Friday, September 10

postheadericon EXCLUSIVE! Tila Publicly Thanks Fatty and Rotspot For Exposing Biff!!!!

I've been sitting on this story a few days, hoping we'd get some Biff tweets or some more psycho Tila tweets to round out the story. Unfortunately, no-can-do, so I'll report on what was tweeted by Tila a few days ago.

Remember about 3 weeks ago, I broke the story of Tila's stalker-turned-secret-bf, Biff? See the original story here and and follow-up story here

On Tuesday of this week, Tila tweeted a personal thank you to me, your pal Fatty and the Tila Resistance, for DMing her about the stalker escapades of Biff. Of course, silly Tila mis-spelled our name, but we all know who warned her first:

Here are her tweets on the subject, as she pretends she's just now finding out about Biff through DM and tweets from her Tila Army:

And here she claims she never met him and how scary he is pretending she's his girlfriend. Yet, as I pointed out in the previous posts, Tila and Biff seemed to have a back and forth conversation about him bringing cigerettes over, and talking lovey-dovey to each other.

I believe these tweets speak for themselves, and are evidence that Tila and Biff were an item for a minute. The fact that she is just now acknowledging those alleged DMs and tweets from her army from 3 weeks ago, and the fact that Biff has been radio-silent since I first broke the news, tells me that they had a major falling out and Tila kicked him to the curb. There is no other reason to bring him up at this time. Tila is doing what she always does to the men in her life: kick them to the curb, stomp on them, make vicious accusations against them that have no merit, but are designed to bring embarrassment and possibly legal action against them, and then publicly humiliate them in a bid to ruin them professionally, financially or both.

I love the 4th tweet from the bottom on the above screen cap, because the tweet about Tila crying on the phone came directly from the tweets one of my sources provided me, that was posted up on that followup blog. That mean Tila reads RotSpot *waves to Tila*!

Biff obviously can't quite let go, because she tweeted this on Thursday:

True, no names are mentioned, but it's obvious Biff is texting her and she's enjoying playing him for the fool.

Well Biff, you can't say you weren't warned. You timeline is full of tweets warning you about Tila and providing evidence of the destruction she causes in the lives of her former lovers. In the history of the world, I don't think a psycho stalker was actually warned by so many people around him that the subject of his obsession was crazier and more dangerous than him. When people try to save the psycho stalker from the victim, you're dealing with about 15 levels of off-the-chart crazy.

As further proof of their love gone sour, Tila has been tweeting up a storm the last few days. The month prior to this week, she was laying low and getting laid. Now that she no longer has a boo in the house, she's on her drug-induced rants and regrets. Notice how combative and aggressive she's being lately? She's trying to pick fights with anyone who will give her the time of day, desperately acting the gangsta bitch to validate her own self-worth, now that Biff has somehow hurt her little mogul feelers.

Fortunately for Tila, her condomansionium has a revolving door, so just as one sucker slinks out, another one will soon slide in. Hope they brought their wet-naps...there's a whole lotta STD-riddled snail slime to clean up before they mount that walking petri dish.


alison m m said...


Joann said...

"Tila tweeted a personal thank you to me, your pal Fatty and the Tila Resistance, for DMing her about the stalker escapades of Biff"....just curious Fatty....why did you DM her about the stalker escapades of Biff?

SoJaded3000 said...

I like "vegan noodle soup"..with "chicken" and "shrimp", huh? O_o

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

It's funny how she's getting all worked up about this, and calling him a psycho. I mean, isn't that what she did with the Game? Say he was her baby daddy even though he never slept with her? What a mental case. And not even a good mental case, like a savant, because she's got a memory like a sieve.

Steven Clarke said...

I think the funniest thing is is that Tila thinks his name is Bam F Scott.

Isis said...

one of the biggest signs of a commitment-phobe is the person claiming all of their ex's are crazy. the common denominator is always Tila, in this case. you aren't a fly strip for Coo-Coo's Tila, you just know you're not going to be sticking around with any one person in the long term sense. i don't think she's had a serious long term relationship in her life.

debby.murphy said...

Ok I just wanted to point out the obvious here... in the third screen cap, there is a tweet about how psycho it is to claim you are dating someone when you haven't even met them... Uh, so what does claiming a rapper who says he doesn't know you made you pregnant with a fake baby mean? Sometimes I honestly can't get my head around this girl!

Christina said...

Anyone else see this?

Christina said...

Oh and here is Perez Hilton's

Quite a difference :)

Blondie Zero said...

haha Great Post Fatty!

Hannah said...

I bet she checks here every single day. The lolz are endless! A comment from the flog she made in response to me:

"Hate crimes like the numerous things on TRS correct? Wishing me dead, using extremely racist comments, AND I could go on and on. Plus get off my dick already. Screen capping everything and trying to twist my words around. my life is YOUR ONLY THING TO DO!"

BAHAHAH she even calls it TRS. Am I the only one that thought this was hilarious?

I've never gotten so much joy out of pissing somebody off in my life. The skank just makes it so easy!

whatahautemess said...

What the hell kind of "Vegan spicy noodle bowl" would have "soy chicken AND shrimp?"

Or are there soy-based shrimp products I'm missing out on?

whatahautemess said...

Oops--there was only one comment when I posted that. Excuse my redundancy!

Tiffany said...

Hey Fatty!

First off, I wanted to say I am a huge fan of the Rotspot and the blogs that are posted which I follow regularly. Being that said, I notice that you used the same Tila tweet Eddie used for his blog "Tila Didn't Learn her Lesson: Continues to Taunt the Juggalos" in which she said "Is there a way to "BLOCK" someone from texting you??? Damn this shit is annoying as hell!" I thought this same tweet was used to describe Violent J when he texted her and from your sources, was used in regards to the Biff situation. I was curious which one it was..was it for Biff or Violent J or both?

Joann said...

Yea Hannah I'm pretty sure she reads this blog daily and she uses info from the comments and repeat it on her piece of crap blog.

She'll change the wording up with a couple of her own words but you know it came from here.

Check out Tila's Disclaimer then check out the Disclaimer on TRS, 5th paragraph down.

Instead of TRS, she inserted her blog's name and left out the word "writers" in the last line of the paragraph. The rest is word for word.

This blog is an info e-store for her and she shops here daily.

Why does she use the term "get off my dick" when referring to herself? Skank makes it so easy to get ridiculed.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Joann: My tweet to Tila was something along the lines of 'hey tila you know you just let a stalker into your life". Mostly to get a rise out of her. She, of course, didn't respond.

Tiffany: That's a good question. Though I read Eddie's post, it didn't hit me that it was the same tweet I posted. I saw that tweet when I was going through her recent tweets to see if there was anything I may have missed. I assumed because of the "i don't wanna be his boo" comment that it was directed at BAMFscott. I could be wrong. Tila's tweets aren't in context to anything in particular (in other words, she's not replying to someone who may have asked her something specific). I'll look at it closer and see if perhaps I jumped the gun on this one.

Hannah: I caught the TRS post as well, and thought it was funny she referred to it by initials, as if everyone would automatically know what those initials would stand for.

Joann said...

Thanks Fatty...I was hoping it was along those lines. I was like..please don't let Fatty be pulling a NR on

Fatty McFatterson said...

Joann--lol, ummm no. i don't play that wishy washy bullshit. i admit i did call authorities re: jane incident out of concern, but believe me, i now feel i probably should have left well enough alone...she just doesn't learn and continues to put others in danger.

actually i was more concerned for bamfscott's safety, lol.

Lori said...

You should add the screen cap from 8/24/10 when Leo Madrid tweeted Scott saying, "I don't know why, but I'm concerned are you ok? DM me." If TT didn't know Scott why is Leo following Scott and tweeting him? I know LM & TT fell out, so he could relate to Scott....dunno. Just think screencap should be here.

Lori said...

contact me if you need the screenshot. I have it since I RT

Alia said...

Hey, I just posted an open letter to her:

Joann said...

Loved your letter Alia. If she would only follow your advice it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

You are right Alia, Giving Tru TV a shot would be the perfect venue for her right now. A steady paycheck and some TV time every week.

When you read this Tila...try Alia's suggestion to get on Tru TV. It may work out so well for you that you won't have to do another porn movie or perform those "services" of yours for your special men

SammiDe said...

She states in one tweet here~~>> Well now that I called him out,I wonder what his excuse is going to be one he gets all of these tweets??? Should be interesting...Loser!

Hmmm, then BLOCKS him! So therefore he REALLY WONT GET ALL THOSE "Calling him out" Tweets!!! As well as IF she did not know him? As in FALL for his STALKERISH behavior meet him and then fuck him, seems to me she has because she is SO DISGUSTED and taking the time to "CALL HIM OUT" which she only does to people who TRULY PISS HER OFF IN LIFE, as we have seen so many times before!

*Giggles* ☻Leave it to Tila Tequila to fuck her stalker! *SMH* only her, only her!!

khandersuk said...


I had a look at the celebrity net worth page. Just to put things in context . . .

Angelina Jolie - $90 million
Steve Guttenberg - $15 million
Lou Ferrigno - $10 million
Jodie Sweetin (Full House) - $4 mil
Tila - $1.5 million

Some of those salaries seem quite high for the middle three who we haven't seen much of for years. Yet Tila, the self monikered mogul, comes in way at the bottom. Going through a load of names, I couldn't find anyone less than her.

Prof. Chaos said...

I know I'm late on my comment for this post, but I had to say this:

I have been reading and commenting on this site since day one and I have never, EVER seen anyone say anything racist. I do recall one commenter saying something that was misconstrued as racists, but was quickly called out by someone else. Another example of the AW using Rotspot for more attention.

Tila, I know you read and try to comprehend the comments from this site so this is for you: Much like your tits, you need to get straightened out.

Ben said...

Guttenberg was just on the show "Party Down" and he talked about his money. He was the shit for a while and invested well. The weird thing about that is it didn't say how Tila made her money currently. She may have made that much over her career, but right now income is low.

Her "album" is on itunes for 1.99, that's less then some of the apps I buy for my phone, so even if she sold 100,000 copies she's not walking away with anything if she had any overhead, plus add in her publicist and she's not making much money at all. So while that site was interesting, I wouldn't trust it much.

I just love how they refuse to believe anything Tila once said. I tried to point out to a few that Tila did in fact call Shawne "monkey face" but they refused to believe.

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