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Tuesday, June 29

postheadericon Update on US, your loyal Rotspot writers

Hey guys. I moderate the comments, and I also see on twitter where y'all BITCHES are complaining that there aren't a lot of entries over here anymore. That's for a few reasons, let me explain:

#1: We're short 2 writers right now. The Gnome (mah wifey) is in jail for something called "absurd sex crimes" and she's currently awaiting trial. What can you do? You can post lots of jailhouse recipes for moonshine in the comments, or you can show up at the courthouse and try to stop the 12 midgets and 3 donkeys from testifying. I'll be doing the second. FREE OUR GNOME! FREE OUR GNOME!

#2: Rotty, the HBIC, is super busy decorating her bedroom. Here's a pic of it. You should all feel pretty lucky to see a pic of Hotty Rotty in her element.

So basically your dirty Uncle Eddie and your favorite Fatty Fat Fat are running the ship while our two companions sort their shit out.

#3: Tila is fucking retarded and boring. She wasn't doing anything that really caught our attention. She posted in her comments on her fail blog the other day that she's pregnant again.

How fucking dumb is that? Seriously, if she WAS pregnant (and nobody believes she is), she'd be posting that shit all over her fail blog, not just in the comments. And yeah, the other day she made a comment about posting proof of her mischairages (I didn't see it personally, but I've heard about it), and let Uncle Eddie tell you something. If you're really waiting on her to post proof, you're gonna be waiting a damn long time. You know she won't. She'll drop it for a while until she's pressed again, and then she'll get all ghetto-fabulous (you know she types with her head shaking all "oh no you di-int!") and say "I ain't gots to prove nothing to you HATERS!" Same shit, different day.

Anyway, faithful readers, tomorrow we'll have the new Stupor Girl for you, and maybe we'll be posting pretty soon about her hideous new hair or whatever the fuck she's up to now. I, for one, am kind of happy she got her FB back. Now I don't have to go to her stupid goddamn blog to know what her posts are about.

For all of you voicing your concern, I can happily announce that the Yeti has been vanquished and has retreated back to it's cave of solitude...for now.

Oh and one last thing. We've been getting a lot of inquiries on doing guest writing here. We've decided, if you're interested, you should write them up and send them to: We'll pick the best ones and post them. K thanks.



Rotty (TRS) said...

Team Edward ftw <3

Treva said...

You guys make me spray milk outta my nose every single time I read ur posts!!! LUVYA GIRLIES!!!! *kisses*

Prof. Chaos said...

I like your label "Gnome is a sex criminal and still hot." I wonder how many more items can be classified there?

Fatty McFatterson said...

I gotta say the whole SUICIDE HOAX kinda took the wind out of my sails, that and the subsequent cult mongering.

Quite honestly, some of this shit takes a lot of time and dedication to put together. Of course, some like Uncle Eddie and Rotty make it look easy, but not only do we have to comb through a lot of Tila's nonsensical ramblings, but we often have to do even more historical research on some of her lies to make sure she hasn't addressed it or resolved it.

In my previous post I mention how Tila doesn't lie in a nice easy to follow linear fashion, it's like a lying vortex with that woman, her lies go in concentric circles and then fly off the page like a Spiralgraph design gone loco.

So, that's my long drawn out explanation why you haven't seen too much of me lately, I simply don't have the time or energy. In addition, her lies have been pretty benign and boring lately, I think we're slowing her down. I will jump on the chance to attack with both barrels though, stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

tila's bs is getting so old and like a broken record. Haha a ton of her "loyal army fans" have been waking up and calling her out on her shit lately. Another thing thats not an apartment shes living in. It's some skeezy hotel room.

Jennifer said...

Did you notice she finally has ads back on her "blog"? Penis enlargement pills and zit cream.. how fitting.

blairzbear said...

Yeah, I can definitely see how her BS simply isn't noteworthy most of the time lately. Almost everything she says just is the same ol shit and not shocking anymore. I do still love to read you girls opinions and takes on it though, I love the writing style. But I understand your life doesn't revolve around this blog or Tila.

I know Tila is a fame-whore and anything she does is for attention, but I'm beginning to think she purposely says things that she knows contradict what she previously has said. Like saying she's an "angel of god" and then writing a blog about her strip club appearance the next day. Like she just wants to get caught in lies and get called out.
Then again, she is unfathomly crazy so, she is just probably to drugged up to realize ppl will notice. Anyhow, thanks for the time all of you writers take to entertain us!
Then again maybe

Treva said...

I agree with blairzbear! THANK YOU Rotty, Gnome, Eduardo and Fatty for all you guys do! luvya girlies! *kisses*

Seagal said...

You ladies do a fabulous job. Think of this lull in her "activities" as a mini vacation :). You ladies deserve a break in the storm. It's got to be exhausting coming up with stories about the shit she pulls sometimes. Plus "real life" does take over too. To be honest I really hadn't noticed that there weren't that many posts recently, altho I did notice the gnome was not around.
If she needs bail money just give me a

Rachel said...

I'm baking a cake with a file in it for the The Gnome! Back to Tila...the pregnancy thing is getting so boring. I really think she has run out of ideas of how to get people's attention. When she has lied about being pregnant in the past she has gotten some attention outside of her Army and us Jelis Haters so I think that's why she revisits it every now and then. If she rolls with this fake pregnancy, I wonder who the father will be? I'm saying 9Head - could you imagine it? Shudder...

deluwiel said...

I think the pregnancy claim is just her oh so witty way of being a smartass... like posting her little "yay" in reply to negative comments. Any normal, rational person would A) ignore them; B) address the critics directly with a clear defense or C) clean their act up. But this is Tila.

Also, I know this was a week or so ago, but I'm still totally disgusted with her treatment of Nikky Raney in response to that harmless little parody video Nikky did. It was silly and amusing; it certainly wasn't hateful or cruel. Tila lashed out probably thinking because Nikky is just one girl, younger than her, she can intimidate her like any garden variety schoolyard bully. Why doesn't she go after you guys one-on-one, I wonder. hmmm? Now THAT would be a Twitter conversation I'd love to see! LOL

She does have that faboosh huge UK tour coming up - I'll bet there will be plenty of news and exciting things to report about that... NOT

Could this be the lull before another Tila storm of weirdness?

ps - Team Jacob! (love ya Eddie)

Madame Toast said...

I agree, the whole suicide hoax and then the fact she is now trying to bank on the "others" and create her "army" just kind of makes her, not that interesting anymore? I check back here from time to time for the pure amusement of it, but now that Tila is just grasping to whatever she can to keep her self out there, well its just sad in a really pathetic way.

She's trying to keep hits coming to her flog, posting nonsense about waiting to post things till certain times and of course gunning with claims of posting medical documentation and then nothing? how many hits does she even get these days?

and to touch on the whole threat of posting medical proof, I hope she does because I'd love to see how she is going to pull this one off! Someone mentioned it in another post and I know from personal experience that you don't have medical documentation on a bill about "services rendered" like that, and wouldn't any place that performed invitro RIGHT after a miscarriage possibly be put out of business if she posted such things?

I think my new favorite quote concerning Tila (well two)
put up or shut up and pics or it didn't happen skank!

its so easy to prove things now days.

gillianthemad1013 said...

Oh God, how stupid is she??? Fake pregnant again?? I'm sorry, but if any Army members buy into this latest "pregnancy" I'm going to write them off as terminally dumb and not bother with "young and naive" anymore. It wasn't a long time ago that I was a teenager and I would have never believed this kind of repetitive, transparent crap.

Ah, and FREE GNOMEY, etc. To the Rotspotters, absent and still standing, you've done a great job so far but I think you can afford to take some time out, as Tila does all the self-destructing needed herself. ;)

BigPoppaPhat said...

I did notice the slow down in posts, this is the only place I get my Tila info (also Tila truth and spiked tequila), because you guys are great writers and this blog is very entertaining.

Im sure if or when you guys move on she'll start claiming her and her army won the so called war, patting herself on the back and try to call you guys out and get writing again.

You guys are helping with her hits and feeding her ego by paying attention to her. Once the jelis haters are gone, and when her army wises up or just out grow her, shes left with absolutely nothing.

The Gnome said...

thank you all for your continued support!!!
I'm weeping as I write this my cell..I feel the love and admiration pouring from each of you...of course, that might just be penis envy...

you say po-tay-toe, I say po-tah-toe

but on the real, i do miss you all and if it weren't for the donkeys, the case wouldn't have gone to trial!!!
which brings us back to penis envy...

gnome out

Joann said...

I totally agree with you on #3 Eddie...this skank is sooooo boring if she's not being a bat shit crazy psycho. That is really her only talent.

I truly miss her meth induced twitter rants. Those were pure comedy.

I didn't even know Tila said she was pregnant AGAIN and don't care...that lie has played out for me, not interested.

Same with posting proof of her mischairages. Who the hell cares...all it's gonna be, if she ever get around to it, is some bullshit she has fabricated and post online just like she did with that ultra sound picture. Her army of morons will eat it up though.

Since it seems Tila can't get it through her big bobble head a celeb gossip site is not about HER or what's going on in HER MISERABLE LIFE, I will stop saying "her piece of crap gossip site" and will now and forever refer to it as "her piece of crap blog" which is what it really is.

This respite from her psycho behavior is like a breath of fresh air. Let's all enjoy it while we can. lol.

MsWonkyTits said...

Thank you RotSpot ladies for ALL you do! We know it takes so much time and research... I can't even imagine! This has become my favorite blog mainly because of all your writing skills and humor! I love that even more than I love making fun of slutbag! A break is certainly warrented. Thanks again for the continued LULZ! She will do something soon that will be fun to write about. As for right now, she is just being boring. She's ALMOST done for. Soon she will have nothing left.

Anonymous said...

The Wolfensloot drama filled in the lull of Tila's crazy shit on my twitter timeline. Don't really know wth is going on there, but one thing for sure is that ladyboy has other issues to contend with besides bad skin and from what I gathered confessing her love to a gay man?

Oy vey, thanks ladies for providing your loyal jelis haters and stalkers all the lulz we need to go through another day.

I wubs all of yous.

BKiddo said...

Ok, I still have a few palets of cup o' soup in the garage, I'll get them out to you Gnomey, pronto.
I have to echo all the comments regarding what an awesome job all of you ladies do. (Spiked and Truth too).

Emily said...

WHAT?! You mean to tell me the Rotspot chicks have LIVES and families and boyfriends and shit to do outside of calling Tila out?! Well that just blows a hole in her whole hater theory! For those of you who are shaking from Rotspot withdrawals, follow the ladies on twitter, they bring the lolz there too! @tilasrotspot @eduardoretardo @fatty_4ever @tilathegnome
Can't wait for the next post, bitches!

Degaussing the Mind said...

@Jennifer I came to post the exact same thing. I've been taking a leave of absence from the flog, as I do indeed have a life and it's just not as fun when I am IP banned from leaving comments. But the first thing I noticed today, before any of her lame posts, was the advertisements.

One is shameless self promotion of her fail-single, "I (Fucked) the DJ", which is to be expected. The other was for penis enlargement, with the apt slogan "Never let a woman make you feel small again!"
No. Explanation. Needed.

<3 to all my jelis h8rz

jayden said...

OK, so what y'all are saying is I've gotta get baking a cake with a file in it and sewing a life size RPatz pillow? Anything for TRS!

livvey said...

That's ok. I've been on vacation (still am) and it's still a lot to catch up on.