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Sunday, June 20

postheadericon What happened to Tila's Facebook page?

For the past 24 hours or so, when you try to view Tila's Facebook page, you either get the Facebook home page (if you're  not logged onto your account), or you're looped back to your own Facebook page if you are logged in. 

I asked Mr. Google about this and he responded with a cached page of hers from yesterday, but no answers. I viewed the cached page and searched out the folks who were shown as 'friends'. Tila was not listed as a 'friend' on any of their current pages.

So, what happened? Did Facebook shut her down because you can see her wonky Picasso nipples through the sheer bra fabric on her profile pic? Did they shut her down because she posted suggestive videos to her self-stated army of 15-35 year olds? Did they shut her down because it appears she's forming a cult of minor children? I don't know. And, as to be expected, Queen Wonky Nipples isn't talking.

I was under the impression when you delete your Facebook page, a viewer sees a page that says something to the effect 'this profile no longer exists on Facebook'. To be re-routed back to your homepage, as if Queen Wonky Nipples never had a Facebook account, is a new one for me.

If Facebook did shut her down, I say AMEN! It's about time and I'm glad someone is taking this shit seriously.

If she deleted the page on her own, I say AMEN!!! It's about time she put an end to that trash.

First her Hotspot goes down, and now, hopefully Facebook. She better grab on to Perez while she can, she's sinking fast and he seems so buoyant and stable next to her!

Tick tock, tick's just a matter of time before we say bye bye to her Twitter and blog. 


adellett said...

Maybe it has something to do with the highly inappropriate picture she used with her "say now" message from the other day...not the most recent one, but the one before it. If I remember correnctly you could see her whole ass. I reported it, so maybe others did too.

Anna said...

When do you think we'll find out? More than that, when do you think Twitter, MySpace, et al will follow suit?

Sheriff Gauncent said...

All of us that keep reporting her actions through the proper channels, I'd say it's working!

Let's keep up the good work all!

Anonymous said...

i don´t know
i was doing research myself and this is what i find of Tila!/profile.php?id=100000466003571&ref=search

might be wrong??

Anonymous said...

That usually happens when folks are blocked -- even in a search you can't pull up the user, and they will be missing from their friend's list. Also if you enter their username / facebook address, it will give you the facebook page, or "this user doesn't exist."

Don't know if there's a block function for all users, instead of individual blocks, sounds like possible delete or suspension, tho, one can hope.

*hope hope hope hope*

Bar Harmonies said...

Hmm, interesting.. she just tweeted:

16 minutes ago via web - tilaomg

suz said...

I thought it was just me since I had posted on every post she's made in thast 72 hours.... bwahahaha POOT!!!

jayden said...

Tick tock tick tock indeed.

Those That Do said...

God knows I reported her account enough times. Perhaps her wonky assed nipples finally got her deleted. It goes to show she is not a Celeb in any shape or form. I can recall Lindsay posting a photo of herself with her breasts covered by her long blonde hair. Facebook asked her to take it down, while Tila gets deleted, her ads get pulled from Wordpress, her Hotspot account is gone, her you tube was deleted all for TOS violations. How many other "A-list Celebs" does this happen to ???

No reputable blog posts anything about her any longer no matter what she does, even Perez who I don't really like I have to say I give him respect for doing what he said and simply pretending like the rest of the world is starting to do that she doesn't exist.

I'm sure it will be the jealous haters that want to be her that she will blame for her deletion...

Fatty McFatterson said...

I've never left any comment on her Facebook or blog. Even logged out, I can't see her page.

We need a betting pool to figure out which excuse she'll use:

1. OMG the Army grew so big it overwhelmed the Facebook servers POW BITCH HATERZ!

2 The Others are out to get me. This is the first in their attempts to silence me. I will not go down without a fight! PUSSY POWER ALL THE WAY! BAM TILA ARMY 4EVA!

3. Because Piggy Perez has a Facebook I deleted mine so I won't be associated with that pedophile!

Those That Do said...

she definitely was deleted. I've never posted once on her blog although I was tempted to several times.

Something tells me she was warned several times about the types of photos she was putting up and posts. Facebook is pretty liberal they don't just outright delete people.

I'm sure her response will be the same as her one about the nipple video she posted that some jealous girl got her deleted. But if it had been Precious' nipples no one would of cared. Um Precious has more class than she ever will but she'll never figure it out.

Joann said...

I don't have a Facebook account but wish I knew why it's down.

Is it down for good or just suspended???? Hope we can find out soon.

I did report her skank ass to Twitter though, even though I don't have a Twitter account either.

Tyranny4U said...

BTW he's such a hypocrite! He PRETENDS to stand up for GAY RIGHTS, Yet he calles my BFF Will.I.Am a "THUG" and a "FAGG*T" wow! LOSERRR PIGGY about 18 hours ago via web

LOOL! Will.I.Am is now her BFF? ::eye roll::

Tyranny4U said...

I forget how to screencap from my 'puter but here's a copy/pasta from the twit yammering about doing charity work. ORLY? o.O And I laugh that she claims to be intelligent. ::snicker::

# The top charities I work with is the one Im going to UGANDA this year in AFRICA & BREAST CANCER & HELPING ANIMAL SHELTERS & FOSTER KIDS about 19 hours ago via web

# I'm pretty fucking hot too if you don't mind me saying, and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT! POW! LOLOL about 19 hours ago via web

# But I'm like whatever, people can say what they want. As long as I AM TRUE TO MYSELF, Thats all that matters. And I'm a GOOD PERSON. =) about 19 hours ago via web

# As a matter of fact, I DO TONSSSSS of charity work. But thats because its my passion. Not to brag so media doesn't know cuz I dont publicize about 19 hours ago via web

# But yea, THE REAL ME, is me right now, a good girl, at home, studying, blogging, in my sweatpants & tank top, no make up & love my fans! about 19 hours ago via web


# Like for instance end of this year I will be in UGANDA and other places in AFRICA to do more charity work! People dont like reporting that! about 19 hours ago via web

# So the REAL TILA, is NOT what the haters and Media says. Talking trash always sells. They never talk about charity work that I do etc about 19 hours ago via web

kristi said...

This is a Happy Father's Day indeed if they did kick her off. Not that I'm a man or a father, but all the men she dragged into her 'baby daddy' lies should feel somewhat vindicated.

@fatty LOL omg. I'm going to go with 1 or 2. They seem more crazy Tila. I think if it were three it would really be her trying to get more fans or friends on her Facebook to pass his friend or fan count.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, since I'm a fat, jelis hater who lives in Bumfuck, Iowa I will wager my block of no-name government cheese into Fatty's betting pool that she is going to claim the "Others" did it. Or she might throw us a curve ball and just keep her overly lacquered lips shut and not say anything about it.

I'm just glad that her FB page is gone.

Alabama Worley said...

I've read her FB only when the garbage sale was going on but even then I wondered how she was getting away with near nudity and being so public.

I don't know how it works if you delete your account but I think she was pulled or hacked. I'm sure she'll claim the latter.

Ah I can't wait to get to LA tomorrow!!

Isis said...

Her buzznet is still there, it's layout is different:

chey said...

Damn, the resistance is getting shit done. POW!
And Fatty, I'm putting my money down on #2, I'm sure it's going to be a rant about the Illuminati controlling Facebook so they shut her down because she's so powerful and an angel from God, blah blah blah...

K.R. Omen said...

The other fake Tila accounts are deluged by spam and hers was heading that way as well.Maybe the end is near and us jelis h8terz can find another way to take up 15 minutes of our no having lives. LMBAO

Ben said...

I'm still waiting for part 2 of her Lie Story. I mean, the first part was so compelling how she was in the womb for 4 years and the vietcong shipped her to the US. Maybe that was their final fuck you to the US, they knew what she would become.

Hope said...

I find it HIGH-LARIOUS that her FB page is gone and even more funny is her Hotspot page takes you directly to the Fanta (the soda pop) page...I Loves me some Fanta!!!

Viva La Resistance!

Anonymous said...

The last time I was on her facebook page was a few days ago and it had only 139 followers.

Ava said...

i noticed that Tila's actual facebook (spelled like this TIla Nguyen) profile is gone. not just her fan page.

i hope facebook will never let her back on. *does a dance

BKiddo said...

It just keeps getting better and better.
Hmmm, Fatty, the three choices are all really so close to what she might run with.
I'll have to go with number 1, cause you know she's pissed. Nothing riles up her young army more than haters.

Joann said...

I just looked at her new Buzznet page and it at the same post she had on her Hotspot page...the launching of her piece of crap gossip site.

I'm guessing she could not pay for the domain name or layout anymore and went with the basic Buzznet layout which is probably free.

Fatty, I'm going with #2.

I really thought she would pull a fake kidnapping and when "she barely escaped" would blame it on The Others saying they wanted to make her disappear because she was revealing too much information about them. lol.

carlos said...

lol Tila just said on Twitter that, "There is a glitch on my FB page, I emailed the CEO for him to take a look at it"

Riiiiight. Cause if there's a glitch of course it only affects (or effects?? w.e) HER page. And damn I wish I was a POW! Mogul bitch like her so I had the CEO of FB's email address. BTW I'm pretty sure a CEO doesn't deal with the tech stuff on the website.

In closing, Tila has to be one of the dumbest broads ever invented.

deluwiel said...

maybe she caught on to the fact that a lot of people were going there to see what was posted on the OMG blog. By taking down the FB page they'll have to actually go to the flog now, thereby increasing her hits.

gillianthemad1013 said...


The dumb fuck is now claiming to be on the phone with Facebook's CEO so he can fix the "glitch" that making her page unavailable/inexistent. LOL forever! "Hey, I've got a broken lamp in my apartment - LET'S CALL THE CEO OF THE ENERGY SUPPLIER COMPANY!"

Fatty McFatterson said...

Actually, if you go to her Twitter, she tweets the stories as she posts them to the flog, so you can get a good idea if it's even worth bothering to go there.

Anonymous said...


and the pages you guys are talking about are fake pages, I SEE TONS of those, they are personal! They one Tila was running was a FAN PAGE of her and it is CLEARLY GONE! :)

Anonymous said...

See this is just another reason WHY I LOVE Facebook SO MUCH!! They take no shit and when you REPORT the fuckers like this get DELETED including the stalkers who makes fake profiles (YES I have had MULTIPLE made of me and I am not even famous- go figure!)!!