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Monday, June 7

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Image Created By:  DC

First I want to thank Radar Online for admitting they overlooked us and correcting their error.  And speaking of them they bring you this:

Source:  Radar Online

It seems the reason why our little psycho is so quiet is because she was escorted to the hospital via ambulance for a psychiatric evaluation!  It is about fuckin' time this bitch has to face consequences for her fuckin' attention schemes.  I hope they keep her in there and she misses her "tv deal" because of her stupidity and attention whoreness.  Maybe they'll keep her ass for testing.  I mean, I'm not about testing on animals but she can't even be considered that....I mean I'd rather have a feral cat bite my hand than have her breathe near me!  

Good job Resistance!  "Rise, Rebel, Resist".  Slowly we are accomplishing shit!


Mimi said...

OMG I love it!
Good job rotspot!

Candace said...

While most of me is disgusted by her and thinks she is a vile, nasty, worthless piece of trash, a very small part of me feels really sad for her. Her HATERS are the reason she's being evaluated. THE PEOPLE WHO HATE HER WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO CARED ENOUGH TO TRY AND HELP HER. That fact alone makes me feel so sad for her. Isn't her own SISTER a part of her blog staff? How can her own family sit back and do nothing? She's good enough to use for a possible paycheck, some free swag (when she can get into a gifting suite), and countless other minute luxuries (though not many, I'm sure)...but they're willing to give her a big push to bring her to rock bottom even faster than she'd hit on her own. It saddens and disgusts me. No wonder she's so fucked up. How can she ever get better when she has NO support system whatsoever? It's got to be the worst feeling ever, to be surrounded by people and know that not one of them has any love for you at all.

I'm not making excuses for her...she's still a damn trainwreck. I just feel a little compassion, I guess.

I hope she can get the help she needs. For real.

Ima said...

In a post further down it says: "By this time, I was no longer in contact with any of the authorities, but heard from another jelis hater who had also been on the phone for the last 5 or 6 hours, that the police found NO INJURIES AT ALL on Tila. They did not describe the aparmansion condition, but they did tour it and felt Tila was ok to stay there on her own."

Who is correct? The Jelis hater or Radar on line that she was admitted?

Tess said...

So Tila was taken to the hospital for a psychological eval on Saturday after the LAPD finally tracked her down? I wonder if she is still there in the psych ward or if she was released later on Saturday eve. Either way, its about time Tila was held accountable and exposed publicly for the inappropriate bullshit suicide scam she tried to pull this weekend. If she ever does make it on Celebrity Rehab, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out with Dr Drew.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Tila had no physical injuries consistent with a brutal attack. She may have had 3 day old scratch marks, but did not have the injuries she described on her blog.

Because she's been pretty much MIA for the last 46 hours or so, I would say that is indicative of her being locked up. Who knows, she may have been facing charges and figured playing the psycho card would give her a free pass from being responsible for restitution, and hell it's only 72 hours.

Whatever the case, I'm glad she is getting some help, no matter what her motives. Though it will be interesting to see how she spins this when she gets out.

Of course, her Army of Morons and Halfwits will spin in that it was the no-life jelis haters who forced her into the hospital because we're so mean and say she has herpes and she gave blowjobs at age 15, oh wait....

Fatty McFatterson said...

On second thought, knowing Tila, she probably went on a big dramatic rolling on the floor tantrum and the cops didn't recognize that as 'red carpet' behavior and took her in against her will. I'm pretty sure they were not going to leave any doubt if she did the least little crazy thing.

Ima said...

Pfffft. Tila is such a poser and copier.

I play the psycho card every month!!


The Fight Clubber said...

God, if the resistance ever got together, there would be high fives all around. Great job, team!

Mogularmy said...

Are we meeting in the secret Resistance headquarters in Iowa to celebrate?

I'm bringing the melons, who wants to bring the beef jerky?

Anonymous said...

Again, fabulous reporting as always rotspot gang. I never miss a post. Vive le resistance!

Ben said...

If she is under evaluation she's probably in hell right now. Day 2 of withdrawals is not fun (day 1 you still have some in your system). If they keep her for 72 then she'll be clean by the time she gets out and won't need CR.

I'm kidding, of course she's going to use as soon as she gets home.

Joann said...

First of all, I think the two or three people on her "staff"(which includes her sister and Mr. Bradshaw) did nothing to intervene because they probably knew Tila was going to pull this stunt and might have been in on it.

Second, I have mixed feelings about this 51/50. IMO, Tila is incapable of telling the truth, so who knows what lies she told the doctors, hopefully they will see through her lies and get her the help she desperately needs.

She is also going to turn it around and instead of using the 51/50 evaluation for the purpose it was intended, which is to help her get mentally stable, Tila is going to use it to get further attention for herself when she goes on CR4 or, if the show doesn't air, for some other bullshit reason to get sympathy. I'm sure of it.

Happy Radaronline kept their word and gave you guys the recognition you so richly deserve. Outstanding job guys.

Anonymous said...

Goodness crap, I love this blog so much it hurts.

Cathy said...

I read you everyday. Multiple times a day! Its the highlight of my day. Good for you to be the bigger people and alert the authorities about Tila. She is always calling her haters jelis, sorry sweetie no one is so jelis of her fake suicide attempt. she is just mad that she got caught. Whatever. Notice no one but radar ie tmz, yahoo, anyone else even reported on her skanky ass.

WAY TO FAIL. GOD shes getting desperate.

jenelson said...

Way to go rotspot. I'm a relatively new follower, and this is my first comment. Just wanted give you all a pat on the back. It would have been easy for you all to turn your backs, but you did the right thing. Miss FAIL Tila will likely never thank you, but I think you're all swell, and this site makes me piss myself laughing on a daily basis. Good Job!

EllenFB said...

Looks like, if the did hold her, it was less than 24 hours. At least according to the timeline of her tweets and blog posts.

They should have arrested the biotch.

Rachel said...

You know I despise Tila but I am glad she is under the supervision of professionals now. The last few days I have thought she might actually accidentally kill herself. I'll never like her but I do hope she learns a lesson from all this. She probably won't though.

Seagal said...

I'm glad that Radar gave you ladies the credit you so rightly deserve. Good work ladies!

krissylu said...

She deleted all of the homo comments and the "I am Tila Fucking Tequila" off of her twitter... like no one saved the screencaps?

Jessica said...

It must be killing her that Perez didn't say anything about this and TMZ only said she "lies about everything" on TMZ Live. She wasn't even big enough news to make the actual site.

RNB007 said...

Krissy: I saved the screen caps with homo and emailed GLAAD. If you want the screen cap here is a link:

Email GLADD at :
Report Media Defamation

Please report unfair or defamatory coverage by emailing with the information below.

o Your name and email address
o The city and state you reside in
o Your phone number (optional)
o Date of the incident
o Detailed description of the incident (please include weblinks if possible)

We thank you for your help in fighting defamation in the media.

Hope this helps.
I have past gay slurs she posted if u want them just hit me up at
RNB007 ;)

Isis said...


TOTALLY. It's called "Gimme my damn McDonald's right the fuck now or Ima pop a cap in yo ass!!!"

PMS along with postpartum depression sucks. But hell, even I managed to get my ass into treatment, on meds, and in therapy.

Do not be surprised if none of you people who worked so hard to get her SOME kind of help get diddly-squat from her.

Pride comes before the fall, Miss Tila.

gillianthemad1013 said...

Call me heartless but by now I am not interested in her getting the help she obviously needs. I just want her to go away. I don't care where: to rehab, to an asylum, to Texas, to Russia, to the grave. (of course, I could simply NOT come to the Rotspot and read about her crazy antics but what can I say... trainwrecks may be captivating but they're never a good thing).

Kudos to everyone involved for sending LAPD to her house. I'm curious to see how this develops. It's interesting to see how her "fans" just sat back and enjoyed the show whereas it took her haters (God, how I loathe that word) to actually SEND HELP, as any sensible person would do. Of course, Tila doesn't WANT to be helped so the point is kind of moot.

Something that really disturbs me and that only a few people have brought up so far (mainly because there are other pressing aspects of this story that require more attention) is her homophobic tirades on Twitter. One would think that Miss Openly Bisexual, "I-Am-A-Lesbian-I-Was-Born-Naked", angelic, sweet innocent Tila who loves everyone and who had a "wifey" until not long ago, would be sensible enough not to throw around hurtful homophobic slurs. Tila really showed her true colors: not that I didn't know already that her bi act was just that, an act... I remember that the first time Tila bleeped on my radar was in 2008 after gay marriage was legalized in California, before PropH8 passed, when she gave an interview where she basically took credit for introducing the topic of homosexuality to the mainstream public and thus facilitating social progress and better tolerance levels for LGBT people. Back then I just dismissed her as some ditzy bimbo talking out of her ass although knowing what I know now it perfectly fits the bill for her delusions of grandeur. It always bothered me that she saw herself as a knight in shining armor for gay rights when she really only deteriorated the current situation, by perpetuating the myth that lesbians only exist to arouse straight males: now we know what she really thinks, and surprise surprise, she's just as ugly inside as meth and gargantuous tit implants made her outside.

Gregor said...

If Tila truly wanted help for addiction,stress or mental illness this would have been the perfect opportunity.If Tila wants it because of the cameras of cr4 then I hope the show is cancelled.
I have not really been following Tila since Crazy Horse.This latest stunt tells me how the singing and her gossip blog are doing.
peace out

deluwiel said...

I just wanted to say that the picture of Jane is cracking me up. Love the spear.

Also, I don't know if you've gone to her flog lately, but on FB there's a post entitled "Hater of the Week: This World That's Filled With Hatred" posted yesterday early afternoon. Scintillating read, I'm sure, but I won't go to the site to check it out. Anyone read this? Is it worth TRS commentary?

jayden said...

But y'all! Tila NEVER lies!

She doesn't do drugs.

She would never commit suicide because she has lots of love and mad $$$.

She's bi.

You mean recent events makes you doubt she's telling the truth about these things? ;)

kimmi said...

First off that pic lmao I'm glad they are finally getting her help either this was her way to cry out for help or she's doing it for attention either way she needs some major help wonder if this would actually help her out

Tilatakedown said...

omg im so happy!!!!!!
viva la resistance!!!!!!

Damien_Charon said...

Amazing job following the insanity laden trail of breadcrumbs this wacky hummel-head put nearly every division of public services on this weekend. You showed more empathy and concern toward her than any of her so-called Army did.

About ten years ago, I actually thought she had the drive and ambition to work hard, pay her dues, and to do what it took in order to actually make something positive of herself. Unfortunately, it's obvious that at some point along the way she decided that fame, either good or bad, was more important to her than success.

From her fake charities, the lies, displaying herself for minors, lies, hatred and jealousy of those who are truly successful, lies, and did I mention lies; she has created a harmful mutation of celebrity that leaves a self-serving scar with every step she takes and with every damaging word she speaks to the young and impressionable followers that still manage to look up to her. All of this poison comes from a person who claims to love her fans, respects everyone regardless of their gender, orientation, or beliefs, has very strong morals, and only wants to show and do good in the world. For her to attack your compassionate efforts demonstrates how truly lost and trapped in her own little (apartment) world she is.

Kudos again for your tremendous attempt to get her the help she will most likely, and unfortunately, never accept.

allen said...

Hello All,

Does anyone have the video or photos of the medications(the baggies) with THIEN?We may have another felony with THIEN.We still refuse to go to her websites.



kellymae said...

Hey all, just wanted to add my high five to the pile of high fives and say fucking awesome job all around. I'm bummed that being in Canada there isn't so much I can add here other than my resounding and special loathing for all things that whoredog putana has anything to do with. I feel so left out.

TIla pumpkin if you are reading this, why don't you take Rotties suggestion and take every pill in your house and fucking die already. You ain't nothing but a waste of oxygen.

BKiddo said...

Awesome RotSpot!
Since Radar corrected their mistake, I might visit their site again.--Haven't been there since I found out they were paying tila for bogus or stupid stories.
That pic. is fantastic! (but it better not give me any creepy dreams! lol)

Gregor said...

Hi Rotspot,

Does anybody have any more photos/videos of Tila and the medication in the bags?There is talk of a utube video? We think we know what these medications are but need more proof.My brother-in-law and I have a different approach to this latest stunt by Tila.

peace out

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Hey guys as we all know she been M.I.A. for a bit, but I saw this tidbit of info that I screen capped and email rotspot. Many of you know Tila uses a screen name Tilafanfaraway. Right after she posted the Hater blog on Saturday. Tilafanfaraway posted the following.





Well see how this pans out. For the worst I hope.

But doesn't the worst for it all the better for us?

Jen said...

Again, I tip my hats to you guys. Awesome post & follow through. I agree with Kellymae.... being in Canada, I wish there was more I could do - Just know that you have loyal fans up here in the north! (and no, we don't have our dogsled's in our igloos.... LOL)
Only confusion I have is WHEN was Tila taken in by ambulance? Cause yes, she was quiet for 12 hours or so but then started her twitter rant followed by that hater filth on her blog. So obviously she wasn't held long, which upsets me because HOW the hell could they have her in custody & release her when it's CLEAR how fucked in the head she is.... Looking forward to the next updates!!!
Keep up the great work guys... Like I keep telling Tila, she's going down & we're going to make it our mission to exterminate her. BOOM POW BANG!

Jen said...

Alas.... I found an article on her admission to the hospital..

Joann said...

Allen, I think the video you're looking for is right here on the blogspot.

Look under the post titled "Janes" Failure

Terri said...

She is going to be really pissed when she gets the wahhhbulance bill and the hospital bill.

This publicity stunt is going to cost her money that she wishes she had, but doesn't!!!

B_McBitcherson said...

Cheers to you, rotspot! I hope the bitch finally gets the help she needs, thanks to her haters. I only wish they could have kept her in there forever. Someday, maybe....

Anonymous said...

I can't stop giggling at the "Jane" picture! DC, that totally made my day!

Add my thanks to the chorus of kudos. You guys are really amazing. Even if Tila doesn't appreciate your compassion, other people do.

boytoy said...

Candance: tila family probably doesn't know what the REAL DEAl in her life is like she must be telling them something about being okay and all the work she's getting,etc,etc and like most parents they'll believe it.
Tila lives in a 400 dollar(i assume)or less/more a month apartment and is no longer a "crediable celeb" in the world of entertainment so all that free stuff and money she is not getting it.

i_am_that_girl said...

I hope the 5150 will scare her back to reality. She now knows she can't get away with everything. She'd be foolish to still act hateful and badly lie to attempt to save her ass.

jayden said...

My guess is it was not an involuntary commitment. If she decided she should check in for an evaluation, then she is there voluntarily and can leave when she wants as long as she isn't deemed a danger to herself or others.

jayden said...

And one other thing --- the Trilogy of Terror Jane picture is the funniest thing I've ever seen here. (And that says a lot since you are all so danged funny!)

dehartm0mof3 said...


josephgein said...

Great job everyone.Although, personally, I wish she'd just hurry up and die. But that's just me! Love you all.

Alabama Worley said...

@gregor the two bags were norcos and either xanax 2mg bars or ambien 10mgs. Both in baggies and out of their script bottle. looked about 60-90 pills in each.

I glad she did get taken in and like someone else said her psych take in and ambulance is more than she has. Total cost 1,800. Oh and they do piss test you in this case. ;)

Sadly every state is different and Cali it's usually a 24 hour hold if you are under the influence or a danger to yourself. This goes to prove she wasn't taking any meds that weren't scripted to her (even if she was abusing them or getting them from a dirty dr). And she ice skated by lying or possibly being honest to the dr's "listen it's a publicity stunt and I never said I was going to myself just that this alternate personality was going to. It's all a hoax."

It does take awhile to process someone through the system too so 12 hours is doable for that. And she may have wanted to go for the attention.

I don't believe she's getting her pills off the street because bitch can't afford a habit like that! She's got a dr, she has script bottles (we've seen em') it's not hard either but getting norcos can be which is why I'm saying she has either a medical condition that requires it or she has a dirty dr.

allen said...

Thanks for all those who responded.We can't get a good enough look at the medications in the baggies.Medications SHOULD NOT BE IN BAGGIES.We will check back to see if anything turns up.

Why are people saying that it is 5150? We don't think it is but just a hospital visit.We think the saddest thing is she does not have 1 close friend or 1 family member that cares enough to help her.


Anonymous said...

I am going to say what I think about this blog, and everything with Tila, and then I'm done reading everything about the insanity that is Tila's life. Time to get myself unhitched from this day to day crap, get out, enjoy some sunshine and pay more attention to other things in the world that are bigger than this.

I am glad you called the authorities on Tila. Hope she finally gets the help she desperately needs. And if she does not, then maybe she will wise up a tiny bit, and see that these stunts are going to get her ass in trouble.

On the other hand, this continual drama with Tila has gotten old. I know you enjoy running this blog and following her.. and posting everything crazy about her, but it's getting old. And I feel that by keeping this blog going you are contributing to the sickness. Tila's sickness which is... her desperate need for attention. On some level she loves the negative attention she gets from this blog and in turn will continue acting out just to get.....more attention.
I hope you all will see what I'm talking about, and maybe think about shutting it down and moving on, and basically ignoring her.

This won't be the last time she attempts something dangerous because she's mentally ill. I can't be part of making fun of her anymore. Or laughing about this. She's got serious fucking problems that need serious help. And this blog serves no other purpose than to push her over the edge. That's how I see it. And, spending your time blogging every day about some crazy bitch is not healthy for you either. Good luck with that.

She's out of her mind, and no one would pull the insane things that she has over the past year if they weren't. Faking pregnancies, miscarriages, beatings by men, and lord knows what else. Yes, it could get worse. Don't give her another 5 minutes of your life. She's feeding off this negative attention, and it's turning into something dark and vicious. In a way it scares the crap out of me.

Peace out.

Sandy said...

What I'm curious about is how this has turned into a haters vs fans issue again. It's not. Tila is clearly sick in the head. She needs help and I for one am glad she's getting it. I'm also glad to see that there are good people in this world who will help someone like her in her time of need. Bravo to all involved. You did good.

Shame that her easily led lemming army refuse to accept that.

Sandy said...

Oh and Allen, a 5150 is going to the hospital for a psych eval. If you are considered a danger to yourself or others, you can be put on a 5150, or a 72 hour observation hold. My niece has been in a few times, acts "normal" and gets out early each time. So she can manipulate that. They won't keep you if you show that you're no longer a threat to yourself or others.

I'm sure that if Tila has a psych issue and was not voluntarily brought to the hospital for a look-see, then it's a 5150 for her.

Rotty (TRS) said...

@brighide -

Since you "aren't coming back" I guess you won't read this but I'd like to respond.

I am sorry that YOU sit for hours each day without sunshine following this. You're right, this is not healthy FOR YOU. However you have NO CLUE what goes on in any of the writers lives. You see, there is a REASON multiple people write here. We're actually all very educated & successful women truth be known. This IS a healthy outlet for US though. We post a few posts and get plenty of LOL's from it. I'm sorry that it's become an unhealthy obsession for YOU.

As far as our blog trying to help push her along to the finish line ... well, it is what it is. Like I've stated 2094850329480934 times I'm not here to see her "get help". I am here to see her go away. The way she chooses to "go away" is all on her. I won't lie, I'll be super excited to see that she's off'd herself.

So, I'm so proud of you for putting your big boy pants on and making a CHOICE to pry yourself away from the situation. :)

4 Baby Momma said...

@brighide this is just my two cents. I have a sister who is a lot like Tila, the only difference is she does not have a worldwide audience. But she does have my family to spew her venom at. The majority of the time that venom was spewed at me and about me, she would make all sorts of allegations and accusations against me and my family and use the internet to turn other members of our family against me. After receiving a email from her spouse in which he called me everything but a child of God, I decided enough was enough, and I went to great lengths to "ignore" her and "move on" I told my family if they gave her any information about my life I would also "ignore" them and "move on" from them. After all they kept saying she is who she is and will never change.
Guess what, now that I am removed myself as a target for her she has turned now toward her in-laws, yep just found out that she has accused a brother in law of trying to molest her daughter. No indication whatsoever this has happened, but she has now caused all sorts of drama in her husband’s family and I am sure a great deal of stress for her sister in law and brother in law, who’s only crime was spending time with their niece and giving their brother and sister in law a break for a weekend.
To get to the point of this long ramble, I think what the ladies here are doing is great, they are pushing her buttons, and keeping her attention focused here instead of some other innocent person. Hopefully they will continue to push her buttons enough that she will get help, as long as everyone keeps saying "oh that is just Tila, you know how she is" she is going to continue to be Tila and try and bring as many people down as she can..She is mental ill and she will not stop until she gets help or drags as many people down to her personal made hell as possible.
Again just my two cents.

Jen said...

Another link stating that she was escorted to the hospital (
I'm confused as to who is posting her tweets. Her sister? I'm trying to see some pattern but I can't (I didn't try that hard... LOL).
And for the dude who said that Rotspot should be shut down - I totally disagree.... Hating Tila is a hobby for me. Something I do in my spare time. I'm married, I work, I have pets & I do volunteer work in dog rescue. So I'm not a loser who sits behind my laptop waiting for the next Rotspot post. To me, it's like reality TV. You know it's brainless, but you can't stop watching. I am guaranteed to laugh & at the end of the day (or beginning of the day), I like to sit back with a cup of tea & laugh my butt off & these gals... So PLEASE Rotspot.... don't go anywhere. Too many people need & love you!!! Hey! Maybe we can all get together & sit in the sun!! LOL
And plus... .we're becoming like one big happy family so how would we manage without it!? Love you girls (and boys!! :) xox

Isis said...


One thing that really gets old speaking as a blogger, is being forced to have to read "I'm so much better than everyone else on this blog because I'm deciding to 'log out of the Matrix' and none of you are not" comments. They are so condescending and obnoxious.

Anyone see that scene in "The Hills" where Spencer says he doesn't LET Heidi on the net or watch TV? I seriously could have taken a plane all the way out to Cali just to bitch slap the hell out of him for saying that. You don't LET your wife, uh, excuse me??! Ho have a seat, and FFS shave that beard off.

The other thing that is getting old is Thien's constant refusal to accept any consequences to her actions. There is ALWAYS an excuse, she is a child.

I'm sorry, calling somebody on their bullshit never gets old for the person holding up the mirror (IE The Rot Spot), it gets old for the person whom is constantly being forced to look at themselves. Think about it.

Ima said...


I am the loser who sits behind my laptop waiting for the next Rotspot post........

LauraAnne said...

I don't understand what isn't healthy about reading this site and supporting excellent intelligent writers that blog the truth?
Colour me confused.

Isis said...


Debbie Who? · 54 minutes ago
Tila, I don't agree with what you did, but damn your haters are FAR WORSE!!! First, it was the "Angie Tapes" deal, and now this! All the time the so called "concerned haters" were on the phone with the LAPD, they were Tweeting and mocking you, NO CONCERN FOR YOUR WELFARE AT ALL! They just wanted to "get you"! There is PROOF of this ALL OVER THE WEB! CONT...
0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago
0 Vote up Vote down
Debbie Who?'s avatar

Debbie Who? · 54 minutes ago
These 'people; should be sued for harrassment by you, and sued by the State of California for filing a FALSE POLICE REPORT! These freaks have gone FAR BEYOND what's normal and crossed the line into pure CRAZINESS! Now, they sit back and pat each other's asses and claim "EXCLUSIVE STORY" for a stupid HATE BLOG! One bitch is now calling herself a "CELEBRITY BLOGGER" and is "going to kick your ass!" I'm sickened by all of this, but you DO NOT DESERVE THEIR HARRASSMENT NOR DO YOUR FANS!!! They have proven they are just USING YOU to gain their own twisted fame and it SICKENS me! I've got some very INTERESTING RECORDS for you and your legal team, including DM's, etc. CHILL out and be cool, quit giving people ammo to further POUNCE ON YOU! That is what they live for and by. The things they say to your fans are as DISGUSTING as anything I've seen, yet they supposedly "CARE FOR THE MINORS"!! I call BULLSHIT on that and ALL OF THE HATERS! I'll be in touch with you through email soon. Hope you're OK.


Hiiiii Tila!!!!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

It really seams apparent that she is on a 5150 hold at the hospital. If that's the case, she should get out today sometime.

Could shit REALLY hit the fan today?

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Also, has anyone notified companies like wire image to notify them that she is stealing all their images and watermaking them?

Ben said...

Just for fun I spoke to a psychiatrist friend of mine who (after some prodding) decided to answer my Tila questions. He is 99.9% sure she doesn't have DID because everything she says about knowing her personalities and feeling Jane coming out at times is BS.

Now this is all information we knew, but it's nice to get someone with a clinical degree to verify our thoughts.

I think the thing that I find almost as hard to understand as Tila, is the fact that all this crazy goes down, and her fans are completely fine NOT getting an explanation. I can get someone crying out for attention, I don't get the devotion (to someone who's done nothing of note too) that allows you to just ignore someone showing a bloody arm the disappearing for days and coming back and making fun of someone who does drugs. Blows my mind.

Clementine said...

Her few blog posts since the weekend all have one thing in common(from what I can read on her Facebook.)They are fairly clearly written and don't go off on tangents about herself. I could be wrong but I'm not given her site the hits.
She has her fb and twitter linked to her blog so that when a post is updated it is alerted on her fb and twitter. So technically no one is actually updating her twitter or fb it's just relaying that there is a new blog post.

We will know she's back when her twitter has incoherrent ranting about haters on it.

i_am_that_girl said...

This is OT but I can't wait for Stuporgirl tomorrow! Greed or pride would be perfect for the next Seven Deadly Sins installment. :)

This Mom said...

@Jen, Wordpress has a plug in that sends your blog posts directly to your twitter feed. No one is updating it, it's on auto pilot so to speak. :)

Jen said...

LOL @ Ima
You guys probably know this but there are certain words that block you from posting on her site. The other day I was blasting her army of nitwits for doing shit all when HOgul posted that video... I wrote the word suicide & my comment got blocked. Maybe it was another word - i can't remember. But seriously... what kind of blogger BLOCKS out words that hurt their feelings? You don't see Perez or TMZ blocking out comments just cause it offends them.
As for her possible release today (if in fact she WAS held on a 5150), I'm SOOOO excited. I can't wait to hear what she's going to say & do. Maybe if we're lucky, Jane will come back & finish the job (the job of pouring Nyquil on her safetypin cuts). I still can't believe she had the NERVE to tell LAPD that it was all a joke! I could just see the LAPD standing there shaking his head & asking..."Is that dead dog that I smell????"

Ben said...

Here's the thing, if she was 5150'd they are probably giving her drugs to deal with her lack of drugs (most likely suboxone, a wonder for those hooked on opiates. If that's the case that means they're taking in a dirty Tila (in more cases than one) and sending out a clean one (so to speak). So she'll have to go back out and get addicted in order to get back on CR to get clean and catch a paycheck. Sad world she lives in, huh.

Monique said...

If you look underneath Tila's tweets you can tell if it is her or auto-pilot.

"via web" = laptop/pc
"via UberTwitter" = Blackberry
"via" = autopilot

Anonymous said... you think you can do a post on her blog about how she loves a hater? and she specifically mentions this blog? that would be interesting! she is ranting out at this site! thank you

Isis said...

I'm in the middle of switching my major to be an addiction counselor: I am just a brutally honest person, and if you're in a situation especially like CR, you are dealing with a bunch of diva's with addictions, pretty much. I've seen counselors whom I know for a fact I can do a much better job than, so there's a reason for my following Tila and people like her:

one of my favorite phrases is: "Some people blame our generation, but did they ever stop and think: who raised us?" I am 27, a part of a generation raised on lies, plain and simple, and there is no bigger lie or oxymoron than reality TV.

deluwiel said...

Re: This Debbie Who person... there are just no words, are there?

I mean...


there really are no words. I'm utterly speechless.

Joann said...

@ Ben & Isis...when I read the tweets from her army a couple of people stand out to me because they were responding, IMO, back to her in a very personal way.

I'm not naming screen names but one is the young man who follows Tila blindly and lives in another country. I saw a tweet where he called her "honey".

Another one calls her "boo" and told her he was coming to LA the following week and maybe they could meet for lunch.

I'm sorry but this is a red flag to me. They email her and who knows what Tila is telling them when she answers their email.

That MIGHT be one of the reasons why they have so much devotion to her no matter what she does.

BKiddo said...

Lol Jen!
Yes, we are kinda like family!
I'm in Colorado and clearly not a computer whiz, but I've had the laptop outside with me all day long watching our kid and his buddies swim. I love summer break just as much as I love TRS, and I'm not goin' anywhere.
I feel healthy, you and most everyone else here sound healthy, I think we're all good!

Ben said...


She doesn't answer their e-mails. You'll see multiple times where people will say "I send you an e-mail, did you read it?!?!?!?" over and over.

I especially know who you're talking about with the "boo" comments, homey is lost, 100%.

I personally answer all of my fanmail, it's just how everything should be. Of course, I don't have any fans at the moment, but at least I have the policy in place.

BKiddo said...

You're Debbie Who? comment was full of lol's!
The false police report, sueing, (with lawyers to which she has), useing tila for their own twisted fame, ect.
Hey there tila, I mean Debbie, no one here has called themselves a Celebrity Blogger. This blog is about all the fucked up hurtful shit you pull. You're far from being a Celebrity, and you know it.
By the way, "Debbie Who?" didn't tila tweet short time ago about TMZ supposedly ripping off one of your old news exclusives?

Letters to Addiction said...

Oh no I wasn't Debbie Who, I wish!

I need to remember to elaborate when I post someone else's comments.

I was saying LULZ & HIIII TILA!!! @ Debbie Who :)

I'm a blogger, just not a celeb blogger.

I've been working on my own blogs off and on all day and sometimes when I start typing real fast I get sloppy. I can get up to like 70 wpm which is impressive considering my stumpy-ass fingers.

Alabama Worley said...

@Joann I wouldn't worry too much about fans and how they address her because honestly people get a wee bit nutso over their idols. There are fans that believe they have a full fledged relationship with the person(s) they idolize because they *relate* to the issues and such.

Anyway back to this blog and is it too mean and all that stuff everyone is talkin' bout. Honestly the tone of this blog has matured IMO and I've been reading it for a bit. When Tila dies off then this blog will die off, or turn into something new but bottom line; WHO CARES WHAT THE BLOG WRITERS DO WITH THEIR TIME AND THEIR WEBSITE!

As a blog writer myself there is nothing more fucking irritating than when someone critiques how you spend your day. I don't know about the writers here but I can hammer out 3,200 misspelled words in about an hour or so and call it a god damn blog entry.

If you don't like reading something then move along. Shit I know if I don't care about someone or something then I cease to read or be involved in the slightest. I read this so I have something to do AND this is entertainment. At least it's factual as opposed to half the other single person based blogs which typically are glorified happy vomit and fan spew.

Now, I think it's unfair that the rotspot is associated with the Angie Tapes because from what I gathered they were not associated. Writing things and calling people and investing DAYS into some elaborate hoax (like the Angie tapes) is disturbing. No one here has seemed to cross over that line. Yes there is a line between entertainment and stalking, just like there's a line between Tila being weird and being a cunt. Angie tapes and posting her address for the public = stupid / insane. That's my adult humbled opinion. Venting about her display and then getting her help/calling her on her shit is an entire other.

Tila has NO right at all to fake a suicide and then go on about her day as if it's all golden. Sorry but some of us have either lost people OR have considered it ourselves. Hell maybe some of us have considered what would happen to our corpses if we did die and no one noticed. Tila at least was noticed and if Onyx is with her wouldn't have to resort to eating her owners face to survive. Sorry I had to chuckle at that one. Tila was found alive, and unharmed OH and just fine. Fine enough to twitter.

So fuck her. I hope the next time (because next time she will either not pull this shit or she'll do it and Onyx will eat her face because no one will notice she's missing FOR REAL this time)the bitch pulls a stunt like this she trips on the cord of the lamp she broke in some rage fit and her face lands on it. The one thing that will destroy her is her ruining her face or tits (I know..I know) and being unable to work.

Ericka said...

She's back and posting on twitter.

Joann said...

@Ben...she may not answer ALL the emails but I'm pretty sure she will answer emails from the few that she knows truly worship her.

The ones that want to send her their music or ask her questions or want advice on something, she probably ignores.

gillianthemad1013 said...

Re: is the Rotspot "too mean"

Frankly, I don't care. I doubt anyone does. Who says you have to be the bigger person? Most of us are here not because we are concerned with Tila, who is an unlikeable person that is not related to us and that we don't even know personally (mind you, not caring does not equal wishing she'd die: we just don't have any real incentive to encourage her to get her life back on track because honestly, not our problem). We are here to watch a trainwreck. Whether it crashes against a wall or gets rerailed, we don't care as long as we get to be entertained. After all that was what Tila was striving for with her faux suicide attempt wasn't it? It might sound chill that we consider a celebrity's personal life entertainment but when you post every single detail of your private life on Twitter or in your blog you can't really whine about people pointing and commenting. This exposure, Tila? It IS what you want and it IS what you ask for. Unless someone is stalking you in real life and entering your house while you sleep don't get to whine that people are intruding, sorry. C'est la vie.

Back to a "hater"'s morals and motivations: maybe we have none. Big deal. We are not the ones claiming to be angels from God, pure and innocent creatures - Tila is. We hold her to her word, not more, not less. Of course, it also helps that we have never faked a pregnancy and a consequent miscarriage, had a dubious role in our "wifey's" death, manipulated the press to give us attention based on the aforementioned death of a loved one/fake pregnancy/fake miscarriage, lied about spousal abuse to get attention, joked about rape, mocked miscarriage with "hilarious" grocery store underwear antics, stripped for/had phone sex with minors nor faked suicide and mental illness to get attention - ergo, we're not living in glass houses and whatever our motivations and our respective claims to moral superiority, we KNOW we still get to call Tila out on those things.

TL;DR version: maybe we're mean. We don't care. It's not our job to be nice. Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, Tila.

Letters to Addiction said...

GODDAMMIT it's Isis I forgot to sign into the account I use for Google reader and whatnot sorry! :D Ug I need sleep 0_o

BKiddo said...

Oh no, I knew it wasn't you dolly!
I was just cracking up at the comment in general.
The Debbie person, who is not you, really sounded like tila.