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Monday, June 7

postheadericon Suicide Hoax

I need to let "the website that shall not be named" that they didn't break ANY case and they have NO EXCLUSIVE on here.  You see, we posted this story first (while it was happening) OF COURSE but it's whatever.  We know that gossip site to be bogus as they bask in any sort of glory they can get.  I don't need the few pennies they get for their form of "entertainment" so I'll leave them alone.  But ... here is THEIR version of the suicide hoax:

You see Radar, THIS is how you credit someone when THEY "break" a story.  I expect an apology now.

Source:  Zennie62

Thank you so much Nikky and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!  A lot of work does go into this blog/site and it's always nice to get recognition.

So after sitting here and thinking about how nasty "Radar Online" is I thought I'd let them know that they aren't exactly being honest:

We will see what kind of answer they deliver to me in the next little bit as to whether or not I'll be meeting with my legal team today.  Let them know how YOU feel about it as well.  Send your comments to

 *For the record I know I have a typo in my submission to them.  Thanks!

UPDATE:   Thanks to the Radar Online team for correcting their mistake.  I appreciate it!  And thank all of YOU who contacted them and other online sites to let them know to credit us :)  It means a lot!


Fatty McFatterson said...

we have to hand it to the rotspot team, other people may talk about taking on tila, but the rotspot is really the only game in town who walk the walk. you got her tot-spot taken down and you've exposed all her lies to the point that your blog is considered essential reading when distilling all that is tila

Ima said...


Nikky Raney said...

The reason I like you guys is that you say the mean things that everyone is thinking. I think we should collaborate in some way/shape/form. When I am blogging for I have done many many many blogs regarding Tila. I am also black listed by her. My name is not even allowed to be typed on her comments or she will automatically delete me. I am definitely going to give you more exposure and quote you and things from your blog in my entries on, and I hope that you will do the same with me. I hope we can work together in some fashion, because you guys are very openly hating her and I can use you for quotes and such as to all the things you have revealed, and I can remain objective in my reportings. People sometimes may not come to the "tila rot spot" because they like Tila and such, but people of the Media ( is on TMZ's bloggroll) will see a lot of my posts and I will be able to help expose her even more & be able to link back to you so your blog will get more attention. My blog entries about Tila have been distributed all over the web, including, etc. It's really awesome. If you google "tila tequila nikky raney" a lot comes up. So, I am definitely going to help get the word out to those who may not read your blog, but I hope that in return we may be friends and you would follow my blogs & we could maintain connected via twitter and work with vs against each other, and help each other out and credit one another within our blog entries. Cheers. if you need to get ahold of me or @nikkyraney on twitter.

Seola said...

That's bullshit - so Radar Online has no originality of their own I see... looks like every single post of theirs is probably ripped off from a smaller blog. Losers... and they fucked up all the details too.

B_McBitcherson said...

OMG I missed all the fun this weekend! I tried to keep up on my phone but it was hard, so now I have a looooot of in depth reading to keep my busy at work today. What I did glean from the quick glances I got were that The Rotspot was ON IT so I knew I would be able to get the whole story this morning.

And as for that piece of shit gossip site that's really only about a step above Tila's? What did you expect from a site that worked with Tila for so long? They are scum just like she is.

I absolutely cannot believe she would stoop so low as to exploit FUCKING SUICIDE. I'm so disgusted right now, if I ever see that bitch walking around in Houston I will punch her in the face so hard you will all hear her cries in whatever state you live in. She isn't even human. Yeah, Tila, I fucking mean it, too and would gleefully take whatever consequences came my way for it.

RNB007 said...

I gave a shout out to y'all on there myself!
The "other" site blows!
After this I have added another site that will no longer be getting my hits!
RNB007 ;)

Seagal said...

Being pc ignorant, I have no clue how to do a screenshot but I did send the bellow message to Radar and just c&p'ed it. I hope it helps just a little bit.

Now you know where the exclusive info regarding the "Tila suicide hoax" came from, right? Your informant,Carrie, told you it was from, yet you neglected to give credit where credit is due. All of this info was reported @TRS a couple days before you got to it. It would be nice if you were the"Bigger Man" and admitted your error. Just do the right thing or is a couple of bucks really worth making you look like thieves because that's basically what

Ima said...

Oh, and I forgot the best part:

"There's even chunks of meet coming out of my arm from the deep slits".

Hey Tila, If you don't eat your meet, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meet?!

Isis said...

Copypasta is one of the many breakouts one must endure when working too closely to Thien for any given point of time.

Seagal said...

I just got this email from Radar:

We are going to be putting the tilarotspot credit in our new information.

-----Original Message-----
From: [] On Behalf Of Someones got news!
Sent: Monday, June 07, 2010 1:32 PM
To: Radar Tips
Subject: Spam:Tip: Tips Form

Submitted on 06/07/2010 - 1:31pm
Submitted by anonymous user: []

Submitted values are:

Subject: Do the right thing
Now you know where the exclusive info regarding the "Tila suicide hoax" came
from, right? Your informant,Carrie, told you it was from,
yet you neglected to give credit where credit is due. All of this info was
reported @TRS a couple days before you got to it. It would be nice if you
were the"Bigger Man" and admitted your error. Just do the right thing or is
a couple of bucks really worth making you look like thieves because that's
basically what you are doing, that is unless it was a huge mistake that you
didn't give TRS the credit. I hope that you do update your report and do
what's right.

Isis said...

Thien Terry and 9 Head area already flooding the comments with OMG DIZ IZ A FALSE STORY TEH JELIS HATERZ MADE UPPY


RNB007 said...

Effin' AWESOME!!

Radar did the RIGHT thing.
I am so happy right now for yall!!!
See when people ban together anything can happen!
WTG y'all!
You all do such hard work its about time you get some dang credit!
RNB007 :)

Eduardo Retardo said...

They have yet to credit us. is a porn site. It isn't us. They got our fucking link wrong.

Anonymous said...

Joann said...

When I read the post about Tila and the fake suicide on TRS(Janes Failure), I sent a tip to Radaronline(since they love her so much)and TMZ and gave the link to TRS to both so they could see the tip was true because you guys had proof of everything.

The next day Radronline had a post up about her(not the post they have up today)but it was only about the suicide and how people were saying it was a stunt. No mention of TRS at all.

The post Radaronline has up today is more in line with what really happen but still no mention of TRS.

I guess TMZ was not interested because I have yet to see anything about the fake suicide on their web site.

I did this with the hope that everyone on the Internet can see how much Tila lies, how low she will stoop for attention, how she makes things up and how vile she really is.

I don't hate Tila(don't like her either) but I hate, hate, hate the things she does for attention and the many lies she will tell at the drop of a hat. People need to know how despicable she really is.

Vanessa said...

Eduardo - they are now giving credit to

I can't believe the new article they put up saying that Tila was taken to the hospital for a "psychological rescue." WTF?! Surely we would've heard something from a reputable source about this.... RadarOnline does mention in this story the outrage around the internets about the hogul wasting California's valuable tax dollars sending police and fire/rescue all over LA.

Also, found this online. After seeing several people post in the past that it is highly unlikely that Tila has multiple personality disorder because she knows of her alternate personalities, I found this article on CNN about Darth Vader having borderline personality disorder to be very fitting.

"'infantile illusions of omnipotence' and 'dysfunctional experiences of self and others'"

"He also may have showcased a disturbance in identity by turning to the dark side and CHANGING HIS NAME."

resinite said...

Hi, I am a huge fan of your site and this is my first time posting. I am a bit confused as to why you care or need recognition if your intentions were to ensure Tila wasn't hurt. It seems to me that you did this to get attention and now I worry that this site might follow the likes of Tila and start caring too much about getting Attention. I realize this will never be posted live (actually I don't want it to.. would rather send you a message but couldn't find a contact link). I just wanted to throw up the red flag. At least to this particular fan (fan for about 6 months, never a Tila fan, just stumbled on your site), it appears that you claimed one thing (genuine concern for Tila), but in actuality you wanted credit and attention. I just worry that this constant Tila bashing, while funny, may be leading your team down a slippery slope. Please understand this is not a flame. I love love this site and while I don't normally comment I do enjoy reading and have loved the addition of Fatty!

Eduardo Retardo said...

Hi resinite. Thanks for commenting. What you should understand is that there are 4 different writers here. Fatty is the only one with concern for Tila's well being, whereas the others wanted them to credit us with breaking the exclusive. So what you have here are a few contrasting opinions. Yes, we wanted to be credited. We want people to come to this site and see her bullshit. Sorry if you don't understand that.

Isis said...

Um, Uncle Eddie, WTF is Gay Bear Dating??!! :(

resinite said...

gotchya that makes a lot more sense to me. I appreciate your feedback and I appreciate you not taking the opportunity to belittle my comments or thoughts simply because they don't reflect yours. Wow, this is refreshing, a site where people can have differing opinions and not get flammed for it! Keep up the great work!

Rotty (TRS) said...

Okay, god ... HOW MANY times have I had to say this? I'm starting to feel like a broken fuckin' record. I, TRS/Rotty/Tilasrotspot, have no cares of her well being. I speak for me. Do you see that little headline above the post? That's called a meta data tag and what that does is tell you WHO the author of the post is. So, you will see, that Fatty has concern for Tila whereas Rotty, Eddie, & Gnome all really want to see the suicide headline. An animal of this nature should not even have the gift of being in the public eye whatsoever. I DO feel that with all of the hard work we ALL (writers/readers/comments/tweets/emails) do to expose this bitch and if WE get shit done I feel that WE deserve a little fuckin' credit for it, not some website that's trying to make money off of this shit. Ya dig?

Also, I'm aware it seems like we've been doing this blog forEVER but the truth of the matter is it launched on February 1st and with my calculations we JUST passed the fourth month.

We post all comments for the most part. We can take the heat :)

Rotty (TRS) said...

@resinate - I've gotten this question 10983489 times today thanks to the Radar Online thing so it's all good in the hood to ask questions and talk about shit. I'm a smartass all the way around. I'm glad you understand that. <3

Eduardo Retardo said...

Isis, let me hold you and take all the scary bear dating away. That's it...that's it...Uncle Eddie is here...

boytoy said...

it would have been better if The Gnome or Eduardo found tila doing what she was doing and not call the cops. That would have been the better option. Just let her DIE

BKiddo said...

You're killin' me with the "If you don't eat your meat" comment!!

OMGtotallii said...

lol i love how you call her out on EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

she sure likes the term, "chunks"...

Isis said...

When will the lambs stop crying, Uncle Eddie?? :(

Anna said...

Good job rotspot on some excellent intervention shits! You broke the news on this crazy nobody that no one really care in the first place lol but still this is some good work. Well-done blog overall :)