Thursday, September 9

postheadericon ICP is Classier Than Tila Tequila

Last night when I posted those screencaps of Tila talking shit on Violent J (and the subsequent edit where she's talking shit on the juggalos themselves), I started thinking.  You know, something is really wrong when a bunch of "schizophrenic serial killer clowns" are handling this shit better than the "petite" and "caring" and "loving" and "humble" girl who got OH SO INJURED and abused.  It's a damn shame, because I've seen both Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope handling this situation with nothing but class.  This is obviously something Tila can't even fathom.

Case in point, here's an article from

That's right.  All she had to do was get down.  But no, Tila wanted to be the hero and stay up there.  And she probably would be a hero...if she wouldn't have cried so fucking much about it later and threatened to sue, saying she wanted to "end the Gathering."

Thankfully, according to Violent J, "There will always be Gatherings. There will always, forever, be Gatherings."

So suck it, Tila.  All you did was give us endless fodder.

And sidenote: Tila, how could you leave Chunks your baby on stage?  Don't you know how hard it was for him to scrape himself off your closet floor and come find you?



Cam said...

Can't find your email on the site- I think Tila deleted this comment so I wanted to share the screencap with you. I think she admitted to porn/sex for cash!

Kay said...

Tila the famewhore loves being a victim. The brave little soldier brings tears to my eyes.

She's a knobhead.

Misty said...

My challenge of the day to you is this:

Name one person who doesn't have more class than Tila.

SoJaded3000 said...

I look forward to the post you guys write about her "come roast me haters" post on her flog. I enjoyed pissing her off. >=)

___ said...

Tila vs. The Juggalos made me, for the first time in many years, not 100% embarrassed that I was a juggalette up until I was 16.

ONTD confirmed that Tila rents her lambo. Don't know if that's been noted here.

Bandaids is the methiest strip club in the valley, or so I've heard. The closest to a strip club that I've been to was a burlesque night at Cherry on Mill.

Joann said...

I agree with Violent J...why would Tila stay on stage?

She had been warned repeatedly what would happen to her if she went on stage..was told she did not have to appear and THEY WOULD STILL PAY HER.

The skank was in a win-win situation and chose to get a beat down.

How freaking dumb do you have to be to do something like this.

Tila got what she asked for. She said I'm a badass and I can take a beat they gave it to her. Then she wants to sue!!!!

And, she didn't really get a proper beat down..she was lightly tapped a few

@_____Said...we figured she was leasing the Lambo when she tweeted she was approved to get the car.

You don't have to get approved for a car when you're paying the full price for it in cash.

See, she forgets about little items like that when she starts bragging on her twitter. She thinks we're all as dumb as her army of idiots.

I'm surprised the skank has the bank to lease one, unless she paid for the first few months with her special "services".

___ said...

It's less than $2k to rent per day. I've only seen pictures of her with the car from one date. She probably got a loan to cover the rental fee for a day or two so she can pretend to be rich.

Fatty McFatterson said...

My grandma wearing booty shorts, lipstick applied far outside the lipline, rag curlers in her hair and a tube top, swearing like a sailor and tipping a bottle has far more class than Tila ever will.

Tila stayed on stage so she could milk the victim angle and get a little publicity. It backfired again, because she didn't know when to quit. She prides herself on her self-marketing savvy, but she again failed. Had she thought past the short term she could have stood up as the voice of violence and drug use in the concert venues. Instead, people slowly pulled their sympathy as they realized what a nutjob she's willing to be to extend her 15 minutes.

When rational, compassionate adults side with drug-addled teens and young adults in clown makeup and mullets*, you know you're pretty damn pathetic.

* Not that there's anything wrong with that, lol.

Anna said...

I know I'm off topic, sorry, but I found this article. At first I thought that it was a "Tila rocks" type of article but it's not. It's actually pretty funny and the captions rock!

axetina81 said...

This crazy b*@!$ really doesn't know when to stop does she? It's like she is trying to get her a** kicked or something.
Tila Tequila is a class act, not classy. There IS a difference. LOLZ @ Fatty McFatterson- you are f-ing HIGHlarious!

raunchyb said...

She's going CRAZY on Twitter now... Such a creep.

Someone asked her to mention today's Muslim holiday (the end of Ramadan), and she wrote, "awwww Happy Holiday to all Muslims! I'm sorry i didn't know it was a Holiday there!"

Yes, Tila. It's only a holiday over "there" where all the Muslims live. It's not like Islam is practiced all over the world or anything...

Sandra said...

I'm so glad ICP have been classy about it, just makes her look even worse.

On Tilas flog she wrote another post for haters, and she really pissed me off. I made a comment about her deleting msgs, and then she actually replied to me and accused me of being all of the haters, that I post under different names, because she can see my IP. It actually made me really mad, I know it's the internet so it shouldn't bother me, but it's just the blatant lie to my face. I probably comment on her flog a few times a month, I always comment under Sandra. I'm just lazy I can't be bothered to comment often, twice I tried using a different name and my computer won't let me. Clearly I haven't ever done what she is accusing me of, but I guess it just really proved to me how much she lies, especially because I KNOW it's not true. Unbelievable, it just makes me hate her more, she proved
herself to me, what a piece of shit.

deluwiel said...

Tom Green on Tila's Juggalo appearance: "If you get up and say something that shows that you gave a damn, and thought about where you are, and what you're doing, and you wanna appeal to them on a personal level, and you say something that everybody relates to, the audience will come over to your side. If you go out and say "I don't give a FUCK bitches," whether you're in Australia or Canada or Nashville or at the Juggalo festival, someone's probably gonna throw a rock at you.

It's just sort of Performance 101: Don't go up on the stage and yell at the audience, "I'm not fucking going ANYwhere! I'm not a Hollywood Bitch." It's sort of like the opposite of what you're supposed to do."


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