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Wednesday, June 2

postheadericon New Stuporgirl!

Hey hoes!  It's Wednesday!  Here's your Stuporgirl for the week!

Ooh, you lazy bitch!  Gimme some of that pizza!

Nevermind, I'll just steal it when you pass out.

Until next week, kiddos! PS: This is our 250th post!


fata.morgana_101 said...

Was this before or after she rolled off Casa? Oh, wait a minute, I'm getting Stuporgirl mixed up with somebody else.

Manda said...

Happy 250th TRS!!!!

Joann said...

Remember when Tila was slamming Ke$sha in her blog about two days ago, saying she was copying her by wearing feathers?

I thought she was talking about that hooker black outfit she had on when she appeared on the red carpet at the Conga Room but I think she was talking about this.

Never saw this picture before but it's just as ridiculous as the rest of her outfits. She looks so old in some of these pictures.

Jon said...

First you bishes.

I love you all with glitter and spice and Ambien on a Pizza Slice.

HA. Congrats on 250.

I win poetry. Love you my girls. <3

Isis said...


alison m m said...

two hundred and fifty
well done

BKiddo said...

Love it!
Congrats on your 250th post!

B_McBitcherson said...

Congratulations on your 250th post!!! Also, thank you to all of the writers here for taking the time to fight the good fight and keep us all updated and entertained! <3 <3

I want pizza now.

Tila's said...

250 posts YAY!

Ima said...

Uber Congrats on the 250! You guys make my day ;)

Anonymous said...

congrats! so, what is the meaning behind the pizza and the be careful what you wish for fart bubble and sloth? i am too lazy to find out what it stands for, but i am sure it does have some meaning behind it, but what?

i browsed through her site (for under a minute) it seems her new hired help are now posting. crazy tila style is now devoid on her blog, which i hate to say it, but it is now a boring site! tilas antics are what makes it fun. where is she btw?

Joann said...

Sorry TRS family, I completely left out my congrats on your 250th post.

Time goes by so fast. You're all top notch writers and good people. Keep up the awesome work guys, we do appreciate it.

blairzbear said...

Does anyone know what words Tila has blocked from comments on her POS of a blog?

BKiddo said...

I just now noticed that she's got alittle smudge of pizza sauce on her itsy ailen nose!

jayden said...

Congrats on your 250th TRS! Keep it up!

alison m m said...

Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins.
T had an ambien weekend filled with pizza eating, and bonking a guy she met at the supermarket, in the same week she was twittering the virtues of anal sex.
"Be careful what you wish for" is a direct quote from TT.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Bitch has been talking about eating frozen pizza for ever. It's cheap!