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Monday, June 28

postheadericon SURPRISE!!! Tila's still a dirty rotten lying piece of shit! YAY!

Good morning my little jelis hater friends!! Hope y'all had a great weekend! Are you ready for my latest Perry Mason detective/lawyer-of-which-I-have skills? 'Cause I've got a doozy for you this morning!!!

Our dear little mogul was unable to go the weekend without telling some whoppers. Unfortunately, the mogul doesn't lie in a linear fashion, she's all over the fucking place, so you'll have to bear with me. This will be a long post, because there are a ton of screen caps, but I'll tie all the loose ends together and it should be clear.

Remember back on June 4 when Tila excitedly blogged about going on Celebrity Rehab? Well here, read this to recollect:

Tila claims here that she's addicted to prescription painkillers. Ok. That's noble of her to admit she has an addiction, and even more noble to seek help. Of course, this being Tila, she never does anything because it's noble, but that's besides the point. Continue on with the blog:

In between all the blah blah blahs in that wall of words, Tila claims God had created this opportunity for Tila to get help, she's facing her demons, and she's terrified of the withdrawals. She ends this section stating she just wants to get herself clean and sober. Very nice.

WHOA! What happened. How is she going through withdrawals already? The show hasn't even started yet. Hmmmm. Odd.

Oh, look, the last underlined sentence confirms that's it's opiates she's withdrawing from. Okey dokey, moving right along...

Later that same day, June 4, only 24 days ago, she blogs that the show has been postponed until July:
She claims she will continue taking opiates daily until the show starts and how difficult it is to get off them. Take special note of the blue underlined area, where she claims she no longer has to lie and she'll continue her "honest ways" BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG, that silly Tila, always making Fatty chuckle!

Tila continues with the Wall of Words and tells us about a billion times that she will be getting help in July, how difficult opiate withdrawals will be, and how she will embrace sobriety. 

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I read the Flog the other day, and while talking about her upcoming UK tour she answered a reader question about why she didn't go into rehab instead of touring.

Wow. She's going to spend the $30,000 and do it privately? You mean we'll miss her trying to make out with all the females for camera time? We'll miss her 'rages' and her 'fiesty temper'? Oh darn. Well, at least she's getting help, right? I do wonder how much of this was Tila deciding not to do it on tv, and how much was a condition of her release from a possible 5150 back on June 5. I will state for the record, that I don't know if she was taken in on a 5150. It's a probable outcome though, considering her tweets that day and the fact she was likely fucked up when the emts arrived (she claimed in one of these June 4 posts that she just took a bunch of pills), not to mention her arm meet hanging out. Anyway, when they take you in on a 5150, they assess your mental abilities on a day to day basis. Part of that assessment is gauging your willingness to begin immediate treatment. I guarantee you, a mental health facility will not let you go on your promise that you'll be going INNNN on your enemies on Celeb Rehab in a month. No.They will set up a treatment plan that you begin while you're there and will continue immediately upon your release.

Another reader questions how Tila could get a medical clearance for this tour, considering her admitting to her addictions. Here's where the golden moment comes, wait for it...

HUH? She got help months before Celeb Rehab? Well, why the hell did she bother signing all those contracts and promising to be on the show? Was it to steal the stipend they pay each participant? Was it to drum up publicity for the Flog and the rest of her cockamamie endeavors? But Tila said she NEVER lies. Just 3 weeks before she was so excited about beginning treatment, now she's completed treatment months before? But wait, she got off the pills "months ago", but the second to last underlined sentence says she's been sober a "few weeks". Double huh?

Oh wait, here she claims she was addicted to Ambien. Earlier in the above blogs she claimed she was addicted to "opiate pain killers". Ambien isn't an opiate. It's no where in the opiate family. Nor is Ambien a pain killer. Ambien is a sedative, as this blurb from states. 

And here is a blurb from which tells us what an opiate is:

So, Tila you disgusting piece of gutter trash, what the hell is the story? Is this another case of those being "in" on the joke getting it? I could care less at this point whether you get help or not. It pisses me off that you claim you're this all powerful mogul and yet you lie and steal every chance you get. I don't know of one mogul who got to the top doing the wacked out shit you do. What's the story bitch? You trying to pull a fast one over Celeb Rehab? Or did your stupid little SUICIDE HOAX stunt of several weeks ago cause your whole plan to backfire. I hope so, cause then I can sit back and smile broadly cause I was one of the folks who got that whole rescue thing in motion and to think that what I didn't know then, was that I had a finger in you fucking over your big comeback tv show. How funny would it be if you have to backpedal now on your addictions because Celeb Rehab took the show off the table because of that stunt.

Oh, and bitch, I'm still waiting for my apology AND your gratitude. Though, owning you in this way does have it's sweet rewards.


Isis said...


Tila accusing everyone whom is much more successful and talented than her as a Satan worshiper and a part of the Illuminati is brilliant and life-changing, us calling her on her bullshit and pointing out that she steals her conspiracy theories among everything else is being egocentric.

According to her Idjit army, anyway.

Ben said...

You should add the picture of her cut up arm because it's clearly a bag full of 10mg Vicodin in her hand. Considering she says she got off pills "a long time ago" that would mean a long time ago in Tila Speak is 2 weeks at max.

Sofia Campos de Lima said...

I love the Rotspot and try to get all my Tila-is-crazy news from here without needing to read the flog but unfortunately, you do miss on the comments section, what with the "jelis hater" predominance, Tila assuming several transparent "fan" identities to defend herself and the few Army posts, mispelled and incomprehensible, with negative ratings. It's amusing, but it can also be very frightening: between the tweens saying Tila is an "inspiration" for them and the Army members, convinced of their superior wit (SHYEAH right), replying with the same tired line of "ur jest jelis becuz Tila is a famous celebrity and ur not" you really have to wonder what is the issue here.

These are young people, impossibly naive and trusting, who are convinced that the maximum goal on this life to anyone, the universal pinnacle of success, is to be a CELEBRITY. And to worsen things up, they don't even idolize a celebrity known for a minimum of artistic work, like a singer or an actor, they choose to follow someone who is famous because she acts like a whore. No talk of becoming a productive member of society, actually giving something back to the world, working hard to achieve a goal, actually being GOOD at something.

I don't want to comment on Tila's flog but I really feel like shaking these kids by their shoulders and yell into their ears "being a celebrity only for celebrity's sake is nothing to aspire for. If you want to be an artist do it because you love the art, not because you want to be fawned over and get swag. That does not translate in success, that is being purely worthless and superficial. Shape up, get a real job and a real life plan."

You see, this is why I primarily think Tila and others like her are "evil": they promote a culture of acting like a dumb skank just to get attention, debasing yourself so you'll be given a reality show so you don't have to actually do any work or make any effort, and make it look like "success" to young, naive people like those Army members. Some people use to say "oh, she was okay before she became crazy" but ever since she came out with her reality show I've been baffled as to how someone like her, who is good at NOTHING that we know of, could have fans. What exactly do you admire about her? The only thing I can think of is just that, the ability of being "famous" just for the sake of being famous, and I don't think that's an admirable feature at all. Fortunately, Tila failed on her quest to glorify her worthlessness, but others have had different shades of success, such as your Paris Hiltons, Kardashians, Speidis, Girls Next Door, etc.

rob said...

Ben- don't forget how quick Tila's mourning process was for Casey! And for her 'miscarriges', her engagement to her 'babydaddy', For her 'new dog' that was attacking Onyx etc etc etc, ugh ugh ugh

Seagal said...

The girl can't even keep her lies straight. Does she not know that once you put anything online it is always going to be there? She makes me sicker and sicker everytime I read her lies. I just wish her "children of the corn" would wake up and quit believing all of her bullshit. But then one day they will and kick themselves in the ass for believing in that piece of gutter trash. On the plus side it seems that one by one they are leaving her lil army except for hard core children like mittie the moron. He seems to be a lost cause, for now. Maybe one day he will realize what an ass he has made of himself by defending the undefendable.

Now, back to packing :(.

Fatty McFatterson said...

About a month ago I struck up a dialog with a confirmed Army member. Nice teenage girl, very polite. I asked what it was about Tila that she liked and she said she didn't know, but that she did find her inspirational and "I can relate to her". This girl was 14 or 15, and I was more perplexed that this young girl could 'relate' to a 28 year old lying, whore. What is inspirational about Tila's lifestyle? Her hardluck life is all a fable.

I think most of these kids are under the illusion that celebrities don't lie. That they are somehow above lying and deceit. They can't believe that anyone could get into the seat of celebrity by deceit, therefore, they don't lie. It's kinda like thinking Santa lied about the reindeer. They just can't process that info.

Coupled with the fact that Tila engages these kids, and makes them feel like they are actually in her circle of friends, in a way they can't engage other celebrities. If Santa is your new bestie, why would you want to dump him for a little thing like lying?

Tila manipulates these kids and she knows it. Hopefully she won't damage them anymore than she already has. Kids who finally figure out the truth and say something are ganged up on and called liars and traitors by Tila and her Army. Nice way to make a kid feel validated.

Anna said...

DUDE! Check this out, I found an article calling Tila out on her BS blogs about the Illuminati. It's actually pretty funny!

Misty said...

Fattie, you posted exactly what I was thinking. None of Tila's fans can really verbalize why they like her, admire her, or find her inspirational. Sometimes you get a "she's hot, beautiful, cute" or something like that. She has no discernable talent, aside from removing her clothing on live web cams. Most of her "army" can't even engage in a conversation, other than to call us "jelis haters". I am surprised you found one that would engage on a coherent level.

What I was thinking was what you expressed. I think these young fans are enraptured because she responds to them and to a large extent "performs" to engage them. Very very few other celebrities would respond on twitter, FB etc. Why, because they are celebrities with real celebrity lives. So I imagine that it is a thrill for these young kids to have someone in Hollywodd answering them back. They are willing to overlook her lies and contradictions.

Interestingly, I asked a couple of my kids if they knew who Tila Tequila was. My 11 yr old son said no, my 16 yr old daughter said "isn't she that chick from the Surreal Life?". I said no and that was the end of it. Point is, my kids have lives, on FB they are not "friending" or looking to "friend" someone like Tila. My daughter knows that Taylor Swift didn't really accept her friend request and she is not going to answer back. And she's okay with that.

I think these kids and young adults that latch on to Tila are probably social loners, kids looking to fill some sort of void in their own lives. I know the same arguement could be made about some of us - why are we here, night and day uniting against Tila. Well I can only speak for myself (I'm not here night and day), I come on the relieve some stress and escape from my real, very full life. I happen to catch the whore goblin's antics in January and have been following becoming more enraged with each turn.

My hope like yours is that Tila doesn't do further damgage to these impressionable kids. They can be easily influenced.

rob said...

Sophia, Fatty, I absolutely agree. In regards to the Army mentality- There isn't much reason in their responses due to the audacity of Tila's lies. Many 'ex-army' members have since admitted to concerns and doubts they held about Tila's authenticity WHILST they were still defending her. However, there is so much ill-feeling against Tila that most of these 'members' have faced a barrage of unreasonable and hyperbolic abuse from the real haters (not the resistance, most of whom aim to educate, not insult). Lets face it, if one is attacked, and as horribly as some have been, you become defensive. This defensiveness will be amplified by the strength of the insult and the age and mentality of the target. Many of the army members are still in a school environment so possibly are currently victims of bullying, whilst dealing with low self-esteem, sexuality issues etc. Some of these kids may be acting defensively on a daily basis, whilst still unsure of who they are or quite what they are defending. The Rotspot's perogative is (I believe) to promote public awareness of inconsistancies, and to provide debate upon the morality of these situations. The team has done an EXCELLENT job of this so far, and I am sure that 99% of the army are now aware of the facts. It is now up to the kids (and adults!) to make their own minds up, to assess their own take on the issues. I am sure that, with a little time and life experience, tides will start to change and the army will reduce in numbers. With persistance the media is starting to blacklist her, hopefully reducing her exposure to new generations. There will always be die-hards either way, there will always be debate, as there is in ANYTHING in life. Anyway this is faaar too much text, sorry for Tila-style ramblings. Keep it up resistance, stay classy, and to the people writing horrible comments on twitter or her blog- remember who you are dealing with, remember why we are here and remember you are contributing to her success (even in the most minor of ways!) if you rise to it.

Hope said...

OMG Fatty you totally hit the nail on the head!!!

Joann said...

Good post Fatty.

As you pointed out in your post, Tila NEVER, EVER, EVER stops lying. Whether it's about drugs appearances, lovers, clothes, etc., it doesn't matter, the skank is a pathological liar...that's her REAL problem.

Tila was probably the girl who freaked out and decided she didn't want to do CR4 anymore that's why she said she went to a private doctor and is now sober....yea right!!!!

The same with this Others/Illuminati thing. Tila probably searched the Internet found a controversial website regarding the Illuminati, C&P his/her posts to her piece of crap gossip site and added her own warped psycho opinions for drama to get attention and hits to her site. I hope they find out and sue her ass.

She's also probably hoping some of the celebs she named as worshiping the devil will start an online beef with her and it will blow up and be mentioned by all the mainstream gossip sites. More attention for her.

The skank also says..."I don’t wanna get too deep into what they have done to me personally, YES, PERSONALLY". If she's brave enough to out them on her piece of crap gossip site what's keeping her from going into detail about what they have done to her and posting it.

Show us the strange emails they sent you Tila, tell us how they have terrorized you...I want to know?

She claims nobody fucks with her and she's a bad bitch, well prove it. Tell us in detail what the Others/Illuminati have been doing to you since you're such a bad bitch.

If the Others/Devil/Illuminati can really give you anything you wanted PLUS give it to you tenfold if you sell them your soul, she would've been first in line and saying a Hello Kitty brush is a Illuminati symbol...bitch please.

MsWonkyTits said...

I think these "Army Members" only relate to her because she is on Twitter, FB (well not anymore!)so often. I'm sure she seems reachable to them. For teenagers any kind of communication with a "celeb" is big stuff indeed! I'm sure the glimmer of hope that she really cares about them keeps them going. None of them can ever state why they are a fan, excpet for the reason "she talks to her fans". Well of course she does. She has NOTHING else to do because she IS NOTHING. The age group that the majority of her fans are in is so impressionable. Scary. It really is.
On a side note, I hope VH1 sues the shit out of her for her false claims to be on the show if she is "sober". Call the famewhore out.
Nice post Fatty, as always!

Jubilee said...

I used to think Tila was on drugs as well as having a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Look it up - she has pretty much every trait) as well as Histronic Personality Disorder, but now I'm pretty certain she isn't on drugs. I think she's been 'acting crazy' and strategically placing drug bottles everywhere for a while, so everyone said 'OMG shes clearly on ambien' and then she 'admitted her problem' and that made her 'brave'. This is just coming from someone who actually had an addiction to Codeine as well as prescription sleeping pills. Sorry, but I'm not buying it anymore. I think she was right when she said she was 'three steps ahead of everyone else' in the fact she does as many things as possible for people to look down on her and be disgusted with her, but then she can pull the 'Im a drug addict guys!' card out of the bag because she took a photo next to an ambien bottle. I also agree the only reason these kids look up to her is because it's thrilling a 'celebrity' would talk to them, and I'm sorry but she's clearly trying to start some sort of fucked up cult. Whatever, I just don't believe she's actually on drugs, period.

Kitschy Kitten said...

Thank you, Fatty! I was hoping for a post on this. And Rob, I completely agree with you that some people take commenting on Tila's blog to an extreme. I have to admit that commenting there is my guilty pleasure, especially when it gets under the skin of the hogul herself. But people take it too far when they call her fans names and tell them to go kill themselves because they probably are lonely teenagers who are looking for someone to give them a sense of importance. Which Tila is happy to provide because they give her the same feeling.

On Tila, she's a stupid bitch. What else need I say? ;) She must think we're all unbelievably dumb if she thought she could get away with saying she's been clean. We only needed to watch her latest video to know that couldn't be true.

Anonymous said...

I rarely look at her website, but I could swear at some point she wrote up a diary entry on why she was no longer going to do CR4?? It was long winded and hard to follow (surprise!) and I recall she listed some absurd reasons for why she no longer felt she could do the show. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

By the way, I'm American but live in the UK and I've had a search around on the 'what's on' websites to see where she'll be and not found anything yet. I've asked a number of people if they know who she is and yet to find one.

GhostofChunks said...

Yeah, I didn't think she had an opiate problem. It takes more than a few weeks to get off opiates. They can also cause post-acute withdrawal symptoms, which would leave her lying and crying in a fetal position.

A UK "tour" would be out of the question.

Isis said...

And somebody get it through Tila's big head that just because a few seconds go by after you do something shitty does not make it "old news". I have met other people like her: things that just happened a few months ago is "old gossip": spoken like a true tabloid addict as far as I'm concerned.

Sure it's important not to live in the past but it's also important to stay the hell away from people whom prove over and over again that they'll do anything in the name of "drama", including sell you up the river.

Anonymous said...

Still reading had to stop to say, O' LORD!!!!!!!! Here she goes with that 30,000 BS! LMFAO! And what she is claiming is it is more important for her to pay for her addiction and 30,000 plus for her blog but NOT FOR REHAB!!?? God I am so pissed she is going on Celeb Rehab, I ACTUALLY LIKED THAT SHOW and will NOT watch with this bitch on it! NO WAY! Fuckin tart!

Buttercream Royale said...

sounds like this was another big LIE Tila made. Everything Tila states publicly is one big FAT lie. She has said many times that any publicity is good publicity. So, I wouldn't be suprised that her drug problem was also a lie. As we all know, she's lies about everything! pregnancies, domestic abuse, engagements, rape, charities, suicide, and now her drug problem. I don't deny she doesn't do drugs but I really believe she enhanced her problem to make herself look like an ideal candidate for celebrity rehab. Tila is an attention whore and her actions/problem fall under being classified as an mental illness. She craves attention and fame, knowing she can't have just it just drives her nuts. She can't accept her failure so she reacts in a psychotic manner. I also believe her psychotic disorder is totally back firing on her and she's just too stupid to realize it and is in total denial. I hope her days of being outnumbered come quicker than we expect. She needs to disappear fast! For the sake of the children she's ruining, just for her greedy self gain.

gillianthemad1013 said...

Random thing that made me lol about the Idjit Mogul's comment section: someone accused a Tila defender of being Tila herself. When the defender, employing poor grammar and spelling, denied being Tila, the jelis haterz pointed out that the person had deleted a post they had made upthread and replaced it by a new one, which is something they couldn't do unless they had admin powers.

Anonymous said...

but unfortunately, you do miss on the comments section,

I know girl, I asked two before if they could PLEASSSSE copy some comments from her blog, especially back those days when all this was happening! Because I refuse and still refuse to visit her site, although twitter does replace some of that enthusiasm I miss out on! LOL!:)

Anywho keep up the good work girls!! The blog is STILL amazing either way! :)

Those That Do said...

there has to be a way to report her to wordpress for the Adult ads on her site that children visit.

Seriously there has to be something to get this lying sknak taken down.

Treva said...

Sofia- you are SO right on!!! It's so very sad that our young people are so surrounded by these pseudo-celebrities that bastardize the meaning of "work".
Something very disturbing happened to me the other day, & I've waited for an appropriate time to tell you all. A few weeks ago, I went to pick up my 6 YEAR OLD son from school. I had the radio on, and one of the DJs said something about "Miss Tila Tequila"... And my LITTLE BOY says to me " ohh turn it up mom! They're talking about Tila Tequila!"... I almost had a heart attack. When I asked him how he knew who tila was ( because I don't even let my son watch cable, so I know he was exposed to her from some other source than myself), he continued to tell me that one of the "older boys" in class had a picture of her on his PSP. ( my son goes to a summer day program that keeps all the kids aged 6 to 12 in the same class, and since it's a summer deal, and not regular public school, they're rules are a bit more relaxed that typical, I.e. The kid who was aloud to bring a PSP to class in the first place.)
Needless to say I corrected this problem with the schools director, & I talked to my son about her not being anything to look up to.
On the other hand, when I'm reading the rotspot at work, & someone catches me, most of the time they just ask "who's Tila Tequila?"
My point is I'm 28, & most of my peers don't know who the hell tila is, BUT my 1st grade aged CHILD knows who she is. THIS IS WRONG, PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

hello kitty actually symbolizes kitten programming. read fritz/springmeier how to build an illuminati slave. she fails to mention project monarch which is very real. i am not defending tila however. tila is being used as a disinfo agent. anyways, i do not believe drugs are her main problem. she has a sociopathic/histrionic/narcissism problem. she thinks she must struggle to stay relevant. think about it, she was on reality television shows, she was a model and myspace sensation, she dabbled with music and entertainment, so that is what she knows. no she wasnt raised in a normal household, (also i am sure almost none of us have but yes we live fulfilling lives with jobs and families etc) but tila is from a different place than most of us. this is what she knows. its sad but people will NEVER leave hollywood. they can never imagine themselves being part of a normal, healthy lifestyle so they have to continuosly do new things to stay relevant somehow, except tila took it to the extreme by faking miscarriages, suicide, even drug use...she doesnt know any better nor does she try. why live in hollywood? it only eats at your soul IF you allow it too...

and one would wonder, how could you live with everyone hating you unless you just develop such a thick skin you no longer know right from wrong nor do you will sell YOUR soul to the devil for fame times tenfold...such as tila would.

she will never understand true happiness until she leaves the evil grasp of 'hollywood' and actually get help, mental help, and not just for drug abuse...if she has a sociopathic disorder then she wont realize what she is doing is wrong. she will never see her faults...of course WE ALL HAVE FAULTS!! celeb rehab btw should not be about ratings...why do they have celeb rehab immediatly followed by reality tv show trainwrecks? what a contradiction!

Anonymous said...

first of all i would like to say that i looovvvveeee the rot spot and read it everyday! i also follow all of ya;ll on twitter. anyways, the picture of pills that were in the sucide hoax appeared to be 10mg norcos (hydrocodone). i am an ex heroin, daulidid,oxy, ect.. addict. i am currently in a methadone program. i have been on methadone for a year and am in the process of comming off. opiate addiction cost me everything. i lost custody of my son, my huband aqnd i sould our home and blew the money oon heroin. it cost me my health as well, because i now have hepatitis c. well, i have been clean form all drugs since febuary of 2009. my husband and i have a new home now and our son lives with us, my mother in law has custody on paper, but in six more months she is signing it back. from what i have read that tila says, i do not think she has an opiate addiction! i think she googled addiction. i would say she is hooked on meth and cocaine if i had to guess. she did not care for casey. she was out posing for the paps the day after she was found dead. if my husband was forund dead, i would be telling those blood suckers to have some respect and leave me the f*ck alone! tila makes me sick. she is glamorizing opiate addiction to all of her little stans. opiates made my life a hell on earth, and i am sickened at how she trivializes these things. she is am honest waste of human flesh! alos, i read somewhere that CR4 is in limbo untill they can get a legit star on board.. liza m was supposedly going to be on, but she backed out at the last min. realitly tv has created all of these reality stars. old hollywood is rolling over in its grave. my god, tila is about like a virus...

boytoy said...

was tila facebook page taken down?

No real celebrity will waste thier timing with tila they have "REAL" improtant things in life to do.

BKiddo said...

I agree with every comment here so far.
That's another reason why I love comming here so much.
Excellent post Fatty.

Steven Clarke said...

My theory: She was never actually invited to join CR4. She read on TMZ that they were about to cancel the show, so she figured she could pretend she was going to be on it for publicity. When the show got it's headliner and was about to film, she had the suicide hoax. She was going to use that hoax as an excuse as to why she wasn't appearing on the show. Remember the suicide hoax pictures were taken three days before she posted them. I don't know the timeline, but I bet during those three days were when the show was postponed. She no longer needed to go on with the hoax (but she decided to a few days later when she was probably high)

I just thought of this, so it could be true or it could be BS. Just a theory.

deluwiel said...

OMG... I smell an epic Rotspot post coming up in the next couple of days. Check out Tila's tweets for today. She's now ranting about how she NEVER LIED about the mischairage and artificial insemination because... drumroll please...
she still has THE MEDICAL BILLS (she saved them because they're sentimental to her) and she's going to post all the documentation to PROVE that she really went through what she claimed to go through on that fateful night when she was brutally and viciously attacked by the steel chair and leisurely wheeled into the hospital where the EMT lounged next to her gurney whistling a little tune waiting for an orderly to wander by because that's how they handle an emergency miscarriage/concussion/steel chair attack.

Can't wait for the big reveal.

oh! oh! and she's meeting with her banker because she's going to buy three houses - one is going to be for her Army... you know, like the Playboy Mansion?


BKiddo said...

tila's going spastic on twitter.
Psst, hey tila, you're a big gross liar pants.

KateĊ™ina said...

Guys, gotta see this (it's from the discussion under an article about Drake being a copycat or something). Tila is enraged and replying like crazy to the "hater" comments. Hold you breaths: !!! ZOMFGLOL

AmberLynne said...

I have a nice screen cap of one her comments she made. I found it quite funny and I figured you'd guys like to take a look at it. I don't know how to contact you other then a sending a comment so if you have any issues with seeing the image let me know and I will send you the image.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post in several ways -- of course pin pointing the lies (the only thing that's easier to hit than one of her lies is a pinata attached to the front of Aunt Edna's caddy after Wednesday night bunco) but also you highlight why some of these kids are not only following her, but listening to her.

She's not even consistent about the 30k rehab -- she left a comment in her blog about the reason she was going to CR4 was to avoid having to pay for the pricy 30k rehab.

Every single thing she puts her hand on contains a lie -- but in almost every lie there is a certain truth -- no matter how pathological the liar is, especially those cons that are basely in some part on fantasy.

I knew someone just like her once. I was just a little older than some of her teen followers but not by much; the devastation to my own life caused by a psychotic pathological liar who craved attention was total and complete, but I had the fortune of being able to look my liar in the face, and call him out on his lies.

I had the ability to watch the cigarette in his hand turn to ash as the cherry burned his fingers, and he didn't breathe, he didn't even blink as my friend and I told him one by one all the lies he told us, and how we knew they were not true, and how we were cutting him out of our lives.

I had the privilege of seeing him like that, and we affected him -- he was damaged but he was also cognisant of actions, and I knew he heard.

Those kids, the ones that felt betrayed by the suicide lie, and thousand others will never have that opportunity, to see her face, when they tell her they are hurt.

No doubt their damage wasn't the kind that comes from someone fully in your real life -- but those things are changing now too... with recent events, actions, and suicides amongst the young.

There could be just one kid who thought that if Tila didn't need to go to rehab and cured herself off of the drugs, then maybe I can too. And that could be one person who didn't get the help they needed.

There could be -- but who knows? I think it should be enough for someone with the unfounded admiration of others especially the young and naive should know and respect.

But then again lookit who we're talking about.

< / oh hey intent >

S said...

I guess I am just really lost on this one. Tila lies? So she's using ambian and vicoden BOTH most likely? Well that's not a surprise. Someone gets out of a 72 hr hold and actually does NOT up follow up on that aftercare plan they swore they would? No hospital anywhere is going to hold an uninsured anyone who is not an "active" threat to themselves or others. Sorry, drug abuse don't count.
I usually love your stuff Fatty, but this one is lost on me.

Anonymous said...

Ok which one of you pissed in Tila's corn flakes this morning becuz judging from her twitter timeline something PISSED her off. Me thinks its because her precious Army is planning a coup!

Case in point this tweet from Dancingchick234:

"@TilaOMG no one cares about your money or you life. Why don't you just keep that private? I used to like you. Til I saw the real you."

Oh how I love this tweet from Quote_Me_On_it:

"#RappersBetterThanSouljaBoy @TilaOMG please make tila tequila's ass stop snibling...ok beeetch we get it u been thru some shit #movingON"

tui said...

Check out this hilarious article about how TT really became "famous":

Alabama Worley said...

so I'm snooping around and looked at BeyondBettyJean's twitter...

trouble in paradise?

She posted that she has tried 6 times to post a comment on a post Tila made on her flog and it won't go through.

She seems clueless but it's apparent she's been blocked by Tila.

Mark said...

Good post Fats.

For curiosity sake I recently took a look at some old content that Tila posted on the web 3 years ago, and when I read through the user comments from that same time period I was totally surprised to find that the comments were almost all positive...

Wow, times have changed!

These days Tila can`t sign her name to anything without there being a flurry of overtly negative comments, and anyone leaving her positive comments gets voted down by a very wide margin.

It just staggers the mind that Tila refuses to see that her own lies and attn seeking behaviour has been the sole and exclusive cause of this radical shift from the way things were 3 short years ago...

It's a darn shame too, because it seems to me if she'd just stuck with being herself instead of orchestrating every conceivable drama she'd have probably done very well. Once upon a time the majority of people genuinely liked her; now, the majority of people genuinely hate her.

At this point it's deluded for her to blame anyone but herself. I mean, humanity hasn't fundamentally changed in the past 3 years has it? So what other explaination could there be??

Tila's impossibly poor judgement and childish behavior are the reason things are as they are.

AmberLynne said...

Heads up... Tila got her facebook back... =_=

Jess said...

OMG i just notice tila got her facebook back...they should of delete her!

Anna said...

First off, who is Drake and why is he being tied in with Tila> Is he her latest toy?

Secondly, apparently he is being sued by Playboy or illegally sampling a song they own. Other than being the one to out this story, I am not sure what Tila has to o with it...

Katie Skinner said...

Hahahaha, Okay. So this totally isn't the right place to say this, because it's off topic..
But okay, I commented on 2 of Tila's blogs saying
"Tila definitely killed Casey, look how suspicious she's acting in this interview " (I then posted a link to a video I stumbled upon on youtube of her prancing around outside "mourning" Casey's death when the paparazzi took pictures of her. They also interviewed her asking her what she's gonna do now about her death, and if she's in mourning, and what's going on with her family..etc -you know how Paps are- and she was acting very suspiciously. She was fidgeting, not making eye contact with the cameras, and walking about, as if trying to avoid the subject. She then made a break for her house inside, and closed the door directly behind her as if she didn't want the Paps to see her house inside. I wonder if you've seen it)

Anyway, I checked the day after..And my blog comments were deleted. typical.
But now, I can't comment on her site at all! Every time I write something, it's automatically deleted by the administrator. Funny!
I looked for the video again on Youtube, but I couldn't find it... Maybe the Illuminati killed the person who put it up! Hah!
I'll try & look for it again.. If you're interested, I'll send it to you again via this blog.
If you'd like to contact me, I hardly use this would be the place to go :)

Raffaella said...

Holy cow, I've just discovered Tila is following Zachary Quinto on Twitter. This makes me sick.

I mean, she doesn't follow that many people, why him? He's a legitimate actor, a very private, intelligent, compassionate human being and he's also one of the most articulate actors I've ever seen. I mean, the guy can write! He's exactly the opposite of Tila, she probably barely understands 10% of what he what does she want from him?

*Shivers* I hope she doesn't have any weird trick in store....

Anonymous said...

@Anna, Drake is NOT Tila's new playtoy. Drake is a actor turned rapper/singer apart of Lil Wayne's Young Money Crew his first single was "Best I Ever Had" - Drake is originally from Toronto Canada where he starred in CTV's (Canadian Television) Tween series "Degrassi High" as Jimmy.

It is HIGHLY doubtful that Drake even knows who Tila is more or less is her friend.

BigPoppaPhat said...

@Raffaella...It would be fun to see her start some wild accusations with him like she did with The Game. Zach has no idea who she is but finds out he got her pregnant or some secret love affair and buys her a Bently (she actually rented for a day to take pictures in it), or maybe some other wacked out Tila crapclusive story for her flog.

Isis said...

I personally love the guy who's comment for every single thing that Tila says is "Haters gunna hate".

"OMG, TRS is saying that I was in jail for punching out a transvestite hooker while in the middle of a meth binge!! LMAOOOO #TilaArmy!!!"


"Oh shit! Danny Bonoduce has some competition! Does he have a blog yet?

As usual, haters gunna hate".

This is the look of "what the fuck"------> 0_o

Anonymous said...

ok first of all, what a psycho.

second, even if she does have dr's bills, THEY ARENT GOING TO SAY WHAT SHE WAS TREATED FOR. if she went to the ER claiming she was pregnant, they'd probably give her a sonogram and an internal exam, but that doesn't mean there was a baby in there.
i accidentally recieved a bill for a L&D visit when i went into preterm labor and it was very short and sweet. You're billed for the doctor's time and any proceedures you may have had but she wouldn't have had a d&c immediately upon arriving to the hospital with a concussion.

go ahead, tila. can't wait to see this bs.

Gladys said...

Hayley--been there, done that, got the trackmarks (and the monthly pee-test at the methadone clinic, as well). Lost more than I wanted to lose as a result of heroin--I could have handled losing THINGS, but when I lost someone I really loved...yeah, that was NOT in the original plan. It's almost 15 years later and I'm still not over his loss and probably never will be.

Tila wouldn't recognize a TRUE opiate addiction if it had tits and a webcam. I'm on the fence about the whole "glamorizing opiates to kids" thing--I like to give humanity the benefit of the doubt whenever possible and assume that today's kids can see through bullshit, but looking at the little Tila-ettes, I'm gonna have to conclude that many of them are not the brightest bulbs on the tree and might actually TRY opiates JUST BECAUSE TILA DID.

I just made 40, so I'm pretty much one-foot-in-the-grave as regards American culture, but if any of you little kiddies reading this are inclined to listen to an old bat such as myself, I'll say this: Fame is not everything. In fact, fame is not ANYTHING, really, and YouTube, American Idol, and the rest should come with a warning label that says in large type:


Alabama Worley said...

grrr I can't get my damn posts to post :(

Isis said...

Vintage Pink said...

Has anyone noticed that Perez is ACTUALLY going to London AND hosting an event???

That could be the kick that puts her over the edge.

alison m m said...

Gladys you are awsome

kellymae said...

@Gladys - I totally hear you sister. 41 here and on the other side of an opiate addiction. Funny thing is my doctor was my dealer. I got legally addicted to prescription opiates. It was my decision to come off of them against the advice of my orthopedist and my neurologist. (I had a terrible accident and was maimed pretty badly) I eventually decided that the pain had to be better than living in a fog all the time. It was a bitch to kick em though. And truthfully, sometimes the pain makes me want to climb out on my roof and jump. don't worry, I never would, I've got stones for days. I still remember the smooth transition into the fog though, so this bitch lying about an opiate addiction pisses me the fuck off.

Hope said...

@Kristen, you are exactly correct in saying that her bill will not have any explanation whatsoever on it. It will have and office code and a diagnosis code (a bunch of numbers) And unless she has an H&P or an OP report of some sort i.e. the D&C report or the actuall typed up report of the ultrasound, she won't have shit to show.

I have been in the Medial Field for over 20 years and I can definatly tell you if she's bullshitting or not if she posts anything on this subject. So go ahead Tila, post that shit, let us see.

Kitschy Kitten said...

I just have to say that you're a strong person kellymae. It's things like this that make me wonder how anyone can ask what Tila did to deserve so many haters. Every time she lies she's mocking anybody who actually lives and struggles with the issues she claims to have just for attention. Pisses me off, too.

The Fight Clubber said...

Hey Fatty: Great post! I know Tila lies a lot, but I was wondering if there were any follow ups to some lies that I remember her speaking of:

- When she opened her site, she said that she would hold a contest for her Tila army and the one who won would be the one who would get to go shopping with her. I remember distinctly in a SayNow message that she was going to fly them down and treat them.

- What happened to that fashion line contest set up for her army?

- What happened to the Piggy Perez video contest she JUST held recently? Didn't see a prize there.

- What happened to the little African boy from Northern California? Were their orphanages just as bad as Russia? If not, why didn't she use her ambassadorship to have it shut down?

- And another thing: What happened to her becoming the ambassador to Vietnam? And if she really is a Vietnam ambassador, why hasn't she addressed the issues of that country?

- What happened to her fake charity? Suddenly, she's not advertising it any more.

- She originally opened her most recent twitter account to promote her musicians on her label (i.e. Rob). What happened to that label? No word at all on ANY of her musicians.

So many lies! It's amazing you guys can keep up with her pace because her lies keep changing almost every day. Keep it up, rotspot!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I'm going on CR4. It's confirmed! I'm addicted to orgasms, carne asada nachos, and the rotspot. Hopefully they have some new med I can take. They thing is is that I don't want to give up any of the three addictions I have.

Leyla11 said...

I thought maybe she bumped into the poor boy at some party and maybe he was so wonderfully kind to flash a smile at her, as he's a sensitive kind soul (though she would have raved about that on her shitty blog, I suppose, so I doubt they crossed paths).
And next thing the poor lamb knows, is he has become the #24458347358 baby daddy.
Gee, I find Tila wildly entertaining, but *not* if she goes anywhere near Zachary Quinto. I wouldn't find that funny at all!!! Zach, preserve your budding career, flee while you can!

Rachel said...

O/T but relevant.

I posted a reply on her blog.
MY POST WAS DELETED. It must have been too TRUE to handle!

What I said (not verbatim) was that although I didn't know Casey I was very saddened by her death and that I was MORTIFIED and SHOCKED at all of Tila's meetings with the paps- was this a PUBLICITY STUNT? If I lost the love of my life, I just don't know what I would do- but certainly NOT PHOTO OPS!

Kara The Midgie said...

I love how she's all "OPIATES" in all caps so no one can miss it. It's hilarious. She's just "bragging" and it cracks me up. She is so dumb.

livvey said...

I think she appeals to kids who look up to the idea of someone being famous with no discernable talent (as someone mentioned above so forgive me if I paraphrase).

She gives them hope that they can be famous too one day even if they don't have the normal skills someone needs to be famous. They feel like they can pick up tips on how to be famous too even though they can't sing, act, write, or run a business. They probably also hope that she will highlight them for something and "discover" and promote them on her website.