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postheadericon Tila Offender Checklist

We've all been through the randomness of Tila insults, fakery and sluttery. (Yes, I just made those two words up.) Now it's time to see where you measure up in the "I'm an offended jelis hater checklist".

Share your score, share your stories, but overall - see where you rank in how offended you can be with Tila! Mark your answers, then count the points! You can post your score without posting your answers too! Format is the points allowed, the check box and the topic it applies.

Social Media
Are you?
1 - () A Twitter user - Twitter users are devil-worshiping hateful, violent racists

Are you?
3 - () Black - monkey face, blind, on welfare and she's sent by God to change blacks
1 - () White - non-ethnics who have no taste in music and aren't gangsta (won't link to Tila, comments section on a Drake Post)
1 - () Vietnamese - a race of Tila's and "3rd world"
1 - () French - by association

Personal Life Events
Have you?
4 - () suffered from a miscarriage?
6 - () suffered from multiple miscarriages?
5 - () suffered from mental disorder, diseases or illness?
4 - () been suicidal?
5 - () attempted suicide?
3 - () been a cutter?
5 - () suffered the loss of a fiance, spouse or committed lover?
3 - () suffered true disfigurement due to an event beyond your own control?
2 - () Lost important things in your life due to drug use without getting "paid" for your story?

Family Life Events
Have you?
3 - () Cared for a family member suffering from mental disease, illness or disorder?
5 - () Lost a family member to suicide?
4 - () Lost a family member due to drug use?
3 - () Been shunned by your family because of their snobbery or absurd cultural standards?

Minor Insults
Have you?
1 - () Wrote and recorded YOUR own song and had to promote it? "I wrote Blue Dress".
2 - () A mother who has been through the pain of childbirth while Tila says she's a "MILF"?
1 - () A mother who has been through the trials of adoption while Tila says she's a "MILF"?
1 - () Spent a long time training and mastering martial arts?

Points You LOSE - this section to deduct points because you're an idiot
Have you?
-4 () ran your mouth so much you got bitch smacked and then kept running it? *Juggalo*
-2 () lied about your youth to make you seem tougher than you are? (At one point on MTV's bio, Tila gave them the info that she was raised through the age of 8 at a Buddhist temple. After finding out the lie, MTV removed it, however dozens of sites referenced it.)
-2 () Done the whiny EYAH at the end of words during karaoke while sober?
-1 () Done the whiny EYAH at the end of words during karaoke while drunk?

There are many more we could have added and I could link some more, but I've been sitting on this for weeks! I'll post links to each section as I come across them.

*Note: While the topics are serious, please remember that no value can really be placed on many of these answers. All points systems are rather immature and are purely for entertainment.


FUYU said...

I got a 10...

tui said...

34........ so what does that mean?? Am I offended bad? Or do I just think she's the skankiest skank that ever skanked?

Joann said...

I got an 11.

Joey Sauer said...

I got a 4. Still she's a nasty bitch.'s where it's at.

Isis said...

I got a 24

Jackie said...

I got a 12 O_o

alison m m said...

I got a 17 but what does it mean? Fatty I hope you weren't chased off the same way I was. Just take care and embrace life. Tila is totally toxic and you can't be feeling responsible for her, so take care of yourself and your own. Tila is death warmed up and nothing more.

Sandra said...

I got 29, I am so a Jelis Hater!!! Yippee!

kosherdish said...

I could not complete the test because I was laughing too hard. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

18 points! bad or good?

gillianthemad1013 said...

Fantastic post! Really sums pretty much everything up. I was thinking, recently, of inventorying ALL of Tila's lies (near impossible feat, I know) in one same post/document so as I would have a handsy sheet to give to people when they ask me why I'm a "hater", sort of a "Why I Dislike Tila"-type of introductory guide.

You should add "()Are you gay?" and link to the "homo bitch fucks" tweets and maybe "()Are you a lesbian/bi and had people dismiss your sexual orientation as something slutty girls do purely to arouse men because of fauxmosexuals like Tila Tequila who pretend to be gay for attention and contribute to the fetishism of lesbians as sexual objects to straight men?"

(I'm sorry if I'm insisting so much on the last one, it's probably because it's so personal to me)

gillianthemad1013 said...

Also, "()Have you been physically abused by a spouse or a lover?" It's hard enough for women who are victims of domestic violence to be taken seriously by society without parasites like Tila faking being beaten by a boyfriend in order to get attention/to get back at said boyfriend.

sofie said...

i scored a 2.
but i would like to add that - as an individual who works with children who have autism - the offence i took to her recent blog regarding all her 'charity work for autism' has scored me at least a 50!!!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Hello Rotspot. I've been one of your biggest fans since your inception. This I do have to say.

Seola Uno. I really have not enjoyed any of your post. They aren't very humorous at all and quite frankly, really serve no purpose.

Nothing against you, your writing does nothing for me.

I'm all for guest post as maybe a contest. Hey! A contest! Another thing methskank has failed to to on her flog.

Just an idea. Wish you all well!

HottyRotty said...

I absolutely love this post! Great shit! Thank you Seola! xxoo

Seola Uno said...

Sheriff - that's certainly your right to think and feel the way you do. Frankly, all your comments are dry and dull. So we are quite even. But I'm not a guest writer, I'm a full time writer and not all my posts are meant to be humorous. While I can certainly put wit into many things, I also post things that are relevant, researched and factual - one of the reasons I was invited.

For example, the bi-polar post had about as much humor as a grain of salt, but it was informative, refuted Tila and was important to put out there. I know of at least two army members who were considering what Tila said and it may have possibly saved them from her stupidity. I also know what that post - I received more than 80 DM's, 60 comments and many other private things from others who were grateful, even if this is a satire blog, that what I put up was out there. This was a whopping collection of Tila-isms (they were not my humor, they were actually HER words).

I don't claim to be the wittiest or even claim to be above the last spot in wit - what I do claim is that my writing is something that has truthful information, whether it is on Tila or one of her many stupid actions. Maybe it's over your head - I can't quite compete with concrete cowboys, or a witty post about bulimia and toothbrushes but I add a different dimension to the site, that isn't always found in snarks and quarks.

Janelle said...

I got 12 points!

Janelle said...

Just want to add that for me one of the best things about the Rotspot is the variety of personalities and points of view from the all the different writers. I think most of us appreciate that you take time out of all your busy lives to not only expose the oh so vile Tila but also give us a chuckle and let us vent. I appreciate all of you!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

@ Seola

I never said anything to replace you. Rotspot just lost a writer. I never said you were a quest writer. No reason to compare a test post I made on a test blog that I dont use to you. I made one sentence clear. I do not like your post. Now I will not respond to them. No reason to compare me to you. I never did. "I received more than 80's and more than blah blah" Really. I just said I didn't like your post. I still love everyone here and I still read your shit.

I didn't attack you. We are friends here! Damn.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

We post so many opinions about the so said whore. Our opinions on each other forbidden? Why are our personal opinions not subject to the ones we give out?

I'm done here now!

Good luck with...

What are you all trying to accomplish?

I'll just watch.

Yeah right said...

I got 16 points. Dunno if that's good or bad though.

I think I deserve extra credit for living with someone who acted just like Tila my entire life. No, it never hurts to ask ;)

Seola, I have certainly enjoyed your posts, I think there does need to be that bit of seriousness in here so her fans can see we aren't always taking the piss. She has done some serious and dangerous things, I also know of a couple of her fans who have had their eyes opened just by consistently pointing out that she needs help and why in an almost polite way.

Hope that makes sense, it's been a hellish day.

Mary said...

Oookay, think we might need a refresher course in appreciation. The writers here take time out of their lives to entertain us on a voluntary basis, they're not getting paid to do this. So let's not get all uppity that a certain writing style doesn't make you vomit with laughter every time without fail.

Jubilee said...

Sherriff dont go, I enjoy your comments :(

Glibby Longstocking said...

Eh. People are allowed to have opinions that go against the grain. I'd like to see more people voice their opinions that might be different on here. Do we all have to think the same exact way? That's quite boring. So if Sheriff doesn't like someone's writing be it. It's about personal preference and we're allowed to have it and voice it if we want to; whether or not people volunteer their time to post here or not. That's their choice to do so. There was never a disclaimer here that read: To comment one must be all up on bloggers dick.

Some of you are(just a few)all over the nut sack and I find you just as hilarious as Tila. Now run and tell that. Real talk.

All in all I like the blog. Lots of hits, misses every once in awhile but they can't all be winners. I will say thank you to the bloggers for the entertainment, though.

Joann said...

@Sheriff...We all have a right NOT to enjoy something...that's the main reason for THIS blog but it's not about Seola's writing style, it's ABOUT TILA'S STYLE OR LACK THEREOF.

My question is...why comment about it on here? Why not ask for the email address for TRS and tell her privately how you feel in an email.

Personally, I enjoyed your comments and I enjoy Seola's writing style..but that's my opinion.

I can understand if you're displeased with one of the writer's but your way of expressing it was, IMO, tacky.

Brittany said...

Can't we all just get along? :(

BKiddo said...

I scored 11, and I couldn't agree more with Mary.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

All right, fine. I'm back. How could I actually stay away from here. This place is awesome. Just because I don't like a writing style, doesn't mean I don't love you all.

Seola, I apologize again if you took it personally.

Also, the blog I created is in no way what I write. It was an idea while bored at work. I don't do anything with it. It was just a thing I did to give another hit for my website that I run. If I can pimp it here it's . A conspiracy website with alternative topics.

I love all you guys and all the comments. So yes, we can all get along. That being said, with me saying I don't like something is like the "Army" saying, "if you don't like her, then way are you wasting time posting here?"

Please don't tell me that some of you here are like the minions in the whore army.

Anyway, lets get back to the promotion of charities.

Who the fuck says "look at me, look at me, I am working for charities?" Just give them your money or create one yourself and shut your whore mouth.

Jesus tap dancing christ!

gillianthemad1013 said...

I think that Sheriff should be able to express his(hers?) opinions about Seola's post (or any other post by any other writer) on the comments just like any other commenter should be free to heap praise on the post. In the same way that Seola and anyone else should be free to respond to any negative opinions, of course. After all, commenting exists for people to manifest their opinions, be them good or bad. I actually thought he(she?) was very diplomatic about it and that there's no reason anyone should have their feelings hurt or anything. I see absolutely no need to resort to a private mean of communication - we're all adults here and I'm sure Seola can handle a little constructive criticism. After all, the "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything" rule is best left at the playground and on Tila's blog where she demands ego feeding around the clock.

SammiDe said...

Holy shit, I got 57 no way! Cute, but painful to answer. :(

SammiDe said...

& O' wow! After reading the comments I must say!! I LOVE ALL SEOLA'S post she is so funny, witty and really just an all around classy lady with a heart of gold!!! As for this post I thought and still do think it is adorable, lol! Just felt some type of way about being a 57, lol! Guess Ive been through some shit! :/ was hoping to delete some but never have I been chased down by Juggalo's and so on! But really...BAWAHAHAHAHAHA just the thought on that is HILARIOUS!! HAHA & THINKING OF THAT HAPPENING ALL OVER AGAIN! I LOVE IT! HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!

& really I just don't get WHY anyone thinks they can down someone because they might simply NOT AGREE or have the same opinions or likes, seriously JUST MOVE ALONG, WHY BOTHER! It's like my momma always said "IF ya ain't got nothing NICE to say?!! WHY BOTHER AT ALL" REALLY??!?

Love you Seola I wish you (& your babies) the most very best and was SOoooo HAPPY to see your name on the post!! Cant wait for more! ♥ Take care. {{{Hugs}}}

Mary said...

I'm not saying people shouldn't be allowed to express their opinions and we should all be huddled up in some collective pile of oral sex for Seola, I'm merely saying that I didn't find Sheriff's criticism constructive or neccessary. We just lost the lovely Fatty because she found keeping up with this blog too draining with her personal life so maybe a little appreciation wouldn't go amiss? Unless you consider 'I personally don't find you funny' constructive, but hey! That's your opinion.

SpitFire said...

Maybe someone else already brought this up before... but does anyone else not buy the fact that she's supposedly "always up and "never sleeps"?? I mean, of course we know shes all methed and cracked out, but I dont know... I feel like she mentions it SO often (and most moguls dont in fact sleep very much) that I don't buy it anymore. I picture her in her bedroom sleeping like a lazy fuck for most of the day and then pretends she's been manically up for 5 days straight doing big mogul bullshit. Just a thought.

Mary said...

Conflicting opinions aside, please tell me someone else has seen Tila's post on digging wells in third world dog shelters... or whatever she's on about?

MKX said...

Sheriff's entitled to his opinions on Seola Uno's writing; likewise, Seola Uno is entitled to her opinions on his. Point, counterpoint, move on. No need to "just watch" or to be "done here now"...we're all grown-ups. :)

Isis said...


fauxmosexuals is a fabu word

But honestly Fatty not commenting anymore on Tila's site is something that helps a lot with me. Her bullshit is so repetitive and we all know it's "in one ear and out the other" when it comes to a lot of the positive advice myself and others have actually tried to give her. I can be honest without being mean but some people don't deserve that discretion from me all the time, unlike ppl on The Rot Spot. If you are a long time commenter like I tend to be with blogs, you're going to butt heads with the writer at least once, but it's better just to get that tiff out of your systems and move on.

I don't ruin the fun for everyone around me just because I don't agree with the writer or had a misunderstanding with them. While I do gossip, it isn't my livelihood whatsoever.

Anyway long winded comment over lol

Isis said...


Maybe some people don't like the fact that you guys refuse to talk about her alleged soliciting. That seems to be a reoccurring theme with your readers: you don't give them what they want and get mad when you tell them Tila isn't worth being sued by.

Joann said...

@Mary....I saw that and just like anything else that comes out of her lying mouth I let that go in one ear and out the other. I don't believe anything she says until I see proof.

First of all, unless there are cameras crews around with an entire audience watching, Tila will not be digging wells for any country at me. She signed her post.....Miss Tila-Humantiarian. LMAO

Second of all, what has Onyx got to do with all this. Did you read where she said Onyx will be doing her part for charity too..SMH.

I don't know where the fake passion for doing a lot of charity work is coming from but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with trying to get next to Won-G who is a rapper and was just named as ACT Today's New International Ambassador.

That's the charity she promoted on her piece of crap blog. Won-G and his father are suppose to bringing her to Haiti to do charity work. It's in her "My NIght At The Charity Event" piece of crap post.

This is what she wrote in part:....."Anyway, Won-G has done a TON of charity work and his Father is also the Counsel For HAITI! That is where they want to take me so I can fulfill my next goals in life to do a lot of charity work!".

I wonder if Won-G and his father know anything about this????. LOL.

LOLz4EVz said...

tila quifed! ppffftt!

gillianthemad1013 said...

I find "I personally don't find you funny" constructive as it implies a "you should probably be more funny in your posts". Also, Sheriff suggested guest posts and contests to liven up the blog.

As you said it yourself, people should be able to express their opinions and Sheriff's opinion was "I don't find Seola funny", which is a completely valid opinion however "controversial". Maybe it would have been a different story if the post was something like "OMG SEOLA YOU SUCK BALLS GO DIE IN A FIRE".

By the way, for the record, I kind of agree that Seola isn't as funny as some of the other writers but I think it's alright as being funny is not the only goal of this blog: sometimes you have to bring out the serious face and lay down the info, which she did brilliantly in this post.

gillianthemad1013 said...

@SpitFire, I don't know, sometimes she has these weird pauses, it almost seems like she tweets for two days straight and then just crashes and sleeps for another two days.

HottyRotty said...

Yawn ... the high school bickering is over. The blog will remain as it is for now, the end. Your opinions are welcomed, however you don't understand what goes into the blog. We do this for us, not you. Sorry if you don't like that but I'm not a lemming. I do things the way I like them done. Don't like it? Don't come here. Pretty simple :)

oLulubella said...

hmm...maybe i should express my opinion....i do like to read new posts. this one was boring for me, therefore i skipped it and didnt bother doing the little test. no harm, i just did not leave a comment. its a cute game, for those who want to play, if not, then dont play it. i just like reading new expose's on tila the mogul. i agree with spitfire above, she probably does sleep all hours during the day, but tries to act as if shes manically up for days at a time. i hardly check out her site anymore, but she is blabbing about doing charity work. what she fails to understand is, anyone can do charity work. you and i can save up money, and we can go to thailand, africa etc and help with schools, wells, etc. she doesnt encourage it amongst her readers, she just want to glorify herself. my cousins have done so much charity work, they have been to africa for project smile, (helping cleft smile children), medical help. well, she went to school for all that and her husband has. also, south america. i plan on going to thailand to help out there once i can save some money. google online. you will find the information on how to volunteer overseas etc.

Diana said...

To Sandra from Australia: Thank you so much for your wonderful donation to our local cat shelter. I almost fell off my chair when I saw "Tila Resistance" in the description. I love that you not only helped this very worthy charity, but also scored one for the Resistance!! I'm still waiting for a response from Tila and BeyondBettyJean. I even offered to send BBJ a picture of my tits! I think Rotspot should do a post about it!

Mary said...

I should have just let it go in one ear and out the other but it was too deliciously stupid. It was like Tila KNEW I needed a good laugh that day, bless whatever amphibious creature she has in place of a heart.
I just loved her over-excitement at the whole thing, I mean usually people focus and give all their attention to one area of charity e.g. Angelina Jolie and crisis aid. Tila on the other hand is going to BE charity. All of it. (She didn't say that but she may as well have)

Sheriff Gauncent said...

"We do this for us, not you"

Then why even put it out there?

Ya, putting together a website is hard work. I know. That is because you want to do it, not because you have to. Nobody asked for this.

So you do it for "us", meaning yourselves. Then talk on the damn phone and don't open up any website and comments if we don't know "how much goes into it".

So we make comments. That's what they are made for right?

Let's see, we have a blog that lashes out at a person or people. Moderates comments. Tells them if they don't like it, then leave.

Time to take a look in the mirror ladies and take a guess of who you sound like and are acting like or grab your ball sacks and man up!

HottyRotty said...

Seriously Sheriff, this discussion is over.

Kungfukitten said...

I think Tila is so focused on charity due to all the flack she received during Haiti and her self pontificated MILF wars with Angelina Joile. Not to mention how she flip flopped over the garage sale money that she decided to keep for her "baby." She probably feels damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. Either she brags about her charity work and gets ripped about it or she donates privately* and people accuse her of not donating to the worthy cause du jour. What's a poor mogul to do?
*When has she ever done anything privately?

Sandra said...

Diana, I had to, I have a beautiful Russian Blue and she is the love of my life, so I couldn't pass on it.

On Tilas new post about her sex tape, she has lost 2 fans and one of her fans made fun of someone that had a brain tumor/cancer and she wrote a comment saying it's so funny. How can she make fun of someone for something so serious and then want to go and work with charities. She is sick, she disgusts me!

alison m m said...

Sheriff is incommunicado from here, like everything else
that is all

Spike B said...

Has anyone noticed the dirt coming up now on Tila's old "bodyguard" Kris? Remember how he worked for her for free? He's been doing that for Oksana. He's a convicted felon, total creeper and a complete liar. The judge granted a restraining order yesterday to keep him away from Mel's baby. Wow, sure makes you wonder what else went on behind the scenes with Tila.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Fair enough.

Joann said...

@Mary...this is part of what Tila wrote on her piece of crap blog last Friday..."However, come Monday, I will be blogging about each charity that I am working with and how YOU can also help out!".

Of course, Monday has come and gone and still no post about the charities...HOWEVER, Tila did manage to make a big hoopla over some ex-boyfriend SHE SAID is trying to get money from her or he will release an old sex-tape they made together.

Personally, I don't believe an ex-boyfriend is threatening to sell a sex tape they did together many years ago.

I think all of this is to cover up the fact she is NOT working with any charities and never intended to write a post about it.

If you notice in her statement from her post I quoted up top she had the nerve to say..."and how YOU can also help out!"."...LOL.

LOLz4EVz said...

i like you Sheriff!!

Glibby Longstocking said...

Can anyone tell me who pansy is over on the flog? he/she has been posting links to help a no kill rescue for kitties. I was just wondering if anyone knew contact info. for this person??=)

Glibby Longstocking said...

Wait, I think I just saw who pansy is. Is it you Diana? lol

Glibby Longstocking said...

And on the Tila front....I am so friggin' disgusted. But, what was funny...and one poster pointed out on the flog about her video; she did mad crazy popeye face when she was showing off her scar. That seriously had me rolling. lol

@Sandra...I saw the cancer comment and left a reply about how effing rude she is. Then proceeded to go to her other comments on that SAME POST and see her dumb ass complaining about how mean the haters are when her and her army do nothing to them. I left comments for her on those too. What a walking contradiction.

I'm still waiting for the charity posts from her. The sex tape stuff was already boring yesterday. *yawn*

Mary said...

The cancer patient she's laughing at is Jenna, she wrote about reading the rotspot during her chemo treatment in the comments section of Fattys Last Stand.
The stupid little cunt is actually giving me high blood pressure with how mad I am that she would be that much of a shit. I mean I knew she was scum but come on!!

Charlotte1 said...

I enjoyed reading the comments more than I did the actual post - other than that I totally love your site. But I miss Fatty heaps already!

BKiddo said...

HA! No kidding Joann--What person would ever want to admit to having lunch with tila, much less making a sex tape with her.
It's also funny that more often than not, tila manages to slip in how all her AoI's can "help" with her fake charities.

Anna said...

Oh wow!

The Hollywood Gossip pretty much called Tila out on the whole sex tape thing. The name of the article is called

"There is no Tila Tequila Sex Tape"

It really slams her.

Aairon said...

well i dont now whats going on with all the tila sites at the mo, they have lost their touch. i think its time for some new kids to give it a shot, after all, no posts for a week out of like....five writers isnt great when there is loads going down at the flog! i love the rot spot, its my daily haunt and i think viva la resistance forever!! i just miss u guys!

Sandra said...

@Glibby Longstocking and@Mary I tried to comment about the cancer comment straight away but my comment wouldn't go through, I kept changing it but I gave up. I knew other people would say what I wanted to say so I thought I'd just mention it here. I thought it might have been Jenna, I wrote something to her on Fattys post. I hope she is doing ok, hi to Jenna and all the other readers in treatment with her *waves* and {{hugs}}.

Um if you want to donate to Pansy/Diana it's, I wrote it was from Sandra Tila Resistance, ha ha.

I love the Rot Spot, you all rock. And I love everyone that leaves comments, it's nice talking to each other having the scrubber in common!!!

Cathy said...

oh for the love... I watched that video on the link that Anna suggested. There are so many things wrong with that video but the end made me want to puke

Agnes Agony said...

Glibby Longstocking said...

she did mad crazy popeye face when she was showing off her scar.


Holy shwizzlesticks (don't ask what that means), Batman! I thought the EXACT same thing! ROFLOL

I wanted to slap her with my Black Box Wine Reserve Merlot ('kay 'cos Kathy Griffin's mummy is absolutely, just fond of boxed wine AND it's delish! Especially when it's on the public dole .. eesh, I soo, totally kid! NOT! Ugh....and I also drink the other "cheap" label her mummy expounds but I can't recall the $12 bottle brand. ::shrugs::

It's like, is this casting call? Why on Jesus' lamb turd at birth, is she doing her imitation of Squinty McSquinterson? (Y'know, aka Renee Zelwegger) whenever she's showing off her Ti-Lun inspired "injury".

Yeah, that's the weird vibe I get from her. Anyfuckyouthien, I got banned over at TMZ for copy/pasta-ing her contradictory ridonkulous story about how shes supposedly shocked, ashamed (?) but nevertheless, infuriated and disgusted amongst other things that SHE leaked all info about her pr0n videos.

Like, please, right? Apparently, Garry Sun did not approve? /double shrugs

Yeah right said...

Anna, thanks for the link. That story was great, especially the first paragraph.

"A Tila Tequila sex tape does not exist. How can we be so certain? Because Tila Tequila - the same woman who lied about a pregnancy and an adoption and faked a suicide attempt - claims there is one."

Joann said...

From TMZ.

Evidently the skank did have a sex tape from 7 years ago. Why is the dude asking for money now????

oLulubella said...


Ima said...


Tila's lawyer, Alan Gutman, just asked an L.A. County Superior Court judge for an injunction, prohibiting the release of one of her sex tapes. Gutman argued the tape -- shot more than 7 years ago during a trip with her boyfriend -- was an invasion of privacy and a misappropriation of her image.

But the judge scoffed, saying privacy, schmivacy: "Tila exploits her sexuality."

In the end, the judge said Tila's lawyer hadn't made enough of a case to warrant a restraining order.

gillianthemad1013 said...

I really don't know how I feel about that veredict. I sure hope the superficial did misquote it or something because, God, I don't like Tila but that is majorly fucked up.

Monique said...

I'll laugh if the "sex tape from years ago" gets released and Tila has a scar underneath her eye. @:-)

Isis said...

Jeez, how many times do I have to say that nobody is above the law? That judge was a joke for what he said about the sex tape. As though every girl who dresses like her deserves to get raped or exploited like that. We all make mistakes and most of the time people who have a sex tape leaked are good people at heart.

Joann said... seems Tila makes it a habit to get press about sex tapes one way or another. This is from 2009.

In Tila's case I can see why the judge made that decision. I'm sure if it was someone else who was more discreet with their personal life and body he would have ruled differently.

Tila, if you value your privacy about what you did with your then bf then you should have kept the tape in a safer place or destroyed it.

You really don't care about someone seeing intimate acts between you and your then bf. Remember that picture of Casa Wilson sleeping between your legs with his face smack dab in your vagina and you only had on a bra and panties?

That was an private moment between you and your bf but YOU PUT THAT ON THE INTERNET...WHY??

As much as you parade around nude on the internet it should not be a big deal to you.

You abuse and have no respect for your own rights so why should the judge?

What you're mad about is your ex trying to con you instead of you conning him. You lost control. That's all it is and the judge felt the same way.

Get over it skank and move on to your next bunch of tricks.

fata morgana said...

This is for real? Some guy is actually going to admit sticking his willie in that? Dude might as well grab a bullhorn and run up and down every main street in America, yelling, "I've got a shitload of herpes in my pants." Maybe it's a Valtrex commercial instead of a sex tape.

Just One of Many said...

So Tila posts some "Getting to Know you" shit to detract from, well, one of her thousands of lies. Most recently, she's spouting some shit out-da-mouf about hobknobbing it up with Diane Sawyer, Andy Cooper and the former First Lady. Methinks that next, she'll be selected for the next space shuttle mission (the new "Whores in Space" program).

Anyway, so she posts this entry, and I am getting very very sad and depressed reading this shit. I feel very sorry for her fans, who confirm that *yes* they are all ages 11-17 and sort of pathetic in a "I have no friends" or "I want to off myself" sort of way. I mean, it makes me feel (sorta) bad (not really) for making fun of them so hard core. But I mean, these poor kids are sad and alone and feel like they just want someone to pay attention to them, or to belong, or to be loved, or to feel like someone important cares about them. Pathetic? Yup. Sad? More so.

I am going to do my good deed because I'm a philanthropist/humanitarian and I do charity because I'm such a great person. My favorite charity, Miss Tila? Not making fun of your lame fanbase anymore.

**Gotta go...I'm getting up pretty early tomorrow to go dig some wells...

Janelle said...

Haha I'm not gonna be able to get "I've got a shitload of herpes in my pants" out of my head. I may have to borrow that catchphrase when I need people to get out of my way. Just got done reading some of the comments on Tila's thought of the day, getting to know you crap. I found it beyond disturbing and depressing. She's really fucking with some fragile minds

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Boy, nobody is screaming for more "rotspot".

I wonder why? No, that would be a lie.

Actually, this is all old now.

Here's the finish line.

Tila dies of overdose. The end.

Going to do something constructive now.

Love you all!

khandersuk said...

I read the TMZ story and it only quotes one thing the judge said. What we don't know is the context of when that statement was made, although the conclusion from the story is that it was the judge's response to her allegations that the tape is private. I don't think that is necessarily the case and quite frankly, it would surprise me if a judge would justify the release of the tape based on her previous exploitation of her sexuality. Women's groups in particular would be all over that, as it's similar to things like the way a woman dresses means she deserves to be raped. After years of courting the media, she hasn't yet learned you have to take the bad with the good.

Regardless of what Tila says about her right to privacy, this tape is half owned by the other party, particularly if he coordinated the filming of it. There truly is only one way to avoid this happening and that is to never make the tape in the first place. (Or destroy it ASAP!)

saralv23 said...

Tila was supposedly specially invited to this charity event tonight and was seated with former first lade Laura Bush and Maria Shriver, ha.She went on and on bragging about how amazing it was going to be and how honored she felt. Of course it was discovered you could buy tickets online easily.And If she was personally invited by the ambassador then why didn't she attend the VIP cocktail reception? By the time she tweeted that she was headed to the event, the reception was over. Guess she didn't make the VIP list. Also the event started at 6:00 PM... she didn't tweet she was on her way until close to 8:00 PM? Seems kind of rude to be 2 hours late to an event if she was specially invited huh? She can't be lying, can she?? noo that would be so unlike her

913 said...

lol at this one

Seola Uno said...

Sheriff - your comments, as far as I know, have never been moderated to the point of non-allowance. In fact, just the opposite, if there is no spam or threats, it's through. Aside from all that, your posts throughout that I've been watching keep trying to stir up the drama for no other reason than to feel important. You say something different each post of each day.

Like Rotty said: If it was all about "readers" per se, we'd be paying ourselves and splashing ads everywhere to make sure that while we bow to demands, we were getting something. As it were, Rotty is adamant about doing this merely for "us" collectively (i.e. it's for us that choose to read it) rather than making money or doing it for others. When you begin to do something at the demands of others, it becomes awfully redundant.

While there is a few things here and there with Tila, after being a reader here since the start and writing for a little bit, commenting on every single little tiny thing in Tila's life is redundant as well. Other long time readers will remember similar things written only weeks ago. I can't speak for other writers, but I'm not going to re-analyze the same things over and over, trying to figure out how to reinvent the wheel for the sake of "new posts" to keep someone else happy.

Like who or what you want - no one is begging you to stay here and yes, the Tila Army 12 have a point sometimes, depending on the complaint. If you don't like it, we aren't holding Tila's tampons to your head forcing you to read it and be up our asses. However, it's stupid and pointless to go out of your way to insult a writer who DOES put up something new, then complain when said writers don't put anything up for your obvious need to put a Siskel & Ebert touch on it. Do you realize how selfish and petty that sounds?

All that aside, real life happens - just because this blog, which doesn't belong to anyone else does not operate the way YOU want it to on demand, doesn't mean you also get to dictate changes on it.

So take the butthurt, sit and spin. That's my final comment on the subject. I've had people disagree with me, and do it respectfully and have honest debate (even with Tila Army in a few story comment areas). Throwing a tantrum then playing the victim gets you nowhere except with other people who love to see infighting.

Cam said...

Would the judge have seen the tape? Reports suggest that there was a third party filming the whole thing- Depending on the cameramans interactions it could be obvious that there were some production values there. This would indicate that it was not just a personal loving moment between 2 people, but there was some intent in distributing the film.

I remember reading an interview with the boss of vivid from a while back, in which he described meeting with the guys selling the tape. Needless to say he didn't buy it from them, can't remember why but I think it was because he felt it was stolen goods or very dodgy. It was the tape with the short hand-job scene that leaked. I can't find it now but will post link if I do later.

Found it! It wasn't Steven Hirsch or Vivid at all. Check the video interview:

If it is the same tape (although it is more recent) it was being shopped around on the 'stolen' laptop by 2 guys who weren't in the tape. The sex boss thought it could be worth 1 mill! He's joking, right?

Diana said...

Woohoo! Another donation to Salem Friends of Felines from a Resistance member: SaigonWhoreNumeroUno!!!!! Thank you!

This no-kill, local cat shelter is really struggling in this recession to save and care for homeless, abused and stray cats and kittens. The people there are ALL very hard working volunteers!

Sandra from Australia donated, that's Resistance members = 2. Tila and her Army = 0.

Thank you Sandra from Australia and SaigonWhoreNumeroUno! A wonderful gesture to show you actually care about homeless, sick, abused animals! If anyone at Rotspot wants to thank them for scoring for our team, you can email me at

deluwiel said...

coupla things: Seola - thanks for your contributions. I agree with you - I'd rather wait for a bit and have TRS break down something new than read different spins on the same thing over and over; i.e., the comprehensive, complete coverage of the Juggalo fiasco. Loved it! You all got more angles on that shitfest than anyone else out there. Always worth the wait.

Secondly, there is no sex tape. This "boyfriend" would have nothing to gain. Maybe a couple of years ago when Tila may still have had a few shreds left of a career, but not now. Makes no sense. Makes a hell of a lot more sense for Tila to spout off and try to create some big drama about a nonexistent sex tape for attention. The only source that's referred to this sex tape is Tila herself. If she kept her meth mouth shut nobody would know anything about it.

Point made.

P.S. - "I have 12 lawyers and 4 of them are power lawyers" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! what a complete and total moron.

Ericka said...

I miss Fatty :(

Joann said...

In case Tila lies and said she never said this, here is part of what she wrote on her piece of crap blog yesterday:

"Well I am EXTREMELY and UTTERLY HONORED to announce that I was personally invited by the International Ambassador himself, Won-G Bruny, to attend this VERY PRESTIGIOUS and HONORABLE event"

I believe Tila has hooked up with this Won-G person(who is a rapper among other things) and convinced him she wants to do a lot of charity work(she might be doing other things with him also) because there is no way in hell Tila has the pull or the money to get invited to these top notch charity event.

AND LATER....."I will be sitting at the same table with The First Lady of California Maria Shriver and Former US First Lady Laura Bush!!!! AMAZING!!!"

I do see where Won-G Bruny has an Honorary Chair at this foundation so there is a POSSIBILITY she might be at the same table with these ladies since Won-G invited her.

I shudder to think she could get anywhere near these ladies.

FYI...the young lady whose ears and nose were cut off was done by her husband, with the approval of the Taliban, because the young lady ran away from their home. So extremely insane.

Isis said...

I love on TMZ today that "apparently" she's mad about the sex tape leaking.

RockitQueen said...

@Joann, did you notice one of the idiotic army members wrote "Tila, what's the Taliban?"

I weep for the future.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Tila sitting at the same table with Laura Bush? LMAO riiight

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Im sitting and spinning all I can. It's such an orgasmic release.

Don't take my sarcasm to hart.

Coom by ya my bitches.

Joann said...

@RockitQueen....Oh Lord no. I totally missed that. I knew they were a bunch of idiots but this is beyond being an idiot.

tui said...

I'm having rotspot withdrawals you moterfuckers...

Sandra said...

Did anyone see this? Tila making her "O" face on her sex tape? Ha Ha too funny- "She's only known for being Insane." Classic!

oLulubella said...

tila posted a "getting to know you" post, in which she was going to get to know her fans and what not. well, some people were happy and excited about that, and she never even responded back to any of them, except for one that obviously was in need of tilas acceptance.

why make a "getting to know you" post if you arent really trying to get to know them? too much talk about themselves, and not about her? how silly.

Ben said...

I hate being banned from her blog because it makes her tough to call her out on her bullshit.

Did anyone notice that on the post that included the picture of the woman the Taliban cut Tila had put it in the category of "Sexy Hotties"? Here's a woman who lost her nose and ears and I can guarantee you complained less that Tila's little cheek scar (which she was warned about).

Not only that Tila asked "tell me about yourself" and some guy basically says "I won't live through the night" and she of course, ignores that post. Humanitarian indeed. At least she's dropped the "mogul" status.

kellencash said...

Listen you fat cow. Post some new smack on Tila. What the hell? I'm talking to you SEOLA and that other slunt ROTTY. Put the Ice cream down and get to work. Do what fat people do best.. Talk crap about other people. Now lets hear it.... Trash Tila already. New info is out there to report so DO IT. This flog is going to crap!!

xxburningsuexx said...

I bumped into a great blog that covers all the Tila madness as well, you can check it out at

I hope you girls still enjoy blogging on here, because you really are doing a great job :o)

Anna said...

OMG! Are you kidding me?!!

NOW Tila's saying there is no sex tape...HUH???

Didn't you just go to court for an injunction? Okay, that makes so much sense

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

You're welcome, Diana. Would have been more but had to take my pet rats to the vet. For such little creatures they sure do cost a pretty penny. omgaaaaaaah!

Diana said...

Woo hoo! A THIRD donation for Salem Friends of Felines from a Tila Resistance member: "Just One of Many"!!! That makes Tila Resistance = 3; Tila Army = 0!! Why am I not surprised by this at all?

The people at this shelter ( give to charity by doing things like getting down on their hands and knees and cleaning cat boxes and nursing kittens around the clock. Not posing in slutty dresses on red carpets and eating lobster. Just saw Tila's latest charity post, and it made me physically sick.

Thank you to Just One of Many, Sandra from Australia, and SaigonWhoreNumeroUno for being true stars who are richer than Tila will ever be.

RotSpot...PLEASE do a post about this so these resistance members will get the positive recognition they haven't asked for, but deserve.

Anna said...

Holy crap! This article was slamming her big time! Is this guy a Resistance member? Sure seems like it. If he isn't, he should be.

crispiibacon said...

Lol the other day tila wrote on facebook that she sent "tilasrotspot" a letter from her power attorney to stop writing about her or she'll sue, and thats why you havent been writing anything :(

is it true?

hope you dont give into her games, she cant even legally sue.
Dont be intimidated by that sl*t!

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