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Tuesday, June 8

postheadericon Tila's Going To Sue Me...HA!

Some of you thought it was Christmas on Saturday, no baby, it's CHRISTMAS FUCKING TODAY!!! I can't wait for Tila to sue my happy ass!!! BRING IT ON YOU LITTLE PSYCHO SLUT PUPPY!!! I'll be happy to give you my full name, address and phone number so your lawyers of which you have can come after me.

Tila, the truth is, you needed a psycho evaluation and were carted off to the hospital immediately. That alone says my call was justified. How dare you make this about people who honestly tried to help you. How fucking dare you sic your Army of Morons, Halfwits and Sloped-Foreheaded Imbeciles on me and other people who sincerely had your best interests at heart.

You think you have a case against me? Well why don't you tell me exactly what that case is? If you were not in need of help, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN CARTED AWAY YOU DUMBASS! You want to talk about lawsuits, you want to threaten a good samaritan? Bring it on Tila. I'll screen cap everything your little syphilitic fingers types out and I'll hand it over to my lawyer of which I HAVE! Let's see: threatening a witness (if there's a criminal case against Tila, I would imagine we're all witnesses), threatening me period, intentional infliction of emotional distress. Hmmmm. What could that charge be about?

1. Defendant acted intentionally or recklessly; and
2. Defendant’s conduct was extreme and outrageous; and
3. Defendant’s act is the cause of the distress; and
4. Plaintiff suffers severe emotional distress as a result of defendant’s conduct.

Now could I prove I was substantially distressed? I don't know, but I can tell you I was for about 36 hours after she was found, not to mention the 4 or 5 hours during that nightmare. My family certainly knows I was upset, I know I was, and I certainly conveyed those emotions to all the rescue personnel I spoke to.

Don't bother clicking Tila's link to her Army's site, I've screencapped that nonsense for you.

HEROES? FUCKING HEROES? You call people who sat on their asses HEROES? Nice. Really fucking nice. Your dingbat leader OBVIOUSLY needed intervention, proved through the fact SHE WAS CARTED AWAY TO A MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY! I didn't have her carted away. The LAFD evaluated her mental state and it was their PROFESSIONAL opinion that she was a danger to herself or others after talking to her.

As to her lies, you're right Tila lies all the time, but how am I to know what is the truth and what is a lie. Did I think she lied about putting a cigarette out on her leg last month? No. I thought she told the truth. Did she put out a cigarette out on her leg? Now, I can say, I don't think so because pix of her a couple of days later with her skanky legs exposed showed no injury.

When I went on her site that morning and the FIRST THING I SEE is a bloodied photo of her arm and her subsequent tale of how she was injured, AND knowing the night before she talked about taking ILLEGAL OPIATE DRUGS, I have to over-ride my dislike of her (I hadn't read Rotspot yet, or viewed the video at that time) and do what I thought was the most humane and decent thing to do.

Over the next hour or so my phone was ringing OFF THE FUCKING HOOK, with rescue trying to find her. It was a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY SATURDAY that I could have been spending with my family, but NO, once I got involved I had to follow through because a person's LIFE might have been on the line. I didn't have time to view any of the information that was posted that pointed to a FAKE, FRAUD, HOAX.

By the time I read that shit, and realized that Tila might have been faking, I relayed that information to law enforcement. The fact that she would fake such a thing made no difference, because that alone showed proof that Tila was unable to make rational and sound judgments, and the thought was she was STILL potentially a danger to herself.

Think about it assholes, if I wanted to get Tila in trouble, I could have talked about the fact she was an opiate addict. Other than telling them that she had mentioned taking opiates the night before, I said nothing about drugs. I viewed the video while online with officers, told them that it appears she was injured, blood everywhere, a completely THRASHED room, broken glass, etc. I didn't even note the drugs BECAUSE i was unaware of them and I had been unaware that folks had been commenting about them, because I was too fucking busy trying to get Tila the help she so obviously needed.

You fucking assholes need to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON, whether they're a 'jelis hater', a dispatcher, law enforcement, or rescue for being as tenacious as they were in trying to help your fucked up little friend. You also need to apologize for aiding and abetting this psycho in creating the kind of drama that you all think is just fine and dandy.

If Tila didn't need the help, she would have been free to attend her MTV Award show as both a guest and a BAM POW blogger. A person who is SANE and not a danger to herself does not have the fire department assess her as in need of a psych hold.

So, Tila, have your lawyer of which you have and your vast staff of private investigators contact me. I'm very easy to find. I'll be happy to give you all my contact info, just tell me where to send it.

In parting, would I do it again? YES!!! I would do it 20 times. Why, because anyone who is crying out for help that loudly deserves to have someone answer that cry. I don't like what you do Tila. I don't like how you manipulate young impressionable people (like you're doing now), but despite your claims that all people who call you out on your bullshit are 'haters', I am not a hater of you or anyone. I won't let you die, if there's anything I can do to prevent it. Maybe if someone in your own circle cared enough about you to get you help, you wouldn't have grown into such a despicable person, that the only people who truly do care are the ones you shun.

Hey Tila, maybe if you spent 5 minutes on the phone way back on December 30, 2009, you might have been a 'hero' as well. I have a feeling the Johnson family has a smidge more class than you though, and you'd have been thanked sincerely and possibly accepted as a viable human being.


Ericka said...

Dont let that skank get to you, Fatty. <3

Ben said...

That website that Tila linked to saying they were the "truth" posted this the day before.

"There are NO facts saying she was being held for observation. I predict that she was let out immediately..."

Then they change their tune once Tila admits it. Funny that even the site Tila says is Truth is filled with fandom lies. I also love how they say you knew the picture was fake before she posted it. Good job with the ESP there.

I hope the police is still monitoring her call to war. Glad she's not getting these morons to form a cult, they'd totally drink the cool-aid. Did you see the tweet about the one who said "even if Tila killed someone I'd still love her" Nutsos every one of him.

Jayne said...

Way to PWN to hogul, Fatty! POW! BAM!

chey said...

Let me get this straight. Tila's ninja army know she was lying about the whole thing and are OK with that? As if I didn't already know how messed up fans of hers had to be, this proves it.

Ambrosia Writer said...

Damn, you should be given a medal for doing such a thing to a person that you can't stand.

Actually, I'm pretty sure criminal charges will be brought against her for faking such a thing and causing such a waste of tax money. Not sure, but it could happen.

Anyway! You did the right thing! Stand proud!

Anonymous said...

The cops and the amburlance people saw through her lies and as part of their jobs, they need to ensure the safety of the people that they are serving. That's why her ass got carted away to the hospital. If they honestly felt that she was mentally stable and saw that she was not going to harm herself or others, then they wouldn't do that.

Her army has no common sense or logic whatsoever.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I read on her blog comments a couple days ago, where some idiot said something to the effect "leave Tila alone!!! she's not hurting anyone, she should be able to do and say what she wants!", this was in defense to Tila's hoax. I also read in other reports that a couple of 'fans' called in, so Tila and her AofMAHW are turning on fans now.

Also, loved how the author of that blog Tila references, that they didn't call authorities because it's not their job, it's her families. Nice. And if Tila died, this is the same person who would have blamed the haters for that as well.

I don't let the bitch get me down, but I have to say, this latest manipulative stunt of hers to take the heat off her bad actions, by blaming and threatening people who had no vested interest other than a fellow human being was possibly in danger, is astounding to me in a way I can't even begin to describe.

m.cimeno said...

Very nicely said, Fatty. The Tila Fan blog post is RIDICULOUS! This whole event should have been quite the eye opener to the Army of Morons & Halfwits, but it has been, of course, turned around to look like a freakin' malicious act on behalf of the jelis haters. Yes, I am freakin' thrilled that Tila got caught in such a despicable lie...but it's really discouraging that these people are ignoring that fact, and the fact that her actions clearly demonstrated the need for some sort of psychiatric help, and continuing to belittle the haters.

i_am_that_girl said...

72 hours of being held for evaluation and the slut burger learned nothing. I should have known. She'll never change.

Sandy said...

I agree Fatty. I cannot comprehend how she is not embarrassed because of Saturday's stunt. She's not even thankful that someone cared enough about her to have her checked up on. She is angry and defiant.

I have to wonder. If her army of delusional misfits were proactive this weekend and THEY were the ones who got the LAFD and LAPD involved, how would Tila react then?

Terri said...

well said fatty, well said!

Malice said...

Fatty, were the racist comments really necessary?

LEEV said...

should all future replies to anything bearing her name be signed "5150?"

Or is that just trashy on a level of something that "sings" "tunes" detailing unprotected sex with any person* you can pull off the street with a good iPod play list?

*my bad, that should read DJ.

Jess said...

Did anyone see what dr. drew post on his twitter the other day

I have never met Tila but I certainly hope she gets some treatment until such time as CR is finally up and running 8:55 AM Jun 5th via TweetDeck

Anonymous said...

Tila is probably the best example of why I no longer watch TV. It has become a forum for narcissistic, talentless idiots doing anything and everything for camera time.

Fatty, I believe your motives were pure, but I would have backed you either way. The way she presented everything, you could tell she was playing for sympathy and attention. And many of her fans on FB posted messages of concern when her video went up. She, in no way, presented it as entertainment, as she is claiming now. That was another of her outrageous schemes to get hits on her fail blog. And I find it hysterically funny that she is so pissed that it backfired.
To lie about pregnancies, miscarriages, rape, charities, and now multiple personalities? How can someone sink so low? Everyone that ever spent time with her knows she is crazy. Shawne knows. Linda Strawberry figured it out. Leo Madrid knows. Her old publicist dropped her. Not to mention the company representing her now. She has made so many enemies and, in turn, become a pariah. No reputable person would stand for her now. You guys have done a tremendous job exposing her through her own words. As someone who went from fan, to jelis hayterrr after the death of Casey Johnson, I truly appreciate your blog :)

Fatty McFatterson said...

Malice, I take it you're joking about 'racist comments' right? Hahahhahahhha. I obviously can't tell when someone is joking or not anymore!!!

Cathy said...

She will continue to blame everyone but herself and soon no one will care enough to call as there will be no one to pay attention to her anymore.
Hang in there Fatty! You are a decent person who did what she thought was right. Tila is scum. Im pretty sure she has no case and Tila its the internet. Nothing ever truly gets deleted EVER. It can all be found again its all date and time stamped. Good luck tryint to convince a judge and jury that you are so innocent.

livvey said...

I seriously do not understand her fans.

I have never seen a "mogul" or "CEO" talk the way she talks or behaves the way she behaves. Shouldn't that be a serious tip off that she has no clue on how to be a professional of any sort?

Could you seriously imagine this ho-bag walking into a meeting with real executives?

I also wonder if Raz-B has realized what an idiot he was for even being linked with her?

Joann said...

You did what was right Fatty, end of story. Anyone who saw that video and read the post on her blog would have concerns and notified authorities.

Tila's is mad her attention getting prank backfired on her and now the whole online media knows how low she will actually stoop to get attention. She was made more of a laughing stock than she already is and she's mad.

That's it in a nutshell, she's mad she got caught.

The skank brought it on herself and naturally she wants to point the finger at someone else instead of owning up to her childish and idiotic behavior.

IMO, she probably put that moronic army up to start that blog site... lord knows they don't have the sense or smarts to do it on their own or maybe Tila started it, who knows and who cares.

And, no lawyer worth their salt will even consider backing the craziness that is known as Tila in suing someone over a prank that was later found out to be something SHE initiated.

What you should do is sue her for the distress you encountered while trying to help in what you thought was a legitimate concern.

I wouldn't give Tila and her false accusations another thought.

If I was her I would not even think of going there with you. This is not her nitwit army she's fooling with.

K.R. Omen said...

You're a better person than most Fatty. I've become cynical in my old age and wouldn't have even thought about calling anyone. In hindsight, you did the right thing, not just for her stupid ass, but the hundreds of impressionable followers that would likely emulate her. When Cobain called it quits, there were quite a few followers of his that did the same thing. Good Job.

BKiddo said...

tila said to her fan(s), that she felt there were two kinds of people in the world. 1) Leaders 2)followers. The way she wrote it makes it sound that she is the leader and her fan(s) are to follow.
Bear with me I have a point, and the point is that what the fuck would she do if one of her two fans tried to copy her and hurt themselves because they thought it make them feel closer to their leader?

Anonymous said...

Fatty, I believe what you did was the right thing to do. Any normal person with a conscience would do the same thing. What bothers me about Tila's supporter's post is how it tries to make what Tila did seem normal and ok. On what planet do these people live? What circumstances would ever make it acceptable to fake injuries like this? That's the thing that gets to me. They've offered no reason for WHY she did what she did, instead just stating that she did fake her injuries and posted that video on purpose. And apparently to Tila's army, if Tila wants to do something outrageous, she can do anything she wants no matter what harm it may inflict on the innocent people who witness it on the web. No questions asked, no explanation necessary. It makes me wonder if some of them don't so similar outrageous things in their own lives, if they can blindly accept Tila's actions so easily.

Alte Klatschtante said...

I can't believe that these people who claim to love her so much are acting like you commited a crime for trying to get that whore HELP. I don't know why Tila once again thinks she has a case - Obviously, she wasn't in a state that made the officers on site go, "Hm, Fatty overreacted a bit there, go on with your tweeting, Tila dear." No, they carted her off instantly.
And seriously, does she really think anyone is still scared of her lawsuit threats? That's threat number what, 240,641? She can tell herself she has a case until she turns blue in the fact, that does not give her a case. That idiot.

fata.morgana_101 said...

According to the totallytila blog, she was held for 24 hours, then released to an undisclosed location. I'm wondering if the "undisclosed location" was a jailhouse. I've heard you can get a mandatory 48 hours in custody for refusing a drug test.

vicky said...

Despite exposing the truth about Tila in a satirical, vitriolic manner (which she completely deserves as there is no other way to describe her pathetic and hurtful antics), Fatty still cared about the filthy cunt because she's a human being and Fatty is human enough to understand that.

It takes a lot of balls to be the bigger person and to do the right thing, especially when the piece of shit doesn't deserve it. Fatty, you have a big, fat, Fatty McFatterson heart and someone like Tila should be taking your example.

One love <3

necro_wafer said...

As has been said, what this all comes down to is that Tila's pissed that she got caught in arguably her biggest lie to date. She posted "bloody" shots of herself, a video of her filthy bedroom, and then basically tried to cover her ass by telling her fans "Please don't worry about me; I'm going to take drugs and sleep all day." Honestly, I don't know what her intentions were. Because any way you look at it, she was going to get caught. If one of the gossip sites picked up on it, someone would have called the police. It just so happened that THIS site covered it, and someone called the police. AS SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED. It doesn't fucking MATTER who called the police. But because there's proof that it was a "hater," this is all of a sudden about "stalking." If it was a fan, would she still be talking shit? You know what - she probably would.

Her post this morning addressed NOTHING. No apology to her fans for FAKING self-injury. No explanation as to why she would do this incredibly fucked-up thing. No admission that she was manipulating people for her own twisted motives. Just the same old vague threats of legal action, the same bullshit dance of "haters" versus "army."

I don't hate this pathetic, sick creature. I find it appalling that she's able to get away with all of this. I have known people like Tila, and they're total emotional vampires. She's worn out her welcome with the people around her (Carlton Jordan, Leo Madrid...and I give Bradshaw another couple of weeks until he bails, too), so all she has left is this handful of fans who will literally "support" her right into her grave.

It's mind-boggling. She is so obviously unwell, but the fans are all "Yay! War against the haters! POW!" It's really sad.

jayden said...

Fatty, you did the right thing. It didn't matter if everyone thought the photos and videos were fake, the fact that she was in a mental state that felt the stunt was a great thing to do showed how seriously disturbed she was/is. It speaks volumes that her only concern now is that she was caught lying and the authorities held her accountable for it --- and now desperately needs to deflect the blame somewhere other than herself.

Malice said...

Fatty, "Sloped-forehead" or "slopes" is a racial term used often back in the Vietnam war and WWII. A term used for Asians.
"Zipper head" was also another popular racial term.
Wasn't sure if it was an intentional racial slur or not.
*makes the shooting star*
"...The more you know."

Ambrosia Writer said...


I think she was using it to refer to Neanderthals (who literally had slopped back foreheads because their brains were smaller, modern humans have vertical ones to make more room for brains).

I didn't know it was a racial slur at all, actually... guess I learned something new too.

Malice said...

I'm aware of the neanderthal reference used for that term, but since we are talking about an Asialien, I wasn't sure if it was meant to be the racial reference or not.

scorpian_muse said...

What is disturbing to me is this whole "Jane was here, fucked me up, destroyed my place...I have multiple personalities, of which Jane is one..."

And the stupid twit locks her door. What? Jane can't unlock it? Jane can be all gansta and shit but can't unlock a door.

That in and of itself demonstrates what little the skank really knows about anything. Let's see:

~ She's played the domestic abuse card.
~ Played the pregnancy card (multiple times)
~ The mischairage card
~ mental card
~ the "boohoo my parents made me work weekends in my youth" card
~ addiction card
~ fake suicide card

Is there any other cards she can play other than death? On the other hand, don't answer that because she doesn't need any more ideas floating around her vacant skull.

Mimi said...

I swear for the life of me I can't understand how her fans can support someone who makes a mockery of those who have REALLY experienced the effects of suicide, miscarriage, rape, etc. I, unfortunately, have seen the impact of such traumatic events and it's like a slap in the face each time this crazy bitch fakes something like this! To me, she is the worst kind of person, just evil, evil, evil!

On a lighter note, this could be an explanation as to why her army is so small! I can't imagine anyone personally touched by such a horrible thing could support someone who finds suicide a joking manner! I know my personal experience keeps me from wishing anyone, including Tila, go through it...all the things she makes a mockery of can destroy hopes/ dreams/ families and has far reaching effects for many, many people so I imagine its hard to find anyone that approves/supports such behavior.

That's my 2 cents for what it's worth...hahaha maybe Tila will sue me!!!
Good job Fatty- you did the right thing while the "army" turned a blind eye, which is an obvious qualification/requirement for army membership :)

Isis said...

I just want the Gay Bear dating to go away :( *whimpers*

Fatty McFatterson said...

Malice, it was as Ambrosia Writer said, in reference to Neanderthals. I guess, this is going to bite me in the ass like those Geico commercials, lol. I apologize to any Neanderthal I may have insulted!!!

Thanks for the explanation Malice. I thought you were just fucking with me before, lol. And no, I didn't know of that term referring to Asians.

Anonymous said...

i HONESTLY applaud this post!!!!