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Wednesday, June 16

postheadericon New Stuporgirl!

Hey everybody!  I know we're all prying ourselves away from lusting over Tila's dirty, off-colored, cross-eyed nipples (hint: I'm lying) but let's check out which of the seven deadlies our hero Stupor Girl is up to today!

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kristi said...

This is scary disturbing this week, but totally dead on. I think this is probably the sin that bitch commits on a daily basis. Every time I see a Stuporgirl I laugh at the wonky tits. Epic win on capturing an epic failure.

alison m m said...

She adjusts those titties like a man adjusts his balls.
I feel sick now.

tui said...

Awesome as usual! One thing though... instead of snake hair, I think scaley penises would be more suited to the lovely miss tila. She's so greedy for STDs she hasn't left any for the rest of us. Selfish bitch.

BKiddo said...

I love stuporgirl!
Another great job.