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Friday, June 4

postheadericon You've gotta be shitting me.

So...Tila's continuing her stupid fucking bullshit of going up and down, up and down, UP AND DOWN with this Rehab shit.  Today she shared with us the news WE ALREADY FUCKING KNEW - that Celebrity Rehab has been postponed.  Just so you know, here's TMZ talking about it on May 17th.  In fact, if you ask Tila's good friend Mr. Google about "Celebrity Rehab 4 postponed," there are COUNTLESS entries stating it.  So thanks, Tila, we already knew it.  Anyway, here's her stupid rambling bullshit.  I've underlined the parts that are particularly intriguing.

Okay, now if you've read that, I doubt I have to say HOW MUCH THIS FUCKING PISSES ME OFF, because I'm sure you're just as pissed off with her stupid bullshit.  But let's go through it, just for funsies.

First off, you fucking idiot meth mouth, what the fuck are you addicted to?  Because I thought it was Ambien, but Ambien isn't opiate (or opium) based.  Here's a lovely screen cap about Ambien:

Also, I learned that excretion for Ambien is 56% renal, and 34% fecal.  Huh, you learn something new every day.  Anyway, so what the fuck is she saying she's on?  Painkillers now?  Or doesn't she even know at this point?  And I love how she says "OMG I'd love to shoot up [heroin] sooooo much."  Yeah, that's a great fucking example for your Army of morons, Tila.  Awesome.

Okay here's the part I'm sure is making most of you rip your fucking hair out.  I wanted to make sure I pointed out how many times she says "well, since they aren't filming until July, I'm gonna keep poppin' that shit!"  She says it a ton of times, then says how determined she is.  BITCH, IF YOU WERE DETERMINED, YOU'D STOP TAKING WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU'RE TAKING.  And don't give me that fucking bullshit about $30,000 a month for rehab.  For fuck's sake, Tila, it took me a whole 5 seconds to find a FREE rehab facility in LA.  It's only one of many, I just wanted to prove a point.  Also, not all rehab centers are $30,000 a month, and I don't even know if Promises is for that matter.  GUESS WHAT IDIOT, YOU CAN TRAVEL OUT OF STATE, OR TO A DIFFERENT PART OF THE STATE.  Jesus.  I bet if she called Dr. Drew and was like "I really need to get clean and I can't wait," he'd get her ass in rehab faster than my hero Nomi Malone would shove a skank's ass down the stairs to steal her part in Showgirls.

I'm just so disgusted by this bitch.  And the worst part?  Well, you guys might not think it's the worst part, but it sure as fuck pisses me off.  She ends this little diatribe with that fucking picture she took with her pill bottles fully in the shot.  FULLY IN THE SHOT.  I remember when we posted on that, a few of you thought maybe she set that shit up.  Well, wonder no more, because now she can use it to her advantage.  And as if that's not bad enough, this is how she advertised this Dear Diary entry on Facebook:

Oh wow, look what fucking picture she's using!  In case you don't know, you can cycle through any picture used in the link you're posting on Facebook to pick an appropriate one.  I know this because I constantly pimp my posts here out on my Facebook, and I also know that the first picture is usually the one it selects, and you have the option to choose another one.  SO TILA CHOSE THIS ONE.

Oh, but she does give us all hope.  She says "that really does hurt and makes me want to take even more drugs to numb the pain out."  Good!  We'll keep going then!  FUCK.  I really want this bitch to die.  I'm sorry, I know that makes me a terrible person, but you can all suck my dick.  Seriously.  She's an atrocious human being.  I mean, way to fucking MOCK addiction - not that I'm surprised, you've mocked everything else that's tragic, like rape and miscarriage - and prove to us all that you're just doing it for TV.  And just in case you don't believe she's doing it all for TV time (yes, I know you readers aren't brain dead chimps, I know you're aware that she's just doing it to be on TV), here's the bottom half of her post from last night.

Yes, it's all stupid bullshit, like always, but notice the tag that says "spin off?"  I'm assuming that just like CR was HER NEW SHOW ABOUT HER LIFE (LOL) that Sober House is going to be her "spin off" show.  The reality is - BITCH YOU AREN'T GOING TO GET A SPIN OFF, STOP TRYING.  THEY OFFERED IT TO LINDSAY LOHAN, NOT YOU, YOU FUCKING TRAGIC MIDGET WHORE GOBLIN.

Uncle Eddie is so sick of this bitch.


Seagal said...

Like I said in my last post I think she's only doing CR4 because she wants "face time" on TV and thinks this will be a way to boost her nonexistant career. She is such a joke and the way she was talking about "taking her opiate addictions" etc. Who thehell says shit like this. Is she trying to sound intelligent? If she is, it's a major FAIL. Also she says I just took a bunch of my pills(or something like that). I know she is going to cause major drama on
CR4 just so she can get the most attention on the show and I will be shocked if she sticks to it. I just hope the producers don't fall for her BS but then they'll probably eat it up.

Ben said...

If she dies before CR4 I'm going to be very pissed, I was looking forward to our drinking game.

Seagal said...

Oh, I fogot to say I agree with everything you said Eduardo. The stupid Bitch pisses me off so much especially treating addiction as if it's a joke. My hephew, he's only 19, has been struggling with addiction for a couple years now(heroin & oxycontin) and it has been so painful for our entire family. This kid really has tried to quit and has finally been clean for 9 monthsand it isn't easy but he is working at it really hard. But never did he act like a fuckin idiot like TT. She even gives addicts a bad name. She pisses me off so much I would love to just bitch slap her.

alison m m said...

every time she says MUAH I have a compulsive urge to wash myself with a wire brush :(

Joann said...

Hey skank, not if you read this but WHEN you read this...go straight to hell with your lying ass. The only truthful thing you said in that pathetic Dear Diary crap is that CR4 has been pushed back until July.

You got a drug problem but you don't want to get rid of it, you just want to be on TV and get paid.

You're suppose to be a mogul and a millionaire but you would rather wait a few weeks to get the help you claim you so desperately need instead of going to a private rehab NOW and spend $30,000 to help YOURSELF. $30,000 should be a drop in the bucket for a millionaire.

You claimed you spent $500,000 to take someone to court and sue them but won't spend $30,000 on yourself to get rid of a drug problem.... bitch please. You sound more like an idiot every day.

What you need to do is find a specialist who can get to the root of the problem of why you lie so freaking much. That's your REAL problem.

You can talk that "poor me" bullshit to your stupid, moronic army because they are the only ones who believes you but you are lying about your motive for going on CR4 and my only hope for you is you would take your broke down, pathological lying ass and disappear off the Internet for good. Skank.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

This bitch is a psycho!!!! Seriously, man! She makes these lame-ass excuses and plays a fucking victim! Yeah...I am, too, angry at this ugly bitch!! BTW, Tila posted a saynow message and gave us her version of what an "exclusive" is, AND...guess who suddenly emerged? Caroline! Oh, shit!!!!! LMAO!

Damn...this twat is still bitching about TMZ stealing her exclusive shit!! Someone buy me a gun so I can shoot myself for sharing the same planet with her!!

Fatty McFatterson said...

Uncle Eddie we're all friends here. Don't hold back hon, it will eat you alive.

Bwahahahahahaha! Uncle Eddie does it once again. Smacks the mogul upside her stupid alien head!


Mogularmy said...

I know I'm writing on behalf of all haters when I ask: Is the drinking game still on?

Hi Tila (we know you read Rotspot), everyone knows you suck at life but why did you have to ruin this game for us too?

Anonymous said...

She is such a horrible, horrible thing (I can't even say person or human being). So it's the fault of the production schedule of the show if she takes too many of her dolls and ODs? Poor, poor Tila. *sad face*

Also, how much you want to bet the "spin off" is Sober House?

chey said...

I can't even with this bitch. First of all, she tries to tell us she changed her mind at first about CR? when we all know the truth, the show was cancelled due to not having any real stars (sorry Tila, apparently VH1 does not recognize you as a star).
Second, she's all tra la la, I'm going to keep doing drugs because a 3 week on-camera quasi-rehab is the only way I can get clean. Bitch, please.

True confession time - years ago I had an opiate addiction and the only public rehab here was so sketchy all I would've gotten out of it was better connections to drug dealers, so I did it on my own. Yeah it was tough and yeah, the first week I was sure I was going to die but I did it, because I, unlike Tila, was actually determined. Now I'm 8 years clean. You fail again Tila.

Cathy said...

My problem with her
(ok one of like 1 billion) is that from what I have seen and heatd when you are going through withdrawls you are NOT in a place to blog and write about how bad withdrawing is.

God help her when and if she ever does have to suffer from withdrawls

Mystie said...

I can't stand this bitch, but after reading the caps, she is one sick, fucked up, disgusting, immature, etc etc waste of oxygen.

There are people that create addictions in their mind to fit in. I am 99.9995% sure her 'opiate addictions' are in her mind.
I bet she realized crushing ambien and being an 'internet/sex junkie' wasn't DRAMATIC enough for Celeb rehab.
So why not push it up a notch or two??
Yeah, painkillers. Good idea. EVERYONE knows what that is.

She got called out on her previous post, got schooled on "Opiates" and decides to call the 'pills' OPIATE ADDICTIONS.

Jessuuusss Christtttt.

Looks like they are still trying to woo Lindsay Lohan to do CR, and imo, that would be amazing. Tila would get NO attention.
(thus more antics and idiocy)

What a fucking example for her young followers.
I am NOT going to rehab if I have to pay for it. Psh...are you serious? I wanna get in rehab when they start FILMING me.

This chick has definite bipolar, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and just list more as you see fit.
I have a close family member with all three and her and Tila's actions are sickeningly alike.

Uncle Eddie...great post. Thanks babe.

Michi said...

God, just that one blog post of hers alone screams dozens of symptoms of multiple psychological disorders, from BPD, Narcissistic, Sociopathy and more.

I may not be an expert, but she really needs to get some help. At first, I kept reading her drug-induced twitter rants and obvious cries for attention on her websites because they were just absolutely hilarious, but now, I just really want her to fade away from what little 'limelight' she has. It's amazing that so many of her fans can read the bull she spouts on a daily basis and go "OMG, Tila, ur so awseome and cool n those hatas r jus so jelis of ur smarst, beauty, and power! POW!"

I know this makes me a horrible person, but I honestly want something bad to happen to her just so she'll stop making a mockery of EVERYTHING serious. Christ, how can she honestly thinks everyone takes her seriously? She's a permanent walking punchline!

I hope she goes away. Soon. Or someone 'accidentally' incapacitates her by running over her and giving her some brain damage, hopefully the part of the brain that controls her motor skills and speech. Best kind of torture for her! She couldn't open her giant mouth anymore NOR could she type anything! Success!

Mystie said...

Something else, I'm not sure if I'm just missing the humor of it or not.

Dr. Drew began this 21 day Celebrity Rehab, it's a show, I know. I know it's edited for tv. (This show is a huge debate in the chronic pain community btw)

I know he works for MTV, but what is this weird banter he has going back and forth with this puppet "Warren the Ape"?
It's on his twitter page and theres an interview he did promoting the puppets show. It feels like he makes a joke out of the whole thing.
I'm just uncomfortable with an 'addiction specialist' telling a puppet to bring his prescription pad back to his office, etc.

I commend what Dr. Drew does. I think he's a great person.
Theres debate about his methods, but for most addicts, his plan can work. For 'dependent' chronic pain patients, his methods can be rough.

I'm just on the fence about him promoting a show with a puppet.

I pray that IF Tila goes in (in a that he SERIOUSLY calls out her many many issues.
Even if it's edited out for tv, I hope its addressed.
Has anyone here at TRS sent links, emails, etc to Dr Drew?
How about sending to the staff at PRC??

Love you guys for this blog.

The Blotspot said...

Say what you really mean now Ed! :P

SpitFire said...

My quick thought of the day -- she's going to create a deal with 9head that she'll OD (since she wrote a nice little suicide note in one of the last paragraphs on her entry) and then 9head can go ahead and sue VH1 or Dr.Drew for refusing critically needed care. Oh wait! No I take that back -- she'll OD (not enough to kill herself but enough to see the ambulance drivers yet again) and sue them for not providing critical rehabilitation to her. I'm calling it already! Hahahah

The bitch finally realized that it was more than just annonymus comments on her websites calling her out on her bullshit and this in her own little shrunken head is her perfect way to give the ultimate excuse for all the fucked up shit she has done and said and get a clean slate. Sorry you sick looking rodent but the people who actually know the crap you do aren't buying it.

SpitFire said...

I also propose that we keep the drinking game going on -- we'll just change it to every time she mentions CR4 in a blog we take a hearty lil drink. Dont let the bitch ruin our fun! :)

Megan said...

I still think that the best thing about all of this is Tila wasn't considered a "big" celebrity by VH1 and Shauna Sand is. That probably burns Tila nearly as much as her untreated genital herpes.

It's ridiculously irritating that she wouldn't check into a rehab facility when there are plenty of low cost or sliding scale ones, even. Or, she can at least go to an outpatient facility (like CR graduate Amber Smith) and get on suboxone to control her addiction until she can get on the show.

What a fucking drama queen.

livvey said...

The only reason she was put on Celebrity Rehab was to be the "Kari Penache" (sp?) of this season. The whiner who is full of excuses that gets on everyone's nerves.

If she is doing this to extend her 15 minutes, she is more crazy than I thought. I can't think of one Celebrity Rehab participant who got their career back or became relevant to the entertainment industry again. Given she wasn't relevant to begin with, this isn't going to give her the legitimate fame she craves.

I'm going to call something right now. If you look at the casts of Celebrity Rehab, the sex addition Rehab, and Sober House, a large number of the participants are represented by the same agent, David (Mary Carey's boyfriend). Most of the people he represents are the one's who are in the porn industry (the one exception I can think of is Shifty from the Butterfly song). I have a feeling that within a few months of ending this thing she will be repped by him and doing some (at the very least) softcore porn.

Anonymous said...

has anyone tried contacting dr. drew or the producers of CR with this?

i really did enjoy the show, but i'll feel like a real asshole if tila goes on it and dupes the fuck out of all of them. ugh.

Isis said...

OMG TMZ copypasta-ed her, yew guys. That's not kewl, srsly.

Tiffanie said...

Are you serious? "WASTE" 30k on rehab. I spent more than that on my sobriety and am still spending it to stay on suboxone....Last time I checked I'm not a millionaire mogul. Maybe she failed to think about how much those pills cost. A hell of a lot more then 30k over a long period of time, especially when you pay $5-$10 a pill. What a poor excuse. She can pay for those but can't "WASTE" her $ on rehab. Dumb Ass!

Lilac said...

I don't speak English as a first language but I'm pretty sure "to take addiction" is not proper English.. Oh and Tila, as a pharmacist I have something that you might find interesting:

opium = exract from opium poppies that contains morphine.

opiate = natural or semisynthetic opium-/morphine-like chemical.

And as a bonus:

opioid = natural, semisynthetic or synthetic opium-/morphine-like chemical.

And by the way:

Ambien = one of the many trade names for zolpidem, not an opioid.

Hello readers of RotSpot, greetings from Finland:)

P.s. One last thing Tila: If you're planning your European tour, we don't want you here. Just so you know..

allen said...

hello all

The doctor would not take ANY CHANCES, do bloodwork(Chem screen)and get her into treatment immediately.ALL addicts tend to lie but bloodwork tells all. Then the doctor would discuss treatment options and yes I am in the medical field.
I don't think it a good idea to do rehab in front of cameras because I don't think people will be truthful. ADDicts should not be talking about spin-offs TELEVISION SERIES but talking and thinking about staying clean.In my opinion I don't think she is addicted to ambien. I have never seen anybody act this way after taking this medication.
What if the rehab doctor says television is the cause or trigger for her addiction? I think she fell in love with the attention she received from her show and will try anything legal or illegal to get back on TV. HOW SAD...What is even more sad I don't know what her entertainment talent is? stripping and porn?....which is fine...JUST STAY AWAY FROM MINORS OR YOU WILL GO TO JAIL...DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?

Rosalea said...

I am sort of two-sided on all of this. So when she disappeared, Pasadena was called? So there is proof of her ACTUALLY being on Celebrity Rehab? I don't believe it until I hear it from Dr. Drew's lips.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late in joining this conversation (I've ignored Tila for a while), but I have two things:

1. Taking opiates does not lead to heroin use (or a desire to use heroin). But then again, she's an idiot (understatement) and she's going to keep using her opiate addictions.

2. Maybe she's not even using opiates? Clearly she's on SOMETHING, but her lack of ability to coherently discuss her drug use is a little suspect. Also, she's a month out. If she is on opiates and plans to keep taking them, I hope she has a prescription or something to sell on the street to keep her in supply after releasing this everywhere.