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Tuesday, August 24

postheadericon Ooopsie! Heh. The Biff Kerfluffle is heating up!

Who could anticipate the shitstorm brewing on my Twitter timeline this morning? Wow. Seems everyone's talking about Biff, lol. There's a lot of controversy about just who this dude is. Folks are wondering if it's really a guy, a girl, a chick named Sky who was in the center of some other Tila controversy before I came on the scene, or just a really stupid, creepy teepee stalker dood who happens to be very naive about Tila.

I've been sitting on the Biff story for a few days prior to last night's post (heh, yeah, I know everyone knows his name, but I like the sound of 'Biff'. It's just so suitable!) because I needed to confirm if he was the real McCoy or not. It appears, from my sources, that he is. I'm going to operate on the assumption that he is a real guy and he's really dating (or was dating) Tila.

Luckily, we have someone who has been tweeting with him since he first began dating Tila, so we have these lovely screencaps of the big blowout between him and Tila last night:

Ohoh. Get out the cigars, we got ourselves another Maybe Baby Daddy!!!

You don't know if her tears are real and she wants to get married to Stalky in the space of 2 weeks? Where have we seen this scenario played out before? Oh yeah every single person she has 'dated' in the last year!

How do you not know that she was taken away on a 5150 back in June? This is odd to me because it's obvious he tweeted her that day (see last night's post) in reponse to her stupid Jane tweet, and he asked how she was. In addition, if he lived next door as he claims, every fucking neighbor would have been talking about it! I think he moved there after the 5150, around the 24th of June, when he starts tweeting Tila that he lives near her.

What the hell kind of cat does that 'friend' have? A saber tooth tiger?

So, he's saying Tila has a key he didn't know she had? 

The following screencaps are prior to last night. I don't have timestamps on these, but they're in the last week or so, as I understand:

You never saw this side of her? Even Mittiee has seen this side of her, though he does deny it's anything to worry about and we all make 'mistakes'. Dude is either flat-out lying, or Tila has really found the stupidest person to ever walk this earth.

Lovely. I'm sure she wants it out there that she was at the STD clinic being tested for the porno she's denying being a part of.

Sex tape? OOOOOooooooOOOOOh. Can you say "Spencer Pratt". Hey Tila, I hope you have a handle on this one. That Lambo lease payment is coming up next month and sounds like LoverBoy may cash in on your payday.


FUYU said...

I really don't think this guy has any relationship with her. If you look at his timeline, he's always playing the "I didn't know that!" role when tweeting with the haters, then he goes kiss-ass with Tila again as if he's trying playing both sides. I thought he was a fan thinking he could be some sort of spy and blab to Tila about what the haters are saying to get some sort of special treatment from her or something.

With his whole timeline full of Tila wanna-be (or not) drama, it just seems like he's liking the attention and just playing along with it. I doubt he's ignorant about how Tila is. TilaTruth was talking to him about her scheming fame-whore ways and even directing him to visit TilaTruth.blogspot long before he the "arm meet" incident...

Joann said...

UMMMM...I'm still not feeling the Biff/Tila "slut fest" as being real.

How could he not know she was 5150'd even if he wasn't living there? He knew about the fake suicide so it would stand to reason he would know what happen to her after that.

Taking a wait and see attitude with this one.

Joann said...

Off topic but I had to comment on this. I was LMAO.

Tila said on her new piece of crap advice column:
"If you want me to keep you anonymous, just say so in the email and I will write down a different alias so that you’re name will be kept private."

Then further down is the letter,in part, from a person wanting to put his dead father on blast:
"My name is Andy i would appreciate if you could put me as anoynymous or change my name, whatever your suiting."...LOL.

However, I don't believe the deadbeat dad story but Tila must not know what anonymous mean.

Unknown said...



f is for fail

Joann said...

Oops..meant "deadbeat dad" on blast not "dead" dad.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

LOL@at "anonymous andy" on the flog. omg, lulz. Her advice is pretty lame and generic also. "just forget about him" lol, mmmmkay!

On the subject of freaky Scott....I don't believe this is true. I have a couple of theories...first one: I think he's a crazed fan. When I say crazed I mean absolutely FUCKING MENTAL I'LL SHOOT YOU JOHN LENNON STYLE OUTSIDE OF YOUR APARTMENT crazy. AND, I don't think it's too far fetched to say that maybe he's not really even a fan. I think it's more of an obsession with her, the lies, the drama...maybe he's on a love/hate trip(since he plays both sides) and is planning on doing her harm thinking he will be doing society a favor. It could happen. **shrugs**

Go, run with that story Tila, since I know you're all over TRS's nuts every time there is a new blog entry or new comments. Thank me later for giving your ass new material to incorporate into your never ending make believe drama of a pathetic life. You suck.

Second theory: Tila is BamFScott...and this is another stupid concocted piece o' shite, whoa is me sympathy story. Or, if she isn't this guy....they are in cahoots and this is nothing more than a prelude to a soon to be "leaked" sex tape that she'll say she didn't want getting out, she will play the victim, the dvd will fail, and she will be on to planning her next fail/lie.

She's been talking about sex tapes way too often lately.....makes you wonder. Everyone knows that dumb bitch can't keep a secret to save her life...she hints left and right about everything going on with really, I'm never surprised at anything she says or does anymore. I'm putting my money on a leaked sex tape in the future...although my first theory would be awesome too.

Ok, I think that was 3 theories. lol Just my 2 pennies=)

Tuesday said...

OMG! LMAO! This is fantastic!

Real or not...this is terrific stuff!

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

I'd also like to add the Skyy = Scott theory is very interesting....this could very well be the case...since a couple of weeks ago i was cruising through twitter and saw she got busted using other aliases(sp?) She has always spoken like she personally knows Tila and this Scott person acts exactly the same. Hmmmm.

I want Scott to be real, though. It would make this more interesting and hilarious.

Bella Sera said...

It's probably Tila who created the Twitter account since he has barely no followers. I would not put anything past her to get more attention. He seems too stupid to be real.

Jim said...
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Unknown said...

I don't think this is Tila herself typing this up, simply because it's mostly coherent and spelled correctly. You know her grasp of grammar just isn't this good. It certainly could be her idea though, and nine-head could be doing the typing.

It likely is some dipshit fan, most likely female. I can't see a guy coming up with some of this stuff. It just has the feel of something a woman would say/type if you read it a few times.

There's no way, absolutely no way, someone can be on Twitter as much as BAMFScott is and not know this stuff about CuntWart. Mittie is an airheaded little boy and he knows what's happening, even if he has his fingers in his ears and he's singing, "lalalalala" all the time.

The odd thing is, when Fatty posted the first Creeper story, BAMF went understandably quiet after a couple of "I have to take a break," type comments, but even Herpes Girl has been a little quiet. Well, she's been a little quiet ever since getting her ass handed to her by the Juggalos, but normally she'd be mouthing off about getting her lolwyers ready to sue or talking about a stalker, wouldn't she?

Hmmmmm (stroking my non-existent van-dyke beard)

Unknown said...

I haven't seen any indication that she even knows who he is much less has met him and fucked him. And you know she can't keep her yap shut about these kinds of things. Has anyone seen her even acknowledge him?

I think Biff is someone who's off his meds and the twat is the object of his obsession --- and that makes him a scary and dangerous person.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I definitely think it's her. There are many tells. Just my opinion.

One tell was in the previous post by Fatty, when Biff asked her if it was here in a hoodie walking Onyx.

Just a ploy to make everyone think she still has that damn dog still.

HottyRotty said...

The dude is just a psycho follower, not even the guy in the picture. She eats it all up because she thinks it makes her look cool! My opinion ... just sayin'.

Anna said...

Honestly, it's too convenient and too contrived for me. There are snippets of things we all have talked about, snippets of teasers on things that make us take notice, and snippets of playing dumb (like he doesn't know what anyone's talking about).

I am wondering if this is a huge PR thing or if this is someone's latest "joke". It doesn't really make sense.

BKiddo said...

When I read Jeepers peepers, part 1, I immedately thought of Pratt.
Only because of his and tila's little tiff awhile ago on twitter.
Way, too may things in common.
Both are losers who are trying to bait sex tapes.
Which is funny, because nobody cares.
Thease are creepy messages, but tila's creepy too. I honestly don't know what to make out of it.

Tiffany said...

When I think of the name Biff, I think of Bif Naked, the Canadian singer. How can this guy really be that stupid? I think he just f-ed her once and that's it (if that).

Anonymous said...

yeah, i think it might be a bust. for instance, he takes a lot of time to clarify things for his audience. and he does a lot of explaining, as if he has something to prove. (oh my coworkers don't follow me on twitter) if he was really dating tila i think he wouldn't feel the need to put his shit on blast like that, especially so detailed and well thought out.
it is odd though, she has been unusually quiet as of late. this could have something to do with her lawsuit though. perhaps her lawyer (if indeed she has one and is going through with that BS) has told her to stop tweeting to protect her defense. IDK,but its a possibility.
this scott dude is weird though, and has been silent for 10 hours as well... either way, im excited to see where this goes.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a set-up to get info on this site. I suggest you all ask "biff" for a pic holding a sign with something written on it by your request or leave this alone. i smell set up...big time. Be weary Rotspotters.

Miriam said...

I can't believe the cunt banned me. Oh well, Changing an IP address is too easy.
Anyway, I was directed here from some people posting on her flog and must say I love it ! I love each and every one of y'all.

Joann said...

I see where Tila Merch is suppose to be finally coming out and BBJ left a comment on Tila's piece of crap blog that she wants to get a calendar.

I know she admires Tila a lot but she sounds like she is in love with Tila.

A 28 year old woman wanting a calendar of another 28 year old woman to put on her wall?.

That idiotic army is made up of some strange, strange people.

Ben said...

The funny thing about the Tila Merch coming out is that she says "and all the products are made" She's pretending like everything is being made in advance, I wonder what her excuse will be when it takes 6-8 weeks to ship. Stupid hobag.

As for Biff, I'm torn, I can see her finally giving in to a guy constantly running into her in the same places. She has 2 weaknesses, money, and ego. So someone stroking her ego would easily be given access to death valley.

Unknown said...

I only have one thing to say, FUCK OFF SKYYLAR!!
I feel slightly better now ...
... what a freak ...

Pixilix said...

I was reading on Scotts twitter all his favourite tweets, Tila sure does RT him alot kinda strange and even mentions the package he sent her(despite claiming earlier shes didnt know who "Scott" Was) Hmm its all a bit trying to do some reasearch into him at the momnent to figure out if "Scott" Really does exsist as a person or if its all a massive fraude.

Anonymous said...

Lol, it's sad that creeper Sky is back. @Naimalovesu went away and a new @NaimaGB left a comment on the flog yesterday. Now the SN is no where to be found on twitter.

It's just really scary how some people go to great lengths just to be noticed by a celebrity. Mind you, Tila is no celebrity, but why would someone erect a shrine on her honor and create multiple fake accounts on FB and twitter to feel validated.

I'm just glad crazy Joda decided to take a hiatus off the interwebs.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it could be @soflysky (Skyylar) or @J_A_M_E_S_O_M_G (used to be @quazga). Skyylar had a fake relationship with Tila as @SkyylarJaylen, @JazLFan, @AbsolutelyAbbi, @Savemylife24 and @TilaInsider. But quazga was always tweeting porn chicks- including that Kaylani person.

Sandra said...

Yep, it's psycho Skyylar for sure. I was just doing some research and came across an article on Leilas blog about the whole Skyylar thing and this just fits perfectly with what she's done before. Wow what a crazy bitch! Now watch I bet Biff/Scott/Skyylar will delete the twitter account. I kinda hoped it was true, but Skyylar did the same thing before and sucked up Tilas ass and also befriended the haters, too fishy, it's so transparent. Even the photo of "his girlfriend" looks like Skyylar.

It's just too weird.

Unknown said...

I've been following this blog forever, but I've never heard anything about this Skyylar person. I guess it's more of a twitter thing, and I am rarely on there. Can anyone give a quick fill-in on the whole Skyylar scandal? Also, why is he nicknamed Biff?

Ben said...

Well one coincidence is that BIGTITS has stopped posting since their "falling out" although when Thien reads this she'll probably make a post under that name, like how she always talks about Onyx or the car when it's mentioned on here.

She also just posted in the comments on her flog about her suicide attempt, I thought it was Garry and not a banished Keebler Elf?

Unknown said...

All I can make out of is that Skyylar WAS actually Tila, so this person is probably her too.

MissNeverWas said...

Hey guys don't know if anyone knows about this but check it out. GHOSTRIDERRADIO.NET it's about how Tila got all her myspace friends. I don't know how legit the info is, but everytime I post the address on her fail site, it goes up for about five min and than it's suddenly deleted. Seems like she is trying to keep people from seeing it.

Eduardo Retardo said...

No, Sky isn't Tila. Sky is some obsessed fan of Tila who constantly makes fake profiles and says she's dating her. She's also known for photoshopping her head onto the body of models (it's so fucking obvious, this girl has a HUGE head) and once she took pictures of a little girl and 'shopped her into her own pics and said it was her daughter. Creepy shit right there. Plus she showed her tits on Tila's Hotspot Dating site and made the entire internet vomit.

FUYU said...

blairzbear, check out or -- That's where you can read all about Skyy.

Tuesday said...

FUYU...I just checked out that leilathegoodrat. I'm still reading. Unbelievable.

There is something wrong with ALL of those crazy Tila Army people. They literally all creep me out; they are mentally unstable.

I didn't now who the hell Tila was, until a few months ago??? and, it took about 1 week (I tried to be fair), to determine the woman is off her damn rocker.

It's clear she's dosing with something. I'm not sure if she's a tweeker...those people are really scary but, she's on something. She's slow.

Tila Army are not doing her any favors by stroking her ego and, acting like everything is okay. They are just as selfish as she is because, they are simply projecting their own mental illnesses. Mama always said, "birds of a feather..."

FUYU said...

Ack, just checked TilaTruth's and leila's page and noticed it's not easily accessible unless you search or find the label for Skyy.

Here are direct links.
TilaTruth: Skyylar Jaylen
LeilaTheGoodRat: skyylar jaylen

About Scott... I just realized something else! When Tila supposedly went to Texas, wasn't Scott asking her to meet him at a certain place IN Texas? I thought that was kind of weird too. He's supposed to be in LA right? Skyy is supposedly in LA too but really is in Texas?? (I'm recalling this from memory, so not sure) I'm guessing if Scott is Skyy, she probably would be tagging along with a guy friend to meet up.

SammiDe said...

Leilathegoodrart's blog is awesome! She does some great things!!☻