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Saturday, June 5

postheadericon LAPD Chase

Okay kiddies.  Here is the deal.  Several people tipped off LAPD to Tila's shenanigans.  After several hours of going address to address they finally found her apartment building.  We had some dedicated Twitter folk on the phones with LAPD & Company and as of right now this is what we know.

Pasadena Recovery Center was contacted after the LAPD needed to find out her contact info. We were assured by PRC that they've passed on the info to the appropriate authorities.  Our contact had gotten off of the phone with the LAPD LT that she was speaking with all day. He made it clear that they had finally found her actual residential community but didn't have a unit number.  So, they were looking for her unit...and immediately this was to come:

Wow, I bet promoters like "Stepping Out Magazine" and "No H8 Campaign" would LOVE to see her bashing her own sexuality, no?  Is this the "loving, sweet, caring, innocent" Tila tweeting right now?  I mean it's not Jane, right?  She must have seen the police outside because she suuuure as hell went on a rant.  And then quiet.  I sure would like to be a fly on the wall right now....

UPDATES:  Okay so listen, I'm not going to cap it all because it's a lot of info but I'm going to put it in here as they come in.  Source:  NotSoAnnoyed:

NEWS FLASH! The OFFICER just called me They are at Tilas house right now!

He said that shes okay (shocker) and shes not injured AT ALL and they are searching her place to make sure shes okay.

He called me from her apt! And they are going to check things out and apparently they aren't HAPPY about her posting that video etc.

I have to say that the LAPD went above and beyond today and you guys have been great. Thank You LAPD for doing a welfare check on Tila!

He told me that she is NOT injured anywhere! and she seems to be okay from what he could see but they we're talking to her and he said "Dont worry shes no longer online" LMAO too bad they can't confiscate her laptop!



i_am_that_girl said...

Aww, she's scared and pissed that she got caught up. Next up 5150?

Hope said...

Holy shit ya'll. IU leave the internetz for an hour and I miss a good ole Pink Wig..Wig out..LOL hopefully the 5-0 will give her a good kick in in the ass and someone will show them what she posted earlier.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to forward those tweets/screencaps to GLAAD.

Anonymous said...

everyone start reporting!

Anonymous said...

Wanted attention, got attention -- not from a flock of impressionable tweens, but from the authorities.

Whilst she chums the waters for entertainment, true cries for help could go unanswered because it appeared to be just a ploy for attention.

Bravo master thespian, your play had exposition, building moments, conflicts, climax, and then the deneoument... a lonely and blank contract, stuck between the manila thighs in some reality producers file, and the footsteps come, a knock is heard -- and she creeps to the door, chewing her nails, and twittering with one thumb on the cell that took the bloody mess two days ago -- opens the door with a sheepish smile.

The officer asks,

"Are you alright?"

She clenches the blackberry until it squeals with delight as it loves the way it's mistress lies to it every day.

"I'm alright. I'm just an actress."


Certainly she is troubled, but most people are, in these days and times -- just ask the folks off the gulf -- and they don't go about whoring sympathies by squeezing the caring out of good souls, sucking all that concern in like a fetid dish sponge used to scrubbed the burnt things off.

Little girl, you are a burnt thing, and best to scraped off and hauled away, like the tar on a Louisiana beach -- your ambition is toxic, and when you're back on TV, it will spread.

Tweens, place the booms around your hearts, she doesn't care and she never has.

R said...

Send those tweets to OUT Magazine too so they never interview her self proclaimed lesbian pioneer ass again either. How does it feel to have your shit backfire Tila?

deluwiel said...

YESSSSS!! If she didn't get it through her pointed little alien skull before, she does now - SHE WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! There are people out here waaaaayyy smarter than the average Tila Army soldier who will NOT HESITATE to call her out! Good work everyone who wouldn't let her get away with this bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! You gotta wonder how this will be spun by her later. I wonder if it's going to be in the news and how it will affect her stint in CR.

krissylu said...

OMG! Great job guys. I love that they didn't see any injuries whatsoever. :)

krissylu said...

Thanks @zuh- reported it

The Fight Clubber said...

No matter what, what she did was serious and good on NotSoAnnoyed for following up with this case. You DO NOT post evidence of yourself having a crazy moment like that, expecting no repercussions. She showed that she can be a danger to herself and to others -- fake or not. A pat on the back to the police for a job well done!

livvey said...

It's like she has the judgmental decision making capabilities of a teenager. One thing I remember from what Dr. Drew said on one of his media ponderings was that addicts arrest them selves developmentally at the age where they start their addiction. It kind of makes sense and why she makes such bad decisions. She has the faculties of a teen (in other words, she makes crap decisions and has trouble thinking of consequences).

The other part of her problem is she has a weird sense of entitlement that comes from being famous for nothing. It's the same kind of problem that trust fund kids have. They have no sense of purpose and no job skills.

You'll have to pardon my last comment that I have to make because it's kind of crass. This is like mother-fucking Christmas.

J.J. said...

Did she really admit all that fake drama was "for our entertainment"???

"Good luck finding someone ELSE to Entertain your boring ass lives!"

Well.....I guess she did. Funny, I don't find any of her antics "entertaining", more like pathetic, predictable, vomit-inducing....

I believe, much like most of you, this was to create more publicity for her stint on CR. With her on there, I will FOR SURE not watch it, as CR has apparently scraped the bottom of the barrel for their show with people like Thien who clearly don't really want help and Shauna Sand (did anyone see her vid on TMZ...her addiction is CHAMPAGNE?!??! WTF???)

I love your blog......that is true ENTERTAINMENT.......your sense of humor and sarcasm and quick-wit have cemented your continued success long after that scab of human society croaks.

A said...

I have been searching for the words all day, but livvey, THANK YOU - it's like mother-fucking Christmas!
I haven't turned on my TV once! No need!

Thank you Rotspot - you all always make my day

Joann said...

LMAO..this has got the be the best day I've had in a long time.

I could kiss the person/s who contacted the police. I wish what she did today, from putting up that fake ass video of being attacked by Jane to what the police found out and said she was NOT injured at all could be sent to EVERY online gossip site. PUT HER MONKEY ASS ON BLAST EVERYWHERE.

Well "I'm Tila Fucking Tequila" YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED...PUNK SKANK.


Hell of a job to the person/s who called the police, the LAPD and TRS for putting this bitch on notice.

Isis said...

No scratches...big surprise. Cutting yourself is not a fucking joke, or form of entertaining the public. You're the one going to hell, dear, not Perez. In a fucking hand basket. You have underage fans FFS.

Shame on you.

jayden said...

Bitch got pwned by the LAPD. There's no way she'll be able to talk her way out of this shit --- except maybe when it comes to Mitty the Mental Midget and Lissy the Lame.

Ms. Fullwood said...

Wow...put all the crap on the internet and not expect those who "love" you, your "Tila Army" won't try to reach out and help in any way they can??? Automatically blame it on the "jeylous haters" LOL Way to go Tila!

BKiddo said...

I love that she's pissed!!!
I love that her obscene, (and jacked up on so many levels) plan blew up right in her face.
Tila, you're a twisted and selfish bitch.

Amazing job everyone!

apocryphatyou--that was awesome!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

We should file against Little Miss Trendsetter, LLC.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Can we here that live in California sue her for a class action lawsuit for costing the state money with her constantly having paramedics and cops constantly have to chase her down for fucking nonsense and having us that actually pay taxes for these services?

Lisa said...

Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

What the fuck did she expect, posting that insane shit on her site? I'm sure she just figured it would blow over, like her mischairage, and nobody would call her on it. Stupid cunt.

Great work, y'all. What a day!

Alabama Worley said...

Also I gotta wonder going back to an earlier comment that I made, if she put this up somewhere right after I posted "where's the video and blogs of you spiraling out of control due to your addiction?"

We all know she reads this place and I do wonder if she did that as a response.

I wouldn't put it past her.

Steven Clarke said...

She removed both of those blogs from her site.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I'm going to look into a lawsuit on monday. What the hell. It's not much to file. But then again, trying to bleed blood out of a turnip.

Anonymous said...

I just realized something...

"She's no longer online"?

What exactly does that mean? I am guessing that she was not allowed to be online for a while but there is no way it can be a permanent ban.

Jen said...

AWESOME job everyone!!! I'm making it my mission to let as many blogs/newssites know about how she got owned today. Am linking them to this site..... Bitch is going down - I've had enough of her ridiculous shit. And what's even funnier? If you check out the comments on her site (don't go! i'll tell you about it! :)- when she first posted her "story", I would say a good 85% of the comments were negative from people who she pissed off for the last time. I myself posted that we were working on getting the LAPD to go to her which people replied "are you really gonna do this?" - "I hope you guys are going to do this"... The other 15% were from her Harmy (see what I did there? BRILLIANT!! LOL) saying "oh no Tila. I don't know what I would do if you would die, please don't leave me, blah fucking blah." - Like we've all commented today, her fucking army is useless. Just a bunch of twits who get off sticking their head up Tila's ass & clapping like schoolgirls when she takes a shit. I LOVE that Tila is pissed now.. She talks so gangsta when she's pissed. OMG - did you guys see the TMZ interview a few weeks back where Maria (that wrestler from the Celebrity Apprentice) was asked who out of Lindsay Lohan, Scarlet Johansson & Tila Tequila would she most like to fight. She said "well Lindsay looks like she could throw a punch, Tila looks like she would cry if she were punched & Scarlet - well, I just want to make out with her...!!"
PLEASE GOD PLEASE let someone punch her in the face. Why hasn't someone done that yet??? Oh yeah. Cause she doesn't leave the house anymore. She sits on her bed, playing with fake blood & making up stories for her shitty blog. Dumbass cunt.

alison m m said...


Mark said...

I wish you guys could have seen the look on my face when I logged on to Rotspot this evening...

It really was like motherfuckin Christmas! Incredible...

Jess said...

i see she delete that post off her blog site with the bloody arm

Ben said...

Considering she had a picture of illegal drugs on those posts it's no surprise she pulled it down. I had always thought she had a script for them but no pharmacy gives out pills in baggies, she got that shit on the sidewalk.

I really wish she would've been 5150'd today, not just because she is 100% batshit crazy, but because they would've had her in detox and she wouldn't get the CR4 drinking money.

At least Dr Drew heard about today so he has plenty of shit to call her out on. She will monopolize CR4 because saying that woman has issues is an understatement along the lines of "The US is in a little bit of debt."

913 said...

hate that she talked about it being "for our entertainment" and i hate myself for actually letting it be just that: entertainment for a saturday night where i'm laughing at some bitch cunt who is out of her mind.

Joann said...

I need someone to explain something to me about the video showing her arm all bloodied with cuts.

I don't do photoshop so this is where it gets fuzzy for me.

From the "attention whore" screen cap on the prior post, the info says it was originally photoshopped on 6/2.

Soooo...she make the video on 6/2 but didn't upload it to her blog site until 6/5? It says it was modified on 6/5.

Does that mean she photoshopped the blood and cuts on her arm on 6/5 when she made up the Jane story....if so, what was photoshopped on 6/2. I'm confused.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Good night all. As much as I am drunk and want to sleep in tomorrow, I can't wait to wake up in 12 hours to see the next episode!

Ben said...

Did you guys notice on her "one month anniversary post" she said

"There were days were I had to let go 2 of my staff members on here in the beginning, and I was short on staff, so there was a time during this month where it was LITERALLY only ME and ONE other person posting blogs!"

Didn't she claim to have a staff of 30 when she started?

I'd do the research myself but this HORSE tournament won't win itself.

Michelle said...


Amazing reporting work ! This bitch just makes me sick for the shit she tried to pull. She reached a whole new level of sad and pathetic. I'm ecstatic that she was called out on it.
Her army of dumbasses are just that...DUMBASSES!

Lisa said...

She deleted it, but not before at least one site picked up on it:

Delete away, you twisted piece of shit. Everyone knows what you did.

chey said...

Dammit, the one night I go out and I miss all the fun. Still, a glorious start to a Sunday, I actually clapped like a seal when reading this.

I just had a thought while in the bathroom (you're right Fatty, it is a natural progression). On CR Sex Addiction Jenny (porn star Penny Flame) was talking about all the young men she'd slept with (not illegal young, just young) and she broke down and said "I've ruined so many lives.". And that right there is why Tila will never get better. To move on from addiction you need to acknowledge and take responsability for all the harm you did while under that addiction. And Tila will NEVER do that.

deluwiel said...

awww... Tila didn't make it to the MTV Movie Awards gifting suite. No freebie stuff for her to paw through this year! It's all quiet on Twitter and according to her FB the last post on her blog was yesterday afternoon. She is shut down. For now...

chey said...

When checking for the timeline I came across this little gem from the idiot:

Uh, Tila, first off I don't think you are in any position to call someone the biggest liar of the century. Second didn't you too deny taking drugs until you figured out you could make some money and extend your time in the spotlight by admitting to it?

Seagal said...

Figures, I was gone all afternoon nd all evening yesterday so missed most of the excitemnet. And yep it feels like:

Mother Fuckin Christmas

She is such a dumbshit, I can't believe she didn't think anyone would report her bs. Good work for all those who contacted the authorities and good work to the LAPD for their hard work hunting her down. I wonder if they found her baggie of drugs? That, at least, would get her ass tossed in jail. For her to say that she did this for our entertainment shows how delusional she is. There was nothing "entertaining" about any of it. She truly is demented.

Great reporting as usual TRS. You ladies ROCK!!

Alabama Worley said...

I promise she put her norcos in a baggie because even if you buy them illegally people tend to give them to you in a script bottle.

I'm almost positive she has a real script for these meds. Dirty Dr's are easy to get, more so if you are spreading your legs for "trade".

She really set the stage and tried to make it as dramatic as possible.

-"Norcos" are a form of vicodin-

But her comparing that to heroin is fucking stupid. I know she takes Oxy's and why she didn't pose with her oxy's is beyond me. I suppose she is either out or didn't feel like getting up.

Her bedroom with the food and everything is proof she doesn't leave her room. She's a shut in and an addict.

I did notice though that she had bruises on her arm in one of the photos are we absolutely positive that the phone couldn't have be taken MUCH further back and not uploaded till the 2nd? I would think LAPD would notice that bruise even a few days later. Or maybe it was just so faint they were like "meh whatever".

And again who is this Sky human?! Sorry I did some snooping around trying to figure out her FB but just found at least 2 twitter accounts (1 claiming it's her/sky) the other posing as Sky's friend but so obviously the same person. The fans are as scary as Tila.

Is Lissy OK? like what do these kids Lissy and Mittie think about this shit? I mean yea there's this entire rally around someone but then there's also some sensibility and how do they fucking over look this mess?! Lissy scares me anyway, a shrine to someone she has never met..ummm what?

I kinda wonder if Lissy did the Tila voodoo has a way to "help" but it backfired, seeing as she has an alter and all of that lol.

Either way good job! I'm glad FINALLY someone did what needed to be done so long ago.

Anonymous said...


"Does that mean she photoshopped the blood and cuts on her arm on 6/5 when she made up the Jane story....if so, what was photoshopped on 6/2. I'm confused."

Not necessarily. She could have added things, covered up things, or bumped up a few layers to make it more readable. It's hard to tell what she actually did because it is a low res image, but my guess would be that the blood on the pillow is added an the drugs blurred some so that we can't tell what it is exactly.

Lisa said...

It's been eerily quiet in Tilaville today. Even Lissy is just posting about the weather.

I imagine Tila gorged on Oxys and Honey Nut Cheerios after the LAPD left her apartmansion, and passed out. Either that, or she's frantically concocting some story to "explain" her batshit insanity.

josephgein said...

Does anyone know anything? Was she taken in? Has she been banned from Twitter? Hey... Wouldn't this have been the best performance art ever?

Joann said...

Thank you ladyarcana55 for that info.

I know Tila is a vile skank who does nothing but lie to get attention, but to actually see the proof of her treachery makes the hair on my arms stand up.

IMO drugs are the least of her problems. I think she reads up on different disorders then mimics the symptoms for attention and sympathy.

After what she pulled yesterday I personally don't believe she has multiple personalities, which shows she has no respect for the many people who do suffer from this.

I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt Shawne Merriman did not beat her. She put those bruises on herself.

Anybody ever see the movie A Thin Line Between Love And Hate with Martin Lawrence and Lynn Whitfield? After Martin played Lynn she was so mad at him she went home and bruised herself by putting an orange in a sock and bruised up her arm, then opened her closet door, put her arm in opening, closed the door and broke her own arm so she could get Martin arrested for "beating" her.

I now know Tila would go that far if she needs to get sympathy and attention from people or to get back at someone so they get into trouble.

Tila is truly a sick, sick woman. I bet she's at home right now thinking of a way to lie herself out of the bullshit she pulled yesterday and watch her cover it up with yet another lie.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone forwarded her homophobic rants to GLAAD, the magazines and other GLBT groups she claims to be a part of and support? I am curious what happened.

Anonymous said...

Love the two tweets from Dr. Drew after the calculated madness began:

I have never met Tila but I certainly hope she gets some treatment until such time as CR is finally up and running

7:55 AM Jun 5th via TweetDeck

"Common sense is the genius of humanity."-Goethe

7:53 AM Jun 5th via TweetDeck

Anonymous said...

The yellow pills in the bag at the top of the photo are 10mg Vicodin. I have an rx for them so they look pretty familiar. They are actually a pretty common rx as well. My dentist only STARTED a root canal on my tooth, and he gave me an rx for them.
Norco is chemically a Hydrocodone, an amalgamation of a narcotic and acetaminophen. The pain-relievers work by binding to opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord, while acetaminophen decreases the formation of prostaglandins, thereby reducing pain.
I hope like hell this bitch isnt stupid enough to be snorting these. With the amount of acetaminophen in them it would burn like hell. But then again this is Tila, and in her mind snorting something makes you seem more like a hard core druggie and adds to her bullshit addict story.
No one has mentioned it here yet but there is also another bag to the right of her arm with pills in it. It looks as if they are white oblong pills. My best guess would be that those are probably opiates as well. 7.5mg Vicodin. Thats only my guess. Its hard to even see them with the white sheets behind it.
What i dont understand is she obviously put that "dope" in clear view of the camera. Well my mistake "Jane" put it there. Why would she take them time to edit the photo to make the "dope" seem less visible? Thats only assuming she edited the photo to blur to drugs.
And in my honest opinion, i feel as if this is all for CR. I wouldnt be the least bit surprised to see some kind of footage gary sun filmed on that day, on CR when they are introducing the characters and showing the audience just how deep into addiction these celebs are. Fuck I wouldnt be surprised if Tila made up this ENTIRE addiction just to get a paycheck and some more face time on tv.
Tila, since we all know your actually our #1 fan, your are a disgusting bottomless pit of scum. You will go to whatever lengths it takes just to make another dollar and keep riding the coattails of your myspace days. You're done. You've been done. Crawl into a hole somewhere with your drugs and a gun. Have some fun. And if your too stupid to figure out how to pull the trigger, go play on an LA freeway on a busy sat night when all the drunks are out. You're bound to get a million hits on your flog when you finally liquefy to the disgusting scum that you are. Fucking cunt.

BKiddo said...

Somebody's back....and she thinks she's going to tell us something about ourselves.
I was reading up on real celebs. on celeb. tweet, and guess who popped up.

slyparadox said...

Uncle Eddie is posting her latest hater rant on twitter, and honestly I am so glad I stopped giving a fuck about her completely a while ago because people here had heart enough to call for someone to check to see if she's really ok or crying wolf for the 23489u234 time, and she's babbling about how her and her team are watching our every move and we're going to pay for stalking her life.

I don't know how many times people need to say "Get the fuck over yourself, Thien" before it sinks in, but I know enough from this type of behavior that if the person has pulled stunts like this as many times as she has, they're ever going to change, and the next stop is the grave or a permanent facility. She is not exempt from her actions but she insists to prove that she really does believe she is somehow an exception to the consequences of her shitty behavior. That's why you're never allowed to talk about it without your head getting bitten off by her or her minions.

allen said...

hello all,
I like your new web design.We have not been following THIEN lately but it looks she is up to her tricks/scams AGAIN. We applaud Rotspot/tilatruth/spikedtequila for calling out the lies but we fight a different way.

WHO/COMPANIES ARE THE ADVERTISERS OF TILA'S WEBSITES?We are still giving FOX NEWS an earload for deceiving their audience.


If police were involved on this suicide B.S. this is no better than the "balloon boy" and it is fraud.

Look for THIEN to start stripping in front of a webcam soon or another pregnancy/baby daddy to get hits to her website.

THIEN did you get that tax extension?

ALLEN and friends in Prescott AZ

THIEN you also have many other parent groups pissed at you that really are not big "internet people" Good Luck

allen said...

One more thing PLEASE Do not go to her gossip blog she could make money. I know it is tempting to make fun of it but let the truth bloggers capture the INSANITY.


BKiddo said...

Real quick @Alabama W.,
I wonder if the Sky person you're asking about, would be the same Skyylar Jaylen that Tila Truth blogged about in January.
Not sure, but maybe.

allen said...

A couple more things after reading THIEN'S MENTAL ILLNESS RAMBLINGS..

I am in the medical field NO DOCTOR would tell a patient to "tough it out until filming in july" They would begin treatment ASAP....

AMBIEN is not an is NOT even a benzodiazepine(easy to overdose on) but ambien is addictive.There was a case where a patient took 40 tablets (400mg) and lived.My point is it is hard to OD ON ambien even if you snort it.

I feel sorry for her young fans because they are gullible. My generation was told to question everything.

THIEN lied on the STERN SHOW saying she never did drugs or STRIPPED FULLY NAKED on a webcam.

THIEN is hoping for a "big comeback" but there are two problems.Thien was never a celebrity in the first place and her only talent is to strip.

Sorry for rambling ........

Boycott or cancel any ADVERTISER or CABLE CHANNEL this SCAM ARTIST THIEN is on!!!


andmommymakescrazy said...

too bad the Janeicide didn't work. Fuck, she even fails at that shit.

Anonymous said...

wow! faking pregnancies, miscarriages, and suicides?

i hope i can view that video here...i guess she deleted that from her page..

she is screaming for attention and help....

Anonymous said...

oh do you see the new post she has mentioning these sites??? i think this site is full of people that do care and know what it is like to care...she said so many things making it seem like being on welfare is wrong etc...

no but faking SUICIDE IS WRONG! think about all the impressionable "Tila army fans" kids? teenagers? those with problems like the one girl that emailed tila for advice...

faking a suicide attempt is like a slap in the face! did she say it was for entertainment? that is not funny at all!

Alabama Worley said...

I just realized, Tila might read and has finally picked up "Fight club" by Chuck Palahniuk.

Makes a bit of sense with her "personalities."

Alabama Worley said...

I take norcos (I shouldn't be admitting this but whatever) and it's more of the good and less of the bad. They are easy to obtain and higher in opiates.

Alabama Worley said...

Oh and the thin white pills are xanax 2mg bars. ..I have a script for those too if we need to do a side by side. Ambien also looks like that as well but if there's 4 notches in the white pills those are xanax.

The other are norco 10's.

Nikky Raney said...

linked to you here

Anonymous said...

Oh my fucking God ... just when I thought this bitch couldn't go any lower, she manages to pull a fake suicide/cutting episode out of the hat. Well done, Tila *clap clap clap*

Meanwhile, wonder if the LAPD did a drug search while there? If so, wonder if she's been busted with any illegal stuff?

Anonymous said...



allen said...

Hello ALL

Where are the pictures of the medications? I can identify them. I am in the medical field and here is a tip.EVERY MEDICATION has numbers and letters on it to ID them. Alabama is correct the yellow tablets look like NORCO 10 which is 10 mg hydrocodone and 325mg acetaminophen and is one of the abused meds in the country. Watson makes the generic form it is yellow oblong and has "WATSON 853" on it.It is a schedule 3 and never should be in a baggie.
Where are the photos of xanax? Xanax (generic alprazolam) 2mg has a unique look and it is control 4 and it is a benzodiazepine.
Benzodiazepines are also very addictive and they HAVE CAUSED MANY DRUG OVERDOSE DEATHS. Mix in some alcohol and your body forgets to breathe...

If THIEN is taking and trying to quit these 2 meds she should not do it alone.THIEN needs to check into rehab right away.The sad thing is the "most popular" person on myspace does not even have one friend/family that wants to help her.This says a lot about internet friends.

I do want not this woman to die but I want her to GO AWAY and stay away from kids.How many 30 year olds do you know that act and speak like THIEN?


Gregor said...

I know Allen in real life and he is a mild mannered guy and a great father.I am biased though because he married my sister and it upsets me seeing him this angry. I hope people can see why he and basically his whole subdivision feels that this Tila should NOT be around minors period.
She is a stripper with a drug problem.She speaks and acts like a teenager so she appeals towards them.She is promising them things like fame and money.In a 14 year old's mind they see her on tv and think she is a legit.She plays on the insecurities of all teens.I believe the teens in her army will grow up and realize Tila is a fraud.

I think it is Anna Nicole(downward spiral) all over again but worse because she is screwing with minors.It seemed Tila had a big break with her reality show but really screwed up her life.She only has herself to blame.Nobody forced Tila to strip on a webcam and pathologically LIE about EVERYTHING to the point it is comical.

Peace Out

Anonymous said...

Greg and Allen:

Here is the link to the photo of the drugs:

Not sure if you all have obtained it but ive seen you have posted comments on a couple of posts looking for the pics. Hope this helps. You should let the resistance in on what you all are trying to accomplish. I work in the legal field and would be happy to help with any advise or any kind of "searches" you may need. I have access to check bankruptcy cases as well. Just shoot me an email: Send me a tweet letting me know.