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Tuesday, June 15

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Image Source:  Associated Press

"A six-story-tall statue of Jesus Christ with his arms raised along a highway was struck by lightning in a thunderstorm Monday night and burned to the ground, police said."

Okay the irony of this has me laughing so much that I can barely form a legible sentence.  I can't wait to see if she twists this to her advantage.  Hahahaaha.  How much better can this get? 

Here is Messenger Twat Chops going on part two of her satanic rant.  Tila Tequitlyin commentates for us:


I guess whatever gets her hits.  Personally, I think she's digging a deeper hole which is great for me!  We love the material!!


deluwiel said...

the statue is also known as "Touchdown Jesus" LOLOLOL no, seriously, I'm sorry it burst into flame, but... "Touchdown Jesus"? HAHAHAHA

vicky said...

Dude, she was BEGGING to join the "Illuminati" in an open letter a month ago..
(seriously, its fkn hilarious)

Remember the pic of her in that ridiculous outfit with the black feathers and stupid belt covering her disfigured tits at her album launch, "Welcome to the darkside"?

Yeah, it makes sense now. My god, you really are a stupid, vapid cunt, Tila. Even the so called "illuminati" (pfft) don't want you hahahahaha

(PS. Screen cap this shit before she clicks on and deletes it)

Ben said...

Recent tweets:

#@ItsBriann go ahead and laugh now. Come later, u laugh at an Ambassador, your ass is done.

So apparently, if you laugh at a US ambassador you either get killed or blacklisted. The fact that she thinks she can still become one is hilarious with a capital crazy.

#Awww looky at cute video of me & Love of my life, Onyx:

Yes, it's a fan video that's over a year old. Mentioning Onyx is not proving he lives there.

And the best of the best...

#@spencerpratt yea fasho! Lets get it done! Follow me back and let's get in dat studio! Ya Boy YB is my homie! He did a few tracks w/me holla

Tila Tequila and Spencer Pratt doing anything together is the first, second, and third signs of the upcoming apocalypse. May "The Others" save our souls. Or maybe just Jack and Hurley.

vicky said...

Lol ok, so i had fun on this long weekend but i just caught up on the posts that i have missed and just realised that you guys already picked up on that...duh.

My bad :)

Seagal said...

This must be the only way she can get her army to come back to her blog by telling them she will leak a little more each week. Talk about a bunch of crazy ass BS.
She's such a lying hyporite it makes me want to vomit. I know eventually most of her tila army will go through puberty, wake up and go 'WTF was I thinking?" Then she'll be all alone. That is her biggest fear, to be ignored.

Joann said...

You guys are great at breaking down her ongoing lies and calling her out. I give you kudos for that but it's got to be sucking the life out of all of you.

The lies will never stop and they are getting old.

The only thing I'm waiting to read is when she overdose on her drug of choice, she goes to jail for her inappropriate behavior towards minors, someone beats the crap out of her or she is banned from the Internet.

I'm tired of her and her ongoing stupidity. TRS, keep up the good work. I'm going to take a break from reading about this skank ass imbecile.

Ben said...

Tonight should be awesome, she's promised Part 2 of her life's story, I can only imagine that it's going to get crazier and more contradictory than ever. I mean she's already revealed that she either lied about her age and is in her mid 30's or was in her mom until she was 4.

She is 100% batshit crazy and there is going to be something big down the road with her in terms of a breakdown, you don't need to be Nostradamus to see that coming.

RNB007 said...

My head hurts..LOL!
Where is my Topamax!
Thanks for breakin' it downs for us
RNB007 :)

starfish said...

hey guys. tila has no clue what message she is trying to parlay. i did email her and tried to inform her about project monarch, MK ultra, and project bluebird, but she only answered to continue to say her lawyers are gathering info on rotspot. i just made a blog about fritz springmeier, if anyone is this

keep in mind he says 95% truth, and 5% poison, as he calls it. he cheated on his wife he used as a Christian front, btw, and later was arrested for having marijuana this article too just to see how "they" must of gotten to him to discredit him

back to tila, she is obviously spurting nonsense just to disinform everyone. how can we take her as someone who wants to genuinely expose this if we all saw her open letter? thanks Rotty i found this article quite amusing, starting from the "touchdown Jesus" being struck down from lightning..


Sammi said...

I am the whole reason she tweeted SPENCER Pratt LMFAO!!! I told him to start a blog he tweeted back he WAS July 13th I sent a tweet out saying Spencers Blog WILL blow hers outta the water, lmfao! The bitch baited AGAINNNNNNNN and tweeted him! Well he told her to watch out for BLACK helicopters! He is clearly being SARCASTIC!! LMFAO!

Sammi said...

Ben she has to be OLDER I mean LOOK at my pics and LOOK at her and she is a YEAR YOUNGER! BS!! And I have been thru some shit in my life that would have aged ANYONE and she STILL looks about 15 yrs older then me!

deluwiel said...

@Ben - she's tweeting Spencer?!?!? OMFG - proof positive that she's at the bottom of the barrel. No, no - wait... she's scraped THROUGH the bottom of the barrel and is poking around in the mud and sludge and weird icky bugs that live UNDERNEATH the barrel. This is too rich... If Spencer ignores her, she might as well go out and find a Satan worshiper and offer herself up as a sacrifice. She's done.

Emily said...

Good God. She's already told her life story about a million fucking times. "I'm a child of war, I'm gangsta, chunks of my baby...." That about sum it up, Thien? Her delusional ass WOULD accuse people with *actual talent* of being devil-worshipers conspiring to keep her and her 15 year old followers down. Yeah, Tila, THAT'S why you're not famous: a conspiracy and THE DEVIL! Probably has nothing to do with the fact that you're a talentless hack who used up your fifteen minutes 2 years ago.


*kristine* said...

Sooooo... Illuminati or Freemasons? She needs to pick a Dan Brown book and stick with it.

kristi said...

This has almost stopped being fun. She's gone past that point and is now just batshit crazy without that added 'entertainment'. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

Well done post though, of course.

William said...

I feel so bad for this woman/child. God help her.

Sammi said...

about the part with her knowing who we are, uhhh my name is my real FULL name on twitter, myspace and FACEBOOK she is an IDIOT period. NO ONE HIDES who they are, since when did this happen? Because you guys USE screen names BIG deal my screen name is LACEY (in IMs and elsewhere here I USE my real name- I am not scared of TILA & I couldnt tell you who is) LOL! This is just all too funny!

*Also HER so called army should look at the fact that EVERYDAY PEOPLE were able to get Tila 5150, 302'd whatever your state calls it, PERIOD! IF SHE WAS SO FAMOUS HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? *SMH* @ the stupid dumb asses.

Sammi said...

Don’t be jealous that the Rot Spot beats out your blog – YOU provide our material. We just report it. And guess what? We have exclusives! How’s the Onion treating ya?

Oooo, I know you guys should post OUR PAGE views compared to TILAs!! HAHAHAHAHAHA It has to be WAY HIGHER then hers & it would PISS her off beyond belief, hahahaa!!!!!!! It's a win win! :P

Sammi said...

My mama is proud. I left a man who put his hands on me when I was pregnant with my first child,

O, wow!! Who wrote this again?? We have so much in common it isnt even funny!! Id LOVE to add you onto my TWITTER or FB which ever I must say though I dont have dogs but I have 3 cats LOL! And all my surviving children are BOYS who I DO TEACH to stay VERY FAR from women like TILA! You right she should be ashamed, but she isnt!! Sad life she lives.

Also MY FATHER and BEST FRIEND COMMITTED SUICIDE and you couldnt be MORE right about how it makes US VICTIMS of losing a loved one to suicide feel when she MOCKS it and uses it as hits. I just like you cant wait for her minute to be up. IF ANYONE should be embarrassed and ashamed to TWEET it is TILA not US!!!

Thank you again for writing this. :) Very good job she needed some of these things to be brought to light (imho)! <3

chey said...

To be honest, I'm more afraid of her hooking up with Spencer Crazypants Pratt than I am of the Illuminati. That would be a famewhore disaster of epic proportions.
On the other hand I could see it ending in a murder-suicide so it may not be that bad of an idea.

imoutofit said...

Well, she forgot about her super-duper tearjerker of a biography and went back to making her fans wait for her to post half nekkid pics and a boobtube video.

Hmm, she probably did some "work" over the weekend and was able to put together enough cash to get her hair did. That or she found some old-ass pictures from 1999 or something like that.

Vintage Pink said...

I just read this for the first time.
I am laughing at all the crap she really appears to believe about herself. She knows all the right people, you know.
So she can get you out there right away.


Ben said...

This is why I'm not surprised she's lost more fans:

10 more minutes and u shall see the HOTTEST COMMANDER IN CHIEF for the #TilaArmy! Are u still waiting for me my loyal soldiers?
32 minutes ago via web

The youtube video she started yesterday, then has been pimping for the last 2 hours, she gives a 10 minute time frame then of course is over 20 minutes late and counting.

Ben said...

#Yes I was TIRED AS HELL no shower, hence my pigtails & messy room. But I LOVE my #TilaArmy so I made it just 4 U

So she had a meeting with the CEO of a motion picture company, but didn't shower prior? Skank much?

apocryphalyou said...

Oh my, words don't fail me now on her new pink-fugtails no-wire bra wearing, no-brain havin', lost in her own apartment, sheet covered window, photoshopped bruises and cuts flag wavin' angel lady gaga demon fightin' edumicatin' the masses bout the end of the world skanin' addict puffy infected pink gloss p*ssy lipped sexually inappropriate whisper talkin' vomit inducing, bag of skin.


Like no one can see the smoothin' you'd been doin' on that 'ol cut up arm, my girl you do like the photoshop! Funny how the bruise in the 1st pic on your left hip, doesn't appear in the booty pic -- omg, hold on, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit... wait, oh god water -- breathe...

I won't touch the video of the condomansion because I need a hep c vaccination.

But here... let's look shall we:

Girl is winning the photoshop OhScars with this:

It is the case of the mysterious disappearing bruise!

Wait for it...

Oh it's just, going to go rub my eyes down with pages from the bible now. I'm afraid if I turn around and look at it, I will turn to salt.

Jess said...

did anyone see the photo tila posted on her blog site with her half naked and it shows those marks on her arm? and its been almost 2week kinda weird if you tell me

Ben said...

Bitch is going crazy on twitter tonight.

#I was NEVER suicidal! I just slit my muthafuckin arms so I can squirt blood on my friends face. Sick? yes. Crazy? Yes? U WANN FUCK W/ME? NO!

& yea bitches I slit up my arm just like I will slit ya muthafuckin throat! Its one thing 2 be a bad bitch and another to be a gangsta bitch

I've said it before, I'd love to have her on the stand in a court case, she'd lose it.

kittenprogram said...

LOVE you guys and love your work! I've been reading you for the past month and loving it. Awaiting the whole Nostradamus style breakdown to come.

Nikky Raney said...

just made a video about this xox

Dee said...

Okaaaay.... soooooo.... I've always been under the impression that "organizations" like the free masons were white supremacists... Albert Pike the Grand Wizard of the KKK was also a Supreme Commander of the Freemasons. So wouldn't that negate Beyonce and Obama as a part of this? It would also mean that there was no way in hell these people asked Tila to join... maybe they asked her to be the village idiot, because that's all she's qualified for. This girl has lost it. Those people don't give a shit what Tila says, maybe it would matter if what she stated was actual fact (and not stuff we already knew), and not just another reason to bash celebs that are actually successful, unlike herself. Clearly she's running out of material to copy and paste for her blog, so now she's trying to be some kind of conspiracy theorist. Idiot.

Tila. Seriously, stick to what you know. Stripping for stolen dollars and popping pills. Because you fail at everything else. Free masons, illuminati, and the new world order is all old news, just like the rest of your flog. I guess being a big time mogul keeps you out of the loop of reality. Yeah. That must be it.

laurenzia said...

Freemasons are not white supremacists. Just because one guy was doesn't mean the organization is as a whole. All races are welcome pending recommendation. American Freemasonry consists of enlightened and educated men. Unfortunately due to slavery and the fact that most settlers in America were from Europe, its original members were white. It might surprise you that many notable "non-white" men are outspoken members of the Masons. Examples: Emilio Aguinaldo - President of the Philippines, he declared their independence in 1898. Ramon Franco Bahamonde - An aviator and Spanish politician William Edward Burghardt Du Bois- Founder of the NAACP. 3 different races, all confirmed members. Masons and other "secret" organizations have done more good for our country and the world than people realize. 90% of the lies spewing out of Tila's and others mouths is just Hollywood fantasy. Think about it... did you ever form your own club when you were little? Did you plot to take over the world and sacrifice virgins? The general public doesn't like being left out or not good enough to join in, so they make up lies. Ya there have been some bad eggs to come out of the Masons but it would be statistically impossible for them to ALL be great leaders.

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