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Monday, August 23

postheadericon Jeepers peepers, where'd you get that Creeper? Part 1

I'm going to preface this by admitting I have no life. None. So, the fact that I have tons and tons of screencaps and several hours to put this post together is just testament to my loyalty to you dear readers or my abject empty shell of a life. I'd like you to believe it's my loyalty, but shit, y'all are too smart for that!

In the last couple of weeks a certain young man, I'll call, Biff, who is currently dating our midget idjit mogul, has come to my attention. I'm not going to reveal his real name or screen name, only because he's not a celeb or anything. His Twitter is all public so I'm just pulling shit off there and commenting about it.

Personally, the guy skeeves me the fuck out. He totally gives me the heebie-jeebies, but that's just me, and as you read his tweets and follow the commentary I'll let you make your own decisions on his creepy-teepee tweets to Tila and several porn chicks.

The backstory: Biff is a 24- or 25-year old The Situation-looking dude, with the same 'game' as the Situation, but better looking. He's got the smarmy fake personality and hits up at least 8 different porn chicks, including Tila on his Twitter. Tila and another gal seem to be his prime targets. There are many many facets to Biff, but I want to comment first on his interest in Tila. It appears Biff arrived on Twitter just a fan of Tila's and a bunch of other porn chicks. Most of his crap is the lovey-dovely drival of a horny man hoping to score some STD-laced poontang. 

The Tila stuff is much more interesting and much more disturbing. It appears to me that Biff has been stalky mcstalkerson when it comes to Tila. He starts off being the usual vapid fan, but then after sending her gifts and talking about his girlfriend loving Tila and begging Tila to follow him, you start to get a little freaked out by his intensity. Things build up when he somehow manages to live next door to her, and yet doesn't realize her lives next door to her.

Now, of course we'd expect people to live next door to Tila, but what about a guy who claims he sent $500 to Jayden's Angels? Tila advertised that sham back in December '09 and shut it down by end of January '10. Biff would have us believe he innocently donated $500 and then miraculously she moved next door to him months later.

Tweets are in semi-chronological order. That means where there are several tweets grouped together, you'd read them like on Twitter, from the bottom-up, but I'll be striving to go from the earliest to the latest. 

He starts out May 4, logging into Twitter for the first time. Oopsie, hope Tila isn't angry that her new bf covets another porn star to be his 'wifey'!

Here he talks about his girlfriend getting off on one of Tila's songs from her Caterwauling EP. Keep the fact that he claims to have a girlfriend in mind:

That last tweet confirms he and Tila don't know each other personally, or he wouldn't have to tell her he's on the West coast.

The next tweet is all about the lulz. Heh.

Here he wonders when she'll perform in Texas, and that he caught one of her lame-ass shows the previous nite. Doesn't appear he tried to meet her though.

Next, he begs Tila to follow him. He has important info, but it's critical she follow him:

Suddenly he has her address because he claims it was 'leaked', and then he confirmed it's her address. How did he confirm, did he drive over there? Does it appear to you that she lives next door to him? The vibe of this tweet tells me he may know where she lives, but doesn't live next door. Love how any other stalkers out there who got ahold of this 'leaked' address now have confirmation that they have the right one. Note this is May 15.

Remember a little while ago he questioned her about Texas? It seems she ignored his question (probably because her little alien nose smelled a creeper!), but she is claiming to be in Texas (this was that stupid 'wedding' she claimed to have flown out to).

Now he's hitting 9Head up for a free trip, and still talking about how people blasting her new address. Funny thing is, I never heard that it had been leaked. With all the info I see on Tila, this one completely escaped me. And, why not DM her the info, why announce it so every other creeper can look for themselves? Sounds like he's setting the stage for something.

He's now out on Robertson looking for Tila. I'm assuming she tweeted she'd be there and he went running.

OH boohoo, Tila seems to be ignoring Don Juan 'cause he's no longer her favorite person.

Note the date. This was the day of Arm Meet-Gate. Remember, down the way you'll see where he tweets he lives next door to her. If he lived next door to her, don't you think he'd see the fire and rescue, police and emts? Let's see, when my daughter we 2 and fell off the bed on her head, 911 sent a humongous fire truck, a smaller fire and rescue truck, a police car and an ambulance. Four large vehicles on one street for a tiny little girl. At least that many were there for the suicide hoax, possibly more because they were thinking there was another person involved (Jane). Tongues would have been wagging amongst the neighbors all days and into the next, yet Biff responds to her tweets, and doesn't seem to know what is happening. 

A week later he wonders why she still won't follow him, or perhaps she was following and then unfollowed:

A couple days later, now that Tila's back from her 5150 vacation, she does decide to follow him. It's now been almost 6 weeks since he's followed her both Twitterly and literally. Lots of love for Tila though, as he's also sending packages to other porn chicks and he mentions his girlfriend.

Have no idea why he would say this this first tweet, but it's ickers:

And a week after she starts following him, they're engaged. But wait, I thought he wanted to marry that other porn chick, you know the first person he tweeted. Men!

Oh look, the Biffuation is getting all charming and sexy on her:

PS: I can't stand that term, "wifey". Gag me with a spoon!

Ohoh, trouble in paradise....

Ugh. More of the creepy false intimacy I so love.

He's really desperate....

I believe this was referencing her tweet about going to the UPS store and seeing David Alan Grier. Did someone follow her? Looks like he 'cause he couldn't hug her because of all her packages.

Now he knows her gym:

Oddly, he wonders if another porn star is also his new neighbor. Did he just move in, or did she move in. Odd. If he moved in, then it appears he moved in to Tila's neighborhood knowing she lived there. I have to think he just moved in this week, because these other tweets tell the story as he suddenly tries to make Tila aware how close he is.

Well it certainly appears to be that he moved in, because the next day he tells Tila he's in the 'same place'. It still doesn't appear that Tila really acknowledges him as someone she knows. If she did, she'd have him DM her, and not post this crap in public.

Ohoh. It's taking a very creepy tone:

Good thing he and his other 'wife' (the girlfriend, he claims to have, is in love with Kaylani and they both send her handmade gifts) are busy with the other porn chicks:

And there's an urgent package he wants Tila to pick up. He now believes he saw her the previous night walking Onyx. If I thought I lived next door to someone I admired, I certainly wouldn't be so calm about it. It seems like he's trying to tell her it's all just a crazy quirk of fate that they live next door to each other.

She still hasn't picked up his package. If he knew he lived next door, why send it to her fan mail address, why not send it to the address she lives at? You've already proven yourself to be creepy by all these tweets, a little package isn't going to put you over the top.

Still hasn't picked up the package and he wants to cuddle. If I was Tila, I'd be freaking out about now.

Anything to get her attention. He keeps telling her he knows where she lives. That, in itself, is stalker behavior to me. 

Looks like 10 days later, she still hasn't picked up the package.

Tila has no real friends at all, let alone fans.

Two weeks, and she thinks so much about him that she still hasn't picked up the package. But even more creepy, the last tweet where he asks who she asked about making a video. Is this something her heard in her hallway outside her apartment? That's the only thing I get out of it.

Finally, 15 days later she picks up the damn package.

Ick, again. 

Love how he just keeps grooming her by stoking her ego. And I don't know where he'd have a big house because he lives in the apartments next to Tila's.

Now he wants to know where she eats. Perhaps he's hoping for an invite. He doesn't let up, does he?
Nope, he doesn't.
August 3 he's still with his girlfriend. Or did her ever have a girlfriend? If you saw his timeline, you'd be amazed at how much time he spends tweeting all these porn chicks. Does he throw in the girlfriend to look less threatening?

A few days later, he tweets he has cigarettes in response to Tila begging for smokes. She has obviously never met the guy, because he has to keep telling her lives next door. She must have been totally freaked out when she read his other tweets about knowing where she lives and was she walking her dog, etc. RUN TILA, RUN!!! Oh wait, what happened to the girlfriend from 5 days ago? You know, the one you've been with since at least May.

He goes on to explain that he's not a stalker when he lives next door, though he seems to have moved in in late June and he just happens to have moved next door to Tila, after knowing her address since mid-May. Oh yeah, that's normal.

Here's where his charm really shines through:

Ummmmm. I don't think respect is telling all of Twitter that you 'smashed' her or fucked her. What class.

He really should take his own advise:

But he doesn't:

As of today, he tweeted that Tila visited him on the 8th floor of his employer's building where they fucked. Yeah. Thing is I can't believe she'd do that for any man. If anything she'd call the shots and tell him to get to her hovel for a little afternoon delight. But we shall see.

So, is this guy just a romantical love-lorn Lothario? Could be. I have to say, the fact Tila has no one filtering her dates means she's wide open to exploit. I'm not saying Biff is doing anything wrong, but it sure seems fishy (and that's just not the smell of Tila's open legs!). It wouldn't surprise me if she met up with someone who stalked her and ended up meeting her just so he could make a sex tape to sell behind her back, ala Spencer Pratt. I guess we shall see.

I have more that he tweeted about Casa, and some random crap, but I'll follow up in the coming days with that shit.


Eduardo Retardo said...

I've seen this going down on Twitter and I gotta say something does seem really fishy about this. I don't buy it. I think he's just enjoying the attention and making shit up.

That being said, I know he reads this site. I've heard that some shenanigans went on between he and Tila tonight (if you believe him, that is), so I have a feeling this could get really good.

But yeah, I ain't buying it. Not yet, anyway. I'm all Debbie Downer up in this bitch.

Joann said...

I'm with you Eddie. I too have seen some of this going down on twitter and there is no way I'm believing this dude.

glitterypoi said...

yeah I don't get it, especially as everytime Tila gets a new man/woman she can't help but tell everyone, make vids etc, publicize every second of the 'relationship' why would he be any different?
Also this dudes creepiness reminds me of someone, who was that guy who was on Twitter a while back who used to send Tila weird tweets saying how much he loved her and all kinds of crazy shit, Quazzar or Quazgar of something? anyone remember him?

Fatty McFatterson said...

I believe most of his tweets are to pump himself up to look like all these porn chicks are in to him. If you follow the tweets back though, most times they have never referenced him, the tweets are generic tweets to the public, and he's just hitting reply and seeming to be having a convo.

The Tila shit is odd, and I've been on the fence about whether or not they hooked up, and I've got some evidence that appears to back up his claim. Tila is strangely silent, but if you read between the lines of her tweets early in this relationship, she does acknowledge him.

Someone just tweeted Tila about 'freaky scott' and Tila responded all innocent-like she didn't know who the tweeter was talking about. About 20 minutes later she claimed she found a sad video and needed a break. I think she read this blog, got pissed off, and is now reading Biff's whole Twitter. I didn't even get to the juicy stuff that went down on his twitter today.

This could definitely be a popcorn and sodey trainwreck!

Unknown said...

Operation Happy Feet?

Tess said...

Well ..when you post multiple pictures of your fake boobs, spread leg crotch shots and rants about anal sex like Tila does're going to attract creepers.

I don't buy believe this guy has any real life connection to Tila. I think he's just playing out some fantasy on Twitter with these porn women to get attention. Just look at his muscle man profile picture. Knowing Tila, if this guy actually lived anywhere near her, she would probably claim him as her latest "stalker" and call the police ..just for more fame whore publicity.

Reading his time line tonight ..this could get good! It will be interesting to see what else you have Fatty!

Pixilix said...

Personally readin his tweets I think he might just be a deluded fan who has convinced himself into believing that he is in a relationship with her idk but somethings odd about this in some of his tweets seems like he contradicts himself a little bit owell guess it's no just playing the waiting game to see what come from all this is a nice piece of juicy gossip well done guys <3 you all have so much patients to go through all of this considering alot of it is just gibberish :)

Tuesday said...

Haha! This is hilarious. He's just as dumb as her. They are truly a match made in heaven.

Both of them appear to be mentally unstable, creepy, and oblivious to reality. What more could you ask for?

*In the tune of "We Got the Beat" by the Bangles*

They'll be singing...

"We got VD! Oh, we got VD! It hurts when we pee pee pee pee peeeeeee! We got VD! Oh, We got VD! Go to the clinic it's free, free, free, free, freeeeeee...We got VD! Oh, we got VD!"

Unknown said...

I think he has been encouraged by former employees of Tila to confront her with her inconsistencies and she has flipped out because she can't face that sort of thing. He has done a runner. We will probably never hear of him again. That will suit Tila, she can only sustain intimacy for a few days at a time, and it is better for her if she is paid for the time and she feels protected when she is doing it.

Unknown said...

I saw bits of Happy Feet going on yesterday and wasn't sure what to think about it. On one hand, he totally sounds like a creepy lying stalker who'd toss your favorite bunny in the stew pot. On the other, we all know what a reckless piece of cunt wart Tila is and if he offered her anything from a free lunch on up, she'd take it if all she had to do was spread her legs and let him stick something into her gaping garage.

He's a creepy dude though. Reading his tweets made me want to rub myself down with alcohol. I don't know how the other person he was tweeting with (the one I was following the convo with) could do it without laughing - maybe she was. He just sounds so..STUPID. I forget people really do have such low IQs. Well, people other than Tila.

He thought he was being all coy talking about how he was practicing safe sex, not to worry - spilling his guts about his sex life with his love Tila in open Tweets to someone who was obviously really anti-Tila in general, if not to him at that moment. What a 'tard.

It's all very suspicious on either his part or his and Twatila's. After the "oooh, pity me" Juggalo incident, I'm not putting anything at all past her, including some sort of shocking fan romance PR thing. Oh Noes! Twitter Love!

Hannah said...

I could see Tila being desperate enough to hook up with him just because he is up her ass with the attention. But I would expect her to be flipping out on him right about now for saying so many things on his twitter. I mean, his most recent tweets are borderline graphic. About riding bareback and everything...yeah, gross.

I didn't realize how stalkerish he'd been before that, though. It is just weird.

Great post, Fatty! I admire your dedication ;)

Kungfukitten said...

FYI You have his user name on the tweet about him & his girlfriend sending lingerie & shoes to some girl. I've been reading these tweets too and am unsure what to think. I'd expect Tila to be more vocal if it's real and if it's fake, which makes me wonder if it's somewhere in-between.

Unknown said...

First of all, I don't buy 'his' story at all. I also don't buy that it's a guy.

I have thought this whole thing is creeper level Red alert x infinity since 'he' first came on the radar.

Misty said...

I'll preface my comment with "I know that this is wrong to say" but, I hope he is real. I hope he is real and is stalking the hell out of her. I hope he is a psychopath - like a "put the lotion on" psychopath and eventually makes himself earmuffs from her fake tits.

FUYU said...

I don't believe BxxMFScxxtt even knows Tila. He's more like a male version of Skyylar (with the whole fake twitter relationship with Tila thing) minus the pedophilia.

I noticed him first from his tweets to @TilaTruth a while back and he's always pretending to be neutral or open minded when tweeting the haters and then obnoxiously kiss-ass to Tila at the same time.

With the whole twitter love thing- either he's in a fantasy world like Skyylar is, or he's doing it for the attention from everyone else... At least, that's what it appears like to me.

Unknown said...

I've often wondered if this is Tila posing as this dude. Has anyone actually heard him talk or seen him on video or anything? Her favorite thing to call Casey was wifey. Some of this stuff is too cutesy to be typed by a straight dude. Something is odd about the situation.

Unknown said...

Oh, "he" is now eluding to things have gone wrong!
Maybe "he" realizes that everyone is onto the bullshit.

Jezzzzuuusss Christ on a crisp y'all...the internet is full of crazy people. Who the hell has time to pseudo stalk a pseudo celebrity? I'd almost have more understanding if "He" was stalking Grover from Sesame Street.

Anonymous said...

ill i hate creepy weird guys....yuck! and on the internet, there are many of them.

TiredOfTila said...

I've noticed this "biff" person too. I seem to recall "he" posted a picture of his supposed girlfriend with tattoos. I thought she looked a lot like "Skyylar". My gutt tells me Bam is Skyy.

FUYU said...

EllenFB, I think you could be on to something. I don't remember Skyy's writing style, but now that I think of it- she did fake to be all kinds of different people. Maybe this time she might be thinking she might get away with posing as a dude? I see similarities.. fantasy world, stalkish, one way lovey-dovey twitter talk.

We need Leila's detective skills!

Unknown said...

Personally I've always felt he's a crazy stalker, has never met her and has no idea where she lives. He's convinced they have a relationship because he's nuttier than a fruitcake.

We all know Tila can't keep her mouth or legs crossed when it comes to bragging about a "relationship" or sex, and she hasn't made a single mention of this dude at all and I haven't seen any reply to his crazy tweets.

Anna said...

The thing that really bothers me is his tweets about him and his g/f sending gifts to these random women? What female would be cool with their guy spending money on nice things to send to other women? Sexy lingerie and shoes? Sending money in the triple digits? No way I believe she would be cool with that! I'm surprised he hadn't offered to pay her rent or buy her a car.

I know a lot of open minded girls an I know quite a few people who are in polyamorous relationships but I don't know anyone who would be cool with their partner aggressively spending vast amounts of money on various strangers. Who would?

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that Tila is running some of these twitter accounts like Sky and that Biff guy. She needs the attention. *shrug*