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Sunday, June 20


Ya know, you never have to wait very long to catch Tila Liar-Face in a lie. And yesterday when she posted a blog about she and Leighton Meester wearing the same dress, I just knew the other hooker shoe would soon drop.

So, she's trying to make a point about how she and Leighton were wearing the same Herve Leger black and white bandage dress, and had a poll asking who wore it best. Fair enough, a lot of blogs/publications are doing that. No harm, no foul. 

But, Tila being Tila she can't just post up a poll. No. She has to first brag about her 'celebrity' and how rough she has it that she can only wear her eleventy-million dollar dress one time, otherwise the paps and magazines will jump on her for committing a fashion faux pas. Cue the fucking violins. And then she goes on to insult her friends who she gives these eleventy-million dollar dresses to, because they being common folk, they can wear the dress more than once.

So, you can imagine my delight when, in answer to some jelis hater on Twitter, who asked how she felt staying home while Perez was presenting awards at the MMVA's, she posted up her own videos from last year's MMVA's, when she was a presenter.

My, my, my. What do we see here. Could that me a Herve Leger black and white bandage dress?

EGADS!!! It couldn't be! Tila NEVER lies!!! I guess this just makes her common folk, by wearing the same dress twice. Of course, I'm sure Tila bought one dress for the MMVA's last year, and then gave that one to one of her poor friends, and then purchased a new one for the New York Press Tour (I hear Mittie called dibs on this second one!).

I had considered writing this up last night because I wanted to comment on her  Who Wore It Better poll. Now, I'm not a fashionista, by any stretch of the imagination. I do have an art background, and so I have an understanding of what 'makes' a piece, and what doesn't. That said, Tila's ensemble is a pile of crap. What the hell did 9Head do, rummage around in a Salvation Army clothing drop off bin,  with a coat hanger and a flashlight in the middle of the night? Not one piece speaks to any other. It's a mish-mash of clothing pieces, with no cohesiveness about it. The red glasses--FAIL. The blue sparkly jacket by some famous fashion designer, whose name Tila claims to have forgotten (I saw something like that on a blue-light special, I'm jes' sayin') is completely the wrong shade of blue, the wrong cut, the wrong style, well let's just say its COMPLETELY WRONG!. The necklace is too low nestled between her silicone cereal bowls. The rings might work if she was working the other accessories. You can't see the shoes in this pic, but they're white stilettos that wrap around the ankle. FAIL (when your main outfit is a 'bandage-style', wearing shoes that continue the bandage theme, makes it look like you're a mummy, not a fashion-forward mogul icon). And don't even get me started on that tacky 1985 Mervyn's belt.

At first I didn't get Leighton's take on the outfit, but I didn't find it as offensive as Tila's. I'm not a fan of the glitzy sweater, but paired with the necklace, I can see how it subdues the whole outfit and does make it work in a more unexpected way. I think the dress has such a powerful dynamic, that covering it up with a jacket or sweater really doesn't do it justice. 

So, who wore it better, Leighton did. Not a fan of the overall look, but there's a cohesiveness that Tila's version lacks. 

Oh, and need I remind you, Tila's version costed the astronomical price of $4315. Considering the dress is available on eBay for $200, the belt was marked down from $6.95 at Mervyns, the jacket was borrowed from Bea Arthur before she died, and the shoes were on sale at Hookers R Us for $24.95, I think perhaps our little mogul might, just might, be fudging her numbers. And yeah, for reals the dress is $200 on eBay. It's under $1500 brand new and it was from the Fall '08 collection, so Tila was already committing a fashion faux pas by wearing clothes a couple seasons too old.


Nikky Raney said...

I got your next post:

Madame Toast said...

This bitch, haha.

I was just reading her latest rant on Twitter about Nikkyraney and that brought the lolz.

Apparently Tila has a WP VIP account *oooooooooooooo* I'm surprised since the quality of the site is well...what it is. Then I came across this

she SO reminds me of a 15 year old girl trying to be everything she's not and not having enough life experience or intelligence to even play it off...
oh well, more amusement for the rest of us.

Emily said...

Soooo.....I got on Tila's case on twitter about her RIDICULOUS attack on Nikky Raney. I informed her that I'd rather weigh 200 pounds than have her wonky ass nipples, to which one of her army idiots responded "we love Tila and her nipples." REALLY? Um....ok? BTW, it's obvious that Nikky is a normal, healthy person and Thien is a scary, scary, silicone-chested midget alien from hell. Anyway, I asked her why she doesn't go after the RotSpot girls (Rotty in particular) the way she went innnnnn on Nikky, accusing her of being scared of you bitches, and she said, "They need to be worried about my lawyers." Basically, the whole point of me telling this story is to let you know that the phrase "lawyers of which I have" and the fact that Thien is still making these empty threats made me giggle on and on and on and pretty much made my evening. So thanks for that, Tila. Good luck with the lawsuits of which you have filed!

Madame Toast said...

Having had a bit of experience with the law and the internet, it raises the question...

if we are supposed to be so scared of her lawyers, why is the website still around to point out another lie?
its been what? a month or more since the lawyer threats came about, I suppose longer when you take in consideration her other random drug induced rants.

It must be AMAZING to live in Tila's head, where the fantasy built on lies is so intense that you have absolutely no grasp on reality...I've decided she can't be anything but batshit crazy and drug fueled...because to actually live her life and have it all be an act for attention? I'd have already killed myself at this point.

Fatty McFatterson said...

You know, I'm really not feeling the love here. I'm just as much a jelis hater as any of you, AND I'm fat to boot. I'm not even talking about that Nikky Raney -wannabefat, I'm talking big fat mama FAT! Do I get the Tila Army of Morons and Halfwits attacking me on Twitter? No.

Do I get Cease and Desist orders from Tila's lawyers of which she has? No.

I turn out to be one of the leaders of the 911 brigade to Tila's condomansionium, and have committed the worst of the offenses against Tila, with FELONIES and everything, and Tila went on the rampage with threatened lolsuits all over the place. Have I been served? No.

Mr. Google offered up my IPs, my home address, my picture, my bio of my run-down Section 8 apartment in East. Bumblefuck, Iowa, right next to the pedos and crackheads, and did Tila do anything about it? No.

Fuck this. I have loved Tila for so long and she has given me NO attention. I thought for sure jumping over to the jelis hater arena would garner me something from the Grand PooBah of sleaze. Nothing.

My work here is done. Goodbye cruel world.

Alabama Worley said...

I'm headed to bed (early flight to where that skag resides) but I have that exact dress and bought it at either bebe or Adren B. I can't recall which but I believe it was BeBe. It wasn't much (200.00 tops). Sorry I'm useless but I swear if you go through their sites for the Spring/Summer it's there.

We already know where she gets her shit (borrowed or stole..purchased at Forever shame I love that store).

Her shoes DO NOT FIT HER FEET. These are signs of borrowed clothing from upcoming clothing lines/ designers who get staple sizes ( size 0 -2 in outfits and size 7 - 10 in shoes) JUST SAYIN.

She owns her dress but the shoes? ugh.

Joann said...

Madame Toast...I clicked on the link and a question was asked on how to get a Wordpress VIP blog.

A link was given but this info was also listed......"VIP costs $1500 to set up and $600 per month, and you have to be approved for it and have enough hits to make it worthwhile. Which is something on the order of a half-million."

When Tila first started out with her blog she did not have a half-million hits so I don't know how she got VIP or does she?

Joann said...

Since I have a lot of stuff blocked on her piece of crap gossip site I googled "who is misstilaomg web blog powered by" to see if she really had Wordpress VIP, which she does, and found this entry along with the ones for Wordpress.

It's the third entry down:

What is this about? Did she have a blog with the same name in 2000?

Degaussing the Mind said...

I was pretty excited to comment on Tila's typical batshit rant today, only to find out that my account ("TilaTequilulz" and previously "YouWish") has been BANNED!

My fellow jelis haterz, though I'm fairly disappointed I will no longer be able to leave half-witty comments on her flog, I see this as a small success. I actually got under Tila's skin so much that she felt it was necessary to personally remove me from her flog completely, so I could no longer spread the truth.

I've been getting on her case lately for using her pseudonym TILAFANFARAWAY to call Perez a "faggot," (she actually did a PSA with Perez for the NO H8 Campaign, of all things) and I can only imagine this is part of the reason she banned me.

Anyway, enough rambling. Just thought I'd share the bittersweet news.

Much Love to my Jelis Haterz,

deluwiel said...

@AWorley - I've noticed that too. The shoes always seem way too big for her little hooves. So, the dress is "supposed to be extremely sexy..." Who says? Herve Leger? Is there a disclaimer tag on the dress somewhere that says it's only to be accessorized with sparkles and oversized belts? That's another thing that's always bugged me about 9Head's styling choices. Tila's very petite (as she is so fond of reminding all of us hulking house fraus who weigh more than 82 pounds not counting implants). Why always the huge, oversized, out of proportion accessories on her tiny little body? I'm no stylist, but it just looks awkward and clunky, IMO.
Anywayz... the video catch was awesome - that's something like 3 documented instances of her re-wearing the same dress now, exposing yet another blatant lie.

Isis said...

Ugh fashion is such pretentious CRAP! Just wear clothes that fit your body type, dress appropriate for your age, learn how to accessorize, and you're good! You do not have to freakin' break the bank too look good, either! It's just about paying for labels to show off your "status". Period. And you know what? Most of the people in this country are filing for bankruptcy or are thousands of dollars in debt for pretending their "status" is higher than it is anyway, and that includes the Mogultard.

I get 80% of my accessories from Ebay and you can find some super cute stuff including handmade jewelry. So you're supporting small businesses and indie designers and saving money. I can't buy clothes on Ebay unless it's a brand I've worn before.

If I really needed help with an outfit for an appearance, I'd ask my cousin, she's the resident "fashionista" in the family.

And as far as staple sizes, I could model shoes! LOL I'm a size 8-10. I'd be a great "Dove" model, but honestly I hate modeling and only enjoy it if it's for a favor or charity. It's just too tedious for me otherwise and I love food so much I want to marry it.

Isis said...

Oh, and yesterday was the first time I commented her flog and I'm blocked already. Thien you're such a scared lil twat, aren't ya?

I_Cant_Stand_Tila said...

I remember seeing her wear that dress in a photo she took at her "mansion" sometime before her NYC "tour" ...I think it was around the time she was seeing her soul mate Casa Wilson.. HotSpot is down so I couldn't look there, and I don't know where else to look, but I'm pretty sure she was wearing that dress in that pic

Alabama Worley said...

@Joann Thank you for that link to the website traffic spy thing. I put mine in to find rather depressing numbers lol. I'm at 4 million (close to 5) away from a top 10 spot. However everything that's shared is correct and on the dot with when I opened it and such.

vicky said...

I wish I could be a jelis h8ta from Bumfuck, Iowa...

I will just have to resign to the fact that I'm juz a jeliz hater from Dumbfucksheepfuckers, Australia

Ben said...

@Degaussing the Mind

I thought just my home IP was banned but when I got to work today I found out my work was banned as well. (I went by Really?)

She's basically banned those who would regularly point out the fallacies of her posts in the comments sections and point out that you could say derogatory words like the N word and Fag and not say the word "resistance" without your post being automatically deleted.

While I'm happy there was one person we caught and turned from Tila's lies on site, I'm not going to miss giving her the little traffic I did. I'll just stay here and laugh at her getting caught over and over.

MsWonkyTits said...

I'm surprised that bitch continues to say "costed" over and over again after we have so nicely pointed out to the "mogul" that and MANY of her other phrases are completely incorrect (Insert "Paparazzi's" here). Lolz.
She's SO dumb.
Nikky, you are beautiful and I hope you took no part of her grade school fight picking to heart yesterday (heading to read your blog next).
Alabama, I SURE hope you see her in LA. Maybe you could give her a cheap shot right in the face. I Will gladly pay the bill. Or her "Lawyers of which she has" can deal with it. Sigh. She makes me lose brain cells.

Anonymous said...

BeBe, Arden B, and Papaya have something very close to that dress she's wearing. And on her shoes, again it seems like she's been wearing a lot of Velvet Angels, but they're just too damn big for her damn feet. She looks like she's a little kid trying on mommy's pumps.

Oh, and @Emily, I'm glad she responded to your tweet about how come she didn't go in on TRS. That just proves that her lolyers for which she has is just a damn bluff. She's been crying lolsuit and still nothing. Her attorney e-mailed a C&D to TRS and they all lol'd at it.

Joann said...

@ Alabama Worley...thanks for looking at the link but what I was curious about is the statement on the page which says:

" is a website that ranks 8 in Alexa. is ranked on position 32 within com and has 430,891 backlinks according to Alexa. The Site was launched at Monday, 31 July 2000 and is 9 years and 11 months old."

How could her site be 9 years old when she just launched it last month? comes up "the blog you were looking for was not found".

Isis said...

I had some LULZ @ Tila's expense on Somaya Reece's Facebook

Fatty McFatterson said...

Joann that website is measuring blogspot's traffic, not traffic specific to Tila's website. Those rankings are for the main domain, not the sub-domain (of which Tila's is).

Isis I agree with the pretentiousness Tila flaunts with her 'fashion'. She wears things and makes their worth known as a way of lording it over us peons. I remember years ago, I think it was Sharon Stone, who wore a black Gap t-shirt to an event, and the media went wild. She was hailed as a hero, so to speak, for being an A-list celebrity who didn't feel it necessary to put on airs.

I also agree that she often looks like clothing is just too big for her. That style atrocity she's wearing in the New York press tour pic, is a perfect example. Nothing about it looks comfortable or says 'professional' or 'sexy'. She looks like a little mogul who got into her mom's closet and ran amuck.

Joann said...

Thanks Fatty. I see my post before this one is not up yet.

I understand about the traffic but what I am curious about now is why does it say her site was launched at Monday, 31 July 2000 and is 9 years and 11 months old."

Anonymous said...

Degausing me too! :( I cant tweet her so I blocked her asss right back! AHHAAHA!

Joann said...

This is so funny guys,

Tila tweeted to her moronic army she had good news for them....thanks to her hard work and them she is now on the TMZ blog roll.

Then she told Nikky to stop talking shit about her because she is on TMZ's blog roll

Tila should have looked at TMZ's blog roll further because Nikky's site is on there too, in fact, TMZ has a blog roll from A to Z on their second blog roll page.

Tila is looking like an ignorant skank AGAIN.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Joann, the date of inception is for blogspot, not Tila's subdomain. Again, that site only covers the main domain (blogspot), not people's individual domains under that. If you look up this site, I'm sure you'll see the same numbers as for Tilas. They may even combine the numbers for the main domain and the subdomain, but the majority of the 'views' are for the whole domain.

Anonymous said...

Tila isn't even on tmz's blogroll. All she did was photoshop her stupid name on there. LOOOOOOSER.

kristi (myhrette) said...

This post is so hilarious. Hookers R Us sounds like a really fun place to go people watch.

Poor thing has a tendency to try to pass off last season (or older) as new, and to try to sell it as such. Perhaps her Tila Army doesn't know better. Because while they're hateing on us, we're dieing with laughter.

And now I will go be horrified that dieing wasn't underlined in red.

Prof. Chaos said...

hahaha. TMZ must have figured out their huge mistake because Tila's broke ass site isn't listed on the blogroll anymore.

Fatty McFatterson said...

OMFG!!! Too funny that now Harvey hates her too! Too bad Nikky has too much class to throw it back in Tila's face after Tila tweeted her that her #1 legit blog was 'teamed up' with TMZ!

Wait...Nikky has too much class, but I don't!! Here I come twitter!!!


follow me peeps!

Joann said...

@ of a few days ago, Tila's name WAS on TMZ's blogroll.

I read TMZ all the time and a couple of days ago looked at their blogroll and saw her site.

Sent them the link from her twitter where she said TMZ and Radaronline were stealing her exclusives and why would they even consider having her on their blogroll. I'm sure others complained to them also.

Glad to see her site is gone from their blogroll.

Those That Do said...

I don't believe it she I think banned me for calling her a skank....

Alabama Worley said...

Well I'm in HollyWood. I couldn't help but wonder as my driver passed through from LAX to where I'm staying (where she wishes she could be) is if the apartmansions near the airport were her home.

@Joann the website traffic is showing the redirection from the orginal site she owned which points to her current. For instance I have 3 sites that feed into one, when I looked up one of those sites (not the main one) it pulled nothing actually. A 2nd site showed that I had registered it 5 years ago (true) but the true domain and site that I'm known for, I've only had for 2 years.

I hope that made some kinda sense. Basically it's how long she's had her original site that is now directed to her blog.

Y'all I'm here in LA for awhile for filming and stuff (and a dude) I invite an OG rotspot to my sweet place to meet me (I'm going to get really bored in this fucking place).

Isis said...

Srsly Thien who are you to pick on anybody for being Bi-Polar: you wear the fact that you're apparently Bi-Polar like it's a badge of honor on your Myspace page you big dummy

Isis said...

Her getting added then deleted that fast was the best 2 1/2 minutes of my life. : )

I (salsasharkette) followed you Fatty. I'm in yer feed, retweetin' yer LULZ.

Jennifer said...

Hsha... You can rent the dress for $150 from

I rented another HL dress for New Year's, I guess that makes me into a super-special mougul too! POW!

She is so full of herself. Is she really going around comparing whether she wore this or that better than some other person? On her own site? How middle school is that?

PS her wonky back-wings outfit... was that not a direct rip from one of Miley Cyrus' music videos? I saw it at the gym the other day.

Vincent said...

Look at the link below, IS that the skank's Tila head braid their? If so, than its a great post to highlight

Sandy said...

OMG she banned me too. I just wish I knew which snarky tweet of mine it was that finally did the trick.

And I can't even start on her "fashion". I can't. Cheap, tacky, nothing ever coordinates, makes her look like a little hooker playing dress up.

boytoy said...

meet tila's army/fans.

andmommymakescrazy said...

lmfao... have you seen this tila army "piggy" perez video...

this puts betty jeans vid to shame.

first of all he is a young one...but his accent kills me!

hahahaha good times.

tila army=pure genius


Ben said...


I think Tila tends to pick on people that are like her. She's made fun of people for having plastic surgery, mental health issues, domestic violence, etc. She doesn't seem to see that they're exactly like her.


Have fun in LA, don't let Bronson Pinchot screw it up for you.

♥Sam said...

I commented about that on her blog entry. First thing I noticed when I saw the video was that the dress was the same.

Anonymous said...

Lawdy, her new vlog is up, and it's sorta like a snuff film -- with this dying thing up there tugging on her panties itching to reveal her itchy cooch and jumping up and down bouncing those bags of oil-based fun bags in pigtails and promises of not being dead, because really she's not dyin', the dyin' has already been done -- one look at the roots will tell you that, and also the talking she insists on when she doesn't know what she's talking about... I just wait for the odd running toilet flush in the background in her glamor room.

Ya know, I think I like it better with the sound off. Hearing a dying thing is much worse than seeing a dying thing, the haw and cough of a dying thing will haunt your dreams... just like that scene in Motel Hell where the farmer and his sister were feeding the buried folks' heads -- all they could do was haw and screech, since they were missing their vocal chords.

Hold on -- her head is so triangular, and eyes so wide -- reminds me of one of those pictures of a puppy and kitten with ridiculously large eyes and teeth, and a tiny tiny head.

If only her image would appear on greeting cards, mostly the --

"Hope your cooch don't fall off 'cause of the Herpes I done give ya..." or

"Hey POW it's yer birthday, your dyin' and so am I."

Hey POW slimy itchy bitch -- you can wear those sheets on your windows, when you turn into a ghost -- they'll come in real handy. Or use them now, to cover your face and body completely -- or better yet, wad them up and stuff them in your mouth.

Lying ho-bags are better muffled and barely breathing anyways.

--What a foul mood I'm in. Guess that happens when you see one of her vids is 10 minutes of pure Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Holy shit, did you really just reference Motel Hell?

I love you.

Anonymous said...


Motel Hell is one of my all time favorite movies -- it was on again, about a week ago.

The whole good/evil farmer, the evil/over-eating/evil sister, the innocent nympho angel -- the clueless led by his dick comes thru in the end sheriff, and omg --the swingers, and of course all of those buried people and babbeling heads.

The movie has everything you'd ever want -- even cardboard cows in the road, and really, with a world so full of people with so little food, why shouldn't we eat people, and put them to slaughter by putting them on a mind trip to lessen their pain?

I could go on, but seriously this and the original Omen, they've helped shape who I am. Oh that's scurry. Maybe I shouldn't cop to that?

You a big bad/good horror film fan?

I mean you write for this site and keep tabs on POWlookitmahcrotchPOW, you must have some admiration for the horrid and the stomach for it.

Anonymous said...

Tila has been saying all day that she is featured on TMZ's blogroll and her usual bye bye piggy perez garbage, however I went to TMZ and their site has Perez listed in the blog roll, and a Miss TLC.

I did not see a Miss Tila OMG or a Tila Tequila or a TilaOMG

Eduardo Retardo said...

Yes, I am! I own a website, but right now I haven't done anything with it and it mirrors back to my boyfriend's site. However, I've done a few movie reviews of like, The Human Centipede and the new Nightmare on Elm Street...oh and Survival of the Dead, and posted them on my blog I keep in the meantime. I'm a huge horror movie buff. I love that you referenced Motel Hell! Hardly anybody I know knows of that movie!

If you have twitter you can follow me there. I link to my blog all the time. <3

Anonymous said...

Agghhh -- ass to mouth... will never get that image out of my mind! Motel Hell is a classic, though this ages me... I remember seeing it when it first came on the small screen, same thing for the exorcist. Seven is such a delicate age, a wonderful time for emotional scarring too! I can't even imagine what a review for the Human Centipede would say other than -- gahh! ass to mouth!! I'll catch you on twitter.

In a funny way, the imagery of the Human Centipede was a total palate cleanser for the OliviaNewtonWhore video that never ends.

Thank you and Adieu!

Fatty McFatterson said...

mommymakesmecrazy, that has to be the funniest video yet. I visited tyler's website, and he too has a gossip blog, and guess where he stole his website design ideas from? You guessed it, Tila!! Or maybe she stole it from him. Either way, they're both fails. The guy is clueless about what the law is, here he is thinking Perez will get 15 years, and he's praying he can't bond out? WTF? This guy watches too many Mannix reruns. The video is a hoot, and if you want to see the average mentality/IQ of Tila Army, there's no better place to start, than with tyler's video!

vicky said...

I'm gonna watch The Human Centipede tonight...i've heard things about *that* A to M scene..hmm kinda reminds me of when Tila opens her mouth and all the verbal diarrhea that comes out of it.

Anonymous said...

leighton wore that on the set of of gossip girl last season. :)