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Wednesday, June 9

postheadericon Why don't Tila's Ads Load Properly?

Hmm.  Here I am, watching the Real World/Road Rules Challenge (fuck you, I like it) and talking about Human Centipede on twitter, when suddenly this bomb drops all over the place.

According to this article on

Is it true?  I don't know, but GODDAMN do I want it to be!  I don't go to her stupid fail blog (so what does that mean for her theory that we're all ONE hater with the same IP?  Hmmm...) but I've been hearing rumors that her ads are fucked.  Either way, that's a funny GD article.

Just trying to keep you all abreast of the situation.  LOL I said abreast.  Yes, I'm 10 years old.  Shut up.  Your mom is 10 years old.  (Oooooh!  Burn!)

If anybody hears anything, don't hesitate to post it in the comments.


Sheriff Gauncent said...

Hey all, Sheriff Gauncent here. Going to the hospital tomorrow for a well swelled linguinal lymph node right above my junk. This started swelling since 3 days ago. Looks like my body is losing the war on infection. Wish me well. I am scared. Love you guys! Any well wishes can be sent to

Joann said...

Music to my ears. If I hear of anything I will definitely post it Eddie.

Anna said...

OMG! I just saw her latest FaceBook entry talking about stream of consciousness...


Why does that seem so strange coming from her?

A_Sam187 said...

@Sheriff Gauncent

damn, really sorry to hear! I'll be pulling for you! Don't give up!! Best of luck and I look forward to hearing from you on these boards again! =)

Isis said...

@Sheriff Gauncent:

If it has been swelling for three days, you didn't necessarily loose, trust me. I had a throat infection that I ignored, and instead of waiting three days to get antibiotics, I waited like two weeks, and almost had to get my tonsils taken out.

Once you see an infection, you treat it as fast as possible, is the lesson there lol

Oh, and please, everyone, do NOT get so addicted to hand sanitizers! Soap and water is the best, always has been, unless you are about to touch a baby.

As for Thien, my google ads are up on my blogspot, you can go right ahead and check.

If you have a account, they do not allow you to put up your own ads, I actually pay to have wordpress remove their ads from one of my blogs there, cuz it's my version of TRS: I'm not in it for the money.

Thien was using the VIP: which DOES allow Google advertising.

I have two Yahoo small business accounts, I have had three total, and I use, the self-hosting platform, and I have never had a problem with Google.

My business advice is the same as it ever was: get a yahoo small business account and learn how to host your own blog. I was working on my site at the same time as somebody else, but I knew faaaaaaaaaar less about all that HTML voodoo nonsense. The way they have it set up now is so easy to use.

Just want to start a blog? Try Typepad.

Here's the affiliate section of one of my blogs:

It's going to be a longer list as I have to update it soon.

alison m m said...

Hey eds,
Do you need anything in the slammer? Do you have an amazon wish list yet? Or are we talkin' just a 'bail fund'? LMK when you have computer access. BTW most prisons have literature classes. Contact your welfare worker to see if you can enrol. I will write you a reference'cos even sex crims with no teeth deserve the right to do creative writing.

monikaczuber said...

Hey there,
I am using Google Ads for my own website and therefore I am quite familiar with their terms of use.
They say that you are not allowed to (This is German as I am using the German version)
"Anzeigen, Links oder Empfehlungs-Buttons auf irgendeiner Webseite oder auf einer Website mit pornografischem, hetzerischem, gewalttätigem oder illegalem Inhalt zu platzieren; "

which translates as:

"You are not allowed to place google ads, links or google referrals on any website with pornographic, agitational , violent or illegal content."

So you can pick out which of these guidelines Tila broke with her blog....

Snippy Bitch said...

You may be interested in this article I came across.

Ana said...

@Sheriff I hope everything goes well, and you feel better! :)
Now, I've been coming on here for a long time and I always read the posts and you guys say exactly what I think!!! lol. this bitch is seriously out of her mind, I figured her out since that RayJ/Diddy/anonymous A list celebrity was her fake baby's daddy. Anyway, here is a great video of one of my fave youtubers @kingsleyyy!v=bjU8KAhwdDM
here is someone who is not a "jelis h8r" yet he seems to figure her out from one incident. luuuuuvs it

The Blotspot said...

Bang! I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the depu.... Heh. So if google dropped her, the most logical reason could be the fact that her ad revenues are hovering around 7-8 US$ per day. Not enough to pay google or the cost of the website maintenance.
Me likey! :D

deluwiel said...

oh. oh god.


but... but isn't that what she always does when she writes on her flog?

Tila's "streams of consciousness." The jokes just write themselves, don't they?

Fatty McFatterson said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Sheriff G. We'll keep the light on for ya, and hold down the fort!


lil fatty

Ima said...

Hey Sherriff!!! Hope you feel better soon! POW, right?


Jen said...

Good luck Sherriff!! I hope your junk isn't affected... that would suck. :)
We'll hold the fort down for ya & continue to fight the war on your behalf. You know, by fighting I mean, sitting on our asses watching Tila's continue downward spiral into oblivion.
Drop us a line when you're up & feeling better!!

vicky said...

Yo Snippy Bitch, i just read that article..HAHAHAHAHAHA is this bitch delusional or what?? No, seriously (BAM!)

Lie no.1: at home with her family. Highly unlikely.

Lie no.2: Preparing for her high profile tour overseas. I didn't know being a coked up, ambien riddled slut in skanky ass, dirty, low rent clubs clubs classifies as a "world tour" with packed out stadiums. Hahahaha.

Sheriff G, my thoughts are with you. May your junk be safe and intact :)

Alysha said...

Just wondering, why do the people at this site get gratification by making fun of that nobody Tila? She loves the attention, you're just giving her what she wants so badly.

Isis said...

Slutinese entry:

"Shit Stories"-

Tila's "streams of consciousness."

Rotty (TRS) said...


Just wondering, why do you get gratification from coming to my site? It's called entertainment. We've said this 2039480938 times. Thanks for visiting!

Alysha said...

Gratification from what?? Hurting someones feelings?

Rotty (TRS) said...

I get gratification that she's no longer getting away with her outrageous bullshit. I mean, I'd be happier if she'd just put a bullet in her head but ... I'll take what I can get!

vicky said...

Yo Alysha, don't like it then buh-bye. Go to if you want a positive vibe cos that's the only place you're gonna find anything positive said about Tila.

Plus is such sweet, sweet satisfaction to see someone's undoing due to their own self destructive bullshit. Think about ALL the ppl Tila has hurt with her antics, dont you think THEY deserve some satisfaction from her evil? And that goes for anyone indirectly that she's hurt, and that's a lot of groups in the demographic..ppl with serious mental illness (whether it'd be DID or Bi Polar or WHATEVER..its NOT a joke), the millions of decent, hardworking women who can provide a child with a happy home but have suffered the devastating heartbreak of miscarriage, the gay and lesbian community who suffer the homophobic slurs she spits out publicly, the hardworking immigrants who took a chance and did it hard for a better life for their children (its a massive slap in the face for them and MY generation cos she makes US look bad), people who suffer everyday from hating themselves so much that suicide is the only way to escape the pain, her racist slurs, to all the men who have had their reputation ruined by some stupid bitch making up lies...

Need i go on??

vicky said...

A scumbag cunt like that has absolutely no feelings nor compassion or empathy for the human race that she is unfortunately a part of. Thank god we have other members of the human race like Fatty to remind us what being a TRUE human being is.

As for Rotty, you may be right about her "wanting to hurt Tila's feelings" (oh if it were that simple) but at least she's a bitch who can back up what she says with her (virtual) head help up high. Trust me, she can sleep perfectly at night because she's doing a helluva lot more good than Tila.

No word of a lie so put that in ya pipe and smoooooke it :):):)

Jen said...

Ooooooo! Is Alysha part of the Army of halfwits?!?! Are they finally envading our battle ground? I'm scared.... (runs and hides in the toilet)
Alysha, don't take yourself SO seriously! We're just having fun! Maybe it's something you can learn... laughing is GREAT for the soul. And let me ask you a question... so it's OK for Tila to bash, make fun of, hurt people's feelings? Did you think about that when Tila joked about rape? What about the time she lied about miscarriages? Oh wait! What about the time she lied & joked about abuse? ALL things she hurt MY feelings for since I went through ALL of those things. HOWEVER... it's OK right? Cause she's the bitch pow mogel? You're retarded. Go away.

Bridget said...

whatever, i posted to this blog in the comments about her lack of ads like, a week ago, before the jane drama even.

Alysha said...

You don't have to jump down my throat, i said nothing rude or insulting to anyone here. I was just curious to why, and i found out you just want to expose the way she is. And that's fine with me, i know what she does is wrong, i just think that people are enabling her famewhoreing ways by giving her attention that she wants, whether it's good or bad. It's all good to her!!

Anonymous said...

Ughh, "Stream of Conscious" Thien? Did you mean verbal diarrhea instead? Her shit is priceless since she's contributing to her own downfall. All we do is sit back, relax, have a few brewskis, and point and laugh at the skank.

Seriously Maynard, why do you insist on coming here and bitching about how we love to give the cunt attention. Big difference between her fans and them jelis haters is the type of attention she receives. Her fans provide her with blinded loyalty and OMG POW I LUV U TILA!!!1 However, the jelis haters give her attention by pointing out her contradictions and the fact that she's a hypocrite.

Also Maynard, most of the folks here refuse to visit her fail blog so this blog reports about her shenanigans.

I think you have a secret interweb crush on the Rotspot crew since you keep posting stuff that you think will garner attention from the writers.

Isis said...


Fatty McFatterson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fatty McFatterson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vicky said...

Who cares whether its all good to her or not?

We're just having fun here and if that enables her famewhoring ways, GOOD i hope we enable to the point of complete self destruction cos maybe then she'll get some clarity on the damage she is causing.

Thien, you piece of shit, if your reading this and i know you are, you know that every word that i am saying is the truth you continue to deny yourself.

EllenFB said...

If I'm remembering right, the ads disappeared when Carlton did. So I'm assuming the google account was in his name and she's too stupid to figure out how to get her own ad account.

chey said...

I knew someone who got there google ads pulled because all the clicks were coming from the same few computers. So I'm assuming that Tila's 4 army members were clicking over and over.

Sheriff G, I hope your operation went well and you'll be back around here in no time.

blairzbear said...

Hey, I was curious if anyone else has internet connection problems if their on whorebag's "blog"? If I ever go on there my internet says "not responding". I don't go on there often, but anytime I do, it always happens after a couple minutes. Anyone else had a similar experience?

Anonymous said...

It's like she claimed before it's all part of the Illuminati out to get her, ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! I truly hope GOOGLE did drop her stupid paranoid drug induced rants are getting old!! Hasn't she noticed she is not GETTING reported on NO MORE!! Her last stunt was IT for people. Tila is done.

-Thank You
and G-Night. ♥

Anonymous said...

*giggles* this post makes me giggle I am still shocked she has yet to bring this up and that is WHY she KNOWS they are after her, SMH!! She truly is coo coo!!