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Thursday, June 17

postheadericon EXCLUSIVE!!!!! Tila FINALLY Tells the Truth!!!

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT!!!! Tila finally tells the truth and the good news is ONYX IS ALIVE!!!

I know for some this won't be a popular post because it's usually all about Tila and her lies, but, as a blogger who prides herself on her morals and ethics, my credibility is on the line and in the spirit of fairness, I want to report that Tila not only posted a photo of Onyx that appears from the image info and details in the photo, to be current, but also, it appears she still owns Onyx!!! Of course, with Onyx apparently asleep, an argument can be made that Tila just dragged her out of the Frigidair!

I would like to commend Tila for telling the truth. This is the first time in the 7 months I've been following her, that I can say she appears to have told the complete truth about an event. I actually like that. Sure, there's no drama in the truth, but there's also no shame in not having that drama. I'm sure, within hours she'll be posting some slanderous scandal, but for the moment (and I guarantee, it will be a brief moment) I'll acknowledge her for doing the right thing.

I'm sure pet fans and Onyx fans alike will be relieved that Onyx is ok. I don't think Tila is the best pet owner, and for all we know, Onyx is on loan for this photo op, but at least she's not dead. Tila, if Onyx still lives with you, it should be a no-brainer that freaking out your poor dog with your SUICIDE HOAX drama and the other crap you engage in, is not in her best interest. Dogs are very sensitive, and I'm sure she was concerned and worried for your welfare. Also, be careful with all those drugs you consume, a small amount can be fatal to a dog. 


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am glad that you posted about this Fatty. I've been wondering where Onyx went and I'm really happy that she's still alive.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

This picture proves absolutely nothing but that the dog is alive.

That is all.

Is it just me, or does it appear that someone with brown hair in the background is hitting a pipe?

paul said...

That dog don't look right : /

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure.

That could've been from when she was still messing around with the website a few months ago, before it's super bang pussy pow debut.

Dissecting Tila said...

I really admire your character, Fatty :)

kellymae said...

I am very relieved to see Onyx. I have been worried sick about her.

Joann said...

IF, and I say IF, she told the truth and TRS has authenticated the picture as being current, then I will give Tila kudos for telling the truth, but I still don't believe Onyx is actually living with her.

I'm sorry but I just don't believe it. I believe Onyx is living with someone else and Tila got her back ONLY for the purpose of taking this picture and is that really a room in HER apartment/condo?

Why didn't she include Onyx in the video she made the other day?

I see Tila made sure her laptop was included in the picture as some sort of proof to her fans it's her room in her apartment/condo?

I seriously have doubts about this picture.

alison m m said...

My partner and I do alot of work with animals. I would hope that Tila had time with Onyx because Onyx is a very old dog and would be really lying low. Would need a very quiet lifestyle. It would be healing for Tila to spend time with her. I just hope that Onyx is getting her meds.
Too close to my heart Fatty, I shed a tear, shucks!

Alice said...

Can't you guys check the date on the photo like you usually do to see how recent the photo is?

Fatty McFatterson said...

I looked at the image info, and it appears correct for day and time. It looks like the time on the computer is 8:35 or 8:45.

There does not appear to be any Photoshopping done.

Now, I did have issue with the view we get off the website. Notice how there is no content visible, save for the header banner? If her headlines are really short, then it's possible that she'd have this much white space showing on the right side of the sight.

The other issue I had is Tila's pointing out that she just took the picture. That statement was tagged on to her commentary about the game, and seemed out of context, like she wanted it noted she just took the picture. Tila tends to do this when she lies.

Now, of course those redflags reared their ugly heads, but, I could not find any real evidence that anything ontward had occurred. I think my duty to the Rotspot is to present the best, most researched data possible to back up any claims. We're not CSI over here, we certainly don't have all the tools at our disposable that would allow us definitive evidence, but I'd rather err on the side of caution, and say this one time, it APPEARS, she's telling the truth.

As you can see from my blog, I sprinkled the words 'appears' and 'apparently' very liberally, because yes, I have some doubts, but I can't prove anything but what I presented.

And, it appears it's a cat in the background, washing it's ass next to the stereo. Then again, it could be Tila. That's not outside the realm of possibility.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joann. I don't believe the dog is living with her. If Onyx had been there during the suicide drama I'm sure the cops would have called animal control as well as an ambulance.

I think the picture was authentically taken yesterday, but it's so obviously posed to address those who thought the dog was dead. Again, I agree she "borrowed" Onyx back specifically to use her in this picture.

rob said...

Excellent- proof that the resistance is actually unbiased when it comes to the truth. HOWEVER- If people claimed I had gotten rid of a pet I would be OUTRAGED and disprove it immediately. It has taken /tila 6 months, despite her reaching for material for all of her videos and photos. What if Tila's Jane stunt was originally directed towards Onyx's current carers, in an effort to get Onyx back for a bit? Onyx is her baby, her rock etc so without her Tila would be less stable?

If Tila turned it around tomorrow (hah) I would grow some respect for her and leave her in peace. We all know that will never happen though- intelligent people would be left without a reason to pay any attention to her.

chey said...

Fatty I'm hoping that's one of Tila's wigs in the background and not some poor cat she's dragged into her hellhole of a life.

tui said...

With the incongruous placement of the laptop, I wouldn't be surprised if onyx is staying elsewhere, and this photo isn't of the apartmansion at all. The laptop just looks too much like a prop to me.

Fatty McFatterson said...

One other thing, I'm not sure if this was taken in Tila's house. My comment that she was telling the truth only refers to the fact Onyx appears to be alive. It's quite possible she's at Onyx's new home. We've never seen Tila's bedroom from this angle, so have no idea if what we're seeing is really her room.

I did not know Tila had a cat, and there appears to be one in the photo, so yeah, she may be at someone's house.

Anonymous said...

First comment here...

I'm in love with your blog - I read it multiple times a day! Definitely makes me laugh although I must say it's definitely NSFW!

Now, onto my comment.

I truly don't think this is at Tila's apartmansion unless she lives on the ground floor because of the placement of the window. The window appears to be one that would be in more of a ground floor level apartment. OMG as she would say - I'm really too into this.

Tila needs to wash her hair and get it cut. It was borderline cute when she first changed it but now? It looks unkept. Funny how that happens when you are an addict.

I notice there hasn't been a man or woman (who knows if she's bisexual or not) in her life for a while now - I guess her 'need' for sex has dried up since she's too busy getting high and ranting to notice.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

OT: But, if you guys go to Tila's facebook, notice how she misspelled "celebrity" as CELEBTITY. LOL! No wonder why ad agencies don't take this twat seriously!

And what the hell is up with "Perez is going to jail" , "he could likely face jail time"? Haven't this dumbass twit already figured it out that he's not? And for someone who doesn't have ads on their shitty so-called gossip site, sure likes to boast about somebody who not only runs a successful gossip site of their own, was offered load sums of money, but, actually have ads!

Tila can't admit she's just a jealous hater! She's jealous of celebrities and anyone who is far more successful and it pisses her off night and day. I may be waiting for her to dethrone Perez, but I'm certainly not holding my breath!

And now this moron created a contest to pledge Perez's arrest, demanding her stupid fans to help her out, yet, failing to realize she, alone, strips naked and dirty talks to her underaged fans! Whoa! Who's a hypocrite?!!! If any gossip blogger is a sex offender, it would certainly be Tila Tequila!

punkass said...

If you look at the old pics with casa you can see the stereo equip and the tv in background, I did not see any kitty in the pic..same room colors and comforter..

Jen said...

Awesome post Fatty. As an animal lover, I was worried about Onyx. However.... From what I've read, Onyx is actually living with her cousin in Texas. Could it be they flew Onyx in for the photo op?? LOL. Well, she does have millions of dollars so anything is possible, right?!?! I also don't think that Onyx looks right, but then again she is quite old so it could just be the old woman blues.

Madame Toast said...

Glad to see Onyx too, although something with her eye doesn't look quite right but who knows. I don't think that is a cat in the background and really without Tila in the picture this could be someone else entirely.

"quick, send a picture of your and Onyx watching the game...oh! and include my website"

but then she could of actually for once told the truth, but just like the boy that cried wolf its really hard to think that Tila is capable of such things! even when it is something as simple as this.
She has become over shadowed by her lies and ridiculousness...does anyone take her seriously anymore?

Anonymous said...

That's definitely someone else's house. We've seen enough of Tila's condo-mansion to know that the windows are completely different....unless that picture was taken in one of the "upstairs bedrooms" that we haven't seen yet.

If Tila wants to prove that she STILL had Onyx, she should make damn sure that her bleached bobble head is in the photo too.

Ima said...

If, indeed, that is her crib - she lives in a freaken dump.

Millionaire Mogul Failure, Tila.

Emily said...

Yeah, I don't think that's her house. I've been very worried about Onyx. She seems like such a sweet dog and she has had a hard enough life already. I actually really hope she is living with someone other than Tila because Tila can't take care of herself, let alone another living thing. I'm glad to see Onyx is alive. And I think she's just sleeping in this pic. My pittie looks like that when she sleeps. Hopefully she's in a better home now. Thanks so much for posting this Fatty I've been really worried about this sweet dog!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Onyx is alive. I'm just not quite sure if she's living with what's her face full time, but I'm just glad that she didn't end up wandering around the streets of Studio City or dead.

Someone already pointed it out earlier that it does look like it's her bedroom. If you go to the post dated on 04/02/10 and watch that nasty video; it's the same entertainment system.

Clementine said...

It is her apartment. In her apartment tour pics the room is the same colour, the bedspread is the same and as someone mentioned in the Casa pics you can also see that it is the same room.

I don't think that is a cat, the stereo looks to be only a few inches from the edge of her dresser. If you look at the candle/cup that is in front of it you can see it is near the edge. A cat would not clean itself on where it had a chance of falling. Plus if she had a cat she would always be ranting about her awesome cute "pussy".

In the apartment tour photos though I did notice some changed in the room(other than it is now filthy!) in those pics she actually had curtains on the window, they were sheers that covered what looked to be a sliding glass door. This got me to thinking...

Tila seems to live in her room, all her shit is in there, she's always blogging and taking pics in her room never in any other area(other than the kitchen when she first moved in and posted that nasty vid of her in glasses.)
She also claims there are two bedrooms(or 3 depending on the day.) and 2 bathrooms. I'm starting to think maybe she actually shares this place with a room mate. That would explain the sheet over her window, the other room probably also goes out to the balcony and she doesn't want the roommate or guests to see her filthy room and her skanky ass. This would also explain why we never see Onyx, the roommate probably spends most of the time with the dog. Walking it etc.

I know if I had a two bdrm apartment all of my stuff wouldn't be strewn around just one room.

This also explains why sometimes there is someone else taking her pics and filming her.

Also what happened to 9head? Did he finally drop her std infested ass?

Clementine said...

Also that is a tv not a can see the brand name at the bottom of the tv and you can see that she does appear to be watching the game based at the heads at the bottom of the screen. Don't know why the actual court is so blown out, but it's not like she uses a great camera.

I think Onyx's eye looks fine, she's clearly sleeping or about to fall asleep.

Nikki said...

I don't think that is a window but her TV. Wasn't she watching the Lakers game? Is it a window or a tv?

The thing that does bother me is what you see on the computer screen. As a web designer and a blog writer, I would never just see a page with only my header on top and no text. She obviously has text on her website...something smells fishy....or maybe thats just her smelling that way...

thisisgarbagehoney said...

Okay I might be looking at the wrong picture... But I definitely don't see any window? It looks like there's a flat screen mounted on her wall but that's it. Am I missing something?

Ps I read daily but I think this is the first time I have ever commented (I can't quite keep track of things with my nasty ambien habit :/ ). Really love you guys... You never fail to give me a good laugh when I really need it. Thanks bitches.

B_McBitcherson said...

Hey everyone, I haven't commented in a while, I'm literally out of things to say about Whoremeat. Literally.

Anyhoo, I just had to give kudos to Fatty for this post, it says a lot about you that you would post not only about the shitty things she does, but the rare and elusive not-so-shitty things she does.

Go Rotspot!

...So I wonder if this truth-telling will prove to be too much for her - are we in for another exciting weekend?

MsWonkyTits said...

The dresser item looks like a stuffed walrus or dog to me. (I don't have on my glasses, though, so who the hell knows).
@Clementine-good point! All of her shit is piled around in one room and bathroom (oops "glam room") . I don't think it's so much a roomate as just a one bedroom apartment. I don't think anyone would be able to share a place with her for even a minute.
Is it just me or does this particular picture look like her OLD "mansion". The one she got tossed from? This doesnt look like her current room to me at all. I remember that stereo and mounted flatscreen from some of her nasty pics from a long time ago. Plus, it looks a little too clan. That whore needs to put her cracky self IN a picture with Onyx with a newspaper or something.
It has to be an old pic she somehow changed the date on or renamed or something.
I really wish it was a current pic and Onyx was alive and sleeping peacefully. I feel so bad for that poor dog. Remember her old skanky stripper videos where the dog was sleeping on the couch and would eventually get up and leave? Lol.Even Onyx couldn't take it!

brixie19 said...

But wait...remember her suicide video? (How could any of us forget?) Weren't her bedroom walls white? And I don't remember seeing any flat screen across from her bed.

I honestly think that she has whoever took Onyx take the picture. Nothing wrong with that, as it's great to see the dog alive. But it would be classic Tila.

Back in the day of her constant video posts, Onyx was frequently hanging around in the background. But she's been nowhere to be found in any recent pictures? She used to love showing off that dog.

She definitely doesn't have Onyx anymore. But at least the poor dog is ok, and looks to be living at a nice home now. (PS, Tila's room wouldn't be that clean.) Maybe it's Tila's sister?

Clementine said...

Just went back and looked at the fake suicide vid. Same room. Purple walls.
The white is her curtain and the light coming through it.

Definately her current aparcondomansion. Don't know if the pic is current, just based on her lap top with just the title banner of her flog. I don't doubt that she would stage a photo just to prove the haterz wrong.

I wonder what it feels like for her to tell the truth for once? It must be surreal and confusing.

Alabama Worley said...

Clementine has a good eye :) I think Tila has a roommate but she has he master bedroom (hence the bathroom in her bedroom) and there is another bathroom and bedroom.

As a person who has done drugs I can tell you that you spend all your fucking time (even in a mansion) in your bedroom. I don't know how it is that you end up there but you do. She eats in bed and her toilet is in her bedroom, a junkie's paradise. Shit she even has a balcony that she can walk out to smoke (might be why she has the master bedroom).

What she does and doesn't have is all pure speculation on my end. Having lived in LA and WeHo it's just a standard 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom apartment.

I don't get the issue with the dog not looking "right". Looks like a half awake dog to me. I don't see bones, blood or anything else happening. It's a half shut eye lid!

Now the website thing is weird, I"ll give you all that. I have websites (plural) and use wordpress for 1 (hate it) and I've never ever seen it like that. That appears to be a template page and nothing more. I'm sure someone can zoom in and look at her computer screen (it's a mac) and see what she views, book marked, what page she's on and the time. It's a macbook pro and the screens are pretty easy to determine the users use.

Anonymous said...

I agree Tui! I think the owners who HAVE Onyx now (Also own a cat as you can see it lickin it's ass! HAHA) and I bet you anything she asked them to stage this photo, possibly paid! I come to this conclusion for the same reasons others are! IF IN FACT her dog was still w/her the troll would have posted pics 6 months ago, JUST TO MAKE THE HATERS LOOK BAD!! But no she waits 6 months to finally reveal a pic, puhhhleaze! I am not buying it!

boytoy said...

Fatty i've been following tila for 7 yrs and this has been the first time she has ever told the truth.

Alabama Worley said...

I just zoomed in (why not). She's using firefox and looking for wordpress pluggins. That's a TV for certain.

I'm actually laughing at the comments about it being someone in a corner smoking crack when it's clearly a stuffed animal of some sort.

C'mon guys, zoom in and lets not be worse than her lil' army. Fatty did the right thing she posted factual information to the best of her knowledge. I'm shaking my head at the "Brunette smoking a glass pipe" bit and the window. It's a tv! I can't even begin to state how clear it is that it's a tv, that she's using a mac at 8:35pm, that she uses firefox...same apartment (the walls are a grayish hue) I can't tell you what sort of stuffed animal that is but meh it's nothing.

I mean it's really rather obvious to be able to tell what you are in fact looking at, if you just look.

I think some of us need to stop feeding the stereotype that we are busy body jelis haters with no life that make up shit. Because so far a lot of people have proved every argument she's made valid by making the most random "points". Yea I sat and zoomed in. My day is shit and I'm stuck at home, I do admit to having nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

who is to say she didnt just go and buy another onyx lookalike???

Anonymous said...

Nother said...

That's definitely someone else's house. We've seen enough of Tila's condo-mansion to know that the windows are completely different....unless that picture was taken in one of the "upstairs bedrooms" that we haven't seen yet.

*Yeah in one of her upstairs bedroom with a GROUND LEVELED WINDOW!! HAHAHHAHA! I am with you all!! THIS IS NOT TILA'S Condo/Mansion!

Anonymous said...

A cat would not clean itself on where it had a chance of falling.

uhh, my kitties do dumb things like this ALL the time! HAHA, One even fell off the 8ft cat tree (from the top) thanks to her trying to clean her dumb ass! LOL!

thisisgarbagehoney said...

Ok these people that are seeing a window... I hate to spend time arguing about what's inthe backround of this twat's picture... But either I'm a tard or that is definitely a television.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are right...I didn't look closely enough and mistook the TV for a window.

And I too applaud Fatty for giving Tila the benefit of the doubt this time...although I won't be truly convinced until I see her in a pic WITH Onyx.

Rotty (TRS) said...

Yea guys, it's a TV ... it's the Lakers vs Celtics game. The "thing" on the dresser is some sort of stuffed animal, probably a dog toy. Lets not manifest stuff, I like to make fun but creating things that aren't real isn't very credible now is it? I will post the photo info so you guys rest assured it WAS taken yesterday.


Alabama Worley said...

Thank you Rotty is spot on and anyone with a browser (safari or firefox) can zoom in. If you have photoshop or a photobucket, you can zoom really far in.

It's just "someone' laying in bed, with the outline to her site (to prove it's her). I mean it's a staged photo for sure, we all get that. But lets not going running off with windows, not the same place (you can easily tell that it's the same apartment via casa pussy munching video + photos).

I know everyone wants to debunk her one truthful "dog is alive" but the dog is. Let it go. Most likely she doesn't have custody of the dog or the dog likes sleeping in the living room. I have pets too and they are all so personally different. Yes in all former videos the dog was in videos but she was in the living room not a bedroom, right?

It doesn't matter, the dog is alive. Who cares who owns it...if it's alive and well so be it.

Clementine said...

Thanks Alabama! I am really kick ass at memory games that involve stupid details!

Your last comment is spot on. I think everyone is just so flabbergasted that she told the truth(or a version of it, we know Onyx is alive in her bedroom in this pic.)

She is like the boy who called wolf, except more like the whore who cried crazy.

Ps.Rotspot team you rock for the earlier save - thanks!

Anonymous said...

BAWHAHAHAHA A TV, I THOUGHT IT WAS A GROUND LEVELED WINDOW, hahahhaha! And stuffed animal?!? I swore it was a cat! I have tons of cats-love them! *Giggles* & I actually DID think about blowing it up and normalizing/stabilizing colors in it to distinguish what was what....but truthfully I didn't have time as well as I figured someone else would eventually and I could come back and check the comments, and what do ya know!! Someone did! Yay!


& Damn ME and my make believe business w/no life and me JELIS fucking tendencies! What was I THINKING!!!!! *LMFAO* (Sorry couldn't resist that) :P

Anonymous said...

I know everyone wants to debunk her one truthful "dog is alive"

O' one more thing and TRUTHFULLY I do not want to debunk it because truthfully I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THIS ONYX DEAD/TRADED/COOKED controversy! I only RECENTLY bumped into Tila again via Twitter due to her crazy DRUG induced tweets and someone commenting on PEREZ about her! *LOL* (Perez won't DARE mention her on his site and ALSO said she was NOT a celebrity of any type nor worthy of having a "Catagory" of her own in his search feed to which they can see old post he posted about her, NOPE HE DELETED EVERYONE OF THEM AND HE NAME!!! THIS IS WHY SHE HAS IT OUT FOR PEREZ!!! Stupid jealous bitch, that is also WHEN she told him she would make a gossip blog and TAKE HIS DOWN- it was all on twitter, she thrives and lives off of the jealousy she harbors deep within her for others great qualities and instead of TRYING TO BE A GOOD PERSON SHE chooses to be a VISICOS EVIL internet troll and I think it is time for her to be BANNED from using ANY internet owning any page or blog!!!!!!!!!! Can they EVEN DO THAT??

(Also I have NEVER even watched her show, knew she was getting one but NEVER SAW IT EVEN AIR, lol)

Alabama Worley said...

I wrote a few snarky things and then said "Bama' why you trying to beat a dead horse? Don't cha know it ain't worth a grain of salt?"

All I have to say is all meth heads and idiots behave the same fucking way, they just find a different circle to walk and walk around in.

Nikky Raney said...

I am confused about how the rumors of Onyx dying started? Was it anything to do with putting down Casey's dogs?

KateĊ™ina said...

Nikky: She wrote herself on Twitter "Guess what, I even killed my dog" or something like that. I think I saw the screen cap somewehere here on Rotspot.

MsWonkyTits said...

She tweeted on March 24th "AND I KILLED MY DOG TOO!"
In some rant about how she can "do whatever I want".

What a sick bitch.