Thursday, September 9

postheadericon Tila Didn't Learn her Lesson: Continues to Taunt the Juggalos

I know, I know.  I just updated.  But then one of the funniest people I follow on Twitter (@lolercopter69) showed me this and HOLY SHIT.  This needs to be up here because I bet she'll delete it.  Hey Violent J, should you see this, you shouldn't let this two-bit whore talk about you like this.  And guess what, Tila?  YOU JUST RUINED ANY CHANCE YOU HAVE AT SUING HIM.  Nice job, retard.

So Tila tweets

Okay, whatever.  Is it Biff?  LOL, probably.  In any case, one of her fans tweets:

Oh shit.  So Tila, who TOTALLY just could have just ignored it...well, we know Tila can't ignore a chance to put her fucking foot in her mouth.  Nevermind.  THIS IS HER REPLY.


Smart, Tila.  Real fucking smart.  Enjoy this, because now it's permanent.  You can delete that tweet all you want, but here the fuck it is and it's not going anywhere.  You must be hitting the pipe REAL HARD tonight.  Dumb slore.

Didn't you learn that the juggalos shouldn't be fucked with?  You know what...fuck it.  Keep poking the bear, retard.

Feel free to tweet this link to Violent J.  Another Love Song is my jam, dude.  No joke.

This stupid bitch is still going strong.  I grabbed these tweets with my phone because I was worried she'd delete them.  

2,000 of them?  You know, Tila, even the police from Cave In Rock, Illinois said there were less than half of that number (800).  Are we to assume that the police are A) wrong by THAT MUCH or B) just lying to screw you?  Uh huh.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the 800 stands for the people at the Gathering, not just the people watching your show.  And as you all know, there were other stages & events going on at that same time - even though Tila was SUPER late.  I even heard that during the wait, the bass was extremely turned up in an attempt to drive people away.  Yet "2,000" stayed, just so they could pelt you with shit.  How does that make you feel, Tila?


danger.mouse1 said...

The slag just posted another skankalicious video "throwback" on her flog so she can read all the comments from her Army kissing her ass. God this is one fugly bitch. I hate to say it but I saw an Asian chick that resembled Tila in the food store and it was all I could do not to bitchslap the poor thing. Tila has seriously had a hand in making me racist against all Asian women.

Joann said...

No Eddie let her continue to talk about the Juggalos. I want to see her hang her self.

Tila let a 20 year old spin her out of control now she "attacking" everyone. SMH.

Like I said before, Tila is already done...we're just waiting for her to fall down.

FUYU said...

Does anyone have any caps of the drama between Kat Stacks and Tila from last night?

And WTH is this talk about her doing charity work again? Yeah right!

FUYU said...

GAH!! I'm SO sorry guys! *face palm* I didn't scroll down after this post. ;_; Just saw the caps!

BigPoppaPhat said...

She pulls the charity card like Al Sharpton pulls the racist card. She has no proof she's done any charity, just her word.

Misty said...

You know, the whore waits just long enough that her army of retarded minors don't remember the details of the event. Most of the news articles are too far buried in the internet now to contradict anything she says. (to her army, that would have to stay up past their bedtimes to look for them).

She does this all the time. She ignores it, waits awhile and then talks about it like no one remembers the fine details.

She's a whore. And apparently on bender.....should make for some entertainment.

Kay said...

2000? Oh dear Tila. Most people only have the one personality. Maybe she thought each if them had a Jane and what was the other one called?

Joann said...

Well said BigPoppaPhat. This charity talk is just

Skank ain't digging wells for nobody unless a camera crew is covering her every move.

Anna said...

She's not going to sue anyone. If she were she would have done it by now. Why anyone even listens to her when she cries wolf like that...

Anna said...

Joann, I think you are giving her far too much credit.

I say she would have the cameras film her next to a hole and she would announce that SHE was the one who dug it.

"Don't I rock?"

I can't imagine her getting dirty or ruining her nails, hair or makeup with labor like that.

Joann said...

Anna said..."I say she would have the cameras film her next to a hole and she would announce that SHE was the one who dug it"'re right Anna, what was I thinking.

Skank is not about to do any hard labor for anyone.