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Monday, June 14

postheadericon Crazy - Part Deux

Courtesy:  DC

Get off my nuts fuckers!  A lot of shit went down over the weekend.  Our twitter homies helped us break outta this joint (yay) but shortly thereafter Uncle Eddie and I were chased down by a huge Yetti that we had to destroy.  I'll link you up to that story in a day or so.  Ahhh, it was a BUSY weekend.


By "TONS of responses" she means none, including her "personal email" which is why she has to try and use the same shit for attention - again.  Notice right off the bat she tries to entice people to come back on "Monday" to check for the newest post on the spooky Illuninati!  Hopefully they'll tie her up, practice "vudu" on her, and sacrifice her to the dark lord of Hollywood - all on her flog too!  Talk about the hits!!!  She doesn't care, she'll be a martyr for any sort of attention she can get the good of mankind! 

Once again, promoting her fail blog!

So a couple days ago Jim Jones Charles Manson David Koresh Miss Tila let us in all on a little secret:

Sound familiar?  She can't even pretend to lead a cult right without ripping off people.  Jesus Fuckin' Christ.  I did notice that she mentions that her "army" is going to "war" with "the others" aka "Illuninati".  I find this quite funny because not even a month ago she was begging them to allow her to bring her soldiers over to "their side".

This has to be my favorite part:

"I have all the right people you need, that you want, that you work oh so hard to get.  Yes.  I have them at the tip of my fingers, all by my little self."  "They won't listen to you, however, they WILL listen to me."

 Does her Army like being called puppets?  Mindless drones?  Robots?  Because SHE IS CALLING THEM THAT HERSELF right here.  I mean how much MORE obvious does it get?  You kids are proud of the fact that she's offering to sell your souls along with hers?

She calls them her "trained ones".  Wow ... talk about mindless self indulgence!!!  Basically she's begging to be part of the industry.  Apparently they NEXT'd her because now she's going to WAR with them!  Get ready soldiers!!!

Courtesy:  DC



This is all funny, her descent into paranoya, but since she is dealing with kids of 12 and so, this could hard them very very much. It could create severe anxiety and night terrors. This should be stopped!

Ima said...

I dunno....all of this talk about "The Others" is making me hungry.

I don't know why, but I'm suddenly craving a Whopper.

Veronica said...

she's going to blame "the others" for her sucky blog with no views and her inability to get a real job instead of blaming herself.

Damien_Charon said...

Are there no groups - government or private - that fight against this type of child exploitation that can shut her down before she causes some serious harm?

Rotty (TRS) said...

Everyone thinks she's an attention whore and refuse to give it the time of day.

Jess said...

for min i thought i was watch lost with all the talk about "the others" then again tila wouldn't last a min on the island!

FUYU said...

Someone please flush that rotting piece of std ridden sh*t down the toilet already!!!!!

Mogularmy said...

Dear Tilasrotspot,

I have a confession, I'm behind the apocalypse. As Tila will soon reveal, I am member of the Illumanti and the "Others."

I was asked by the Fellowship to complete our plans for world domination by doing the following:

-Teach Tila how to save the world by doing the Gutterslut Roll on every red carpet

-Impart our secret methods on copy & pasting stories from other websites

-Mastering the art of spreading love & harmony by releasing music such as "I F#cked The DJ."

Please forgive me,

Mogularmy aka Illumanti Member #666

tillie said...

I totally agree with Babywoman and Damien. This bitch is going too far. I would hope that anyone of authority that read her bullshit would try to do something to stop it. I thought after her last stunt (Jane) they warned her to stop her madness. These children are so impressionable and basically brainwashed by her and she is getting off on it and feeling validated. What a sick bitch. God, I didn't think I could despise anyone this much.

Joann said...

Tila don't care about The Others, religion, being the "light in the world" or any of that other nonsense she's talking about. That's why she changes her direction so much.

She goes with whatever will bring her the most attention at the moment. Being AGAINST The Others will do that for now.

But, what she's really getting off on is taking full control of her idiot Army by making them believe they are a powerful family who will wage this imaginary war against The Others, the haters and restore peace and harmony. Restore peach and harmony to what???

She has turned them into mindless robots(well,she really didn't have too far to go to accomplish that) and the worship she is getting from them is another drug she desperately needs

Tila could care less about these morons, it's the attention she gets from them that really turns her own..."Commander in Chief", "my idol", "I will die for you", "tell me what to do and I will do it". She's using them because she can and has nothing else to do for the moment.

What I have haven't seen Tila do is explain to them HOW they will bring this about. What steps are they going to take to "win" this imaginary war?

I pretty sure her ONE and ONLY step is to continue with her psycho babble about The Others watching her, how she is in danger taking this big chance to speak out about them and continuously telling her army they are one big happy family to keep them feeling needed and worship her.

Talk, talk, talk. Other than that she has no plans or intentions to take it any further.

Once her blog shuts down(which she will blame on The Others) or when Tila gets tired of this, she will move on to something else and her bunch of Army idiots will be on their own.

Hope said...

PINK WIG, PINK WIG, PINK WIG!!! Watching Tila lose her shit is better than watching Britney in the streets with her crazy.

deluwiel said...

If this is such dangerous info and she's inviting retribution of the worst kind (for Tila, fading into oblivion which would be worse than death) then why leak it out in little pieces? I mean, doesn't that just give the enemy Satan spawn more time to find her and silence her? Why not just one huge expose and then duck and cover? Oh shit. I'm just putting too much rational thought into this, aren't I?

Never mind.

Sammi said...

There is PLENTY of organizations out there to STOP people who try to stop cults. I will try to find the links again and post them. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Sammi said...

Sammi said...

Tips & Warnings

In taking action against cults, it is imperative that no laws be violated. Avoid the appearance of promoting or threatening violence. Denounce violence at every opportunity, using such moments instead to point out any acts of violence or violation taken by the cult.

K.R. Omen said...

Does her Army have health insurance? If I ran a cult, I'd offer health insurance and dental.

Fatty McFatterson said...

If the above link doesn't sound like Tila, I don't know what does.

The California State Clearing House for Missing and Exploited Children can be contacted here:


If anyone truly believes Tila is a threat to kids or if you believe she's trying to recruit these kids and young people into a cult , then you can report it at the above numbers. If you just simply hate her and want to bring her down, please don't call. These places rely on credible information and clogging their phone lines and tying up their resources to get back at someone is a shitty thing to do.

She does appear to be grooming these followers and from all appearances it looks like she believes in what she's doing. Even if this is a joke to her, I'm not so sure it's a joke to many of the Army members.

Honestly, I don't know what to make of it. Tila's conniving enough to 'get back at the haters' by having her Army appear to mindlessly follow her and then shriek 'OMG IT WAS A JOKE'. She's cried wolf too many times and wears the crazy hat well.

Sammi said...

This is a very dangerous situation due to the potential luring of children who are disillusioned with their home life and want to find a better way to exist. The first place I would begin with to report these people would be your police department because they are targeting anyone anywhere. The police department may or may not be willing to do anything, then your next step would be your county's district attorney and/ or child protective services. These people may have other suggestions as to who to further contact, but my suggestion is to begin on your local level. If you found this cult, chances are others in your area could find it as well which makes it a local jurisdiction.

Thank you to you for being concerned enough to take action. It's because of people like you that take action to make this world a better place to exist in.

Sammi said...

Also people need to notify the FBI, THEY WILL NOT REPLY to you but THEY WILL INVESTIGATE!!

livvey said...

She really isn't doing a bang up job of convincing advertisers that her site is something to be taken seriously. She pulls this then expects companies to want to advertise with her. She is nuts.

I can see this going one of two ways. One, she uses the "others" as a way to justify her lack of a serious career. Didn't you know, they kept her from succeeding types of excuses. Ultimately, I see number two eventually happening and that is that she uses these crazed stories to try to become more famous death than in life by leaving some note hinting that they made her kill herself even though anyone with half a brain cell knows that she is certifiable. One of those probably will happen because she seems to be setting the backdrop for some serious crazy.

I'm so annoyed about this "others" crap. Lost is over. It's ok to stop the paranoia.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Man you guys...I know if I was going to take on a worldwide organization with super important ties into EVERYTHING, including huge world leaders and religions...I'd form an army of semi-literate, angsty 15 year olds.

Yes Tila, this is the way to go. They'll take you seriously then!

Sammi said...

I truly believe they are at the point. SHE really needs to be shut down this type of shit is just NOT NORMAL!! (above is another organization who studies cults, and etc.)

missnicky87 said...

Crank up the crazy and rip off the knob! That's all I have to say! haha. TILA RESISTANCE 4EVA! haha.

boytoy said...

what is this all about?

I thought tila website was about gossip not religion.

Someone call the mental hosptial or maybe in her next blogs tila will talk about how UFO are real.

Fatty McFatterson said...

fbi will say she hasn't broken any federal laws yet. she's guaranteed her freedom of speech (you know the freedom that our American soliders fought and died for to allow her to spit this drivel). They'll tell you that until a child shows up on her doorstep claiming Tila enticed them there, she hasn't committed a crime.
Sad but true.

BKiddo said...

Tila is a walking contradiction.
First she says that she's some kind of celebrity who has people on the ready at her fingertips, and then turns around and announces that the celebrities are the ones to go to war with.
I wonder what Tila's army could possibly do anyway. Shoot snot rockets?

Great post Rotty, and DC, love the pic.s!

J.J. said...

I don't know......I read TRS every day, and just when I think she can't out-crazy herself, she does.

Part of me thinks this is just TOO crazy to be real and her and a couple of her friends make up her twatla army just out of boredom and attention. I picture her along with 1 or 2 others with multiple names just talking back and forth on her twitter and blog pretending to be her "followers".......... does anyone else see that?! just me?!

Jacqui said...

I did e-mail I don't want to tie up their line because they probably cant do much right now, but hopefully they will contact a facility in the LA area to give them a heads up. Please, I encourage everyone to e-mail them or call if you feel its necessary. I'm getting worried. Include screenshots in case she takes them down.

Sammi said...

yeah Fatty those soldiers were my grandpop and father (and my great grandfathers/uncles and so on).

My father also fought in the Vietnam war, yeah that's right Tila were part of the Illuminati and have been watching you since you were a 75 month gestational fetus! HA!

starfish said...

and what exactly does she think she can do with her army? spread awareness? she wants an army on the side of good yet she made that letter to them, saying she has all of her gullible followers (children, unstable adults etc) im not sure what her intent is but based on her timeline on how she thinks, it is not healthy for her to be using 'the others" as a way to continuosly get hits, whether she is trying to find a way to exit out from her fail blog or what....something doesnt seem right...

i tried to leave some more informative comments on her site for people to research more about the mind kontrol aspect of it, (project monarch, project bluebird, MK Ultra, disney programming, mickey mouse club etc) but it would not allow me to leave the comments. seems she only wants the negative comments to go through...

The Fight Clubber said...

I've noticed that some of her fans come from Europe. Do they know what she is really like in the United States? It's just crazy to me that someone would follow a person who claims to be famous on a continent they've probably never been to.

Any way, everything she's been spouting since her stint in the loony bin is lame. I'm pretty sure she's trying to advertise the crazy in order to generate hits. I expect the next step for her so-called religion would be for her to ask her soldiers for loyalty from their bank accounts. Girls gotta get paid somehow.

The Fight Clubber said...

@ J.J.: No, no. I see it, too. Something doesn't seem right with this.

Nicki Jane said...

i hope she gets sued for defamation, since her chapter 2 crap has now been posted and she's actually started to name certain celebrities as satan worshipers.

treaclesgirl said...

The Fight Clubber,

I'm from the UK and I can assure you Tila isn't at all known over here. I don't read the tabloids very often but I can't honestly say I have ever seen her name mentioned anywhere??

Her shitty 3 year old TV show is being repeated at the moment (I think on TMZ or VH1)but I couldn't give you the name of even 1 person I know who watches it :)

Great blog by the way TRS, Fatty and Eduardo. Lovin' your work!!

Isis said...

If you can't beat em, slander em, right Thien?

gillianthemad1013 said...

We should send Tila the link for Timecube.

Oh wait, silly me, she reads this site obsessively. Tila, check this out ( for your next unbelievably dumb stolen material conspiracy theorist post. And they speak your language, too!

Alabama Worley said...

Ha! A crazy bitch here in Chicago that's efamous (who Tila used to be friends with) pulled this shit 3 years ago! No one did anything and yes kids fell for it and from what I hear a few offed themselves.

In a private message I'll disclose her name but I'm not doing it here because I know she has to be reading this and I'm not giving that sick bitch anymore attention.

Alabama Worley said...

PS: DC I love your fan art! :)

Isis said...

Shhh, nobody tell her about Manbearpig, I'm serial you guys, she might-

oh crap.

Malice said...

I started digging into this bitch shortly after the Merriman incident. TMZ had their Twitter feed on the side of their page and Tila's posts flooded that section. I had noticed her getting all riled up and giddy over kids wanting to see the latest half-naked photo of her.
Read some more into it and discovered she posts not only half-naked/naked photos of herself, but also strips on camera for these children.
These children are innocent. Most of them are going through that period in their lives where they're discovering certain things and hormones are running wild. That being said, it is not difficult to find nude photos/videos on the interwebz. However, when an adult is knowingly baiting and providing such materials for these children, is a whole other story.
I've been waiting for this whore's downfall for a long time. It has finally arrived.
This conspiracy thing she's pulling isn't for real-real crazy. It's another attention ploy.
When a person does not receive the attention they want, they go another route by playing the insanity card. It gets them attention, recognition and sometimes even both fear and respect.
I don't buy the crazy card she's trying to pull.
She's been called out a lot on her shit over the past year, but her recent suicide thing got her called out on a ton of shit that she can't covered up. A lot of things she's lied about all got exposed that weekend.
Again, the crazy card is all she has left to play and, like everything else shes done, she's not doing it well.

If and when she starts asking for donations to her cult (sorry, but I refuse to read much of anything she's said about this cult bullshit since that first long, dried up, illegible post she made.) is when I'll gladly dig into this shit. Fraud and going against the tax man. Oh yes, Tila, you can haz prison time.

Joann said...

Deluwiel, BKiddo, J.J. and Fight Clubber, I agree with you guys.

Even though Tila did mention the word "cult" on her twitter I don't think she's going that way. I think she did it more for shock value.

Tila's not going to commit any of her time to running a cult. That will interfere with her getting high time and if you notice she's basically a loner.

She's not getting close with her fans or her army to the point that someday they will all wind up living together on some compound out in the desert. She quite happy controlling them from afar.

I still say she's using them and the people who read her site to get attention, hoping someone, probably us, will tip off the celebs she mention,who she says worship the devil hoping for a beef with them to make mainstream media news.

She also mention a certain celebrity gossip site that also has a TV show who has put her on their "blacklist" and the big boss held a group meeting to let them know there would be changes because he has joined forces with the New World Order.

She knows this because her friend works at their office. LOL. Bunch of lies.

Now, we all know who she's talking about and I am 100% sure she wants someone to tip them off regarding that statement hoping to get on their site.

She's vindictive and vile and want attention, more hits to her site and mainstream news coverage.

josephgein said...

GOOGLE SEARCH: tila tequila autopsy photos. I can't wait until that day! I think it'll be soon. Yay!

Alabama Worley said...

hahahah Isis for cereal you guys!

Alabama Worley said...

Yea she's not getting a compound and doing this shit anytime soon. She can't even feed her dog or herself let alone manage a cult. Fuck she can't even form a sentence.

Anyway, she'll start this ball rolling (she did calling it an army) and the kids will make the rest happen. It's pretty easy to see she's running this like a "gang" (not trying in the least to give this whore cred) but that's how people are pimped, that's how kids start out in being "needed, cared about wanted for help by an adult".

Sorry to say her lil' army's parents are part to fucking blame otherwise they'd either be too smart or not require the authority / attention they gather from her.

Tons of lil' idiots with daddy and mommy issues running amuck on the interwebs these days!

Jules said...

These stupid kids parents need to wake the fuck up and see who their kids are worshipping.

Apparently a NYC radio station is going to have her on for weekly chats about celebrity gossip. Whatever.

Misty said...


I don't comment here much, but I just had two thoughts that I needed to express. One is that her flog doesn't actually contain any information, does anyone else see that? I mean other than outright lies about some celeb devil worshippers, it just prattles on about "I know so much, blah, blah, you would never believe this, blah, blah, I will write Chp 3, blah, blah" I mean it took her what 3 dys to write Chp 2 and it said What???? Nothing!

On another thought and I am serious - I know she is batshit crazy, but she is getting dangerous. I personally don't give a shit if she offs herself, but she has some really impressionable young fans, who may or may not misinterpret her "instructions". Know what I mean? I think we need to do something to see that this ends.

Isis said...

Alabama Hollywood doesn't take Tila serial at all!! She'll show them!!


imoutofit said...

It's just really pathetic that she's exerting a lot of her time and her limited cognitive capacity to write all this stuff up. It's even sadder that her impressionable followers eat this up like candy.

deluwiel said...

@Jules - IF she actually has the radio gig, it'll probably be a one-week only deal. That's all it will take for them to realize her incoherent, shameless self-plugging, rambling, lip-smacking dopey remarks will drive their listeners away in droves.

Hope said...

Now she has part tres' coming..Her tweet..

"TilaOMG This may sound crazy, but in Chapter 3 about "THE OTHERS" I will tell u guys how the CATHOLIC CHURCH IS CONNECTED TO SATAN. NO LIE"

And this too.


I'm really tempted to e-mail Dr. Drew on her latest craze-ball reant, but I wanna see what she has to say next and the reaction of her sheep.

Jules said...

So I tweeted this question to a follower:

why do you look up 2 tila? what has she done that's made you proud to be part of her army?

No response back. Seriously why do these idiots look up to Tila? This girl has done nothing but be a nasty attention whoring gutter slut.

Sammi said...

Okay NOW I can't GET ON TWITTER! WTF Is anyone else having this issue. Arghhhhhh and JUST WHEN IT WAS GETTING FUN!

MissNeverWas said...

These people are completly brainwashed by Tila. They would probably all commit mass online suicide if she told them to. This girl @beyondbettyjean wrote this back to Tila after she was found out talking to a hater!

@TilaOMG tila, okay! im sorry! i blocked her! i will block all haters from now on & never talk to them again. i am really sorry :(
about 5 hours ago via web

@TilaOMG ok! i'll stop talking to her. i was just defending you but you're right. you want me to ignore all of them?
about 5 hours ago via web

Honestly that just makes me mad, obviously these people have some kind of mental deficiency and she is praying on them

necro_wafer said...

Last night she told her fans that if she "caught" them conversing with "haters" she'd block them. This poor beyondbettyjean girl was devastated and all but got on her hands and knees to apologize. Disgusting. And now she's bashing Catholics.

All she needs now is the little mustache.

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