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Wednesday, June 9

postheadericon Attack of the Artards

Hey it's Uncle Eddie's computer time here in jail.  Rotty is currently in yard-time, thinking up a post for you little heathens, but I wanted to stop in and share some LOLZ with you.

So you may have seen Tila calling her army of artards to battle:

Well attack they did!  OMG!  I woke up this morning to DROVES AND DROVES of them tweeting me!

No I'm not even kidding, that's all I got.  THAT'S ALL I GOT.  You can see that's only 4 people, and as one was so eager to point out, she merely RT'd what another had said.  So here's a few questions I had:

1: What kind of army consists of 4 fucking people?
2: Why the fuck does the one think they've talked to me before?  I have no idea who they are.
4: Why is #NOH8 tagged in these posts?  NOH8 is against Prop 8, which I am also firmly against, but that would make this a gay issue.  This is not a gay issue.  This is a retard issue.  Gay does not equal retard.

And LOL, the best they had was calling us bitchy and telling us we "can SUCK IT!"

You poor, poor little children.  But hey, look, now you get to be famous!

Oh shit, computer time is over for Uncle Eddie.  I'm probably going to end up in the hole again.  I'm perfecting this amazing toilet moonshine for the rest of us "jeliz haterz" in lock up.  Plus I had to shank a bitch earlier for giving me the stink eye.  I can't wait to get out and show you guys the gorgeous tear drop tattoo I got in here!   Then I can go back home to my apartment complex in Bumfuck, Iowa, where I can collect my welfare check and hang out with my pedo neighbors.  I miss them!

Oh and also:

Bring it, whore goblin.


kellymae said...

a four person army? Hell I've recruited more people for a midnight munchie run for fucks sakes.

I got a recipe for jailhouse cheesecake of this here innerwebz a couple of weeks ago. Heard it goes hella good with pruno. I will send it along with Fatty's cup a soups.

Four fucking person army. *shakes head and just walks away*

Mimi said...

Ahahahahahhahahaahhahaha...hahahahahaha....I have no words....hahahahahahahhaahahah
*seriously can't catch breathe from LOL so hard*
OMG, army, war, 4 (that's 1..2..3..4) LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...


i went away for couple of days and i find these posts! what the heck is going on in Tila´s brain? how low can one person sink and that is not normal not even facinating. i am sorrry i don´t facinate crazy people! and by making stunt like that only ring one bell for me....loco place..loco place! oh my lord. i have a loco place here in next door to me..should i knock the door and ask them if they could take Tila with open arms and seriously after being there..she never wants to play "loca chica" again. believe i have heard stories from this house and yes i am in iceland lol! :D

i just gotta say you guys a so firm and amazing with your updates and posts and often proves how stupid she really looks.

all i can say standing ovation
Fatty...good job girl. i would have done the same thing too

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk....thats all i have to say!!!

Mogularmy said...

Where the hell was Mittens? I thought he was the Captain of the Tila Army.

Stupid Tila, your army doesn't want to wage wars. They just wait around for you to post skankilicious pics.

So return to taking off your top & rolling around the ground Mogultard.

B_McBitcherson said...

Ahahahaha, love it!

Oh jesus, I can't stop laughing, this is the best week EVER.

LauraAnne said...

Wow. four people? I drink as much booze a night that those poor people drink in a week! WE WIN

Anonymous said...

maybe since Tila loves booze that much or drugs. she might be seeing these four army has double or triple or whatever. as you know alocohol or drugs can twist up your mind and you might see why wow..there is full house of people..when it is maybe 3 person??

Ima said...

Here ya go, Eddy:

Jail House Pizza

1 pkg. Ramen oodles of noodles (beef)
1 (2 oz.) bag Cheetos
1 (1 3/4 oz.) bag Doritos
1 (2 oz.) bag BBQ Fritos
1 or 2 sm. Slim Jims or summer sausage
1 c. Nacho cheese sauce

Cook noodles according to directions, draining all water when done. Add seasoning pack; crush all chips as fine as possible and mix in with the noodles.

Cut Slim Jims or summer sausage into small pieces and add to mixture. Pour in 1/2 cup of cheese, mixing the mixture until it sticks together forming one big ball. A little hot water might need to be added to make ingredients more moist and sticky.

Take mixture from bowl and place in a large Ziplock baggie. Press flat and even like a square pizza and microwave for 2 minutes on high. Remove from baggie, all in one flat piece and spread remaining cheese on top.

Note: This can be made using lots of different ingredients, basically making the same pizza. It's a jailhouse tradition made by all inmates.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Ooh Ima! I guess I know what I'm having for lunch!

Anonymous said...

The rotspot crew need to work the chow line in jail so you guys could jack enough stuffs to make prison cake and enough hooch to buy your own bitches in the slammer.

I think in her little pea-brain, the war that she keeps blabbing about pans out like a game of Battleship. She's going to make her peons pew pew insults your way and hope that it makes a direct hit that it causes this site to get shut down.

Ben said...

I'm surprised you were even able to post after getting worked over like that Eddie.

Oh, funny that TilaArmyNZ was one of the ones to call you out, here's there tweets around the time of the Kesha/Kosher post:

#I reckon @TilaOMG should stop being such a bitch to @keshasuxx. She's wicked and original & nothing like Tila. Wearing feathers is not
# @TilaOMG copying Tila. What a stupid blog, almost puts me off that whole site. What happened to 'news' and not just 'slagging'? Pathetic. 11:48 PM May 29th via web in reply to TilaOMG

Funny how quickly the army snaps back.

I'm not sure she meant NOH8, maybe she meant NoHomo?

BigPoppaPhat said...

Wow thats just pathetic, I've seen MySpace drama/war with more people involved than that!

brenda said...

I want to add to Eddy's Jail House meals:

Fish sticks, and for breakfast HoneyNut Cherrios!

All Hail to the Resistance!

Viva la victory!

kellymae said...

NOW IT'S CHRISTMAS!! My doctor, of which I have, is also a practicing psychologist. I have known him for several decades. We hang out on occassion. When I was there last month for the hysterical blindness brought on by wonky tits in her who killed big bird outfit I decided that being a psychologist he may have some insight into the whole Multiple personality cry for attention. Well fuck me sideways if my dear ole doc didn't take a little look see. While I'm on hold tryin to make bail for the rotspot crew, I'm going to share the absolute highlight of the conversation.

Multiple Personality Disorder hasn't been called that for years just for starters. It's Dissasociative Identity disorder. ONe thing that proves conclusively that the knob Goblin is lying is that she claims that Jane specifically tried to kill her. Well kids, personalities apparently fragment due to EXTREME physical or emotional abuse (selling jeans doesn't count by the way TILA) and the additional personalies come forth to try and insulate the original personality. A personality would NEVER, not ever, try and injure or kill the host personality. No matter how much of a pig she is.

So Plan B poster child, how about you suck it. Some more. Still.

Viva la resistance.

Ben said...

BTW, did anyone else notice that the UK denied Chris Brown's visa for performing there because of his felony? Do you think we could get Tila banned from her bar circuit?

RNB007 said...

Just LMAO!
I have more nieces and nephews that that!
What an army!

RNB007 :)

krissylu said...

Obviously Tila wasn't sober enough to sign in under her 40 other twitter accounts to attack you guys. This is just sad....hilariously sad.

Anonymous said...

You are "VERY bitchy and Very negative" Rotspot team. Man if that jab didn't cut you guys deep, you must have hearts of ice! Good thing ya'll are in jail, its safer in there than it is on the streets. ALL those Tila army members are on the prowl. I heard Tila herself offered a bounty on each one of your heads!
Eddie- a handful of ambien, 4 authentic Tila pubic hairs, and a stripper pole
Rotty- 2 Tila army shirts, a signed picture from Shot at love days and a 4 pack of red bull
Gnomey- 1 bottle of cherry nyquil, some honey nut cheerios (half eaten by Tila!YAY) and a gently used tampon
Fatty- onyx's corpse

Fatty you better watch out. I want that dead rotted dog!


Fatty McFatterson said...

IslandicReader, this awesome post was produced by Uncle Eddie. I know it's hard to tell us apart with the jail-house stripes and braided hair. Well, Uncle Eddie's hair is only half braided, she spent the other 5 soups on a little love time with Marge.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Ugh, I meant to say ICELANDIC.

Clementine said...

I just can't believe that she hasn't realised that her jelis haterz out number her army by leaps and bounds!

A quick look at any of her facebook posts tells us that out of ten comments:
6 are jelis haterz
2 are "army" members
2 are trying to give away laptops or get you to join some group.

Her whole "war" thing is so highschool.Which is probably why the 4 army members like it, they are most likely in high school themselves and are not popular and think this is what the popular kids do and it makes them feel like they are part of something.

Poor saps. Can't they go wear fake wolf tails and be part of some group in real life?

Rachel said...

She only had about 4 pictures of her Army on her website too! What an idiot. Fatty, watch out for Lady Gaga while you're in the clink, don't drop the soap and try and steal the ciggies off her glasses, smokes are prison currency I believe...

Joann said...

What did you expect Eddie!!! We're talking about tweens, teens and unstable adults.

They don't want war, all they want to do is see Tila naked on Ustream, get her nude or near nude pictures and tell her how much they love her.

They don't have time for war, they have to go to school.

suz said...

OOOOH OOOOH... Can we have a stupid fairytail "army" too??/ I would feel so loved by my fellow jelis comrades and finally part of something meaningful!! can we be the "Resistance Mulisha" YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! POW BANG POPPP CLICK CLICK BOOMZZZ!!!
Thien Thi ThuThu LaLa... If you love us you'll find a way to drop dead in the next 5 minutes... counting down....NOW! :)

Isis said...

Just for you guys I'm gonna re-write "The 12 Days of Christmas" :)

You're welcome! It shall take some time cuz I want it to be good.

Anonymous said...

i went over to her "fan site" or whatever and this is so funny! her fans acknowledge that she lies, yet they still try to rationalize her lies. this is from

I can't believe the group that repeatedly states how much Tila lies. ..... ALL OF A SUDDEN BELIEVE HER and were concerned/ worried about her!!! LMAO, that's a joke! They knew right away that the pic of Tila's arm was dated 2 or 3 days before she posted the pics!!!!
They knew Tila was bluffing but they still called!! One of them stated, " we don't want her dead, we want her around , so we can continue to fuck and terrorize her." What would SnotSpot do without the focus of their blog?? . They have some serious issues , the proof is in their " tweets" , they're pretty open about their various mental imbalances & drug use.
So ALAS , on Saturday came the prime opportunity to "GET TILA"! As I stated in my previous post, these people have been working on it since at least Nov/Dec. They practically live to get Tila in ANY kind of trouble they can. The first time I witnessed it was after she displayed a couple of guns on cam. Tila has ILLEGAL WEAPONS, LETS CALL THE COPS! One of them posted the number of the LAPD and egged people on to call... The second attempt to get people to call was over some tweets she posted which they twisted around to make it look like she was contemplating suicide... Someone told me the commenters on SNOTSPOT are saying it's LIKE CHRISTMAS for them, some remorse, they're lying through their teeth when they say they did it because they were concerned, yes concerned she would kill herself.That would leave them w/ no source of entertainment! That's all Tila is to them.

I wonder if the LAPD know the REAL reason why they called.... We do!!!
So not cool!!

Isis said...

Aww, bless, Snotspot is even more juvvie than Piggie Perez. That's adorable.

deluwiel said...

@starfish - I know!! It's crazy, isn't it? They're laughing at the jeliz h8trz because we BELIEVED Tila's bullshit ('scuse me... her "bluffing") I mean, how could we have been so stupid?

This moron states herself that the h8trz "were concerned that Tila would kill herself." Yet, that's a bad thing. There's no figuring it out.

Anonymous said...

LMAO I'm sure a lot of Tila's fans think the NOH8 campaign has something to do with Tila and the slang for being "a hater". They aren't even old enough to vote to begin with, so why read up about it and just stick a NOH8 hash tag and icon banner to your account!

The Fight Clubber said...

ROFL@ "Snot Spot"

It's so childish! You just want to pat them on their heads.

livvey said...

This kind of highlights that her whole dream of suing and putting jelis hatrz in jail is a joke. There is no way a lawyer would sit back and watch her continue to make a fool and egg a situation on.

Her actions continue to highlight the fact that she has no legal leg to stand on.

Isis said...

Thien's Artard Army ISN'T part of the NoH8 campaign. I had plenty of those idiots call me a dyke/homophobic slurs on her dating site. One of em called me a ho because I was talking about a past relationship. Oh, bless your whorey heart Thien. Chris Crocker gives much better advice than you ever have, if you have ever watched his videos, you guys, and you never have to worry about your underage kids getting phone-boned.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Starfish, what the army of morons don't realize is that, no matter what the motives were to call in a welfare check, the fact was, that welfare check was warranted, and the army of morons should be happy someone did SOMETHING!


fatty the stalker jailbird

Isis said...

And now Thien is sending herself comments and she stole a quote from the book "Girl, Interrupted"(this bitch's obsession with Angelina Jolie is fucking creepy):

I tried to see what was up of course, but when I looked you had already deleted everything. I didn't think anything of it cuz I know that had you ever got to that point you would come to me first. That's one of the things I'm sure of! =)

Then when I saw a few days later, I was like DAMN! HAHAHAHA!!! YOU NEED AN ACADEMY AWARD FOR THAT ONE!!! =D

Shoot! I wish I could have been around to have been able to help you think it out better so it wouldn't have got out of hand like it did. =)


As for Jane, I know that Jane is very real. But, Jane is way hidden away and will only appear in an emergency type of situation. In what is known as a fight or flight situation to be more specific. Or in times of extreme distress.

Maybe your making good fun around the subject of Jane is your way of lessening the affects of Jane in your mind. Your way to become just one person. Your way to become just Tila. =)

From my view, looking at you, you are complicated, but there is nothing wrong with you. You're ok sweetheart. =)

It's just that with you everything is amplified! =D You're super energized in everything you do and everything you think. You're a little energy monster! hehehe =D

So that makes you appear to be all messed up in the head, BUT YOU ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL! TRUST ME ON THAT! You're ok sweetheart. =)
1). That whole "you're just amplified" is a reference to a quote from that book by Susanna Kaysen:

"Was I ever crazy? Maybe. Or maybe life is... Crazy isn't being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It's you or me amplified. If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends and by the '70s, most of them were out living lives. Some I've seen, some never again, but there isn't a day my heart doesn't find them."

2). Anybody remember that clip that was shown to us a while ago where she was being interviewed and said that "Jane needs to come out"? Why would Thien, the "host" personality as it were, purposefully WANT Jane to come out if Thein KNEW she would hurt her or kill her? That does not happen in the "real" cases of DID. One commenter on her site gave a very good explanation of why Thien's "multiple personality" lark is bull.

Oh, and I love the argument that the commenter got in with the guy who's name was "ThisDebateisRetarded" and then said he has a minor in psyche.

(Honestly I think it's "The Miz" because they sign under "Really?" every single time lol):

I have said "bless your heart" to myself so many times today I should reach sainthood by the end of the week.

Somebody needs to find that lil' gem and cap the rest for us

Joann said...

Before I log off and run some errands, out of curiosity I went to Tila's Twitter page and she is telling her moronic army to "wake up and come together, we are going to war" and "don't back down from no one. Let the haters bring it. We're ready". "Empower yourselves"

She got them all riled up to "fight" for her. One of them even suggested they all get "POW" tats. Poor saps.

No one on here is going to be fighting with her army of nitwits. We could care less about them.

Little do they know as soon as something else catches her attention, she's going to be gone, on to the next thing and these poor saps will be out in the cold, still thinking they're fighting for something that only existed in Tila mind from the jump.

One poor deluded soul in her army tweeted she is listening to some song by Tila and it makes her want to strip and put it on Youtube. This is truly sad.

I feel so sorry for these kids, I really do.

chey said...

Now, now, Uncle Eddie, to be fair, the rest of her army probably couldn't figure out how to spell your twitter name.

Malice said...

Ha! She's finally awake at the crack of 3pm and is now saying you're being investigated by others.

BREAKING NEWS: The people who have been harassing me that I'm taking to court, is also being under investigated by others!! THEY GOING DOWN! 4 minutes ago via web

*facepalms* Just...

Malice said...

By the way, if her Moorpark St. address is where she really lives
That map is lit up like a damn Christmas tree. Even one on her own street/complex.
Keep talking, Tila.

Ben said...

Tila's latest:

it is not twitter when stalkers come to your home, steal info out of ur trashcan, leak ur address & personal info on the net!

If they knew where you lived, why would they have to come to your house to steal your address to leak to the net.

She probably has 1 person she can make a case against, someone who's not on twitter or here but as long as she says "everyone" the army sips the cool-aid.

She's dumb, she could form a cult if she wanted, some of those kids would do anything for her.

alyshamaynard said...

Who cares??? If you hate this girl so much, ignore her!! You people need to get a life, You're just giving her the attention she so badly wants. Grow up and, stop bashing someone who seriously needs help. I can't believe, that people are so immature that they feel the need to constantly belittle her everyday. We all know she's crazy and makes stuff up. But by going out of your way to have blogs and twitter accounts about her is insane, and giving into the attention she craves so badly. All you people here, honestly need to find something better to do this is as crazy as tila herself. If you hate her, ignore her lying ass!

And it's crazy, that you have to approve your comments, id love for you to publish mine so i can see the backlash, i really would like to see why you guys feel like you need to make fun of her all the time

Isis said...


I deal with the same exact shit Thien deals with, the bitch needs to get the fuck over herself, we all have problems, and fuck you for your "approval only" bullshit, nobody deletes comments here, Thien does.


Ho, have a seat.

Malice said...

alysha, I don't have a Twitter account. I come here for the lol's.
Rather than watch Glee, American Idol, Gossip Girl or whatever shit show is on TV these days, I come here for my entertainment. This shit is better than COPS.
She brings it upon herself. If she didn't want her dirty laundry aired all over the inter-tubez, she should close her laptop and stop making posts about everything she does, or thinks she does.
She smiles when she comes here, I guarantee you. She loves any type of attention she can obtain.
The one and only reason she was pissed about getting hauled away over the weekend was that she didn't have the access to her laptop and phone that she usually has.
Oh, and her drugs.

Eduardo Retardo said...

We moderate comments to cut out spamming, not to keep people's idiotic comments off the blog.

What, are we the only website on the internet? I'm sure there are other websites you could visit, alyshamaynard. Ones that don't upset you so much. You poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Yo Maynard, Thien's shit is better than fucking TV. Hell, she incorporates Maury with her baby-daddy drama, Law & Order with her BS about her lolyers for which she has, United States of Tara with her fake DID, and like she's always trying out for some lame reality TV show for her chance of fame.

Dude,'re getting your panties bunched up over nothing.

alyshamaynard said...

Im not upset at all, i was just wondering why when you hate someone, why dont you leave them alone? Im not being rude to anyone here, i just dont get it, I feel you guys are giving her the attention she wants to bad. If she looked online and found nothing she would be more upset then seeing a site that hates on her.

And the reason for saying the approval part is because i tried to post a comment before and it wasnt accepted for some reason. Im not mad at you guys for doing what you do, but i just feel like your giving her what she wants, and no one wants that.

Hope said...

Just wow! I'm on my way to put some ducketts on your books for your cup-o-noodles!

Make sure you hit up my homegirl "Grizzly" she will hook you up with protection and a firme jail house tattoo.

Take care while you are in the Pinta.

gillianthemad1013 said...

Dear alyshamaynard:

1. You obviously care, because you brought yourself to post.

2. No one hates Tila: no one even knows her. She and her army of morons are the ones throwing the word "h8r" like the 13-year old girls that they are.

3. We are perfectly able to both have a life AND follow Tila's antics at the same time! I know the concept of multitasking is lost on you, but you should know that most people have attention spans superior of those of a fly.

4. We don't care that she needs help. We're not her mommy, not her friends and we never claimed to be the bigger persons. We're just here for the ride.

5. Passing judgement on other people's preferred ways of entertainment is really patronising and condescending of you. I could comment on the fact that you seem to get your rocks off watching the "backlash" a post you make in an internet community where you know you're not going to be received favourably... I could even call you a troll, because not unlike Tila you seem to find encouragement on negative attention... but I'm not going to because, heh, if it works for you, to which their own, right?

6. I could give you the exact same advice: if the Rotspot is not the place for you, which it clearly isn't by your own admission, why did you bring yourself to comment? There's a little red X on the corner of your browser window: click it and you won't have to deal with our immaturity any more. I promise!

7. Have we mentioned that we don't care?

Malice said...

Alysha, then I must ask why you are here. If you're not not a supporter of either side, I don't see why you're here.
Just to bitch?

gillianthemad1013 said...

Dear alyshamaynard:

"Im not being rude to anyone here..."
Implying that people that don't agree with you and that choose to spend their free time in a way that you don't approve of "don't have a life" pretty much counts as rudeness.

"Rudeness" is fine. Here we are rude (mainly to Tila) several times. The key is to own up to your own rudeness and not put in a facade of innocence a la our favourite Midjit Mogul and to BACK IT UP. As long as you provide valid topics of discussion and don't resort to desperate childish calls of "get a life!!!1", as far as I'm concerned at least, your opinions will be taken into account.

BKiddo said...

This has got to be one of the best posts yet!
Four Artard members?!
Hell, there were more people at church this a.m., lighting candels for Fatty, Uncle Edie, Rotty and Gnome.

Eduardo Retardo said...


I don't believe we're giving her what she wants. Not REALLY. Sure, she can prance around and swear up and down that she loves any attention at all. But we've heard her with our own ears bitching about our site. Not just the hater sites, OUR SITE. We know she reads us, and we know what we say and how we say it pisses her the fuck off. And really, it's not about giving Tila what she wants. It's about documenting her crazy, because she sure is delete-happy, so others who may not have seen it when SHE posted it can see it. Plus, we like laughing at her. So really, Tila's feelings don't really come into play when I make a post (I can't speak for the other girls, but I think they feel the same way). In fact, all but one of us can't wait for the bitch to die. So when we go to make a post, more than likely we're thinking about what cunty thing we're going to say and how to make our readers laugh. We couldn't give a fuck less if Tila enjoys it or not.

Besides, the negative attention will catch up with her. It already has to some extent.

alyshamaynard said...

Just like all of you are stating your opinion, i did too. And now some of you are attacking me. I did come here, because i was told by someone, that i had to see the rotspot. and it was expected for you ppl to be rude to me, as well, because i dont agree with your bashing of someone who you dont know, who obviously has a problem. I can handle whatever anyone has to say, because i just dont care what you think about me and @gillianthemad1013 i dont get my ROCKS off, from the backlash. Nor am i anything close to being a troll or nething like tila, i have respect for myself, but for someone who doesn't completely agree with your ways you have to bash as well. Thanks for your imput tho.

Damien_Charon said...

Hey, Maynard (I like that. Maynard...reminds of someone in that old Green Acres TV show) Where was I??... Oh, yeah. Maynard, you, like most of the adolescent or deaf, dumb, and blind group of troubled individuals who follow the mogul are under the impression that this all about hatred. It is not. This is more a matter of exposure and protection. You are aware of who you are defending...yes? The fake charity, stripping online for minors, making a painful mockery of pregnancy, miscarriages, rape, suicide, adoption...the list goes on and on. If you need more, all you need do is browse through the pages of this site. Nothing posted here is a lie. All you have to do is open your eyes. Yes, there is humor within its context. Anyone who sets out to expose her manipulative lies before she actually succeeds in causing physical harm to one of her niave followers has to include some humor within it in order to prevent putting their fist through their monitor out of frustration for the harm she could cause some innocent young girl or boy who makes the mistake of idolizing her. I am pretty much a newcomer to this site, but that is only because I didn't know about it until recently. I have kids. They're still young. They aren't yet exposed to the kind of virus she is capable of spreading, but many, many others out there are, and if she can't see the harm she can cause to impressionable youth, than I believe it is necessary for others to expose it for her.

Malice said...

Alysha, you cannot be the only one allowed to voice an opinion here. It's okay for you, but not for us?
It's okay for you to be curious and check this place out, but not for us?
That's not very fair, now is it?
Nobody is attacking you. You provoked a snake and you got bitten.
You came and you saw. Now you can either play along with us, or expect feedback when you attack one or all of us.

gillianthemad1013 said...


So you don't agree with the Rotspot's objective, which is to mock a notorious lolcow. Yet you're still here banging against the walls and making noise. We have already told you we don't care about being considered heartless or immature or whatever; we're not going to change because it bothers you that we trash Tila.

And I have to say I don't completely understand what you were trying to say with that last sentence but in case you were accusing me (us?) of bashing you, newsflash: we never said we weren't going to. Trash talking is kind of currency around here. Bashing is what you can expect from us and we never claimed otherwise. The one coming here and claiming to be morally superior to all of us lifeless haters while attacking us was you. Surely you don't think everybody else should abide criteria of behaviour you impose on yourself?

Eduardo Retardo said...

alyshamaynard, you obviously came in here, guns blazing. You called us immature, you told us to grow up, to get a life. And you even stated you wanted your comment published so you could admire the backlash. Now that backlash is making you cry you've been attacked. Maybe you shouldn't make those kinds of comments in a group like this anymore? I mean, fancy the thought that you'd attack a group of people and they'd defend themselves. WOW, THAT IS SHOCKING.

Rotty (TRS) said...


It's fish sticks night in the cafeteria! I'm racing Fatty for her ketchup packet. Bastards only give us one :( Ready ... set .... gooooooooooooooooo!

keyser said...

Does Rear Admiral Tila actually send out a handbook on strategies for defending her on the internet to approved tila army artards?

Tactic 1: Vicious vibes - 'suck it' 'fall back' 'ur so mean’ ‘totally pathetic'

Tactic 2: Illogical deflections -'OMG you must be so jelis to like follow her and read her blog but artards are just way loyal for doing the same' 'h8ters must have like no life to talk about tila all bay but artards are just way cool' 'h8ters are like stalkers but artards are like #tilaarmy4life BOOM! POW! HAZAH!'

Tactic 3: Play dumb - "...." (just don't comment on the blatant lies if/when you finally figure out you've been lied to)

Tactic 4: Snort some ambien and use patented tila-tard logic - "OMG if you didn't think she was really pregnant then why does it matter that she changed the paternity fifteen times, miscarried eight times and popped pills like skittles the whole way?" "OMG if it was only a FAKE suicide attempt then why give her any attention by like getting her help?"

Tactic 5: Pity - 'OMG stop picking on Tila she's all sick and she can't possibly get help until the cameras start rolling on CR4' ‘OMG stop picking on Tila, she’s so mentally handicapped that she’s doesn’t even know she’s mentally handicapped so it’s way unfair’

@alyshamaynard has cunningly used a combination of 2-5.

She's hasn't used 1 which would clearly label her has a card-carrying, POW-tattoo having artard.

Instead she's tried to be sneaky, like not she's not actually on Tila's side but an impartial third party trying to break up something that looks like an unfair fight.

She's really hammered tactic 5 to try and play on the sympathy we should have for an unwell, generally challenged individual

The problem with that strategy is that while I know Tila is a very sick, strung-out and all together pathetic sack of meth she's so deliberately manipulative and devious I know there is more than enough of her junked out brain remaining to ensure this isn't a one sided bully-fest.

I mean it's not a coincidence that the artards have been called to 'war' the second she returns from her fake suicide attempt backlash (nuthouse lockdown) to have an excuse to avoid questions on her fake suicide attempt backlash (nuthouse lockdown).

Just like its not a coincidence every other time she had made a big fuss about something (usually those jelis h8ters getting her down, messing up her shit, hurting her feeling) to avoid dealing with something real (rantspace tanking, celebrities avoiding her like a plague, no one else in the blogosphere giving her the time of day, TV deals not going ahead)

And @alyshamaynard - just like it’s not a coincidence that while ROTSPOT chooses to monitor comments to keep things generally coherent/artard free, Tila continues to allow haters to follow her on twitter and free-for-all on rantspace.

Why is that? Because without h8ters to rant about she’d have no more diversions. She’d also have zero site traffic and absolutely no one to pay attention to her.

So alyshamaynard, since Rear Admiral Tila has declared this a ‘war’ don’t crawl over here from your artard trench in neutral colours pretending that you’re concerned about poor little Tila.

Tila knows EXACTLY what she doing and she knows that we know exactly what she’s doing which is why she hates the resistance so much.

P.S @alyshamaynard, I can’t wait to hear your response. I bet you’ll go with tactics 1-3 and it’ll sound something like “Wow, you must really have no life to have time to comment on my comment. What a loser” with no logical argument, or dare I say admission of conceit and disgust, on the direct and fact based accusations that have been leveled again your Tila.

Terri said...

so... rotspot is in reference to tila's 'hotspot' *gag* then snotspot is too and that is a visual that I need to get out of my head.

I find it very hilarious that the army is trying to throw out a diss with 'snotspot' when rotspot is a parady of tila's own site. Priceless!

I think I am commenting on the wrong post, but deal with it bitches! ;)

As to amaynard: keyser, damien and others have made some good points. This site is to point out Tila's lies and give us lulz for free. Tila has a forum to spew bullshit (and young kids, non US citizen and idiots believe everything she spews). This site is to point out the bullshit. Rather than any of us going to any of her stupid sites and getting frustrated with her bullshit (and her long drawn out posts with plenty of hate and typos), we can comment here, knowing she reads them also.

The Rotspot is a win win for me :)

Anonymous said...

Eduardo- I saw you talk to that lil TWERP on FB on Tila's account and on that dude ROB's page she runs!! LOL! You guys BLASTED him so therefore he is just retarded. So really wow, 4! THAT IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!! Can't you see it she is DONE!! Good lord, how much more proof does she need??

alyshamaynard said...

I don't even know where to start,i wasn't gong to go here, but oh well. I am not a fan of Tila. And as for you, don't judge me, i asked a question and expected responses, not a fucking story from you. But it seems you have so much to say, and are just waiting for the right person to come around so you can really nail them. With your bad grammar and misspelled words. But your probably a middle-aged person who finds comfort from your unhappy life behind the screen of a computer.
Apparently with all the tactics you are talking about, i bet you felt so proud of yourself coming up with all that, man you really have me all figured out, don't you? And i do admit my comment has no base, and really means nothing to most people. And i don't give a shit.
I do find it rude that some of the comments that the people on this site make to be wrong, as if telling her to kill herself, what would you do if that were to happen? Would you find someone else to ridicule? Such as me? Because keyser, you know it all, you read me so well too.
What's my next step? Do i cave in to become a fan of the RotSpot? So it's followers like yourself will give me some respect for asking a question. Or do i continue with my everyday life, not worrying about a lying pillhead?? Man life is so tough...@keyser you seem to have all the right answers you tell me....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

UH the comment below me is TILA!! -no way it isn't, I had to double take on the name due to everything she is SAYING is what TILA is saying, lolololol! WTF and WHO IS SHE?!? (Running to re read previous comments, lol)

* Amazing how amusing this all is!

Drexel Spivey said...

Wow someone touched a nerve there. If you are going to insult someones grammar then you damn sure better know the difference between your and you're.

I was pretty sure from your first post that you were simply a troll and you certainly proved it with this last post. The problem with trolls/trolling is if you're(see what I did there)not careful people get the better of you. You came here too stir up some trouble and trouble you got. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

And you even stated you wanted your comment published so you could admire the backlash. - that's because it is TILA!! Loving what her ARMY (SHE ADMITTED IS ALL HER, HAHA) IS DOING~!!!!! TO FUCKING FUNNY!!!!

livvey said...


Maybe I'm just an old timer on the internet whose seen her fair share of flame wars, but I see no one rising to vitrol that you seem to think people were responding to you with.

Sure you didn't get any high-fives but you seem to think you've gotten a rough response. This has, by a mile, been the tamest backlash I've ever seen.

For as much as you complain about what people here do, take your own advice and stop coming if it offends your delicate sensitivities.

LEEV said...

Rotty said: Hey! I DO HATE TILA!

So, I wrote the following for you.. (It's late and kindergarden'ish... but hell, I'm channelling Suess tonight:

I do hate Tila.
I hate her in a tree
When crying over Casey,
She should be.

I hate her on stage
Pawing like a dog in heat
I hate the lies on twitter
She constantly tweets

I hate the other aliens
That dance in her head,
Cause she lies about them
Trying to make her dead

I hate her grammatical errors
Doesn’t she know… should’ve
Spent that money on education
Instead of lines of blow.

I hate for for the children
She happily corrupts
By acting like a whore
And a cheap gutter slut

I hate her for scream queer
When she’s angry and high
Forgetting she claims to love
The ladies as well as the guys.

I do hate Tila
I really do.
But as for Rotty,
I may be falling for you.

Isis said...

@TT_Fan_Site no i dont. Tell me who they are so i an blacklist them from our #TilaArmy family about 2 hours ago via web in reply to TT_Fan_Site



Well lookie here, kiddies! America really HAS gone from Communism to Terrorism!

And y'all know what Dubya-Tard said about terrorism, right??!!


This feels like a......

"teachable moment".

Here's your assignments:

BKiddo said...

Hey Maynardtila,
Whoops, hold on, that's my PI calling.-(could be a joke)
Oh jeez, now it's my best friend, who's married to the D.A. (Not a joke).
Ok, so, Maynardtila, what I think you're trying to do by comming here, is to try to find fault.
Good luck with that, everything here and on the other sites is right of off you leaders fingertips.
Do you like it when she bitchtweets that her followers should stay up for hours and that you must read her rants?
So you just run along with your little midget hateful Manson wannabe.
By the way, do you have any idea who all your midgetManson has kicked in the teeth and made up FAKE lies about?
Were you down with her lying about the fake Merriman incident? How about when she just couldn't find the time to contact her beloved CASEY. midgetManson even said on national TV, that she took Casey's meds. away from her.
I could go on but you're really not worth my time.

keyser said...

Oh @alyshamaynard, you've proved my points far more thoroughly then another essay from me could!

Disregarding all of what I said by claiming I must just be unhappy and middle-aged was a classic move – tactic 3: illogical deflection if I’m not mistaken! Now just call me fat to explain why I must be so jealous of Tila and you’ll render everything else I say completely void!

Be sure to report your precision execution of standard procedure to TT_fan_site and you'll earn your lieutenant stripes!

Sarcasm aside, I’m afraid I just couldn’t follow most of your reply. The parts that were coherent seemed to be asking me a lot of questions and if you’re not sure why you’re here, why you’re commenting or what you should do with your life then I think your time would be better spent on some introspection rather than comment trolling.

I do, however, know exactly why I am here and it is because I hate Tila Tequila.

She has sold out, defiled, debased and exploited everything that could be considered remotely scared in this world – religion, sexual orientation, the creation of life, death, love, sex, family, loyalty and relationships in the pursuit of fame.

The only thing that disgusts me more than her behaviour is that fact that she expects everyone to be ok with it. It’s like she is angry that society isn’t crumbled, tainted and corrupted to the point that her actions are acceptable.

Well I personally hope that it never is and that is why I feel that it is important to not let Tila Tequila get away with the disgusting things she does in the name of scoring another reality TV show and a bit of cash.

That is why I applaud the ROTSPOT and fully support their work highlighting Tila’s utterly shameless and disgraceful behaviour and hypocrisy.

So there you have it @alyshamaynard, a coherent and confident declaration of my beliefs and intentions regarding Tila Tequila so you have no doubt where I stand.

I’ve thought things through, I’ve made decisions for myself and I’ve acted upon them.

Now you can try and do the same.

PS - I will admit that making fun of the poor spelling and grammar of ratards as well as their inappropriate uses of CaPITAliSatioN, punctuation and onomatopoeia was a cheap shot.

Especially since most of them do not even have a high school education (sorry, it was just too easy).

However, since the fact I was actually mocking them went completely over your head, my apology is directed only to rotters who had to read a comment resembling Tilas twitter feed.

To alyshamaynad I'll just say figure out the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you're’, the difference between ‘it’s’ and ‘its’, capitalise the word 'I' and considering paragraphing before you comment again.

P.P.S – Alas, I have written another essay. My apologies! No more caffeine for me today!

Anonymous said...

Fatty! i didn´t mistake you for Eddie . i was just being lazy ass. i was too lazy to move to another comment section and holla at ya! hehe :) so i used the same shot for both of you ;)

keep it up good folks. i just enjoy the lulz here...all of the visitors are great pens here. i just enjoy the every sarcastim you guys bring out here.

i may not be english native but i don´t care if people are going to judge my spelling or whatever it comes to english language. i am just myself! :) hehe

i do have to tell that Fatty, Uncle Eddie and Gnomey and Rotty. it suits you having such a fab striped suit on. and braided hair. what´s next..a i hate tila tattoo maybe?? ohh i would love to join you guys. i must be fun to be in jail house rock :p

and who won that race..rotty or fatty? over the ketchup thing?

Isis said...


I will snatch that bitch bald-headed.