Wednesday, September 29

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My oh my, what's this I see on TMZ?


Check out the full article here.  And in case you're curious, she's STILL denying she made a porno.  Nevermind two.

Tila reacts!

Here's what I love about this.
A) She has previously said she'd never make a sex tape.  

We've featured that screen cap here a million times.  She also said this once, which is super ultra mega classy:

B) She keeps saying "whomever is leaking this..."  Does that mean she's filmed so many sex tapes that she doesn't know who could be leaking it?
And darling, we know it's not a sex tape.  It's a full on porno.  What the fuck are you going to do when it comes out?  Idiot.

Check her out, crying on Facebook and not skipping a beat to proclaim how fucking AMAZING she is by doing "so much charity work," i.e. she sat on her drugged out ass at a gala and danced with a kid who thought she was on Flavor of Love and didn't know her name (it's not like she bothered to learn his, either).

Aww, she can't stop crying!  You guys, let's all feel bad for her.  It's not like she dug her own grave or anything.  Come on, everybody!  Let's stroke her ego!



Vicky said...

The first comment is the best- "I don't know who this freak is but I'd pay to not see her in porn."


Ben said...

Go Biff Go!!

You got the VD, might as well get some $ for treatment.

Course if this works you know 9head is going to try to do his own.

Spike B said...

As I said on TMZ

It's not called a sex tape if you film it with the intent of distributing it. That's called a porno.

It's called a sex tape if you didn't intend on it having public viewing

This chick filmed it intentionally, thinking she'd become some Kardashian or Hilton or something. NOPE! Just another porn wh*re.

Spike B said...

Fantastic timing for Tila to release these now. Even just the rumor is enough to claim emotional distress and cancel all her "charity" work!! Haha. I can see right thru this.

Joann said...

Oh please, the skank probably sent this info to TMZ herself. Her porn movie and her sex tape must be coming out soon and she wants to build up publicity about it or no one is interested that much and this is her way of keeping it on people's mind.

Any skank who has been seen naked/half naked on on her various blogs(Ustream, Youtube, Myspace, Hotspot)by the entire world, masturbating, massaging her boobs, pulling tampons out of her vagina should not have any qualms about people seeing a sex tape/porn movie, which is why I know the skank is only saying this BS for publicity.

"I will swiftly deal with my lawyers!"......LMAO and SMH. That statement don't even make sense.

stefflaroo said...

And now she won't even be going to Africa because she is so devestated! Lolll

Isis said...

"Tila's tears taste like gonorrhea"


Rhonda said...

I love that she says in her flog post, "This is the worst thing that could happen to anyone" (or thereabouts). Yes, this porno is the worst thing that could happen to everyone who might view it, but it's not the worst thing that could happen to her. She could lose a loved one (oh wait, that already happened), miscarry a baby (crap, that happened too!), get hit in the face with a brick (CRAP!!!)...

Janelle said...

Oh come on but this is "the worst thing that can happen to anyone" right? She always manages to top how offensive she is. I almost fell over when I saw the "whomever is trying to screw me" comment. That statement alone would throw a red flag up to anyone with half a brain. I just about peed my pants from laughing reading the army's comments. Good times!

Hannah said...

I love how this is her excuse for not going to Africa in October. Perfect timing! She probably clued TMZ in for this story on top of it. She's getting money, attention, sympathy from her teenagers, AND an excuse for backing out of her big charity work? Wow, this bitch knows how to plan!

Vicky said...

@Rhonda- LOL!

I just love how she acts like she's never done porn before. Yes, Tila, your charity work is what defines you- clearly. Your nude photos, straight and lesbian porn and slutastic reality personality are just figments, listed among such imaginary creatures as unicorns, dragons and a sober lindsey lohan.

Isis said...

first you see her cooter....and then you DIE in 7 days. 0_o

Anonymous said...

Tila has dun banned my ass from her flog. Oh well. Also, some of you Rotspotters might have known or seen it already, but Tila has a video with Masuimi Max shot a long, long time ago. She deleted comments made by Mint Julia about it on her flog.

I don't know why she doesn't want people to know about that video.

Joann said...

In reference to the update:

That skank needs to stop with all the theatrics. She's not fooling anyone but that idiot army of hers. She made the tapes and the movie and released the info about it to TMZ. I'm surprised she didn't call Radaronline.

The nitwit all but admits she made the tape/movie when she wrote "they are going to pay for trying to leak something that is NOT MEANT FOR THE PUBLIC"....what's not meant for the public Tila? Thought you didn't make any sex tape or do a porn movie.

And why would a grown ass woman in her late 20's, early 30's who claim she's a gangsta bitch need prayers from a bigger bunch of minor idiots and unstable adults?

She's doing this to make her AOI's feel sorry for her and I'm sure they're falling for it hook line and sinker.

stefflaroo wrote...."And now she won't even be going to Africa because she is so devestated!"....REALLY. The skank was never going in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW she wouldn't let Rumors down! Rumors doesn't have to work so hard anymore. She said she'd "try her best" and now she's helping to spread the Rumors herself. Rumors is so proud of her. :)

In reference to...

Cathy said...

Maybe I just heard incorrectly on that "guest host" gig that she told the girl from Jersey Shore to put out a sex tape to get famous. Funny this comes after Loni calls her out for not doing anything to make herself stand out in Hollywood. Nice work TT.

Oh and I would rather burn my eyes out with hot coals than watch that nasty porno. Good luck with your sales people under 18 cant buy it so you cant count 98% of you AOI out!

jayden said...

I hate to say I told you so, but this is exactly how I predicted this would unfold.

Fly_Hack said...
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Anonymous said...

OF course she sold it to TMZ. that is why she linked tmz to her twitter, she wants to bring them more traffic about HER so she will get partnership in case it booms. (it won't, no one cares about her). if she hadn't sold the piece to them she would bad mouthing them right now. like the guy who called her a saigon whore. instead she says no harmful words about tmz, only the people who are releasing it. this is just a stupid way of making herself look like the victim for her stupid fans. its okay though now we can *officially* remind them all that they are worshiping none other than a PORN STAR. congrats tila army, way to reach for the stars..

FUYU said...

Ooops had to delete the comment... was logged in as my husband's account. *sweat drop* I'll just post again...

It's horrible! I'm crying!! RT RT RT RT RT RT look at what they're saying about me on TMZ!

I agree it's so obvious she gave the info to TMZ. She disgusts me to no end. Isn't she getting paid for the hits or was that only Radar?

Ben said...

So the woman who said she would never make a sex tape has so many out there she doesn't know who is releasing them?

This is sick.

I actually had a fan say to me today:

"wow she did lie , like she doesn't give a fuck. Oh well, I still love her."

What happened to give her fans such low self esteem that they can be crapped on so openly and just accept it?

Anonymous said...

her tila army still believe her. duh! we all saw the contracts! give us a break! she'd do anything/anyone for money

Miz said...

katrah makes a great point - She usually shoots the messenger in these rants, but this is a clear cut manipulation of her minions.

"Poor me! After denying I made a porno, I'll admit I made a 'sex tape' for my own pleasure (yuk and shudder) and now little petite vulnerable defenceless me is being USED by person unknown (how many people have access to her 'personal belongings'?) to sell tapes that will obviously sell well since I'm so sexy and elegant (POW!) and TMZ aren't really at fault for reporting this so click from my site or twitter so I can give TMZ traffic and let them know there's no hard feelings (and to get paid, Lambo's are 'spensive y'know!). PS - I've decided all earnings I get from my 'stolen' sex tapes I will give to my favourite charity, because I am God's Angel! Details coming soon, if YOU, my (gullible) loving minions want to donate too!"

I constantly underestimate that tramp. For a skank ho meth head, she's a quick trick when she wants to be! Hustle hustle!

Isis said...


Maybe their Cleveland Steamer fanatics?

Glibby Longstocking said...

Oh.My.Fuck. I didn't even read the post because I saw the tag about Tila's tears tasting like gono. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Wow, just wow, funniest shit I've read all week.

Schleen said...

Every time I go on the Rotspot and there's a new post....... IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! :D

danger.mouse1 said...

It'd be cool if she made a video of herself crying. I could sure use a giggle right about now.


Bedazzle THIS said...

So Sad, so touching. Tila, born yesterday in 1971 in Vietnam, the capital of Texas, is leaking. Wait.. her sex is leaking.

Casa, her daddybaby, and HER MOM WHO SHE CALLED AND SHE CRIED are having sur-a-gate baby and the named it The Game Tequila-Nyugent.

Whilst doing charity work, Tila bumped her head on a chair. She now plans to sue the chair, Vivid, her vagina and Courtanay Semel for saying she did in fact, get her asshole bleached before she got it on with those lez-bi-ans.

And that guy. Then taped it, then sold it.

More news as we get it folks.

PS..Tila, Garry Sun wants his Alanis CD back.

Ben said...


She couldn't do that because she can't act, and she's not crying. She was probably doing a dance of happiness which would explain the rain in LA after that sudden heat wave.

You know what the 3rd tape soon to come out will be called "Tila does the Jersey Shore"

Anonymous said...

it is so ANNOYING to see her claim she cant stop crying, more like laughing...i can see her, laughing evilly in her apartmansion, with her payday from vivid, while typing away...and its so pathetic to see her army followers on facebook going, "we support you beautiful lady"

DUH! i mean, a sextape IS different than a vivid contract PORN tape! and who is going to be with her? PORN STARS! if it wasnt porn stars, it could be a little bit believable, but who makes private sextapes WITH porn stars??

didnt someone say she was having a girls night slumber party? HAHA! how lame does she think her fans are, and who really has slumber parties that end up in lesbian three ways??

wow! hey at least shes making her bucks right? HA! what a liar we all know she is but her dumb army continues to fall for it!

Anonymous said...

What strikes me is how she has in her mind that you can't do charity work unless it's a big production. Why not get her ass down to a soup kitchen or pitch in with helping build a home for a family in need? Not Tila, she needs to pretend it's something epic, like going to Uganda or Haiti.

But, for the victim she is, this is all under threat now anyway, due to the sex tape. In fact, her gangsta facade has quickly faded as she was pronouncing on Twitter and FB about all her crying since she found out. Honestly, if you were planning this charity work and were true about it, nothing would get in your way. Even better, you would be able to go somewhere away from it all, with limited internet and media coverage, in which you could get a break.

I agree with previous posters that it's odd that she links the story on her Twitter to TMZ. If she was truly upset, she wouldn't be sending people right to the story! I personally would not give credit to any website who held a fake story on me, but I can only think she is drumming up publicity for herself.

Finally, she can get as many lawyers as she wants. The most they can do is a cease and desist. If it is true someone is shopping the tape and they are in it, they half own it, and have even greater rights if they undertook the filming. Had a tape been stolen from her (ie Pamela and Tommy Lee), that is a completely different issue. The only thing you can do to prevent a sex tape being made public is to not make one in the first place.

She has messed with the bull far too much to be shocked when she gets the horns!!

Sandra said...

Yippee, I got banned for the first time on her flog, I feel so special now. I said on her flog that the only way a sex tape can legally get released if all consenting parties sign off on releasing it. Otherwise people can sue. So if the tape/s get released well everyone will know she was in on it, it's simple.

tasha said...

i know i'm a little late but as I am sitting here bored, for the first time ever, I decided to look at Tila's flog (been reading the rotspot since february, LOVE IT) and there is a post about our favorite little slut being "extorted" by an ex boyfrind for a sex tape. (love a few of the comments on the post too) and like I read somewhere recently....a sex tape isn't "leaked"

love the comment "i've seen your pornos and you fuck like a dead fish"

check it out my fellow tila haters.....I think i'll screenshot it....

Jacqueline said...

She has already a video on net holding a penis and smiling, so i don't see any different would be. Tila please stop all these nonsense Lies. You would get a little credibility if you stopped or Apologized for all lies you have exploit public-ally.