Thursday, September 9

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When two whores like Tila Tequila and Kat Stacks fight, only the internet wins.  What's that?  You don't know who Kat Stacks is?  GOOD.  Keep it that way.  She's fucking nobody.  Suffice it to say that Kat Stacks is a horrendously ugly woman who fucks rappers then puts them and their phone numbers on blast for the world.  I'm sure someone in the comments will give more details than that, and that's fine, but I refuse to go into it.  And GFD do I hate Tila for making me stick up for that triflin' ass hoe.

Here are all of Tila's tweets.  Since this is from twitter, you have to read each cap from the bottom up.  I probably could have flipped them, but I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible.  Right before this, Tila was bullshitting us (I know, shocking) about going to Africa to do some charity work.  Africa AND Uganda.  Yeah, I'll get to that.

I want to point out that Kat made only a few tweets - one was especially funny regarding the Gathering of the Juggalos and the shit that hit Tila in the face - and then she deleted them and was done with it.  But fucking Tila had to go ON AND ON AND ON for almost an hour about it.  Damn, Kat must have hit a nerve.  I'm still waiting to see if I can get a screencap of Kat's tweets so I can give you guys the full picture.  Here, they've started to come in thanks to @AmIzzy:

But no, seriously, these fucking whores might as well have been separated at birth.  While Kat is viciously unattractive, inside they're both the exact same person.

And just for the sake of hilarity...

I might even believe her if that wasn't the first time she said she was going to Africa AND Uganda "the more dangerous places."  And really, we're supposed to believe Drop in a Bucket is going to send her someplace that is supposedly so dangerous she was warned not to go?  (That sounds suspiciously familiar...GOTJ anyone?  "They warned me not to go on stage but I went anyway!  Now my face meet is all torn up!  BOO FUCKING HOO!"  Watch out, Drop in a Bucket!)  Right.  Because that's what charities do with their celebrity volunteers (or hell, even first time regular volunteers).  They try to get them killed.  I can't wait until October to find out she's not really in Uganda.  But hey...if she does go...

Tila!  Pick short sleeve!
Ouch, that's the darkest joke I've ever made here.  I actually feel kind of bad!  If you get it, props to you!  Make sure your diamonds are cruelty-free.

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Ben said...

In America it's Bling-Bling, in Africa it's Bling-Bang.

LeilaTheGoodRat said...


they are both whores.

now if you'll excuse me i have a busy day planned- first i'm going to Philadelphia, then to Pennsylvania, then to the United States. Gonna build huts and shit. Duh!

AmIzzy said...

They Are Both Truly Revolting!! And Completely Full Of Poop! If They Ever Met Up They Wouldn't Fight Each Other They Would Get Tips From Each Other On How To Become Big Fame Whores! Then They Could Discus All The STD's The Have In Common. Just Like You Said @EduardoRetardo Two Peas In A Diseased Ridden Pod!!

khandersuk said...

Don't those tweets sound suspiciously like the mystery blog writer? She doesn't usually write like that unless she's on a rant (I mean the turns of phrase, ghetto speak, etc)

And the short sleeves comment, POW!

Jacqueline said...

LOL...I hope she keep her skeleton body covered in Uganda or she could end up being mistaken as a hooker...oooops!...i forgot she is already one...lmao...and oh yeah!...

andi said...

When I first started to read the argument tila vs.kat I thought the whole thing was funny. Then I had a few thoughts. Why is tila trying to talk like a teenager from the hood. Why is a 30 year old woman arguing with a kid. Why does kat have more followers than tila? I know her old account so she says had over 150k haha less than 120k by my count again whhy can't someone just get rid of her

Obvious Troll said...

If Tila goes to to do foriegn aid, the whole of Africa (and Uganda) will be the ones needing shots for the shit she could transmit to them!

Drizella said...

this made my morning OJ come out my nose.... <3 u eddie!! i dont give 2 shits about KatStacks but her 2 tweets or however many there were.... fucking hilarious.... use her head as a bowling ball.... THANKS you for someone pointing out the ridiculous size of tila "pow" tequila's head..... can we contact tru tv and get them to sponsor a real fight... now i would watch that... i would love to see tila get her ass kicked again... and again... and again.....

btw... my sister just spent time in Uganda with a charity (52kids, go check it out) and they wouldnt let her leave her hotel room past 7pm bc after it got dark... white girls would get raped... wonder what theyd do to tila 'motherfukin' tequila..... in here's how it goes in my head.... she learns one maybe 2 words...

Tila: Jambo.
Villager: WTF??
Tila: Hakuna Mata?
Villager: *POW* ....splat....

too violent? maybe.... but hey.... she was warned its a dangerous place.... and it is, which is why my sister left her year long trip after 4 months.... she met great people there, wonderful families who welcomed her into their homes, she helped kill chickens for dinner, helped clean house, taught kids in the school, helped build a school....... tila wont contribute anything but spreading more STDs and they already have enough to worry about with the AIDS epidemic over there..... theres a word tila *HI TILA* can use.... epidemic. i know its not in her vocabulary.... thats for damn sure..... So Tila... Go to Uganda... see what happens when you try to go "INNNNNNN" on someone there.... it would make my day, week, month.... fuck it, it would make my life.

(BTW everyone else, a really cool charity to support in Uganda is called Beads of Hope


" 1. To empower women currently living in poverty through economic opportunity.
2. To provide scholarships for orphans, the most vulnerable population, from a future life of poverty through education and career opportunity."

a group of Ugandan women started making necklaces, by hand (im lucky my sister brought one home to me) they built their village with the funds, got sponsored by a charity and now their necklaces, bracelets and everything are around the world... they have bead parties where the charity sends you a bunch of product and you donate and pick out what you want.... its amazing the work they do.. check out the work:

anyway.... long story short... i would love to see a real throw down between the two gutterskanks and then watch tila go to Africa and then Uganda and go "innnn" on someone who calls her out. Also, check out 2 REAL charities in Uganda.... and

with love,

Bedazzle THIS said...

Broke Ass Aprtment Say What.

Now do that in a Posh English Accent.

Now see why when I said it outloud I almost vomited funny out of my MOUTH.

Joann said...

Two vile skanks twitter fighting and you're right Eddie, Kat hit a nerve with Tila big time and Tila can't handle it.

Kat knew Tila would spin out of control so she did a "tweets and deletes"..the same thing Tila does.

All she basically wanted to do was mess with Tila's bobble head and get a rise out of her. Kat got it and left and Tila is still talking about it. Now Tila wants to get back at all the "haters".


She's playing mind games with you, don't you recognize it Tila.

Tila going to Africa and Uganda to help dig wells....hahahahaha we all know this will never happen.

Kateřina said...

Seems like she wants to hop on the bandwagon and gain some popularity via Kat Stacks. Notice how she mimics her right now (the change of language on twitter, blogpost dedicated just to hater comments etc.). So unexpected. I see some more info about getting fucked in the ass and other oh-so-hardcore stuff coming up.

Jess said...

who does tila think she is angelina jolie

FUYU said...

LMAO this is what I wanted to see! Thank you guys so much for posting this up! Since Kat Stacks deleted her tweets I couldn't see what Tila was throwing a fit about but I had a feeling Tila was blowing the whole thing out of proportion to make herself look like a bad ass.

I hate them both, but I hope they meet. I'm sure Tila wouldn't be acting the same way.

Im Out Of It said...

I hope Tila gets malaria. There, I said it. Actually, no I take that back. She's going to milk that illness to give herself publicity and put herself in the same philanthropical level as Bono who has done so much work in Africa (and Uganda!)

SammiDe said...

Wow, can she just FALL in that hole she is gonna be diggin? Please!?! smh!

Kay said...

They could just use tila to dig the wells, get her by the
legs and that forehead of hers is more than big enough to use as a spade.

debby.murphy said...

Can't you just imagine it though? If she actually does go to Uganda, who is willing to bet she comes back with a whole sob story about how she was gang raped and has pictures for TMZ to show everyone? I mean, I don't think I would be able to handle it.

Something else that also crossed my mind today was about that whole thing where her mother was pregnant with her for 6 years... I mean, I'm sure this thought has crossed your minds too, but what's to say she didn't just fuck up there and was actually born in '75, actually making her almost 36? Wouldn't that be the most fucked up thing?! I'm not sure what proof she's ever posted about her age and of course, I can fully accept that she is born in '81 and totally doesn't know her history, I just thought it would actually be pretty funny if turned out she lied about her age. Given her behaviour with minors though... actually not funny at all. God this bitch is wrong on too many levels.

Tilatakedown said...

these 2 cum dumpsters obviously both piss me off
But kat stacks , that bietch's voice makes me want to

a) knock her out or
B) knock myself out
c) all of the above

= ) tila generally has the same effect minus B.

SammiDe said...

Debby I agree with you. I believe Tila is really 36! She sure looks it!!

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