I like! I'm whatever you want me to be, baby! <3 LOL you can email us at (you can specify that it's for me if you want, or it can go to each of the writers), or you can find me on facebook/twitter.

Terri said...

What cracks me the fuck up, is that she is offended by being called a 'cheap Saigon Whore' but is ok with being called a 'cheap Ho Chi Minh whore'.

OH the lulz!


melissa1983 said...

I just emailed something to you guys!

BKiddo said...

Hey tila, you stupid fucking loser snatch, remember when you called Shawne Merriman a monkey face? I do, and so do alot of other people, it's also been saved in case you or your dimwits and jackoffs need a refresher.
Rock on Unk Eddie

Ericka said...

It's delicious little nuggets like this that remind me how much I love hatin' on this stupid, cum-guzzling trollop.

TiredOfTila said...

Tila is seriously having a stupid day. I don't know if any of you caught this Tweet of hers:

"@_______ awwww Happy Holiday to all Muslims! I'm sorry i didn't know it was a Holiday there!"

"...there???" dumbass biatch.

Blondie Zero said...

Bitch couldn't pass 3rd grade if she tried!

Fatty McFatterson said...

Uncle Eddie you hit this one outta the park. It's so good I have to re-read it over and over to catch all the subtle nuances of lulz!

chey said...

Oh so many lulz in all of this. From the original celebslam post, to Tila's blog where she says she doesn't usually care what other bloggers say about her (the many threatened lolsuits would beg to differ) and her claim that she doesn't like to bring up her Lambo - but includes 6 pictures when the celebslam post had 1.

Then the "apology" with the army e-mails and the comments. The ones from Tila's fans had me clapping my hands with glee, especially that one who claimed they were all trained in karate and that celebslam "had been warned". He has to be a troll right? It's just too good to be true.

And finally Tila's utter lack of reading comprehension. Ah, this was good.

Buttercream Royale said...

Holy shit balls, really? Is she that stupid to not know that the writer was being sarcastic? Geez, not only did she NOT GET IT, but none of her slow-witted army members bring it to her attention either?? You would think SOMEBODY in her absent-minded cult would bring it up? But then again, they are not the brightest bunch or maybe they are just too scared and naive to speak out against their "Commander in Chief"? LMAO

SammiDe said...

I like how in her tweets she says to them that ...

Except for the fact that I think he put everyone's email on blast and that's against the law!! Geez This GUY keeps going at it!! He should NOT have put all you personal emails in public like that! Invasion of privacy! *sigh* WHATEVER..XOX

I JUST LOVE HOW SHE SAYS WHATEVER...... as in she doesn't give two fucks really about what happens to the "fucktards' in her "Tila Army" LMFAO! Dumb asses and they STILL follow her blind! *SMDH*

BigPoppaPhat said...

I bet most of those "army" emails were from Tila herself. She's been known to pose as "fans" before.

Joann said...

@SammiDe....I caught that too.

As long as Tila thought SHE was vindicated she could care less about her army of idiots email addresses being made public.

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