Thursday, September 30

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The other day, published this article: 15 Celebrities We've Grown To Hate Over Twitter.  Guess who made the list?

The whole thing was just aces.  Finally it seems to be becoming common knowledge that Tila fakes pregnancies, miscarriages, break-ins, etc, and that she's FUCKING INSANE and an attention whore to the max.

Honestly, I think the Rotspot & all of you play a LARGE part in that.  If we weren't here, pointing out her ridiculous bullshit on the daily (or, you know, the every-other-daily) I don't think so many people would know.

Oh, but I guess is just a bunch of "fawkin hatas," as Tila so eloquently wrote in her Facebook status the other day.  She proves every single day what an uneducated simpleton she is, why do we expect her Tila Army to be any different?

Way to fuck your career, Tila.  Thanks!


Ben said...

She's trying to fuck-start her career now.

I don't think Tila would be as bad without her army of morons singing her praises. She'd just be like the bum who talks to themselves and tries to bite their own face. But no, she's got a bunch of brainwashed foreign teens who walk around squawking about she's the best thing to happen to the US since the Louisiana purchase. Ignoring the fact that she'll say something one day (changing from celebrity gossip blog) and never follow through.

I wish we could line up like in Airplane and take our turns slapping sense into them. I'd start with Mittens.

Joann said...

Eddie wrote...."She proves every single day what an uneducated simpleton she is, why do we expect her Tila Army to be any different".

It is freaking EERIE how much we think alike when it comes to this nitwit and her AOI's.

Your statement says it all about her and them which is why I have little or no sympathy for any of them.

Whatever bad consequences they have to pay in their personal life for following a moron like Tila instead of using their common sense,they deserve it.

Some of the younger teenage fans I can understand because they're just that....young and foolish. I did foolish things when I was 14-15 years old but the ones of legal age and there are a couple I'm thinking about but I won't mention their screen names must have an IQ of 50.

They know she lies about everything...even to them, they know she's a slut with no discernible talent and gives nothing back to society but negative BS and yet they worship her. LOL.

You hit the nail on the head Eddie, in order to adore her to the point of dismissing their own common sense they have to be as mentally deranged as she is.

What's that old saying...birds of a feather flock together.

kellymae said...

Ahhh Uncle Eddie, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. I love thee the way I love doritoes and twinkies. I love thee the way tila loves crack, meth, speed, ludes, vicodin, coke, horse, oxazapam, uh, you get the idea right. yup, I love thee that much.

As a matter of fact, the only thing I love more than the rotspot and my dorito stash right at this moment is the fact that in all the twitterverse only a functionally retarded ex vp cadidate, a burned out, used up actress and the chick that Tila buys her drugs from are hated more than her. If I had my way,

I suddenly feel like the universe at least for today makes perfect sense.

Raise up a glass of Faygo and a spoon full of honey nut cherios rotspotters and let us toast the entity that is POPCRUNCH.

Oh shit, I almost forgot.
SUCK IT TILA. that is all

gillianthemad1013 said...

I don't know about you guys, but I hate Tila because of Tila. However, her Twitter account helped, I guess.

Tuesday said...

She is CRAZY! I can't believe she still has her flog.

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