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Tuesday, June 8

postheadericon Haaaiiii from jail!

Apparently we're going to jail!  Well, according to Tankla and her stupid army of four imbeciles!!!

Hahahahaa!  I can't even tell you how many times I've done the happy dance today.  Knowing that we've pissed her off this much makes me so happy!  I want to clarify something too.  While the majority of the Rotspot team would love to see headlines that read Tila Tequila is finally fucking dead, my girl Fatty has a heart and she really did genuinely call in a welfare check.  I can't and won't fault her for that.  Several of us write here and we all have our own opinions.  If you look above this post in the little black box you'll see what they call a "meta data tag".  In that tag it shows WHO wrote the post so please keep that in mind in your comments.  The Rotspot crew enjoyed the show and are super fuckin' happy that the bitch got called out on her shit.  I have NO SHAME in what Fatty did or what ANY of my Rotspot girls have done or said.  We are each individuals and are entitled to our opinions.  Just because someone writes for the Rotspot does NOT mean that they have to think a certain way.  That would defeat the purpose of my blog. 

Have no fear guys, we got our boo's hookin' us up with laptops, webcams, shanks, drugs, and porn while we're "in the slammer" so that we can still get on the interwebs and bring you the latest on Trashy Twatquila!!!  I'm writing this during my turn on shitter and Nasty Nate has been trying to get at my cocktail FRUIT all day!!!  Please send all donations to Bail Bonds OMG!!!

Skips off singing ...

Ding dong the bitch is mad, the bitch is mad ... ding dong the stupid bitch is maaaad!!!


Fatty McFatterson said...


Y'know, I like this gal, Rotty.She's really pulling me over to the dark side, lol!!! BEWARE TILA'S ARMY, FATTY IS IN TOWN MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!

Love ya Rotty, you make me proud every day to say I'm a jelis hater writing for the #1 POW Tila hatin' blog!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Sheriff Gauncent here.

Nothing but applause.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

This is my favorite.

Dear everyone. I will post a genuine blog later on and tell you everything....thank u to my #tilaArmy 4 your love. We R all human. xxo

I am human. Not her. This blog will never happen.

livvey said...

I have a question about her OMG fantabulous gossip blog #1 in the universe. I don't know where to address it, but here is as good as any.

Her new "gossip" blog seems really no different than her previous hotspot hole. Why would she go through all that "promotion" to do something that is no different than what she was doing before? For both, her main goal was to promote herself. I wonder how that's working out for her?

Anonymous said...

LOL Good lord. When Tila starts using her biblical/royal in "shall" and "thou"... then you know that bitch is pissed. I can just close my eyes and imagine her gathering her army for armageddon against her haters. She's probably holding a flashlight under her chin to create a halo.

Sheriff Gauncent said...



Joann said...

LOL, LOL, the jail with the little "jelis h8rz" behind bars had me rolling. That is so cute. Kudos.

This whole subject will be forgotten by next week and the skank will be on to something else just as useless.

Wasn't she suing someone a couple of months ago about some bullshit? Anyway, who the hell cares. Funny post Rotty.

K.R. Omen said...

I'll keep your commissary full, Rotty. You'll be knee deep in Ramen and moon pies if I have anything to do with it. LMBAO. The resistance lives!

jayden said...

OMG I hope y'all look good in stripes! That's what they wear in jelis h8r jail. POW! BAM! FAIL! LOVELESS FAKER!

Ben said...


She expected her fandom to swarm to the pages and gobble up everything she had to offer. Problem is, it's really really bad. I mean, like 4th grader bad. (no offense to 4th graders out there...Hi Mittiee!)

She thought putting her spin on yesterday's news would have people flocking and the money rolling in.

Drugs are crazy. What can I say.

Good Job Rotspoters.

Kateřina said...

Anyone else noticed, that when she was gone, the positive comments (you know, the types of them like "why do you read her blog when you hate tila" and "tiiiiilaaaa I lov UUUU yoz are the bestest") somehow vanished too? I wouldn't be suprised if she was writing these comments herself and this defending blog project is probably also her work.


You want to see her dead? Aww come on. You hate her that much that you'd wish death on her? Isn't that a tad too much?

(and besides what would you have to blog about?)

I don't know, kids. Love your stuff - love your truth but hoping to see that headline? Meh...I'd rather see an Oprah episode where she comes clean and y'all are on the stage too. That would be cool. Not people dying and shit.

Joann said...

I forgot to add this to my prior post.

This is the only thing I laughed about through all of this.

When Tila posted the video of her bloody arm and was showing us what "Jane" did to her then later when she was exposed and got in trouble with the police and Tila blamed the "haters" for getting her in trouble...there was one line she said in her twitter that made me think of a 12 year old who got mad at her girlfriends for telling on her and that was......"Well that's the last time I will EVER share somethin w/u idiots!""

If that doesn't sound like something a child would say I don't what is and this nitwit is 28 years old.

The Fight Clubber said...

@Livvey: Such a good point. And with this new fan site of hers, I can't help but feel it's the same damn show we've seen before. She pretended to have a massive staff for her gossip blog and now she's pretending to have a massive support system with her fan blog. It's no wonder she fakes multiple personalities -- She is all alone.

I love and support the rotspot, but I am a bit anxious that they will be pulled into some juvenile bullshit now that she's called on an internet holy war (which, quiet frankly, is pretty pathetic for a self-proclaimed mogul). I'm all for calling on her bullshit, particularly when it negatively affects the public, but I'm against giving her any more attention. My intuition is telling me that she is going to use this situation to bring more publicity to herself and I really don't want to help her do that.

Any way, great posts. You folks have a heck of a following and unlike Tila, you definitely deserve your fans.

The Fight Clubber said...

Found a nice little exchange between tila and carlton jordan and decided to screen cap it for you. Made me wonder how the the people in her real life (not her fans) are reacting to all of this.

Ben said...


It's like when a kid gets mad on the playground and says "I'm taking my ball and going home" and leaves so everyone else has no more fun.

Anna said...

haha! Ya'll are going to jail bitches! Just kidding lol

chey said...

Aw, y'all are so cute in jail. I promise to come visit every week.

Jacqui said...

Okay I have to ask this because it's been driving me crazy. Why is it "my girl Fatty" "your girl Fatty" etc etc? Are you guys saying that to intentionally mock Tila and the way she always introduces herself like that, or is there no irony involved? Sorry but it drives me insane when Tila says it and it drives me insane when it's used for "Fatty". Like I said, IDK if you're using it ironically or to try and be cute. If it's the latter it aint working, if it's the former... very well, keep it up! LOL

Keep up the good work too guys, I'm lmfaoing at this pic

Malice said...

Just like everything else this cunt threatens... I'll believe it when I see it.
Her threats are about as empty as her head.

Malice said...

Oh, and props for the Half Baked references.
"Then the Squirrel Master came out of left field and told me I was his bitch..."

Terri said...

Tila says there are 2 type of people "Leaders" and "Followers". I don't understand why the army are happy being 'followers', in this case it is a sign of weakness, cult like even. Like following the popular girl in high school. smh