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Wednesday, June 9

postheadericon YAY!!!! She FINALLY hit 1 million visits!!

Three and a half weeks ago Tila told us she hit the 1 million visits mark on her blog. The next week, it was 2 million visits. The third week it was 3 million visits. Last week, on the 4th week, she claimed she was at 2 million visits (how she lost a million visits in a week, I don't know, must have been that new-age mogul math). But now, I can say she's got the 1 million visits she bragged about oh so long ago!
Congratulations Tila!! You said you never lie, and gosh darn it, you don't. Sure it takes a while for the truth to catch up to your stories, but as this non-RealTime site meter, attached to YOUR blog shows, yep, you got your million. I just know that getting a million visits in one day is just around the corner, because everyone knows that you'll need at least that many to even think about dethrowning Perez. I'm sure he's shaking right now. Poor dear.

Good thing you had that suicide hoax thing, that certainly brought your numbers up a notch. Hell it could have been another two weeks before you hit that milestone!!!


Joann said...

True, true...if it wasn't for the fake suicide another 4 weeks went have went by before she got 1 million hits.

She's has to plan a whole lot of hoaxes to keep the hits coming in if she wants to dethrone Perez Hilton.

Maybe next time she'll stage a fake kidnapping. She can drag that out for a week or so especially if she includes a video with her mouth gagged and tied to a chair with a newspaper propped up to show the date on it so people will believe it's real.

Poor thing...the only way she can get decent hits is by staging a hoax. LOL.

Isis said...

*golf clap*