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Wednesday, June 9

postheadericon I'm confused....

Tila posted about 2 hours ago that she just got off the phone with her powerful lawyer of which she has:

 Two hours ago California time would have been about 7:30 pm. Glad to know Tila's powerful lawyer of which she has is keeping her updated on this all important 'case' after normal business hours. This case must be the highlight of his or her career to put so much effort into the case. Hope he's not charging Tila double-time to tell her that all us jail-us haters are getting in trouble soon. Wasn't she told that yesterday? 

I am not a lawyer of which I have. I can't say I know the law, but can any of you smart types tell me how a crime in California is always treated as a federal offense, when the state has their own laws (both criminal and civil) and punishments on the books? It wouldn't be a California law with federal repercussions, it would be a federal law with federal repercussions. Right?

Now there are federal stalking laws on the books, but I struggle to understand how any of these scenarios fits the jelis-haters. Anyone want to figure it out for me?

I read up on the California stalking laws, and though she may have a case in regards to some people, (she could claim harassment if you say bad things about her and cause other people to attack her online or physically), but with her calling out her 'army', it's more likely a judge would say it was she who was harassing jelis-haters. Coupled with the fact that she continues to egg on her army and get them to do her dirty work (typical Tila) it could also be said that she is encouraging the kind of behavior and attention that she claims she doesn't want.

You know why she had that big suicide hoax drama the other day? Because she wasn't getting enough attention from the jelis haters. She wanted to get them talking and blogging about her, she just didn't expect she'd get them talking to the police about her.

Last year Tila claimed someone broke into her house, tweeted that Tila was dead, and Tila came home to find Onyx in the trunk and her house thrashed. But, she never ever called the police. They claim they never received a call describing those events. Seems odd to me she wouldn't call them at that time, but would call them when a harmless man was sitting across the street from her house, as he had done everyday, and who was known around the neighborhood for liking to sit there.

Sounds like another Tila hoax to me. I hope not though. 

I've got a message for you Tila. If I read ANYTHING on your blog, on your Twitter or on your Facebook that legitimately appears that you are in danger, please know I will do all I can to get you the help you need. I will call the authorities and tell them you are in danger. You need to show your army that it's not ok for people to fuck with you in that way and they should never be afraid of calling for help. They don't have to be victims.  
Remember back in October you tweeted those suicidal thoughts of yours, and then later sought out therapy and went public with the depression you were going through? Remember last April where you posted suicidal thoughts? Well, that tells me you have a pattern of thinking of self-harm, and that you can't be trusted to seek help on your own when those feelings overwhelm you.

If you fake this shit, that's on you. I hope now that you know you'll be held accountable for your words and actions in that regard, you'll seek out appropriate help, rather than publicly asking for help (which is what you do whenever you post the shit you post). 'Cause when you raise a fire alarm in a crowded theater, don't be surprised when people trample each other to save themselves.


Sheriff Gauncent said...

Hey all, Sheriff Gauncent here. Going to the hospital tomorrow for a well swelled linguinal lymph node right above my junk. This started swelling since 3 days ago. Looks like my body is losing the war on infection. Wish me well. I am scared. Love you guys! Any well wishes can be sent to

Joann said...

Tila's lying AGAIN.

No lawyer called her cause she does not have a case and besides that what lawyer in their right mind would take on this foolishness?

Remember when she tweeted the Ambassador called her and he was going to help her adopt a child from Haiti.

Or how she tweeted late at night that she just got off the phone with some adoption agency in Russia and had been approved to adopt a baby boy 2-3 years old.

The point is Tila is always claiming she just got off the phone with someone about something big and that's the last we hear of it.

Hell, she got caught in one of her lies and she needs to get over it and move on.

LEEV said...

This is a very brief beginning summary of what doesn't constitute stalking from a random law firm's webpage out of a Cali...

I'll look at the penal (omg.... did I say penile???.... No... I said penal) code tomorrow.

Basically the fact that there has to be a credible threat for it to be stalking rules out any hope of a criminal charge. Couple that with the fact that the TUNT (my new word for her... sorry if it's been used previously...) hasn't taken one step to hinder said stalking (such as blocking comments) and has been the major instigator also blows her case as hard as she'd blow a dog for a crushed up Ambien and a straw.

Really, I'm a nice guy... I just can't get the image of her dancing in that fucking tree after her *wifey* died out of my head... and this latest stunt is just pushing me from shaking my head in contempt to proclaiming I hate the tunt....

Peace and Slumber to you Lady McFatterson.... and, when you feel that you need to understand your inability to just think you're watching an idiot die... If you were in a medical profession, you'd be bound by your oaths to attempt to help... even if you were 94.8% sure you were just watching a talentless fame-whore beg for attention.

g' night.

Ben said...

Don't you need a restraining order before you can get someone charged with stalking? Additionally, the Feds file charges in a federal case, not a CA lawyer.

She's lost it...years ago.

Sandy said...

I think I love you more each day, Fatty. Well said as always.

Tila is all talk, no action. The only action she makes is to incite online gang activity via her lemming army. That's what she's boiled down to. An online gang leader of say 5. Pathetic. Say, should we contact the LAPD Gang Task Force? I keed, I keed.

So she'll continue to huff and puff. If she had something on someone, it would have been put out there by now and she would be gloating away. If she was really going forward with lolsuits and arrests, she'd do so first, gloat online later. All she's doing is bragging about what she MAY do. She won't follow through. She can't.

Someone also needs to remind pumpkin tits & slit wrists that the internet is not governed by the Feds. If it were, they'd be very busy shutting down hate sites left and right. Like say...white supremacist sites. Now that's true hate right there. But we have free speech and again, they don't govern the internet anyway.

If she's going with the stalker angle, then she fails again. I'm not even going to go on about how she puts herself out there, then whines about stalkers. There's nothing to debate there.

The best she could have done was copyright infringement and she's already failed that lolsuit attempt.

So long story longer, Tila has nothing on the blogs. She's not going to shut anyone down, she won't sue anyone for having an opinion or helping her in her time of need and she's not going to imprison anyone, either.

What she is going to do is continue to be supremely pissed off that we crashed her party of one last weekend. Y'all put a stick up her ass that she cannot remove. Well done, bitches!

kristi said...

Unless she's managed to snag Gloria Allred (who seems to take any case that could possibly give her publicity even if nothing comes of it), I really doubt she has a case. Maaaaaaaybe something with the harassment, but the evidence you provide along with it is overwhelming, and honestly I'd say it's more satirical than anything else.

God I can't stand her. Even if it is still sort of entertaining her antics are just becoming annoying to me. I will still visit this site though, because at least y'all put something fun back into her stale and predictable BS.

Sandy said...

"Understanding My Federal Case" from the Federal Public Defender's office, Central District of California:

This chick is not going to be sending a Federal Summons or the US Marshalls out to anyone. Over cyber shit that she's brought on herself?

Piss in my ear and tell me it's raining, Tila.

And Ben, you're right. She'd have to at least attempt a restraining order first. She can't just go straight to the top, the Federal Govt, for help. This is just more proof that she's trying to scare everyone. First she enlisted her lemming army for help, now allegedly her attorney of which she has and finally the Federal Govt to back her up. She's got nothing. She's like a scared wild animal that puffs its body up when facing an enemy, that's all.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Love that quote "In the state of California, its a federal offense" lol...what a dumbass.

Sandy said...

LOL I may have to use that line in my bio now, BibPoppaPhat. That's almost as good as "Homo Bitch Fucks"

heather said...

@Sheriff Gauncent I hope all goes will be in my thoughts,,

BKiddo said...

To our dear Sheriff,
You'll get fixed up in no time!
We've got you in our thoughts.
At least when you get done, you'll have some great reading material!

Mary said...

Hey Fatty! I may be over reading this but there's been a tone in your last few posts where you justify your concern over another human being (even if it is Tila). STOP THAT! You did a wonderful thing which you don't have to explain to anyone. The fact that a complete stranger would show such concern and devote so much of their time to help someone else is commendable. Tila's dispicably unappreciative behaviour is a reflection on her, not you. I think it goes without saying that the shitbag in question is an exception to the rest of humanity and I would hate for her nasty, vindictive behaviour to disrupt any act of kindness of yours in the future. You did a wonderful thing.
Also, I'm posting you those cup-a-soups now. Does it make a difference if they've got croutons?

jayden said...

@Sheriff --- I hope they'll have you fixed up in no time. I also hope the hospital will provide an internet connection for you so you'll get the chance to be entertained by Tila's fuckery. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Take care!